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  1. Scouting Boston College

    Jack needs to play like he's got a pair & stop pouting when the 3s don't fall. Ring, ring Jack it's your Junior season calling answer the bell...
  2. ESPN picks the Eagles

    Boston College hasn't won a road game in over 2 1/2 years, so who does the four letter network pick on Wednesday? Why it's BC of course, sizing up both teams as wildly inconsistent (true) the Eagles get the nod 70 - 68. If that isn't bulletin board material I don't know what is.
  3. ESPN picks the Eagles

    I"m chalking it up to East Coast bias...
  4. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    I know Jordy is basketball neophyte, generally speaking, but he quickly needs to shed some bad habits. Keep the ball UP when they kick it in to you. He brings it down or worse dribbles it negating his size advantage. Keep workin' on that baby hook and get a turn around "J".
  5. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Slow down there fellas, Creighton isn't the '85 Lakers. If we can neutralize Foster and Thomas, make them exclusively jump shooters (meaning Doobie & Jordy have to stay on the floor) we can beat these guys. If you've already conceded defeat, I'm sure there's a barstool open for you at Barrio's (if that's still open)
  6. Is it time to start Roby?

    This notion was raised in the post-game chatter and I agree. Whether Jordy has regressed or still hurt, he has become a liability on the court. He still brings the ball down when it's kicked inside or worse yet tries to put it on the floor. Yes it's nice to have the "spark" that Roby brings when coming off the bench, but he's too versatile and too talented to not be more of a factor. Will this cure all of our ills. No, but it's a start. And as someone else also mentioned, we're only going to go as far as Glynn Watson takes us.
  7. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    If you happened to watch Michigan St. play Carolina tonight you know what we're in for up there. That frontline is the opposite of Jordy & Duby. Fast, smooth, finishers. If we can get BC, Goldy, and the fish eaters, I'll be thrilled!
  8. I'd NEVER forget a KU win, but that Creighton series is tied at 25 games apiece and I too get tired of their smug, sanctimonious BS. If we can slow down Foster and Thomas I like our chances...
  9. Well, if we could only win 1 of those 4 I'll say Creighton for petty reasons, even though a KU win would carry more weight. The B1G openers are tough, BUT Minnesota almost got beat 3 on 5 the other night and were actually outscored down the stretch.
  10. I think this roster has alot of flexibilty, and line-ups we really have yet to see. What about a "smallish" line-up with Roby at the 5, Evan and Jim at the forwards, and Glynn and Thomas at the guards? Outside of Jordy and Duby up front, everyone else SHOULD be able to play multiple spots as necessity dictates.
  11. I believe Duby had 4 fouls in his first 3 minutes of action.
  12. Without Roby back for MSU & Minnesota we have ZERO chance (you saw how thin our front court was stretched without him). Also, I think it's time for Allen to get more minutes. He certainly looks like he's ready, and we need more play makers.
  13. Glad we got the "W", but it's apparent moving forward that Duby and Jordy will be our achilles heel. If they aren't going to score they at LEAST need to rebound and stay on the floor.
  14. That's good news, we'll need him when the Conference season starts.
  15. The game is in Florida right? Now what would Moos be doing down there???
  16. LOVE what I'm seeing, & it helps that LBS looks like it wants to be on a plane headed back to the Coast.
  17. Devaney Osborne Solich Callahan Pelini Riley ...

    Do you remember when we beat UMKC back in the day and the headline in the paper was, "Kangaroos can't stop Hoppen".
  18. Devaney Osborne Solich Callahan Pelini Riley ...

    Any dummy can be a Football fan, they play once a week a whopping 11 times and cling to some notion that 60 - 3 should be your "average" 5 year run. Basketball fans are more practical with a steely resolve and a cockeyed optimism. Our highlight's are #3 Seeds in Tournaments we didn't win, players named Cookie, and an unwavering belief that we're just one "Dave Hoppen" away from turning this into a Basketball School.
  19. Let's win the next TWO and I'll be feeling better about things...
  20. Marist (0-4) vs. Nebraska (3-2) Game Thread

    If Jack isn't careful Thor might take his minutes too!
  21. Marist (0-4) vs. Nebraska (3-2) Game Thread

    What gives with McVeigh being buried on the bench so far this season? Did he get that much "slower" over the summer? Poor match ups, whatever... I was expecting a lot more out of him this year.
  22. Marist (0-4) vs. Nebraska (3-2) Game Thread

    It's officially a "Blowout" we have a Malcom Laws sighting...
  23. Marist (0-4) vs. Nebraska (3-2) Game Thread

    Long Beach, BC, Spartans, Gophers, Creighton, KU: THREE of those need to be wins. I don't care which 3 ( a B1G W would be nice) but we NEED to get 3