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  1. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    I think we can win 2. The most "likely" in my opinion would be BC and Minnesota (with both being at home). If we could somehow sneak one more win out over the other three I would be very happy. The Kansas game will probably be the most fun game at PBA this year, especially on a Saturday night. I would love to see us hang around in that game and allow the crowd to stay very involved. Gotta take care of business tomorrow night. First things first.
  2. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Eastern Illinois had that game won too. Blew it late. Would have been a nice win for them.
  3. I said to some friends after the 1st loss that the one positive is that we now have a chance to win 2 games. We did that. Today we looked awesome at times, and a bit "relaxed" at times. My biggest worry is our "killer" instinct. There are going to be plenty of games where shots aren't falling. That is where as a defensive unit we need to be flying around like crazy and causing chaos for the opposing team. I didn't see that in the 2H tonight. LBSU got to the paint almost anytime they wanted too. IF we can up our defensive intensity for longer stretches, I still think this team has the potential to do very well this year. Wednesday is a BIG game for us for numerous reasons. The obvious, you want to win. But its a chance vs a Power 5 conference team, and after this game we have a nightmare stretch coming up. If we don't come out ready on Wednesday, it could be a start of a tough stretch for us. Really gotta get this one Wednesday.
  4. UCF is a must win

    UCF is missing BJ Taylor (arguably their best players) and Dawkins (starting PG) so hopefully we can beat these guys. They do have a 7'6 monster that could be tough, so hopefully between Jordy and Duby we can keep him in check. Right now they are shooting (as a team) 24% from 3 point range, so hopefully they stay cold. This is definitely a very winnable game and I hope we play well and get the win. These "neutral" court games can be big boost for RPI.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. But then again, 99% of people will find a negative thing to say over a positive for whatever reason. Its why we have 2 pages of comments after a win and usually 5-6 after a loss. Its sad really.
  6. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Texas Tech up on Northwestern at the moment by 27 points. NW hasn't looked great out of the gates to start the season. Texas Tech is actually a very solid team this year, but the score is surprising.
  7. I've probably said this a thousand times. Who cares who starts? Give me the 5 best players on the floor in crunch time at the end of the game. IF a players bitches and moans about not starting, then right there you already have an issue. That's a "me" thing. Its a childish thing. Give me guys that will do anything that the team needs and we will have something. And this is by no means saying we have any guys on the team like this, I just think the fans put WAY too much into who starts and who doesn't. See who the coach has in when the game is on the line and that will tell you a lot. And obviously every game is different based on match ups and who's hot, etc...
  8. Closed Scrimmage

    Mississippi State and Iowa State may not be great, but we are also trying to put a lot of new pieces together early in the season. The thing I like about the Husker winning both of these games is that Copeland hasn't shot well in either game. Now, he's a streaky player in general, so when he's on, he will be good and when he's not, hopefully he can do other things to help the team. What I'm hopeful for this season is that when maybe 1 or 2 of the top guys isn't playing well we have some depth off the bench that can come in and maybe be that spark we need (McVeigh yesterday by box score may have been that guy). Sometimes guys like McVeigh can be better off the bench. Come in and look to hit open 3's. Be that spark plug off the bench. I just think this team is going to get better and better as the year goes on. Tough thing is we have a brutal schedule this year, so how do these guys handle adversity when it happens?
  9. Closed Scrimmage

    Any info yet on how the NU vs ISU game went today?
  10. Next Years Starting 5

    Well, my "source" on who would be starting to begin the year is true (at least for today). I think its a good sign that Palmer is starting, for guys like Roby who I'm very high on.
  11. Next Years Starting 5

    I have heard that our starting 5 will look like this at the beginning of the year. Watson Taylor Copeland Palmer Jordy Which to me is a good sign if they didn't have Roby in the starting as I'm a HUGE fan of Roby. Then bench is anybody's guess. Will have more to do with match ups and who's playing well. One thing is for sure, with our added depth, practices should be very competitive this year for playing time which is awesome!
  12. This should get you a little excited...

    Actually even Borchardt gets a mention when they talk about the 3 post players rumbling the floor together. In low-post workouts, the floor shakes in the Hendricks Training Complex when 6-foot-11, 268-pound Jordy Tshimanga, 6-8, 247-pound Duby Okeke and 6-8, 265-pound Tanner Borchardt get busy.
  13. A comparison of teams

    Oops! I didn't even notice him mentioned in the thread. My bad! I wasn't being a smart a$$, just thought he got left out and I'm excited about him.
  14. A comparison of teams

    Thomas Allen may wanna play also next year. I hear he's pretty good.
  15. Thomas Allen is N

    Great to see some good news for our Huskers! Good work by Miles and staff! Next up, find us a solid big man.