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  1. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Is there anyone that has the ability to adjust the kenpom ratings and remove all team wins with a ranking of 250+ I honestly feel that we would be ranked between 30-40 without Marist, Delaware St., Stetson and Eastern Illinois on our resume. They are killing our RPI and other computer rankings. Committee should ignore any win over 250+ and use them in a resume "ONLY" if they are loss for any team battling for a tournament spot. They should not be allowed to hurt our schedule. If you win the game, at the end of the year if the team is ranked outside of the top 250 they are treated as a DII game and are not allowed to affect your RPI and other computer rankings. It is not our fault they ended up sucking worse than the other sucky teams ranked 100-250. There is just to much attached to those win in the overall resume, and in the grand scheme of things they are irrelevant. Meaning who cares that we beat Marist at 312 or UC Irvine at 144. We are going to beat either of those teams, one hurts us and the other doesn't.
  2. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    The rating systems are a joke that is why! How is Maryland where they are? Any person that has been paying attention to basketball knows that Nebraska is a better team, yet somehow Maryland is ranked 30 spots ahead of us in these dumb ass computer rankings!
  3. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I would look that up for you, but my last post already took up a lot of my time. Just remember 13-5 is a lot different than 11-7. I would say the percentage is under 15%, but that is just a guess. You do the same for a 13-5 team Power team it goes down to .001% with the 2012 PAC 12 conference having the only two in history.
  4. Remember you also have to take into account that is just RPI... Kenpom tells a different story
  5. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I honestly feel in the end as much as they say conference record doesn't matter. A 13-5 Big 10 took care of their business, when a 8-10 team did not. That is where the committee steps in, and I just don't think that can go overlooked IMO
  6. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    italic ( ) = Teams will need to get to 9 wins to get in the tournament. If these teams do not get to 9 wins they will be NIT bound and a 13-5 Nebraska team gets in over them. I'm sorry, but I just do not see an 8-10 team getting in over a 13-5 Big 10 team. italic " " = Bubble teams even with more that 9 conference wins or other detailed information that is needed italic [ ] = Separating the PAC 12 teams need 10 wins to get in over 13-5 Nebraska American East: 1 - Tournament Winner only AAC: 3 - Cincinnati, Houston and Wichita State A10: 2 - Rhode Island and St. Bonaventure ACC: 8-9 - Virginia, Duke, North Carolina and Clemson (Virginia Tech, Louisville, Florida State, Miami and Syracuse) Atlantic Sun: 1 - Tournament Winner only Big 12: 6 - Kansas, Texas Tech and West Virginia (Kansas State, Baylor, Texas, TCU and Oklahoma) Big East: - 6 Villanova, Xavier and Butler (Creighton, Seton Hall and Marquette) Big Sky: - 1 Tournament Winner only Big South: - 1 Tournament Winner only Big 10: 5-6 - Michigan State, Purdue, Ohio State and Michigan "Nebraska and Penn State" Big West: 1 - Tournament Winner only Conference USA: 2 - Middle Tennessee State "Old Dominion and Western Kentucky" Horizon: 1 - Tournament Winner only Ivy: 1 - Tournament Winner only MAAC: 1 - Tournament Winner only MAC: 1 - "I don't see Buffalo getting in if they don't win the tournament." MEAC: 1 - Tournament Winner only MVC: 1 - "I don't see Loyola Chicago getting in if they don't win the tournament." Mountain West: 2 Nevada "Boise State and Fresno State" NEC: 1 - Tournament Winner only OVC: 1 - Tournament Winner only PAC 12: 4 - Arizona, USC and UCLA [Utah, Washington, Oregon and Arizona State] Patriot: 1 - Tournament Winner only SEC: 8-9 - Auburn and Tennessee (Alabama, Florida, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, LSU, Georgia and Texas A&M) Southern: 1 - Tournament Winner only Southland: 1 - Tournament Winner only SWAC: 1 - Tournament Winner only Summit: 1 - Tournament Winner only Sun Belt: 1 Tournament Winner only WCC: 2 - Gonzaga and St. Mary's WAC: 1 - Tournament Winner only If you total up the high number on the list (Six for Big 10, nine for ACC and nine for SEC) there is a total of 71 teams listed and one of those 71 teams is Nebraska. All teams in italic's are bubble teams in my opinion, because if any of them go 8-10 or worse I don't see them getting in. By my count there are 29 teams on that list other than Nebraska. I'm not If I was a betting man, I would bet for certain that at least 2 of those teams don't finish the season the way they want to.
  7. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I know a ton of people use the Bracket Matrix... Well right now they have 11 SEC teams ahead of us at the moment... No f'ing way in hell they get 11 teams in... I see 9 at most... Two spots open ACC has 11 ahead of us as well... No way that happens... I see 9 at most... There is two more BIG 12 has 8 ahead of us... No way the get 80% of their teams in... I see them getting 7 at the most at that is pushing it. My guess is they get 6... There is 2 more Big East has 7 ahead of us... That is possible, but I see them as a 6 bid league... One more PAC 12 has 6 teams ahead of us... I see them as a 4 bid league max... So there is two more Big 10 has 6 teams ahead of us... If we beat Penn St. we will be picked before them and no way do we get picked behind Maryland... So there is two more Once again 13-5 in a Top 6 conference is different than 13-5 in the Missouri Valley 13-5 in the Big 10 is going to get picked over a 7-11 or 8-10 SEC, ACC, Big East and Big 12 team. No doubt in my mind. No opinion will convince me otherwise, so don't bother with the Quadrants and quality wins counter. In my opinion 13 wins in a Top 6 conference is 13 quality wins, don't care how down they think it is. This down league has 4 teams in the top 20, the SEC has two. I don't want to hear that our wins are against the bottom of the league, because Purdue lost to one of those teams Wisconsin? Michigan lost to Northwestern... Penn State lost to the bad Minnesota, Wisconsin and Northwestern? If the league is so down why did Northwestern struggle... Or Maryland? It is all perception in the end if we finish 13-5 I just can not see us left out. I am fairly confident in saying a 13-5 power conference team has never been left out in it's history outside of the 2011-2012 PAC 12. Don't get me started with how crappy that conference was. The highest RPI in that PAC 12 was 45. This Big 10 is not even close to as bad as that conference!
  8. It sure feels like this team should be in over a 16-11/6-9 BIG 12 team that is on a 6 game losing streak. One of those 6 games was to the "last place team" in the league too. Right Lunardi? What an a$$ clown! Lunardi's dumb a$$ probably has Oklahoma a 6 seed still! Anyway about the game. I felt Roby was having somewhat of an off night, and he still got the player of the game. Not one of our players were on their A game, and we still found a way to win. That is a good sign IMO
  9. 13-5 > 7-11 That is the problem... SEC is not 6 games better than the BIG 10
  10. Now What?

    We need Glynn to come out of his funk. His shots killed us yesterday, if he continues to put up numbers like 1-9 or 2-12 against a team that is fighting back we could be in trouble. Glynn needs to take smarter shots, that 3 he took at the 1:09 mark was open, but the way he has been shooting it was definitely not the shot we wanted. I love Glynn, but this is not the time to be in a funk and right now he is in one the offensive end. It was a pipe dream to think we could go 9-0 to finish out the B1G season, and it really pisses me off with posts like the original poster in this thread. He is the type fan that doesn't think, and posts what all of our inner frustrations are. You know... our negative thoughts that cross our minds, but most of us know not to post. He is like the 8 year old kid on the plane that says out loud all of our worst fears while we're up in the sky "We're really, really high!... What's that noise?... Why is the plane shaking so much?.... Are we going to crash?... That man talks like a lady! Will we all die if we crash?" This is why all along I have been saying we play in the Big 10, so going 14-4 will get us in. Meaning THIS IS THE ****ING BIG 10 and all the bandwagon idiots that have no clue about basketball need to understand it is VERY hard to win every game in a Power conference. This loss does not take us out of the equation it just makes it more difficult, and I for one love this team. I just wish the casual fans would just shut their mouths, and keep following Creighton. hskr4life - I quoted you in this post because I agree with you, and feel if Glynn comes out of his funk we win out. The rest of the post was directed at the OP
  11. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Can someone please explain to me how our SOS doean't go up after Wisconsin winning?
  12. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I don't know if kenpom has updated with the Wisconsin win yet, but figures we dropped a spot. Par for the course!
  13. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Well what it does is show these dumb ass bracketologists that the Big 10 isn't as easy as they think
  14. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    Nick Bahe loves basketball. He isn't a homer when it comes to basketball, and he is pretty black and white when it comes to any team he is talking about. My favorite parts of the segment you are talking about were... Question: "Nick if college basketball aloud mid season trade like the NBA. Nebraska and Creighton get to trade one player for one player who would they be and why?" His response was about 5 minutes long so I am going to just say my favorite parts were the "Oooooh Mama" before his response and "Definitely Isaiah Roby, but I don't think anyone on Creighton's roster would benefit Nebraska more than what they already have..." Question: "Do you like Isaiah Roby's play and do you think he will be drafted to the NBA by the time he is a Senior" His response "Yes, and Yes and don't count out Palmer to the NBA because his game transfers very well as well!" I like Nick Bahe, mainly because he isn't a Homer
  15. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    You didn't even mention if Glynn's shots start falling... or if Jordy lefty hook shot is falling... or if Taylor 12 footers are dropping... or if Thomas Allen picks up the slack when Gill is slumping behind the arc. This team is deep and dangerous. I said in a post not to long ago we can have 3 guys foul out and we would still be productive enough to win games