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  1. #ThisIsTexas https://t.co/Q5ountDQhE

  2. @_LanceLawson @Anthony_Ruhl 2 is probably on the high end

  3. @danhoppen Is that even possible?

  4. @Anthony_Ruhl I'll get you a longhorn decal for that. Looks pretty bare

  5. RT @InsideTexas: 18 days until Texas Football. https://t.co/Vpedhod3b6

  6. RT @lippysbbq: One of these things is not like the other... Stay tuned Lippy Nation! We'll keep you posted! #lippysbbq #eatnaked #buildinga…

  7. RT @CoachGordonGU: Extremely excited to join Coach Doty and Coach Hoff at Graceland! Anxious to get things rolling with this new group of g…

  8. 😂😂😂 jayskers are literally the worst thing in the world https://t.co/bm1l1RFv0s

  9. RT @RappersSaid: 29 years ago today, N.W.A. released Straight Outta Compton. https://t.co/LKZcw0LiI5

  10. @kldm64 was Les Nessman on the call for this one? https://t.co/Cqf1kxGNPt

  11. @Anthony_Ruhl https://t.co/bjNU55RHze

  12. @YAZmanianDEVIL3 Who's offering free tickets?! I want them lol

  13. RT @CoachTomHerman: #ThisIsTexas 🤘🏼 https://t.co/FwEOGAT2Ah

  14. @lenton_c oh my goodness, here we go again with the 1 second left. People need to get over it. I swear Nebraska f… https://t.co/oV7ZFSYICA

  15. RT @ShamsCharania: Free agent Ian Clark has agreed to a one-year deal with the New Orleans Pelicans, league sources tell The Vertical.