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  1. Red Corn - 72 (Probably) Red Foxes - 60
  2. Opponent is TBD until after the conclusion of the West Virginia/Marist game tonight. I'll update the thread to our true opponent at the conclusion of the game, but given a short turnaround here's the thread for you to post your predictions in for the time-being. Submit predictions below. UPDATE: Opponent will be Marist
  3. UCF stole the show. We stole* their coach. *Pending
  4. Five Minutes: 1st: 8-3 NU 2nd: 6-7 UCF 3rd: 7-3 NU
  5. That's Watson's first foul of the night? With 7 min to go? Kid needs to create some more contact in the lanes.
  6. Second Five Minutes: 6-7 UCF
  7. Starting to resemble a team...
  8. First Five Minutes: 8-3 NU
  9. 20-36 UCF. Halftime. Let's not do that again.
  10. I think the crowd noise is getting to our team.
  11. I see your point, but it's those same 1-2 year/leave early transfers that can provide a spark to any program as well. It's just the nature of today's college hoops, but we need to maximize the results while they're here, otherwise we can't build on top of anything.
  12. Marist is starting to look like a good matchup at this point.
  13. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand.... Tacko fell.