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  1. By the way ...

    I'm sorry for urinating in your cereal. Forgive me for not getting too excited for Mile's optimism, he hasn't really done anything lately to garner any trust in his in game and in season coaching abilities.
  2. By the way ...

    The guy knows he's on the brink of being fired, he's trying to be optimistic. Unfortunately, not much is gonna change this year, maybe a nice NIT win.
  3. Jacobson Gone?

    This ship is taking on water fast.
  4. New Mexico a landing spot for Miles?

    I'll bet you some scratch if no other players transfer and Miles is not retained they won't make the tournament.
  5. NU to sign 7 foot Russian center

    Michael Flynn was the lead recruiter on this one, give credit where it's due.
  6. New Mexico a landing spot for Miles?

    Please let this happen, best for all parties.
  7. Bizarro Fire Miles Talk (Not BS)

    Lol, tigerboard might as well be 4chan with more cousin connections. The absolute last place you should find for news.
  8. Bizarro Fire Miles Talk (Not BS)

    You are referring to their recruiting methods, I am referring to their coaching ability and intellect. Also, just to make it clear I am not endorsing or stating Craig Smith should be Nebraska's new coach. That would be unwise for Nebraska and Smith.
  9. Bizarro Fire Miles Talk (Not BS)

    This has really turned into a tough position. I can see both sides, we have everybody coming back next year minus Webster plus our two transfers. But then again I understand the other side of thinking that even with talent you can't see Miles being able to coach them to a good season. I really wonder how much of Mile's success was due to Craig Smith, Smith was with him at all the successful stops and Mile's only successful year at Nebraska and now has coached South Dakota to one of the best seasons they've had in years. Regaardless the decision made Eichorst is going to unfairly catch grief either way. If he fires Miles then he didn't give him a chance to coach the best roster he would have had. If he keeps him then he's keeping the coach after three failed seasons and it doesn't matter how much talent he had. in the end, I'll accept either decision made because I can't really fault whichever way they go on this. I will say this though, if you do fire him then open up the checkbook and make a big boy hire, no more mid major coaches. Been there, done that.
  10. Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    I like Miles but this is just a very clear sign that things are not going to get much better. Might be time to move on.
  11. 2016-17 Husker opponents

    No home Saturday games really sucks. Not cool Big Ten.
  12. He's going to Louisville.
  13. Samford (7-4) vs. Nebraska (7-4) Game Thread

    Five offensive fouls, this is one of the worst games I've ever watched.
  14. Nebraska 1-0 Vs. Villanova 1-0

    Are you serious?
  15. Nebraska 1-0 Vs. Villanova 1-0

    We were exposed before this, this team has a lot of growing to do, still very talented though.