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  1. I'm just mad right now. This game flipped on that bull$#!@ reversal on the charge on Jordy. NU punched for a long time. That was a really good basketball game, NU showed well, but just couldn't quite hang. I'm gonna go punch a wall. I may add some more thoughts later.
  2. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    If you want to take the fatalistic look at it, sure.
  3. 3 point shooting

    So, people are concerned about 3 point shooting. It's an admittedly small sample size only two games in. On the season, they're shooting .303. Last season, they shot .320. Gulp! I think we'll see that number rise as the season progresses, however. In looking at the numbers through two games, I submit a few observations: Copeland is 0-4 from 3. His freshman year he hit at a .389 rate. His sophomore year, his playing time increased by 40%, and his rate from 3 dropped to .272. He hasn't hit a 3 in a regulation game in 20 months. Once the rust works itself out, I expect him to hit somewhere between those two numbers. He's on pace to play about 800 minutes this year, also right in between his freshman and sophomore seasons. Jack shot nearly an identical percentage in both seasons he's been at NU. It's reasonable to expect him to shoot about .340. So far, he's 1-3. Basically right on pace. He's also streaky. Glynn is an interesting case to me. His sophomore season he took a huge jump from beyond the arc, jumping from .267 to .397. He was a top 20 3 point shooter in the Big Ten, the only Husker in the top 20. I don't know that it's reasonable to expect him to shoot at that high a rate. His shot is still a little flat, but his overall field goal percentage is up from last year, so I do expect his .250 rate to increase as the season progresses. Palmer has forced some outside shots, but he's shown an ability to hit from outside. It's enough for teams to need to respect it, but he's not an elite shooter. If he can hit at 1 out of every 3, that should be sufficient. Thomas Allen has come in and done what we were told he could do. He's hitting at the second best rate on the team so far at .400. That's what some expected of him, but he has yet to face a high quality opponent. Kid looks like a natural, however. If he can maintain something near that number, he'll be a huge piece to the puzzle this year. The biggest surprise so far has been Isaiah Roby. He came in last year with some expectation that he'd be able to hit from the perimeter. He struggled big time last year, only hitting 4 over the course of the whole season. Two games in, he's already halfway there. He's not gonna hit at that .667 rate he's at so far, but if he can settle in at about .333, that would be a big boost. I don't know if they'll be a top 100 3 point shooting team this year, but if Glynn and Allen can hit close to 40% and the rest are at about a 32-35% rate, that should be a good spot for NU to settle into. They'll need to shoot it better than they have so far, but I'd contend history suggests they will.
  4. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Duby isn't exactly scrawny wither. We'll be able to body him up.
  5. Not surprising. They spell "Blue Jays" wrong, too.
  6. 3 point shooting

    Not a bad day yesterday, a touch below the season average: 9/26 on the game, 36% on the season, 140 in the NCAA.
  7. Shooting % under Coach Miles

    Jordy's gotta get his mess figured out. Once he does that, and I believe he will, those numbers will start to look a lot better.
  8. Also, CU has apparently struggled this year vs. 1-3-1's. I probably would have gone to it earlier in the half, but I didn't have a problem with them throwing it out there, either.
  9. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    It's funny because sometimes it works out that the team comes out and says enough is enough and lays waste to their next opponent. But sometimes it turns out that's just what the team is. The handful of times I've seen them, they don't seem to be a vintage KU team. They've still got some extremely talented players, of course, but their lack of depth hurts them and I'm just not sure they're a great team, at least not yet. I expect KU to come out with their hair on fire. How far into the game will that last? If NU brings the effort they have the last two games, they'll give the Jayhawks everything they can handle.
  10. I thought Bahe was mostly fair. Only one time I thought he forgot he was on the FS1 call and not the CU call.
  11. Creighton Match-Ups

    If Jordy and Duby can stay out of foul trouble, they can have a great impact on the game. I don't think CU has anyone that can body them up. And Jordy, for his issues finishing at the rim, is a very capable passer. They both change a ton of shots on drivers, too. If they can stay out of foul trouble, they can absolutely impact this game for the good.
  12. Creighton Match-Ups

    Perfect time to start Roby.
  13. Creighton Match-Ups

    In many things, slow and steady is the right call, but I haven't seen this year's squad do well with that strategy yet.
  14. That was a different Nebraska team than we've seen all year. If they bring that energy, effort and fire most nights, they'll be playing in March. Glynn: TFS They were really aggressive in pushing the ball tonight. Hope we see more of that. Copeland quietly had a solid game. Jordy still struggled a bit on the offensive end, though he did have a pretty little dime to Roby after the under 8 TO in the 2nd half. He was much, much better on the defensive end and boards. Duby, too. First game in five where they were under 40% from 3. But they got to the line a ton tonight and made their free throws. That's closer to what I expect from them than what we've seen this year. Miles said they used a defense on Lynch, I think, that they hadn't practiced before their walk-through yesterday. There was an offensive foul where Mason got trucked by Duby. Miles asked him if he was OK before the inbound. They both shared a laugh. Cool moment. Crowd was legit tonight. Good work, team. "Husker Power" needs to be better. Seems like we've got our rotation pared down to 9. That's probably a good spot for it. I actually liked the little scuffle and chippyness that led to the technical fouls. NU needs to play with more of that edge. The guy who took the half court shot before the game was asked how he was feeling, he said: "Not too great". Then he nailed the halfcourt shot. I turned to my buddy and said, "let's hope that's hint at what's to come." Turns out it was. Fun night had by all...except for my Minnesota friends. Let's bring that effort and energy to the Clink on Saturday and see what happens.
  15. Yeah, it was pretty obvious at the time, at least to me. He whipped around, subbed Isaac (I think) and then rode Roby into the bench. Good on him for apologizing to Roby.
  16. Creighton Match-Ups

    I think NU needs to be willing to run a bit. I know CU loves to go fast, but NU's at it's best when it's pushing, too. That's probably also our bet shot at Glynn having a good game. I don't think NU's as good when they have to grid things out. Rebounding and defense will be key.
  17. Burn Creighton Burn

    That could very well be him. But that outcome is certainly on the table... history suggests as much. If they don't play scared, which it seems like they have done the past few times in Omaha, they should be able to keep this game in question deep into the game. If they play like they did vs. St. Johns or UCF, they'll get run out of the building.
  18. Creighton Match-Ups

    How are the refs gonna call the game?
  19. Creighton Match-Ups

    Hegner going to be back?
  20. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Kus game here will be their first road game. Washington is taking it right at them.
  21. Minnesota Game

    Every home game is winnable here on out (save maybe Kansas, but you never know). With what I've seen from the B1G so far this year, we've played our toughest conference home game. NU brings what they brought last night to the rest of the conference home games, they'll be just fine. Can't fall asleep for any of those 3 between KU and Wisconsin, though.
  22. didn't coach pull him out right after that and lay into him a bit? What was that all about?
  23. Download the Husker Lights App

    Not bad considering it was the first go at it.
  24. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Well, no, it wasn't the absolute best case scenario. The current best case scenario is 4-1. It's probably not realistic, but it is the best case scenario.