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  1. Boston College game set for Wed, Nov. 29. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/date-set-for-nebraska-s-big-ten-acc-challenge-matchup/article_fab60de4-5a82-11e7-8c3c-93ad0010f59b.html
  2. I expect he'll improve by leaps and bounds, like the leaps and bounds of a gazelle.
  3. Here you go, guys. http://www.bluejayunderground.com/
  4. It's a terrific workout recovery drink. It looks like he's been consuming a lot of it.
  5. Recycle it. Just swap out the engraving and use it for next year's winner.
  6. Roby hitting the weights, I see.
  7. If he's healthy, and that probably doesn't mean back to where he was before he got hurt the first time, but if he's as healthy as he can be, he is good depth. So, it wouldn't be any one player, he'd take a minute or two from several guys and help reduce the wear and load on some of those guys, especially the young ones. It's fair to be skeptical, though.
  8. My prediction: Gill plays a lot more than that.
  9. Ooooor he looked over the fence and said, nah, I've worked hard and got a pretty good yard over here, I don't need to rebuild another one. Not like he's making the jump from the Valley to the Big Ten.
  10. Meh, you can't keep any secrets in coaching searches anymore.
  11. OP has it. Though the BC game hasn't been added yet.
  12. That's gonna be a crappy start time on ESPNU.
  13. FSU at Rutgers. WTF?
  14. BC at PBA, so I guess they can swap in BC. Pitt left out this year.
  15. Of those 3 matchups, the home teams were on the road last year and vice versa. But Indiana hosted last year, too, so it's not a strict H/A shift.
  16. I *think* the team that finishes last in the ACC is left out. I could be wrong about that.
  17. If they try to match up comparable teams with NU, those would be a rematch with Clemson, Wake, Pitt, Georgia Tech or NC State. Problem is, Only Clemson hosted last year. I think there was something about resetting the thing, so perhaps that opens up some of those opponents. With a road game for the Gavvit Games, you'd really hope this is a home game. If they reset and match up similar teams, I'd love to see NC State, Pitt or Georgia Tech. I could see it end up being Virginia Tech, too. I'll be really disappointed if this ends up being a road game, though.
  18. Probably, but even that's speculative.
  19. I don't think it's remotely that black and white.
  20. Nah, that games typically on the Sunday when I have my big neighborhood Christmas Party. I'll be at the KU game, so we're good.
  21. Matta was something of a prodigy, wasn't he?
  22. cool. Thanks!
  23. So, I'm curious, how does this work? Do the coaches give the player things to work on? Do they communicate directly with the independent coach? Does NU help arrange that sort of thing or are this a guys he's worked with for years growing up?
  24. Not a lock, no. It's likely, extremely, but I'm not locking anything in on June 1.