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  1. Someone jump in their Delorean, let me know what the roster looks like, I'll let you know what I feel about things then. At the moment, I'm sad. I've heard rumors of more to come, if it's limited to what I've heard, plus the addition of a couple of guards and maybe a guy like Donnal, they'll still have a chance. If more leave than what I've heard, I'll start to cry.
  2. Not sure, but their top two players are seniors. Everyone else in the rotation is a freshman or sophomore.
  3. I think there's something in his contract about him being allowed to leave to go to IU. Not sure if it's as an AC or HC. Someone might want to check on it and see what those provisions are.
  4. Like I was saying... Oregon's athleticism completely overwhelmed KU. Picked Oregon in my bracket, too.
  5. UCLA settling for a lot of deep 3's.
  6. Yeah, probably, though Gard hadn't had to do it yet and he hasn't gotten much from his 15 or 16 class yet. Frankly, we've gotten more from our classes those years, mostly out of necessity, of course. Their incoming class is pretty good, though.
  7. Wisconsin's gonna lose a lot, aren't they. I'm assuming Happ comes back, though.
  8. Ball just sees things most can't.
  9. Lonzo Ball is listed at 6' 6". That seems generous. Frankly, Bryce Alford, who's listed at 6' 3" looks taller than him.
  10. I'm still trying to figure out how Wisconsin was an 8 seed.
  11. 52 points already in the first half for UNC. Dang, son.
  12. I could see Oregon beating KU, sure. And I could absolutely see whoever wins that triangle of death in Memphis beating KU. Of course, I could see KU running roughshod over all those teams as well, but it wouldn't be stunning to see one of those teams knocking off Kansas either.
  13. It's just that it happens way too often. Maybe it's some sort of proximity bias because I watch so much more of NU than I do of other team.
  14. You're welcome to come hang out with us.