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  1. Game Day Essentials: Game #29 at Illinois

    I've got a hunch Watson goes for 20+ today
  2. Vegas doesn’t like us again

    Slightly OT: During the Michigan/OSU broadcast CBS had Michigan in as a #7 seed, Huskers and PSU on the bubble. B1G POY candidates had TWO guys named Edwards from Purdue, no Jim Palmer. The day of reckoning is nigh my friends...
  3. What If? Play-in game

    Why would the B1G Champions be in a "play-in" game?
  4. My favorite uniform College or Pro, regardless of the sport, is still the Road Red in Basketball...
  5. No Sit Sunday x Duce

    What if I've been "over served" prior to that late tip-off and have to take a load off?
  6. a Hot Take

    I liked the way he filled out a pair of Hanes briefs...
  7. a Hot Take

    This is hardly going out on a limb, but I'm making a "Call" right now. Jim Palmer will break Pike's single game scoring record some time next season. Granted, it won't be easy since he's not a ballhog on a bad team ala' Bo Spencer. But, his ability to get to the line and knock down foul shots will put him over the top. There, you heard it here 1st.
  8. They showed it on the CBS morning show even! Now if that isn't BIG TIME I don't know what is...
  9. HHCC Game #29 - at Illinois (Feb. 18, 2:30 PM CST)

    Cornhuskers 80 - Chief Illiniwek 68
  10. #1 Seed in the NIT

    Evidently this is a thing. Just wondering, does being the #1 seed in the NIT do anything for you? Personally, I'll rank it right up there with kissing your sister, riding a Moped, or a 3.2 hangover.
  11. B1G Tournament Bracketology

    That seeding brings the term "Wake n Bake" to mind...
  12. Maryland

    Thank GOD Melo' Trimble is finally gone. He was like the Jess Settles of Maryland.
  13. Rutgers: Saturday

    As I harken back to my salad days, there was absolutely NOTHING better than strolling into the Devaney on a Saturday afternoon, sun streaming through the windows, to watch the Huskers battle in the rugged Big 8. Which brings us to this weekend. We have a special squad & I loved me some of that 2014 team, but this team is deeper and more versatile. We're in heady, heady times my friends and I'm certain that the best is yet to come...
  14. Roby doesn't make SC Top 10

    When Mueller finishes with Trump he should look into this...
  15. If you get a chance Youtube the '76 ABA Slam Dunk contest with Dr J, Larry Keenon, & David "Skywalker" Thompson. Makes one realize "athleticism" & "skill sets" aren't a recent phenomenon.
  16. There up BIG on the Cheeseheads today
  17. Similar Afro though...
  18. That's what good teams do to bad teams. The Roby dunk in the 1st Half looked like Dr. J from his ABA days...
  19. Rutgers: Saturday

    My only basketball memories of the Coliseum are pick-up games with Tony Davis during the late '80s. That and AOPi Hoop-It of course...
  20. Legends Weekend

    His Seattle Supersonics jersey hangs in the players lounge... along with a Bulls Pike jersey, Hoppen/Hornets, Lue/Hawks and a Strickland/Mavericks
  21. Hate Will Never Win

    Saying this kid is a giant D-bag is too obvious. He strikes me as someone that is not overly bright and is just trying to stir the pot to get his name in the paper. He and his old man would wither under any type of serious political debate.
  22. Legends Weekend

    Remember when the little "Herbie" was on the shorts spinning the Rock?
  23. Rutgers: Saturday

    I have a picture from that final game at the Bob as my screen saver...
  24. Deep run in the dance?

    Yes hb13, it will come down to matchups and what kind of a draw we get. Hopefully this is the year the basketball Gods smile down on us and everything breaks our way. First things first though. Let's win out and at LEAST make the Finals of the B1G Tourney
  25. Historically Minnesota fancies itself a "Big Time" basketball program ( I spent 20 years in the Cities) but the results would say otherwise. Injuries and suspensions might cost little Ricky his job, but it certainly cost them a chance at a B1G title. Winning at Williams arena should never be minimized, and scoring 91 on the road anywhere is impressive. Now it's time for some home cookin' and a win over Rutgers.