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  1. Based on location. B1G referees are all geography majors, but only east of the Missouri River.
  2. Agree. Young team that has posed matchup challenges for most of the conference, win the rest and make noise in the B1G tournament
  3. Have to make free throws.
  4. I saw no difference in the "indisputability" of either out of bounds call. Both should have been left as called, but of course not.
  5. Hate Will Never Win

    I support the team. #HateWillNeverWin
  6. Pin this loss on the Pitino T. Huskers did what they needed to do, but that 6 point swing took momentum away from the gophers
  7. Mason...laying bricks!
  8. It was, as was the moving screen right after
  9. To be fair, officiating has been inconsistent. They aren't calling touch fouls but they are only calling half of the legitimate fouls.
  10. Looked like Gill went straight up and copper weasel jumped into him
  11. Murphy is awesome. If I were Pitino every play I go to him
  12. Apparently the league office noticed the foul disparity so the Refs got the buzzer to make a couple up
  13. And this is what makes me crazy. Happy has been all hands and elbows all night