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  1. Yesterday's win sent my mind whirling ahead as to what might be, and of course that always brings us to: what might the starting line-up look like next year? I'll take a crack. Watson Horne Jordy Jacobson Morrow That's some quick gaurds with some range, a bruising front line, and Evan, Jack, Isiah and the newcomers off the bench. I haven't even pulled the cork yet today and I'd say that looks pretty formidable.
  2. Well, you don't wanna be ranked too high or too low, 13 seems to be right there in the meaty part of the curve...
  3. How was Bill Self's coaching job Saturday night? Those 13 straight Big XII Titles didn't do him a hell of a lot of good... that's what happens when the shots don't fall.
  4. Slightly Off-Topic: Did anyone here ever play in the York High School gym when they had the "Tartan" court? It was sorta kinda rubberized and believed to be cost effective at the time. Can't say that I was a fan.
  5. Saw him play for the Charlotte Hornets vs. the Twolves back in the day, and who could forget the headline in the OWH when we beat UMKC. "Kangaroos can't stop Hoppen" congrats David.
  6. Nothing was better than an old broken in Wilson Jet.
  7. I still have Arizona, Michigan & UCLA in my bracket, with Lo Ball cutting down the nets.
  8. I miss the Danny Nee/Billy Tubbs matchups when each team would regularly hit 100. People have discussed "Identity" or are lack thereof & I for one would love to see us open it up and push the tempo. Of course that implies making shots and getting rebounds. While we might not have the ballers of a Loyola Marymount, or UNLV circa 1990, it would seem a style recruits would warm up to as well as the fans.
  9. Did anyone else catch the post-mortem recap show last night? Miles seemed overly eager to trot out all the familiar excuse as to why to season unraveled in the manner it did, and the game highlights were as maddening as they were entertaining. I was hoping for a little "bounce" heading into the off season and walked away feeling like I got a limp handshake.
  10. Saw him "live" back in 1990, he never traveled with a band and never took a check. Pre-dated anything that kids refer to today as "Old School."
  11. I'd forgotten that "Loserville" USA 's soccer team had been bumped up to the MLS. Trust me, in the Star Tribune those 2 games were considered "moral victories."
  12. We should try to work in "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth or "T-n-T" by AC/DC as often as possible and hope for the best.
  13. So much for the Gophers, now it's on to Twins baseball & also the Wilds early playoff collapse.
  14. I wouldn't let Tom Crean coach my son in a "Y" league.
  15. I saw him play in person last week and make some ridiculous long range shots. He doesn't play very hard, probably cuz he's use to being the best player on the floor, but he has a nice all-around game, and the "home town boy made good" factor would be off the charts. Most people think he's headed the JUCO route, I hope Miles gets him to Lincoln.
  16. You're spot on Cip & check all of the appropriate boxes. It's times like this when I miss battling Colorado for last place in the Big 8.
  17. Middle Tenn St. is no joke, that's for sure, but I still like the U of M to make the round of 16.
  18. Thought he would be a stone cold gunner when he showed up on campus, but... he got his degree from the Harvard of the Plains, never bitched or moaned, & will always be a Husker. Good luck to you young man.
  19. Springs was a starter, and will certainly be missed, but Mason and Coffee should be able pick up the slack.... AND Michigan is playin' with "house money" so to speak. Can anyone shut down Derrick Walton? Big Blue might go on a bit of a run as well.
  20. I can't wait until Northwestern gets that 1st Tourney win, then we will have sole possession of the Title we so richly deserve. The "O" fer Champion of the World! Like an old man once told me, "if yer gonna be a bear, be a Grizzly." P.S. The Moorhead Spuds (great name) lost in the Finals of the MN High School Hockey Tournament, bringing their finals appearance record to 0-8.
  21. I look for Goldy the Gopher to make a deep run. Lynch and Murphy are a LOAD for anyone to handle and I can't see Butler slow 'em down.
  22. When they like you, ya can get away with a lot. Just ask John Groce. He always had that look on his face like someone peed in his Cheerios.
  23. Avoid the play-in game of the B1G Tourney 4/5 of the time. I would LOVE to have a Wisconsin like stay in the Conferences top 4, but will settle for top 6.
  24. I'm a Miles BoBo thru & thru, but let's not overlook the elephant in the room. We were in the top 15 in attendance to watch a team that won 12 games. That speaks to Tim, the fans, & what the expectations are here. However, the "new car" smell is about to wear off the arena, the expectations will be ramped up dramatically, & fans won't keep showing up to watch a clunker. No one knows this better than Miles, & I've got a hunch he's up to the challenge.
  25. My "source" RE: Morrow was someone who spoke with Steve Taylor so take that for what it's worth. Also, I've heard his folks went to school here and I'm sure they might have something to say about it.