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  1. @JoeParkerCSU Bet your bottom dollar.

  2. @DJGalloEtc I just sent Chuck Bednarik to your house to clothesline you.

  3. @timmosercoach Its my belief that the next game is always the one that matters most.

  4. RT @KellyLyell: Coach Larry Eustachy’s Post-game comments after Colorado State’s loss to UNLV #CSURams #MWBB: https://t.co/c7ddUKyjr7

  5. Close friend of mine in college with the greatest memory ever. He could recite every Olympic medal winner ever in t… https://t.co/47Olw8bNwX

  6. @KellyLyell @coloradoan Your list omitted RJ Hunter of Georgia State who was a 1st round pick in 2015.

  7. @MitchellJUnrein Like Joel, you didnt just get a shot. You EARNED that shot with hard work and a great attitude, full of self-belief.

  8. When my wife, 8 month old son, and I were on my house-hunting trip prior to moving to Fort Collins in 1984, Bisetti… https://t.co/HnV8nht8Kv

  9. @DJGalloEtc If DIxon ran them into the ground, how would you describe what Stallings is doing to the program?

  10. @GeoffGrammer I keep waiting for Jay Bilas to say something clever like "he's hosting a block party."

  11. This Liverpool-Manchester City game is litty!

  12. @ibleedcsugreen You've been getting Kroenke'ed for years.

  13. @GeoffGrammer Two words. Larry Spaulding.

  14. 34-27 wyo after 3Q. Rams cut a 10-point lead to 1, then went cold. Both teams playing great defense.