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  1. Kenya Hunter

    It is called "Bad Timing". So yes, I am going to fault Hunter. If we don't lose any kids because of this than that is fine, but if we do! He basically took the gas out of the motorcycle when we were 90% to the peak. This is like a swift kick to the nuts, I can only hope his recruits take his advice from the tweet he made. Highly doubt that happens!
  2. Kenya Hunter

    Hey Hunter... Maybe you should take your own advice. You basically just ****ed over our program from any momentum it had. Thanks coach!
  3. Kenya Hunter

    I just don't understand why all these guys would not want to be back next year? There is a reason we never make it over the hump. It is because guys aren't in it to win for Nebraska, they are in it to make a name for themselves. If coach Hunter, Copeland and Palmer all come back with the mindset of "Lets win this for Nebraska!" things would fall into place for everyone involved. I don't think I am speaking out of place when saying that if these guys all came back with a goal of winning the whole damn thing. Both Palmer and Copeland would be looking a better draft status. You could include Roby in that discussion as well. Winning ball games, gets the eyes on you! if I were all of them I'd be all about it, but that is the key "I'm not them". It is like the office worker that is unhappy with his job, but doesn't do anything about it but complain. Then he takes another job that is basically the same thing at a different place. Rinse and Repeat. Kenya Hunter - If he leaves to UConn, Xavier or any other school as an assistant. He would basically be starting over from scratch. He would single handedly ruin any possibility of Nebraska breaking through next year, because he is a big part of the reason a lot of these kids are at Nebraska. What would look better? Taking a Big10 Nebraska team to the NCAA tournament next year and making some noise? Going to Xavier to work with a new coach that has no guarantee to do well? Go to UConn that is in the AAC? I think his best option is to prove he can do the unthinkable and take this Nebraska team to winning some games in the tournament. It is right there in front of these guys, and if everyone buys in, good things will happen next year. Hunter will be offered head coaching positions, instead of assistant positions... If Nebraska makes a run next year! Copeland and Palmer - If neither of them are projected to be drafted in the 1st round, it should be a no brainer to come back. They can play in the D-League any damn time they want. They can play overseas this year, and any other year after this one. So why not do it at Nebraska? If either of them get a 1st round pick evaluation then by all means take the leap,. if not make history for a University that would put you in their hall of fame for being the first players that got them their 1st NCAA tournament win. I know I am not them, and they have to do what they feel is in their best interest! I get that, but being a Husker Legend and doing something that has never been done by anyone else that has put on the same uniform. <<<That would be a hell of a lot better then playing for team overseas IMO
  4. Question?

    And... Alabama had a 2-8 road record. And... Oklahoma finished the regular season 4-11 And... Arizona State finished 8-10 in a freaking conference that went 0-fer in the tournament I could sit here and point out all the negative blemishes on multiple bubble teams that made it in. That is the problem. Folks with your thought process completely rule out the negatives of the teams that had no business getting an invite! Does it matter that their lists would be considerably longer? The problem lies in what they used for criteria, and to be honest it was a complete joke. At this point it obviously doesn't matter, but I will forever be pissed about how dumb that criteria was. Nothing you can post will change my opinion! Just like nothing I post will change yours.
  5. Lunardi Hate Week

    Please elaborate?
  6. Three Games Against Final 4 Teams

    Why should I focus on that? One it is not as relavent as many of you realists claim it to be. Two, I don't agree with the way teams are selected in general. Lastly I think there is a range between a power 6 team ranked 35-125 that is like comparing Apples and Oranges. For example winning @Wisconsin should be similar to winning @Oklahoma or @Alabama, but is was definitely not! I would like you to just for one time stop being a realist and stop focusing on the "reasons" why Nebraska failed to get into the tournament. Now that being a realist is out of your brain (Right?), I want you to look at Arizona State, Alabama, St. Bonaventure, Texas and Oklahoma and give them our schedule. Do they have a better record then us? Go game by game, and see if they come out of the regular season with less then 9 losses? Do all 3 of them win at Wisconsin? Do all of them beat Penn State at Home? Do all of them beat Minnesota at full strength? Do all of them beat Michigan at home? Do all of them beat St. John's with LeVitt @St. John's? Do all of them beat UCF with Tacko Fall on a neutral court? (Just so you know Alabama couldn't!) Now again I have heard multiple times, by multiple people that the Mid tier SEC and Big 12 teams are head and shoulders better than the middle of the pack teams of the Big 10 like Wisconsin and Maryland. Can we focus on one team... Alabama. Let me ask you this did Alabama with 15 losses deserve to be in the tournament? The answer is no, but for you I am assuming the answer is yes! Thing is I can give you way more reasons why Alabama should of been left out of the tournament than I can for Nebraska and USC. So why exactly should I focus on the few negative things against Nebraska? When people like you can't look at the negative things of the teams that got in ahead of Nebraska. I could pick multiple reasons why Alabama had no business being in that tournament but let's focus on this one... What was Alabama's road record? 2-8 Yep 2-8 against teams on the road! So if you realists want to make an argument that the committee didn't take us because of lack of road wins, what is your reasoning for Alabama getting in? For a 15 loss team you would think the answer to this question would be different right? Like you said "Everybody is hung up on Quad 1 wins" so if they weren't "Caught up in Quad 1 wins" Alabama shouldn't have been sniffing the tournament.
  7. Postseason Tourney Talk

    This may be true, but I will never understand how anyone can think an 8-10 team from those two conferences can get in over a 13-5 team from a conference that has proved they are not much worse. I am so sick of the Big 10 was Top heavy argument... Well weren't we in the Top?
  8. Karrington Davis is N

    Can someone provide more information on this kid? I've watched the video in this thread, and I've googled what I can. I don't find much on him at all, and it sounds like he has been a career back up player. According to MaxPreps he is the 4th best SF on his team behind RJ Barrett, Kevin Zhang and Jordan Mitchell. I understand that his team was full of D1 players, but he didn't get many meaningful minutes while at Montverde Academy. Just because you practicing against players like RJ Barrett doesn't mean you are in the same league as him. Example: Just cause McVeigh was practicing against Roby doesn't put him in the same category. I'm not here posting this to bash him, because I don't have much to go on. I just don't see a lot of information on him on the Web, and I am assuming most of you (like me) haven't watched any of his games live. So where is all this optimism in this player coming from? From the video in this thread... He looks good, and has a good looking jump shot. Damn near perfect form! Definitely doesn't have a great vertical from what I can see, I would guess somewhere around 30-32". Is that terrible? No, it's not terrible, but it's definitely not elite. So IMO we will not be seeing much driving from him at the college level, which means he will need an amazing jump shot to get meaningful minutes. I am not a "Star" guy when it comes to recruiting. So don't think I am basing my criticism on that. I just don't know where all the "Wow what a great get" comments are coming from. Hence why I would like someone to post more info on the kid. I got a great vibe when we landed Roby, and he was a Sophomore at the time. He was not ranked by the sites yet, but he had so much potential and now look at him! I also have a good feeling about Nana A., I honestly feel he is going to get a lot more minutes next year even if Palmer stays.
  9. Off the top of my head Wagner from Michigan Carr from Penn State Murphy from Minnesota
  10. Matt Schick prank

    That dude had me fuming at the mouth! He had me going pretty good! Anybody else listen to it on Gametime with Nick Bahe?
  11. Big Ten + Bile

    "yeah, this season, a road win at Alabama much tougher. They really are a good basketball team." So this wasn't in response to me comparing Wisconsin and Alabama even though it was exactly 2 posts down from it? Alright got it!
  12. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Me too... Me too! I just want you to know you are not alone...
  13. Big Ten + Bile

    Lol you don't think I've seen Alan Iver... I mean Collin Sexton play. I watched him school Trae Young. Here is the problem, I don't see it. I also watched them play sparingly against Mississippi where they lost by 12. Did you happen to catch that one? Wisconsin may not have a Sexton, but Alabama has no Happ. I'm not blind, and I watch a ton of basketball with my 10 year old son who happens to love it too. So please don't assume I don't watch basketball outside of Nebraska, because you are wrong
  14. Big Ten + Bile

    I get that, but I don't see a big difference in playing at Wisconsin or at Alabama this year. They both are very difficult places to win, but one was a Q1 win and the other was worthless. This is where SOR comes in IMO and makes sure that that Wisconsin was indeed a good win. That is why we were so high in that metric. @Alabama and @Wisconsin not much difference as the RPI says, that is the problem. Hence you need to average out all the Metrics and weed out the lazy performers in conference and The Final 10.
  15. Big Ten + Bile

    Oh I'd keep RPI and Kenpom in the one I'm going to create. I am going to use all the metrics the Tournament Gadget listed and then any other I find on Bracket Matrix. Then take the Average... Let's say the roles are reversed and we were Oklahoma and Oklahoma was us. We would be crossed off, because of the two things I listed. I would be fair, unlike the committee this year. My Metric will reward teams that are playing the best when it matters