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  1. Great to see some good news for our Huskers! Good work by Miles and staff! Next up, find us a solid big man.
  2. I'm going to go into next season (as I do every season) with hopes we prove people wrong. Will always support our coach (unless they do something criminally wrong). Losing Morrow SUCKS! But as a fan, I have to move on and cheer on the boys next year. I hope nobody else leaves. I hope the players that are here play with a little chip on their shoulder and prove the doubters wrong. I also wish Morrow the best of luck to wherever he lands next. I could piss and moan about it like the next guy, but what good does it do? I'm gonna cheer on the guys and the coaches that do want to be here.
  3. MIles until this year had beaten Izzo pretty well. Does this make him a better coach than Izzo? The Creighton argument I understand being a rival. But CU didn't exactly get "coached" very well the final month of the year. I know they lost Watson, but a GREAT coach finds a way to get by with what he has? Oregon lost one of their top players and yet are still in the Final 4. Maybe CU made a mistake letting that guy go? Just some food for thought.
  4. Now with 2 open spots, we almost HAVE to find a solid grad transfer that can shoot it.
  5. Was hoping he would stay. Hopefully we have no more guys leave. Horne and Fuller were the two I thought "may" leave. Just have to hope nobody else now.
  6. I'm just happy nustudent is back! Usually takes some down times to get him to post consistently, so the struggles of NU hoops have brought him back!
  7. Amazing what a couple close losses/wins can do for a program. National media is talking about NW being on the "up and up" (rightfully so) and here we are trending the wrong way. Had we just pulled out the two heart break losses, we would be 5-2 and in 2nd place in the B10 and we may be the team getting some pub. NW has won their close games and it makes Collins a "genius". We have lost our close games and Miles is clueless. At the end of the day we need to win and unfortunately we haven't these last couple games. I honestly believe we would be 5-2 or even 6-1 with Morrow. Now, injuries are part of the game and I get that, it just stinks. Its a fine line with coaching. Had Tai taken care of the ball late vs Rutgers and had we hit some FT's vs OSU we would all be dancing in the streets. Instead, we lost them both in heart break fashion and frustration sets in. I for one hope Miles gets at least another year. As mentioned above, it would be one thing if I never felt we had a chance in games. This year more than any other I always think this team can win on any given night. In my 20 years of having season tickets this has been one of the tougher years because of how we have found ways to lose close games (Clemson, OSU, Rutgers). Just a shame we didn't find a way to win 2 of those and our outlook would be completely different.
  8. Great post. I was just talking to a friend the other day about how in a way, its not terrible to play the first two games on the road in the sense that students are gone. Now, I don't know when UNL starts back up (so somebody help me here) but I'm hoping the students are back for Thursday night vs Iowa?
  9. I'm just excited that we are all EXCITED for the next game. Considering where some on this board were after the GW and Southern games, its amazing what a couple win can do to jolt a fan base and also the team. I really hope the fans come out to support the boys on Thursday night vs Iowa. I really think they will for two reasons. One, we are playing much better, and two, its IOWA!!! I know some of you play the "what if" game just like I do. Can you imagine had we not laid the egg vs GW and also pulled out either the VT or Clemson game how this fan base (particularly this board) would be filling right now? Either way, we can't dwell on the past and hope to see our boys continue to fight, scratch and claw every night out. Let's go get that win Thursday night and keep the mojo going!
  10. THIS! Has bugged me and always will. Sadly we live in a society where we would rather find negatives in things than positives. I'm guilty of it just like anybody else, but it amazes me how many people come out of the wood works to kick us when we are down. Did we play great tonight? Probably not as well as we would like. But the guys found a way to win vs a team that wasn't "terrible" by any means and made quite a few "garbage shots" I thought the effort was WAY better than vs Gardner Webb. Kudos to Horne for having a big game for us. Now, some on this board said they worried about guys like Watson losing his confidence and getting upset with the coach for not playing him. Horne has barely played at all this year, comes in, does his thing and had a great game. I love seeing that. He could have felt sorry for himself (like many on this board I have a feeling would do) but instead he continued to work hard at practice, was given an opportunity and ran with it. Now, he's not dropping 18 points for us every night, but hopefully he does give us a solid outside threat come B10 play. The fun begins now. It won't be easy going to IU and Maryland to start the year, but I'm still excited to see this team grow. I still think by the end of the year we will be a team that on any given night can knock off anybody.
  11. You hit the nail on the head here my friend. This team has ZERO confidence right now. One play in particular summed this up to me. We kick the ball out to Roby who is WIDE open and he doesn't even look at the rim. Passes to Tai who has to then shoot a contested three as the shot clock was winding down. Now, that is just one play of many that I saw tonight that shows these guys don't have much swagger right now. It makes you wonder if the brutal non-conf slate is getting to them a bit. The last thing I will say about today. I've been going to games for the past 20+ years of my life and the effort today was one of the worst I've seen in quite some time. Not until about 4 minutes left in the game did we pick up the defensive intensity. Had we had that intensity the entire game we win going away. A lot of this always is a direct reflection of the coach, but at the same time I'm throwing a lot of this on the players this afternoon. I hope a lot of them look in the mirror tonight and ask themselves if they played as hard as they possibly can. If they can look at the reflection in the mirror and truly say they did, then I can live with that. But I would venture to guess that about 3-4 of them won't like the reflection they see in the mirror.
  12. Husker3theSpurs, the part about "being too hard" on Watson is what saddens/sickens me about College Athletes these days. We live in such a soft society. So he gets benched. Big flipping deal!!! He wasn't performing on that particular night and knowing Watson, he would be the first to admit it. So what do you do now if you are Watson? You hang your head and feel sorry for yourself or you bust your ass all week in practice and prove to yourself, your teammates and your coaches that you are the starting PG at the University of Nebraska? Knowing Watson, that's exactly what he will do. I get so freaking sick and tired of seeing all these mid year transfers, end of season transfers that don't get that instant playing time they want so they up and leave. GOD FORBID you work for it! But that's the way so many kids are now a days. If Plan B is "easier" than Plan A, that's the plan for me! Maybe I'm too old, but I don't remember the transfer market ever being like it is today. And sadly that includes HS. Mom and dad don't like the coaches plans so they tell their son/daughter to go another route. What life lesson is that teaching them? "Well son, when things get tough, just go to someplace else where it will be easier." Sorry for the rant, and I'm not trying to single you out directly but the "work for what you get" mentality doesn't seem to exist like it should anymore.
  13. I posted it in the Fire Miles BS thread that I still like this team. And I'm sticking to that. How many teams would be (record wise) further ahead of what we are with the schedule we have? I do wish we could have either the Clemson/VT games back and get at least one of those wins. We could be 7-3 with a cupcake schedule and the "casual fan" would think we are doing great. 5-5 with no bad losses isn't terrible. Especially when 3 of those losses are to top 10 teams and only one being at home. I'm still hopeful that this group will have a good season. I think our schedule set us up for the grind of the B10 so hopefully that helps down the stretch. GBR!