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  1. Tanner

    I don’t think they were faking that. He ingrained himself over the offseason with his teammates through his hard work.[emoji106]
  2. Serious question ...

    I am really excited about this season. After seeing how everything settled after the transfers, I think things have worked out as well as we could have hoped for in terms of roster management
  3. Made Top 100

  4. New Assistant -> Michael Lewis

    After hearing his interview on Sports Nightly, I have to say I'm impressed with him. Good hire. Professionally, it is a P5 school giving him a nice bump in pay but also a chance to mold some very talented young players (Especially Watson). I like his experience running the offense for Butler the last 2 years too...
  5. Molinari named assistant coach

    I like this hire. This is similar to what happened with Kevin McKenna when he was coach @ Indiana State. He left a head coaching job there to go back to being an assistant to Dana Altman at Oregon because of the chemistry between the two and the pay differential. The nice thing is that Miles is not taking a chance on a young inexperienced assistant just because he has had a personal friendship with someone or because he came from Nebraska. He is taking a coach with a wealth of experience and success - who, oh by the way, has a lot of the same basketball philosophies as Miles it appears.
  6. I agree. Shields stepped up and took control the last 3 minutes of the half. Petteway and Shields I think will get better looks this 2nd half as fatigue sets in on the defensive side for OsU.
  7. Congrats to this board

    Had troubles accessing this board a few minutes ago. The traffic on here has to be a record tonight! LOVE IT!
  8. What a Day !!!!!!!

    First the Husker women win the Big 10 Tournament and now this win by the men!!! I can only imagine what the Railyard and Haymarket was like this afternoon and tonight after the game!!! From the video on TV, it looked like one huge tailgate party!! Go Big Red. The student section did us proud tonight too!
  9. Strength and Conditioning

    Agreed that Parker and Shields both looked so much stronger and explosive! Rivers too for that matter, doesn't seem like he is going to snap in two like he did last year.
  10. Why don't we just go with the NU Coliseum Dungeon!
  11. Questions I have to ask....

    Good point. Should have included him as well. He is now added.
  12. First of all, I have to say I have been a fan of both Husker football and basketball since I was a little kid. I didn't get the chance to go to Husker basketball games like I did football games when I was little; however, during college in the late Moe & early Neebasketball era, I was a fixture at the basketball games. I want to get everyone's opinion on these questions as I have done a lot of thinking over the last year about where my excitement concerning Husker sports is directed towards. I think Tim Miles is setting the standard for how coaches at Nebraska need to handle their program, players and COACHING STAFF. I don't want to be critical of any Husker coaches; however, with the great basketball fans on this board, I wonder if Husker basketball unseats Husker football as the sport you are most passionate about @ Nebraska or if Husker football still is #1 overall.
  13. Kenya Hunter Hired as New Asst.

    Who's this McDermott you speak of? Is he the coach who hires his assistants from the Midland women's program via the Bellevue West girls team? That's funny. Coach Miles just takes assistants from Georgetown. Good luck, Creighton. Good luck assistant coach whatever your name is. I hope you're able to take everything you learned in the high school girls and NAIA women's ranks and parlay that into some nice Big East American big boy league recruits. Or whatever they are calling it. Really, when you think about it, why wouldn't someone like Hunter, who has seen his conference (Big East) erode into a mixture of leftovers and mid-majors from what was once an elite league, want to move up to the BIG LEAGUES!
  14. New Name

    Hey - if there wasn't already a "blue hair" board locally with the name "underground", I would suggest changing to the "Husker Underground Forum" as I feel like we on this board are the ground swell, the roots of the program among all of those "fans" that have a passing interest or bandwagon interest in our basketball program.