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  1. Ed Chang

    I saw this kid play in person at the State Tournament and was highly impressed. He was an absolute TERROR at the top of a 1-3-1 zone. Evidently the allure of the PAC12 and the West coast was too much for the local rubes to compete with. Is he a "program changer"? No, but he would have been a nice "get". Any guesses when Miles will land his first In State recruit?
  2. Next Assistant Coach

    Yeah, but think how Lue would CRUSH the Presser... that might even get Jay Bilas to town.
  3. Next Assistant Coach

    Once Lue gets canned here in a few weeks, do you think he would consider an asst. job at Dear ol' Nebraska U? OR will he hold out for the head job IF Tim swan dives back into mediocrity next season? (I'm only half joking) People say they want a SPLASH hire if Tim is shown the door, well T. Lue's resume' has plenty of shine on it... Shaq, Kobe, Jordan, LeBron and NBA rings galore.
  4. Scheduling

    Would be nice to continue scheduling some home/home with our old Big 8 rivals. Maybe a K-St, Oklahoma or Colorado... and what about UNO on a regular basis? Seems like a natural fit.
  5. Contract Extensions

    2-3 year extension made sense, 1 year doesn't, it's that simple.
  6. Contract Extensions

    Tim and the Program were better off with NO extension and taking care of things next off season, (one way or the other) than the tepid, 1 year, limp wristed offer he got. As Lee B pointed out in the OWH today, perception becomes reality and every other school will HAMMER us on what's seen as lukewarm support for Miles. I'm afraid Tim's time here might be winding down, and Moos did more than nudge him out the door...
  7. Let me get this straight...

    I've been out of town for a few days with 30 inches of snow on the ground, so bear with me. Miles STILL doesn't have an extension, are best recruit left and so did our best assistant? We've all seen a lot of chaos/turmoil here over the years, BUT REALLY? You just went 15-1 at home and finished 4th in the Conference. Most schools would have a Parade...
  8. Let me get this straight...

    The point I was making is that most "fans" are just happy to have something to do between the Bowl game and Spring Football. Remember last season was supposed to be Tim's "prove it" year and now he get's to have another one. I find the lack of commitment to Tim and the Program not only troubling, but disheartening on an institutional level...
  9. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    Here's your "Brand" : your Coach just had one of the best seasons in school history and you gave him a reach-around as a thank you. Do you think that will cause other coaches &/or players to flock to Lincoln?
  10. Let me get this straight...

    If 3/4 of the "basketball" fans polled are happy with 1year or no extension that tells you all you need to know...
  11. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    Yer spot on, that IS the problem...
  12. Let me get this straight...

    All these numbers tell me is that Nebraska basketball fans have come to expect a half-ass commitment from the top and then act surprised when the team flops...
  13. Let me get this straight...

    Some guy at the bar just told me Tim got a 1 year extension. I said, "No, no that can't be, you don't follow the squad like I do." Then the Sports came on 10/11. Moos "waited" to announce THIS? If you don't want him here, just fire him...
  14. Really OT

    Saw the Replacements at the Student Union back in '85 on the Tim tour, saw Nirvana at Duffy's for 6 bucks in '90. And yes Prince is the MAN!
  15. Once they swapped out "Herbie Husker" for the drunken Randy Travis look- alike everything has went to hell...
  16. Question?

    The Bluebirds are 1 up on us All-time, we need to settle the score & put em in the rearview mirror for good. BUT, I want them and UNO to thrive. Good basketball is a positive for all 3 programs, plus it helps are RPI.
  17. Question?

    If the B1G is "down" how can the 5th place team be playing in the National Title game? I guess "down" is a polite way of saying Indiana, Maryland, & Wisconsin aren't very good so Nebraska can pound sand.
  18. O.T. Early Morning April 4

    The "Great Society" wasn't just a slogan on a hat.
  19. Miles extension poll

    Petteway, Pitchford, White, Copeland, Palmer. It's hard to argue with that...
  20. Lunardi Hate Week

    He's about as funny as ringworm
  21. Miles extension poll

    I just think Oregon has such a high profile Nationally compared to the other 3, plus the kids do love their Nikes.
  22. Way too early 2018-19 BTN Standings

    Well if we jumped 9 spots up from last year's prediction then this year it's "To Infinity..... & Beyond"!
  23. Question?

    I know I'm beating a dead horse, but if the teams I mentioned (Indiana, Maryland, Wisconsin) had our exact same record and schedule, 100% they would have been in.
  24. Miles extension poll

    I'd be hard pressed to name all the Universities with an enrollment of 80,000 that have had 13 players drafted since 2000... point is Matta's thrown up some gaudy numbers at a school with HUGE advantages. Yes he can coach, so can Altman, but do you think Altman would have the #2 recruiting class at Nebraska? Or even Creighton or K-St for that matter.
  25. Miles extension poll

    No one accomplishes less with more than THE Ohio St University. A majority of the US population is within 8 hours of a campus of 80,000.