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  1. The Merryland of Huskers 74 The Maryland of Turtles 71
  2. Because someone has to and I rarely ever post and...I believe that we will win...and Shavon will be MVP of the Tourney! 83 Huskers 68 Jersey Tech 5 wins!
  3. How 'bout both T.P. #5 & S.S. #31 together! Sounds good to me!
  4. Nice work TP! Next year maybe a Shavon Shields on the list? I hear he has some game!
  5. Des Moines, St. Louis, Denver, and OKC would be a great 1st and 2nd round location for Nebrasketball next season. Totally agree 49r, some good options for very drivable distances for a lot of Husker fans.
  6. Lincoln Nebraska's Best 91 Conway Arkansas' Finest 63
  7. Best news for Nebrasketball not only all week but all season! GBR!
  8. Cazzie, I think you're probably right. We probably need Hammond more than we could even afford to redshirt him.
  9. The guy who replied called himself Jaymes, but it had to be Jean posing as a Jaysker. I'm sure she also wanted to add "sit down" and "don't be so loud." You can hardly blame them when they've got no All-American to hold on to now and never even made it to the Sweet 16 with him. They have to grasp at straws and go after the only team in the state.
  10. Not that this is BR's official tweet on the matter, but since this is a signing day thread and BR had his signing day chat I thought I would add a link to it. Note the last question from a jaysker and Br's answer... BR is now my favorite!
  11. Is it still possible that Hammond might redshirt? Or has Miles said Hammond is positively not redshirting? The reason I ask is we have the same depth for the 4 and 5 right now as we did last year, we just swop Moses for Leslee. Last year we had: Pitchford Rivers Smith Shields This year without Hammond (at least until mid-January) we have: Pitchford Rivers Abraham Shields I know we would be undersized again until Leslee's return, but I'm just wondering if it's still possible if Hammond might redshirt. Any thoughts? Thanks for any insight and sorry if I'm repeating someone else's question.