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  1. @JustinTMichael @rockiesVSconnor Middle initial of T for Talisman

  2. @MojoKatt Seems to always follow a pull with a push. Like a golfer, he needs to trust his stroke.

  3. Two weeks in a row with a 50+ kick to provide the winning margin. https://t.co/16XZpz3qHb

  4. @joeybftc Maybe. But you realize that UNM smoked AFA.

  5. @JustinTMichael Nice. That was always a family stop for us in Alby-Q. Been there every time I've visited.

  6. @BrianHRoth I see your Alby-Q and raise you a Bay Area from my sisters deck on Potrero Hill. Go Rams! https://t.co/lUzEVGdUVY

  7. @breid6791 @russsprague @coloradoan Joe DeCiman started. @John_Gillon1 and @clavelito04 were our 6th and 7th men on… https://t.co/9WVLnfhaZn

  8. Yo @trinijay3 , Guess where Robin and I are today. https://t.co/zfZlq52QTu

  9. RT @ejh72: @swollcracker Not only was I there, but my son and his godfather rang the victory bell! https://t.co/yOYOWlQ9Je

  10. Who isnt better in February? https://t.co/y2b1qqGuEc

  11. Rams better be ready to play a very physical game. UNM has their backs to the wall after being smoked by Fresno. https://t.co/WVx4T9lf4H

  12. @csuramfanatic @breid6791 The safeties were awful too. One in particular who I dont feel the need to call out.

  13. I stayed till the end to cheer on the Rams. The offense is a friggin symphony. But that defense is a root canal wit… https://t.co/gj6uidwoRn

  14. @elleennystrom And I'll be missing both you and @jelenaelin on the Moby court in a few weeks.

  15. @ibleedcsugreen How many guys went to Vegas for the bye week?