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  1. Miles told him he thought Gdowski should've been starting too...
  2. Driving into Omaha one time with a friend he said, "Omaha is our version of a big city, and we didn't do a very good job".
  3. We should all just relax, let out a collective *sigh*, and remind ourselves of this: Jacobson and Morrow were no Antoine Carr and Cliff Levingston. We will be fine.
  4. Sounds like they're BOTH looking at Iowa St., and as any old Big 8 buff can tell you, ISU stands for I - Screwed - Up
  5. This might already have been addressed here ( been out of town for a spell) but when will we get the word about Copeland's Fall eligibility? Obviously we need all the warm bodies we can get.
  6. I don't believe Tim is operating under the assumption that he is going to get fired, either next week or next year.
  7. I'd like to see him and Andre Almeida square off at an Old Country Buffet...
  8. The only way Miles is going anywhere is if he gets canned. He's not just going to pick up and go to New Mexico (New Mexico? for Christs sakes) and Crean AINT comin to Nebraska, no way, no how. It all strikes me as "fake newsish" or the wild rantings of a "D" list scribe.
  9. I still sleep with my Joe McCray jersey on...
  10. When we made the Tourney in 2014, I thought (& I wasn't alone) that we were entering an era of sustained excellence/relevance. Well, 3 losing seasons later, here we are. Feeling really beat down today by the steady drip, drip, drip of bad news. Have to remind myself that as of next Tuesday, everyone is 0 -0
  11. Eichorst is scheduled to have a Presser next week that is supposed to address the "State of the Program." Hopefully he will shed some light on Tim's contract, the transfers, and where we are headed. I wish I had a better read on SE, but he doesn't strike me as the a shot & a beer kinda guy...
  12. Forget the Box Score numbers, this kid brought attitude, guts, and muscle to a team that lacks all of the above. Tim's job just got A LOT harder...
  13. Well, you don't wanna be ranked too high or too low, 13 seems to be right there in the meaty part of the curve...
  14. How was Bill Self's coaching job Saturday night? Those 13 straight Big XII Titles didn't do him a hell of a lot of good... that's what happens when the shots don't fall.
  15. Slightly Off-Topic: Did anyone here ever play in the York High School gym when they had the "Tartan" court? It was sorta kinda rubberized and believed to be cost effective at the time. Can't say that I was a fan.