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  1. Rammed it home from deep! https://t.co/AXIIb7vOdH

  2. @JoeParkerCSU Fewest putts too!

  3. @BrianABell1980 Leg whip with skates is as dirty as it gets.

  4. RT @LenzContact: Listen at 6:50....AD @JoeParkerCSU on with us at @KOANewsRadio "Colorado's Morning News" https://t.co/v3322GtXdF

  5. Big things ahead for this young and talented team. I love watching them grow both individually and collectively. https://t.co/ld4vML5LjN

  6. @MikeEvans1043 @VicLombardi Must deliver the face wash rather than a soft elbow. Refs never penalize a face wash.

  7. The 2nd coming of Jimmy Chitwood would be a better fit at Butler. https://t.co/YLZyvHdIHx

  8. RT @KellyLyell: I was well aware of the shirt’s meaning when I saw K.j. wearing it. My first full-time job in the newspaper business was as…

  9. RT @CSUMensBball: Looking to get your team some summer work together?! Look no further than the CSU Team Camp, June 22-23! Each team has a…

  10. @NateKreckman Shocker.

  11. RT @bambam1729: Fred Ridley, Augusta National chairman, presided at the Butler Cabin ceremony. Fred won the 1975 US Amateur championship. H…

  12. You failed to mention that United overcame a 2-0 deficit to deafeat City in the Manchester Derby. Lots of Colorada… https://t.co/zN7b43zNAA

  13. @Kevin_Lytle Shoulda called in sick

  14. @MattStephens Colton Iverson too.

  15. @RichKurtzman I've worn mine more than once. https://t.co/7Oa0UKdMV9