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  1. Creighton Match-Ups

    Glynn Watson - Thomas guards him on defense (Glynn is on Mintz defensively) Evan Taylor - Mintz guards him on defense (Evan guards Foster defensively) James Palmer - Foster guards him on defense (Palmer guards Thomas defensively) (wishful thinking) Isaiah Roby - Harrell AND Harrell - Roby Isaac Copeland - Krampelj AND Krampelj - Copeland We have the edge here... If all 10 players were on our team the top 5 players would be Watson Foster Thomas Copeland Roby The next two off the bench would be Palmer Krampelj Creighton's 3rd best player comes off the bench and that guy is Mitch Ballock. He is going to frustrate us A LOT Watson > Mintz Taylor < Thomas Palmer < Foster Roby > Harrell Copeland > Krampejl Gill > Ballock Jordy > Suarez (Hard to compare) Okeke < Hegner (Hard to compare) Allen < Alexander That is our 9 man rotation, I take our guys 5 out 9... and Alexander over Allen is questionable
  2. Time will tell, but you really seem to find a way to drag down a quality win! The way you responded to nustudent before the game with the "How can it be a must win" stuff, made it seem like you felt like we were a inferior opponent before the game. Now they (Minnesota) are over rated? Put me in the I don't get it club!
  3. NU-77 CU-75 I will never pick CU ever... Don't care about track record
  4. This is a good site! Injury Report
  5. Interest pick... Blow out MSU on the road and only win 8 conference games
  6. NU - 68 MSU - 77 Edit: 10 Conference Wins
  7. St. John's plays like all stars against Nebraska. Watching the first 10 minutes of their game against Molloy is pissing me off! They look like absolute crap and shooting less than 30%
  8. 20 Assists is the stat I like the most
  9. N - 75 ND - 67 We are going to be thinking too much to make up for how terrible we played at SJU