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  1. RT @PGATOUR: Shot. Of. The. Year. 😱🏆

  2. RT @InsideTexas: 69 days until Texas Football.

  3. RT @duffkc41: ...none of us have vacay plans in october. Dont sleep on the boys.

  4. RT @TheFakeNed: Somewhere, Chris Young sits back in his recliner, takes a Werthers Original out of its wrapper & says quietly to himself, "…

  5. @danhoppen @lippysbbq Sugar has to be a key ingredient in the rub. Absolutely phenomenal barbecue.

  6. @ASAPVOSH @Royceda59 Oh my god Royce! Legendary

  7. RT @greatbigstory: In Omaha, Nebraska, a group of young South Sudanese refugees are learning to ball with the best of them. #WorldRefugeeDa…

  8. RT @TheHoopCentral: This is extremely accurate😂

  9. The fact that I have to miss @RyanKinder tonight is devastating.

  10. RT @Michaelraymusic: What the hell are you so scared of… // #GetToYou

  11. RT @OmahaWBB: Sadie Murren Named Women's Basketball Assistant Coach

  12. RT @HayleyByrnes: "You didn't even get the good Kardashian!"

  13. @Ebodtke34 @lenton_c You can make the same argument about every single player that went to Miami though. I just can…

  14. RT @BestOfWorldstar: Probably the greatest vine to ever exist.

  15. @_buenavictoria So bad! Shows how important he is. Kobe did the same thing. I know he had Pau, but that roster was bad too