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  1. Handy Johnson


    Agreed, let Goldy and the Hawkeyes fight it out over a little Pig trophy named after a Shopping Mall. Cultivating a rivalry with Iowa in ANY sport diminishes our Brand...
  2. Handy Johnson

    Bigger impact in 18-19?

    There's minutes to be had at the back-up PG spot, not so much for the Wing players. Someone needs to step up and separate from the crowd, hopefully it's Harris. I got a hunch Thor will have a nice year too.
  3. Looks like tickets go on sale 9/7/18 and they still haven't announced a start time. I would guess mid-afternoon... I wonder if the AD and Mike " I'm 40 I'm a Man" Gundy will ride up together?
  4. Handy Johnson

    New numbers

    #24 was Kobe's number in high school @ Lower Marion. Both that & #8 hang in the rafters of the Staple Center.
  5. Handy Johnson

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    Id say Andrew Drevo, but he was a walk on. How bout "the Toaster" Eric Johnson?
  6. Handy Johnson


    Fer sure Creighton, but there was a time when Kansas would have taken the top spot when both of us fielded winning squads. On the other end, Colorado, when we would "battle it out" for that last spot in the Big 8...
  7. Handy Johnson


    You are correct, they have an old Surry (sp?) with a life size cut out of Johnny Carson riding in it. Actually, for a County museum it is rather interesting, and Ive certainly seen worse.
  8. Handy Johnson

    NBA Playoffs

    On a lighter and more positive note, I renewed my season tickets yesterday, and could give a fat frog's a** where LeBron ends up (as long as it's not the Lakers) .
  9. I wasn't just spouting off when I suggested a Bus/caravan to Sioux Falls. Is this something other Board members might be interested in? I think it would be an absolute hoot.
  10. Handy Johnson

    NBA Playoffs

    Well, speaking for the "Get off my Lawn" crowd, trying to stack a team is hardly anything new. The Sixers tried to do it in the late 70's bringing in World B Free & George McGinnis to play with Dr. J, Doug Collins, Harvey Catchings etc. It is remarkable LeBron has played in 8 straight Finals, but his teams were never pushed by anyone else in the East. My interest in the league is waning as well, just not enuff good teams, and I've ALWAYS preferred the College game.
  11. Handy Johnson

    NBA Playoffs

    I remember when KD played his one year at Texas, they came in here and beat us by a point. Sons- a- bitches...
  12. Handy Johnson

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    So much for the road Reds and the home Whites, I'm not sure your average Husker ham-n-egger is ready for a leopard print uniform. Godspeed to ya Brandon, hope your back on the court soon!
  13. Handy Johnson

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    LOVE that Ubel kid, he was on the team that beat the Golden Gophers in the last ever game played at the Devaney...
  14. Handy Johnson

    NBA Playoffs

    I hope you're right, he'd be a perfect fit with Harden and Paul. ANYWHERE but Los Angeles...
  15. Handy Johnson


    I think McGee is still the leading scorer in Wolverine history.