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  1. I think of Charles Richardson too... It felt like he was here for 10 years but I definitely got to throw Petteway into that list
  2. Boy I really hope you are joking! Here is a laundry list of Omaha Mexican food places that are better than weak ass Julio's. Hell El Bee's and OJ's are better than Julio's Cilantro's is the best "Chain" Mexican in Omaha Abelardo's (Fast Food) Lina's (Fast Food) Howards Charro Victor's Guaca Maya Don Gaby's El Rancho Azteca And just about every restaurant south of 24th and L Street Edit: Also want to give a shout out to Jacobo's(Grocery Store) because you can buy Carnita's by the pound there and their chips and salsa are cheap and delicious!
  3. Yes, I truly felt Shields lacked athletic ability and that is what held him back. Morrow is explosive, athletic and a physical presence... I would pick Morrow over Shields in a game of pick up if I had Webster and Watson on my team. Shields could get to the rack, but his lack of athleticism made it tough for him to score. If I had to put in a line up Morrow misses the cut, because of his size and Jordy takes his spot G - Watson G - Webster G - Petteway G - White F - Morrow My gut is telling me in 2 years the line up will be G - Allen (I just have a feeling him and Watson are going to be special) G - Watson (Could be the best Guard since Lue) G - Petteway (Best scorer at Nebraska since the 90's) F - Roby (If this kid gets confidence he will be in the draft, and will have a banner hung in PBA) C - Jordy (True Center with NBA potential) or G - Watson G - Petteway F - Roby F - Copeland (Like Allen jury is out with him, but I have feeling we are going to be impressed) C - Jordy
  4. Tanner B. of course
  5. Base on the most talent on the roster 1. 2015-2016 2. 2016-2017 3. 2013-2014 4. 2014-2015 5. 2012-2013 Most talented Miles players... Shavon is not in the Top 5 sorry guys... If it was most heart he would be. 1. Terran Petteway 2. Glynn Watson 3. Andrew White III 4. Tai Webster 5. Ed Morrow Players that have potential to make the Top 5 list above on our current roster Thomas Allen Isaiah Roby Jordy Tshimanga Isaac Copeland Nana Akanten ^^^ These guys have potential through the roof I am very excited to see them play
  6. Where is Palmer? I think he should be somewhere i the 6-8 range on your list
  7. Welcome aboard! Now all we need is some help for Jordy, and we will be a good bball team again
  8. If Morrow isn't the last, Miles needs to be let go ASAP. If it is Glynn Watson you are talking about, he needs to have his contract burned. Morrow and Watson are (were) the Face of Nebraska basketball and losing Morrow means all what I was defending Miles for is out the window!
  9. It is 5 more fouls to give... The bigs can play more freely now
  10. Can someone explain to me how he got called for the foul there. He wasn't even part of that play.
  11. The Refs needed to call an officials time out after Jordy made the basket, They have to treat that like an injury! This games officiating got me pretty hot. even hotter than normal 3 plays stand out... 1. The shoe 2. Tshimanga's 4th foul was absolutely uncalled for and as most 4th fouls do... affects the defense you can provide 3. Jacobson's 4th foul when he was running the court and Bohannon basically cuts him off... Those calls can't happen and were pivotal in Iowa's win. If I was Tim Miles I would be bringing all 3 of those calls up the latter. I don't even want to hear about it being a 2 man crew bull crap excuse either. Those were absolutely TERRIBLE calls!
  12. Whoever that was... I really don't like you right now!!! I can't find the thread, but it said... our wins and loses look like a Pendulum WWWWLLLWLLLWWWW Well guess what happened!!!! Thanks a lot! Found it... HuskerFever
  13. No Morrow = 10 point less than normal Michigan - 65 Nebraska - 58
  14. What kind of foot injury?
  15. I'd love to know if you still feel this way?