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  1. Just to complete the woulda coulda shoulda trifecta...Jordan Mathews,who made the game winner for Gonzaga, is the son of former Doc Sadler Assistant Phil Mathews.
  2. So I have come down from.peak disappoinment and agree with something Dimes said about Tai and Shavon (and by association, Terran, and Aleks, and Ade, and Ryan Anderson, and Brandon Ubel) We keep having A SENIOR that would have really benefitted from a cohort, a pack, a crew, a mob, whatever the relevant word is, of talented peers who came up together and grew and leaned on each other and built a team with their class, and a class younger (think King/Reid/Scales, Hayes/Owens, Chubick/Piatkowski, Strickland/Boone) I think the Sophs and Frosh this year could build that, could stick and persevere and be the foundation for the future. Dammit Here we go again.
  3. I'm glad for Tim. I want him to succeed, but, I'm really finding it hard to care. The team stopped showing heart, effort, basic skill weeks ago. I don't think firing the coach fixes it, but neither does keeping the coach. I wanted Barry, and Doc to succeed too but each firing and hiring made zero difference. We might as well hire Bill Murray for our little Groundhog's Day. I've been a passionate and loyal fan since the Jack Moore era, and have been on this amazing forum since the early days with Dave, but nothing changes. Dimes has made the forum incredible, still not winning. PBA and the practice facility, still no conference titles. Succession of coaches and assistants, no tournament wins, heck not even on the bubble. How many would kill for a nice NIT run in the last decade? I wish I had answers. I wish I could teach three-point defense or get B1G refs who called fouls the same way at both ends, but all I've got is this terrible sense that I've been down this road too many times. Have a great offseason long suffering Husker Hoops Fans. Rebuild your stamina because next year is going to be more of the same.
  4. Has Rosenthal confirmed?
  5. Evan Taylor player of the game.
  6. Let's see, concede threes, miss fts, get too far under the basket, dumb foul to foul out...Where have we seen this before?
  7. Did we forget to measure the height of the baskets? So many shots hitting the side/bottom of the rim.
  8. Flavor Flav and Jordy Tshimanga are the only interesting things happening in this game.
  9. Fear of a Nittany Planet? It Takes A Nation of Referees to Hold Us Back?
  10. Funny you should ask. I was talking with my chiropractor here in Tucson about how, maybe Arizona should just focus on basketball and skip football, and maybe Nebraska should just go for football...You know, become 100% in on your best program. My wife, who I met at UNL and attended the Nee-era with me says, "Wouldn't Nebraska be a volleyball school then?"
  11. Funny how the solution in both revenue sports is the same.
  12. Okay...The game is so boring that Dan Dakich is riffing on Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature and Sugar Hill Gang. Anyone who had Dan Dakich and any of those acts in the word bingo game gets a free Nittany Lion
  13. I love Uno. Why don't they make card games like that anymore?