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  1. OT: Omaha Metro Youth Basketball

    Yeah he goes to a catholic school. He did the CYO/PAL last year, and he is doing the fall OSA Conqueror league with the high school team this year I believe. I'm looking for a team that has a "Basketball Coach" and not a dad that volunteers without having to fork over a mortgage payment.
  2. OT: Omaha Metro Youth Basketball

    Thanks for some advice. I play with my son at least 3 times a week, but I want him to learn the game of basketball. I have a hard time teaching that in my driveway! He has the fundamentals down, meaning he can pass, shoot and dribble. Not saying he couldn't get better at that stuff, but I'm not as worried about that aspect at the moment. What I am looking for is someplace that will teach him about spacing, and court vision. He is 9, so his shot is not perfect but looks decent when he is set. He is the tallest kid on his team, and he plays point guard and post. He is the best ball handler on the team, but being 4'11 at 9 years old I know that is not going to be his position in the future. I just want him around other good players to start knowing the sport itself, and know it is a team sport. I try to drill it in him that Blocks, Rebounds, Assists and Steals are just as important as scoring points. I brought him to an open gym at Burke and they split the kids up in groups of 3. They paired him up with a boy who had a cast on one arm and a 1st grade girl. So it was basically him verse 3, and I was just extremely upset about it because it does not help him with the game of basketball when stuff like that happens. He would pass it to them and they would lose it, or they would just chuck it up. So for the most part he dribbled around by himself a shot it. He scored every one of their baskets, and it taught him how to be a ball hog. So the big thing here is I want him to learn the game of basketball and where to be at on the court. He used to play for OSA inhouse, now he just plays for his school team. He is not getting the game of basketball taught to him, he just continues to go over stuff I can do with him in my driveway. Sorry guys I'm just stuck right now on what would be best for him. I may look into TNE/Express, but I really want no politics involved. Meaning I know this kids parents, so he gets to play on "this team" kind of stuff.
  3. Hey guys I debated on even asking this here, but I am struggling trying to find the right amount of basketball for my 9 year old son 1. We have an adjustable in the ground hoop in our driveway 2. We have 2 courts in our neighborhood park 3. I sent him to some UNO Camps So what I am looking for is something other than ridiculously priced basketball option for my son who absolutely loves it, but my wife and I don't want to spend $1100 for OSA or $800 for school of hoops Can someone let me know where I can get my son some extra playing time with gids around his age
  4. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    I'm not Dean Smith... but I've heard he has cried in frustration from a coach I know that coached against him. I can't say that is fact, but my friend that is a coach has no reason to lie about something like that
  5. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    All I can say is I have my fingers crossed he can take his game to another level, because at the moment I am not sure he'd play at a Division II school let alone the Big 10. Not sure if any of you watched the state game where they played Alliance, but Austin Luger a 6'8 200 player for Alliance made Heiman look like a deer in headlights. Heiman was 2/13 with 4pts... where his counter part Luger was 10/20 for 23pts In my personal opinion he isn't even the best player on his Class B team... that honor goes to Nate Thayer.
  6. Who Starts?

    I agree with this I think by conference play Allen may take Palmer's spot. One thing I know is that they need to make Roby believe he is the man, because if he gets the confidence he needs he is going to be one of the best players ever to put on a Nebraska basketball Jersey. I see NBA all over this kid!
  7. I think of Charles Richardson too... It felt like he was here for 10 years but I definitely got to throw Petteway into that list
  8. This is Why Lincoln Can't Have Nice Things

    Boy I really hope you are joking! Here is a laundry list of Omaha Mexican food places that are better than weak ass Julio's. Hell El Bee's and OJ's are better than Julio's Cilantro's is the best "Chain" Mexican in Omaha Abelardo's (Fast Food) Lina's (Fast Food) Howards Charro Victor's Guaca Maya Don Gaby's El Rancho Azteca And just about every restaurant south of 24th and L Street Edit: Also want to give a shout out to Jacobo's(Grocery Store) because you can buy Carnita's by the pound there and their chips and salsa are cheap and delicious!
  9. Rack & Stack: Rank Miles' Rosters at NU

    Yes, I truly felt Shields lacked athletic ability and that is what held him back. Morrow is explosive, athletic and a physical presence... I would pick Morrow over Shields in a game of pick up if I had Webster and Watson on my team. Shields could get to the rack, but his lack of athleticism made it tough for him to score. If I had to put in a line up Morrow misses the cut, because of his size and Jordy takes his spot G - Watson G - Webster G - Petteway G - White F - Morrow My gut is telling me in 2 years the line up will be G - Allen (I just have a feeling him and Watson are going to be special) G - Watson (Could be the best Guard since Lue) G - Petteway (Best scorer at Nebraska since the 90's) F - Roby (If this kid gets confidence he will be in the draft, and will have a banner hung in PBA) C - Jordy (True Center with NBA potential) or G - Watson G - Petteway F - Roby F - Copeland (Like Allen jury is out with him, but I have feeling we are going to be impressed) C - Jordy
  10. Offseason Potpourri

    Tanner B. of course
  11. Rack & Stack: Rank Miles' Rosters at NU

    Base on the most talent on the roster 1. 2015-2016 2. 2016-2017 3. 2013-2014 4. 2014-2015 5. 2012-2013 Most talented Miles players... Shavon is not in the Top 5 sorry guys... If it was most heart he would be. 1. Terran Petteway 2. Glynn Watson 3. Andrew White III 4. Tai Webster 5. Ed Morrow Players that have potential to make the Top 5 list above on our current roster Thomas Allen Isaiah Roby Jordy Tshimanga Isaac Copeland Nana Akanten ^^^ These guys have potential through the roof I am very excited to see them play
  12. Next Years Starting 5

    Where is Palmer? I think he should be somewhere i the 6-8 range on your list
  13. Thomas Allen is N

    Welcome aboard! Now all we need is some help for Jordy, and we will be a good bball team again
  14. Morrow leaving

    If Morrow isn't the last, Miles needs to be let go ASAP. If it is Glynn Watson you are talking about, he needs to have his contract burned. Morrow and Watson are (were) the Face of Nebraska basketball and losing Morrow means all what I was defending Miles for is out the window!
  15. It is 5 more fouls to give... The bigs can play more freely now