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  1. I believe he only used three years of college eligibility. Maybe we can talk him into a transfer?
  2. 2017-18 Team Goals

    One goal and one goal only: ELIMINATE 4+minute scoring droughts.
  3. Jacobson Gone?

    A good reminder. I often imagine how quickly message boards would go out of fashion if everyone involved in sports would be honest and transparent. Or is that impossible because the truth is always a matter of perspective?
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    Norm, I agree that more opportunities and more experience will increase the stats for some players. My biggest concern is that, if Tshimanga and Watson put up a combined 25 a night, do we have a third and fourth option, because if someone doubles Jordy there has to be a 45% jump shooter to make them pay. I love Jack's game and think he could make a Tai-like leap, but he shot 37%. Top returning perimeter shooters were Glynn and Evan at 41%, so I double Jordy, and I can because no one else is going to make me pay 3/5 trips down the floor. The pressure is on. I keep seeing "NCAA or fired" sentiments, which seems fair after this many years, but may not be reasonable with the roster we are fielding (flooring?) I think we lack the offensive punch to dance.
  5. Next Years Starting 5

    Norm, you know me, I support the coaches and the program, have through thin and thin BUT Watson is our only returning 10+ scorer. Sure someone else will step up, but you saw how hard it was with 1-2 scorers the last two seasons. We need at least three players to be averaging 10-15 to get to 12-15 wins. I want to believe that 3-4 guys are going to more than double their scoring averages, but I can't put my money on it. Too many rusty/unproven players to be demanding an NCAA run to save an unextended coach. I want Miles to succeed because we have to stop this carousel but I sure haven't seen that kind of break fall Nebraska's way in 26 of the last 27 years.
  6. Next Years Starting 5

    Can you let me know which ones in advance so I can place my bets? It's not a bad looking lineup, but I'm seeing 44 points from them based on their most recent D1 playing time. If we carryover Nana's HS average we hit 60 ppg. That's not going to cut it. Huge jump in production needed from a number of players to make this work. I'm all for it, but can we get it done? 13 Glynn 3 James (or maybe Nana) 3 Isaiah 5 Isaac 5 Jordy 7 Jack 5 Evan - Nana (or maybe James) 3 Anton
  7. Nick Fuller is Graduate Transferring

    Around here...everyday is like Sunday... "Armageddon - come Armageddon!Come, Armageddon! Come!"
  8. You are correct. Amended: Kinda like the REPLACE every guy after six years and this time we will get a better guy approach we have been working with?
  9. Nisan

    For everything there is a season: A time to transfer, and a time to take in transfers A time to graduate, and a time to recruit A time to lament March, and a time to dream of March A time to dunk, and a time to lay it off the glass and hustle back on D.
  10. Kinda like the fire every guy after six years and this time we will get a better guy approach we have been working with?
  11. Crying time is over

    Maybe just add two, then we can keep it down to the magical eight man rotation we hear about every year.
  12. Crying time is over

    It's hard to know which is more of a downer losing games in season or losing players offseason.
  13. Jacobson Gone?

    The problem with these transfers is that we will, once again, have one or two players who have to carry the whole team after having had average at best seasons before. Watson, Roby and Tshimanga will have to be at least second team all-conference performers to make Nebraska competitive. Everyone else is injured, unproven and learning to play within this team. Every year we have Webster, White, or Petteway, or Ubel, or Maric, or Dagunduro, who reaches previously unmatched levels of scoring and leadership and becomes the focus of the program...but the lack of a wingman or wingmen makes us too easy to stop. Jacobson and Morrow were Big 10 caliber players. They weren't all-conference, but over the next two years they could have established bedrock depth and been starters/contributors. Remember that when we made the tournament tournament we had: Shields/Petteway/Pitchford, Chubick/Piatkowski/Badgett, King/Reid/Hayes/Scales/Farmer Strickland/Boone/Lue/Hamilton Our transfers may come in with tremendous effort and skill and turn this thing around, our freshman and any additional recruits may be diamonds that others missed, but this pattern, and it isn't exclusive to Miles, is just too familiar.
  14. OT: Now that it's officially the off-season ...

    And one more "Why people so eager to be so cruel?"
  15. OT: Now that it's officially the off-season ...

    This song always gets me. The chills are for the sheer virtuosity at 1:45. Full disclosure, local Tucson band that I know.