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  1. Gene dropped the ball on that one
  2. Yikes both big men have 2 fouls at the under 16
  3. Sounds like what Randy York does
  4. The bigger question here is whether or not Tai's legs are bent at the right angle.
  6. I've played against Gill a couple of times just in pickup games, a he can fill it up. Great slasher. Granted, I'm the farthest thing from a D1 athlete, but he was very impressive.
  7. I wouldn't put your hand on the panic button just yet, Andrew won't be going to Europe, and he's not leaving unless he's certain he will be drafted
  8. My money is on Farokmanesh filling this one. In an article about a month ago Miles said something along the lines of "we're working on getting him a place on staff", so maybe they saw this coming.
  9. I know for a fact that other people on the staff and some players didn't like Beckner at all. The guy came off as a jerk a lot of the times. Doesn't look good, but maybe it's for the best.
  10. Considering the big hoopla about the S&C records being reset today, I'm guessing every record was set because this was the first year for these new baselines and records. A bit misleading
  11. I only got to see the final, but was not very impressed with Arop either. Or South in general. They just threw up bricks and got the rebounds. I thought the most impressive team was Bishop Neumann. Really well rounded team with some great shooters.
  12. Teams that played the day before are now 3-0.
  13. Had the scout for Michigan State game
  14. Catch the ball! What a pass