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  1. Wisconsin is the first Big Ten Team on the board on the #8 line. That seems low to me. May not bode well for the rest of the conference. But then there's MSU at #9...
  2. It's just that it happens way too often. Maybe it's some sort of proximity bias because I watch so much more of NU than I do of other team.
  3. You're welcome to come hang out with us.
  4. Didn't sign an agent, though.
  5. Heckuva run by the Wolverines.
  6. In the little I've seen of Gonzaga, I see a lot of similarities between Karnowski and Jordy. They both like that little run across the lane hook shot. They're both left handed. They're both huge. I think there are other similarities. Karnowski is more developed, obviously, but I think as he develops, it could look pretty similar. Coaches, talent evaluaters: am I on track with that comp?
  7. Mo Valley (as long as Wichita's in it) is a better league than the Summit.
  8. You can also see it on Huskers.com.
  9. Well, Chang's still a year away. He's not a guy you give one to if there's room. He's a guy who's gonna get a bunch of offers this summer. And I don't think our team was that selfish, they just aren't as talented or experienced as Michigan.
  10. Lots of guys have done well at mid-majors and struggled to win consistently at a high major school.
  11. Again, I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone say they want to be like Wisconsin in terms of how they play. It's more about the notion that they were once a terrible program and built it into a consistent winner. That's what people reference, not the style of play. Is Iowa State better? Wisconsin has been better more consistently the last two decades and have gone a lot deeper in the tournament than the Clones have.
  12. I don't think the Wisconsin conversation has ever been about style of play.
  13. It would seem pretty ok to me, too.
  14. Helluva year for the Cats. Hopefully that will be us soon.
  15. This looks more like the Northwestern team I've watched this year.
  16. Looks more to me like the stage is a bit too big for them. Shots are long, not short. I don't think the energy is the problem.
  17. Northwestern needs to settle down. Playing like what I'd expect from a team trying to make their first ever Sweet 16.
  18. Western Illinois from 92-03.
  19. Eh, maybe. They'll score, but they weren't very good defensively this year and we'll see if he can recruit Chicago and to the Big Ten. With only one year at a high major school, I'm not gonna give him the "proven" tag just yet. He also appears a little flighty.
  20. Vasturia's shot has been flat all day. Looked kinda like Glynn's last year.
  21. this is a top 10 all time gif, IMO.
  22. I think he's be leaving millions on the table if he left after this year. He should come back, get bigger, stronger, better and he'll be a top 5-10 pick a year from now. He's talented, but gets pushed around quite a bit. One more year and he'll be unstoppable.
  23. Probably a year or so.
  24. I mean, his timeline's probably not quite right, but the sentiment isn't entirely off base, either. There's high end D1 talent coming through the state and we're ceding it to the school in Omaha (and other places), almost without a fight. We might be able to do this already, but we're gonna look back on this stretch as a missed opportunity if something doesn't change soon.