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  1. 2017 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    Looking at those match-ups I'd say your only real B1G locks are Minnesota and Michigan St. Let's say Purdue and Nebraska are 50/50 at home, Northwestern, Iowa and Illinois all on the road I think are iffy at best. Indiana is going to get beat like a narc at a biker rally.
  2. Shirt Promo for the Minnesota game

    Let's hope Adidas comes up with something as clever and stylish as "Dead Dog Alley", mine finally fell apart just few years ago.
  3. Shirt Promo for the Minnesota game

    I have an old roommate coming down from Minneapolis for this one. I'd rather send him home with a loss than a T-shirt!
  4. Is it time to start Roby?

    Doobie is shorter than both I believe, but he certainly plays BIG. Big thru the shoulders, with the "hops" and that wingspan. Roby, even bulked up from last season, will get pushed around by guys like Lynch and Ward in the B1G. I like the aforementioned 5 for a BIG line-up or go small with Even, Glynn, Jim and Copeland, Roby on the blocks.
  5. Is it time to start Roby?

    Like I said, I'm not Doggin' Taylor. I just find that BIG, fast line-up intriguing.
  6. Is it time to start Roby?

    What about Doobie at the 5 with Copeland AND Roby? Jim and Glynn in the backcourt, certainly are most athletic and offensive line-up. I love everything Taylor brings, but that unit offers so much when it comes to shot blocking, scoring and running the floor.
  7. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Well I've seen Creighton, KU, Goldy & the Spartans all play on the television, and their collective big men scare the HELL out of me, especially MSU & MN. We're going to need Doobie and Isaac to have some MAN sized games in order to eek out a win or two(?) I expect nothing out of Jordy until he proves otherwise.
  8. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    If our squad was a little saltier, I'd be all in favor of a tough Non-conference schedule, ala' what Cook and Erstad always do. The Basketball program isn't where those two are though, and I hope that upcoming stretch of highly ranked teams doesn't knock the wind out of our sails. Hopefully I'm wrong, we can win this thing in Orlando, get a "W" in Omaha, and see what happens with KU and the start of B1G play.
  9. UCF is a must win

    Well, I'll put the cart WAY ahead of the horse. Bring on the Redstorm! I want another crack at those Melon Farmers.
  10. North Dakota is a must win

    That was your "St. John's game" you'll bounce back...
  11. HHCC Game #05 - neut. UCF (Nov. 23, 5:00 PM CST)

    Cornhuskers 70 - Former employer of Scott Frost 62 3
  12. North Dakota is a must win

    That was me being "ironically" funny, like a hipster mustache.
  13. North Dakota is a must win

    I respectively disagree, Petteway and Pitchord's shooting has no relation or bearing on the way Palmer or Watson shoot. You can only "Coach 'em Up" so much, then raw ability and talent have to take over.
  14. North Dakota is a must win

    Take a deep breath and remember it's a small sample size, and a 28% shooting night is REALLY going to skew your numbers.