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  1. Hump Day Motivation

    This "Bliss Buzz" and oh what a buzz it was, had my head spinning with the notions of B1G Tourney Titles & Sweet 16s. (Then came the Buckeyes & Baylor and that about brings us up to speed...)
  2. No news is good news

    Didn't Dick Cheney use to own Haliburton?
  3. Serendipity...

    My bad, damn Rumpleminze
  4. Serendipity...

    I went to my local watering hole last weekend (ho hum) and had the good fortune of meeting Dorothy Moore, Jack's widow. I was treated to an evening of Husker hoops stories, some too off-color to be printed in a family forum such as this. (Who knew Moe Iba was such a cad!) & at the end of the night we did shots and I INSISTED she check out Huskerhoopscentral.com!
  5. First Miles Presser of 2017-18

    After seeing the schedule, I'll say it right HERE, right NOW. We walk out of Omaha with a win this year.
  6. Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    Has the look of a young Detlof Schrempf or maybe AK-47, wonder if he's into the Sugarcubes?
  7. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    Could blossom into the likes of the legendary Bill Johnson outta Plainview.... eat those Wheaties young man.
  8. OT: Eclipse Plans

    I work in downtown Lincoln and our Company is letting us out at noon, giving us glasses & snacks and I think the afternoon off... Now about that Happy Hour at O'Rourke's...
  9. My Head Hurts...

    Since I'm venting here goes: How many times have you been at a bar/restaurant, brought up the Basketball team and heard, "Nebraska has a Basketball team?" Sadly the answer is TOO-MANY-TO-COUNT GBR!
  10. My Head Hurts...

    I realize the Basketball program will always play second fiddle to the Football, but the coverage they receive has reached farcical proportions. One practice in, the LJS thought it was newsworthy to report on the music that was played while the team stretched, (Kick Start My Heart by the Crue, FYI). Please for the love of God, just give me an Isaac Copeland update and spare me the 3 deep depth chart of the Secondary...
  11. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    1. Mason 2. Watson 3. Carr 4. Simmons 5. Bohannon With better shooters and his inevitable progression I expect Watson to be 1st team All-B1G his Senior year as we make our 2nd straight trip to the dance...
  12. Who's going to MSG & the B1G Tourney

    That Orange Bowl story is no BS, passed a couple of gents on their way back from the beach decked out in their Keys and one said to the other, "Gol dang it, I ain't never seen that many t***ies before in my life".
  13. Who's going to MSG & the B1G Tourney

    Aside from all the farmer jokes in the Times, think of Manhattan being overrun with Hicks&Hayseeds celebrating our 1st B1G Tourney title! Reminds me of the '95 Orange Bowl and all the Ham n Eggers dressed in their Key overalls shocked, SHOCKED I say, at all the topless women on the beach...
  14. I know it's a ways off, but my mind tends to wander during the dog days. I've been thru New York a couple of times, but haven't spent any real time there. So, I've had this baby penciled in for awhile now. 1st time at MSG, 1st B1G Tournament, it's a win-win all around. Was just wondering how many of you Hoop Heads were making the trip OR if there might even be some type of travel package in the works for us Board members? Like to hear some feedback either way...
  15. RE: aforementioned query, think 3 Guard set with Allen, Anketen, Watson - Roby, Tshimanga down low. Has me intrigued, what say you...