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  1. I don't think many people do except for Jim Delany.
  2. Eh, I'd expand that to top 20, unless he thinks he can push himself into the first round next year. With MLB teams taking college seniors in early rounds to spend big in other places, there's just no leverage for him if he waits til next year, not to mention the health risks. If he gets drafted in the first two days, he should probably go pro.
  3. What do you think is not high enough?
  4. That would be great if Meyers is back, it's just that it so rarely works that way that it'd be the exception to the rule. Good baseball players find a way to the top, and that's what he is. That's what the minor leagues is for to figure all that out. But sure, I'd love to have him back.
  5. Crazier things have happened, but I just don't see it. There's not really any incentive for him to come back. The money won't be much better next year for him unless he suddenly becomes a first rounder. After the first couple of rounds, it really doesn't matter what round you're picked in. If he's in the first half of the draft, I think he's good as gone. Alvarado's probably going to be facing that decision, too.
  6. I don't expect either Schreiber or Meyers to be back next year.
  7. Either, but I think this conversation was for the submission for the waiver.
  8. How do we know it's a delay? Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it's delayed.
  9. Possible this could be a 6pm tip.
  10. I thought we were supposed to get a home game out of this deal this year?
  11. You're right. Cubs have to get to the playoffs, first.
  12. Nats will give them a run for that title.
  13. Meh, I think I'd prefer it be Iowa... ...unless KU and Oklahoma join the league. Then I want it to be one of them.
  14. These two are interesting to me: Redefine a legal screen to require that the inside of the screener’s feet be no wider than his shoulders. Approve the Southeastern Conference’s request to use a separate individual or individuals to collaborate with the on-court officials on all monitor reviews during their league games during the 2017-18 season. This collaboration will take place from a central location that is not at the game site.
  15. Jordy, huh?
  16. That was shorn quite a while ago.
  17. There are worse lives you could lead.
  18. Well...Hans Brase is German-American, so there ya go.
  19. Why's that? Buildings not tall enough?
  20. If you're someone who thinks these sorts of things are significant, his most recent follows are Jimmy Drew, HC at UCF and Justin Pecka, Assoc. HC at U of Tampa. Take those with as much seasoning as you see fit.
  21. I grew up in Omaha, live in Lincoln and am pretty content with what Lincoln is right now.
  22. Am I supposed to be broken up that Lincoln doesn't get these events?
  23. I'm willing to let bygones be bygones. He could help here.
  24. That seems like a poor life choice.
  25. So does Nebraska.