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  1. Anton Gill

  2. Eichorst Out

    Didn't find much to argue with there.
  3. Eichorst Out

    Eh, I doubt it. Secondary sports (non-football, men's basketball division) probably aren't gonna have much to worry about for a while unless they royally screw something up. Williams should be fine. And unless the bottom falls out for Miles this year (which anyone watching the program for any length of time can't dismiss as a possibility) I think this buys him a year, too.
  4. Eichorst Out

    He doesn't make personnel decisions, as far as I know. He was in this role (I think...) when the program was (rightly) called out for how it treated the basketball program after the whole shim-sham debacle. They responded and for the most part have run a pretty first class operation in terms of how they treat their fans and the production level of a game day. He successfully navigated the transition from the Bob to PBA, something that's more difficult than most of us probably realize. He's a good fundraiser, from everything I've heard. Until he starts hiring coaches or recruiting players, I'm not going to worry about Mr. Boehm. If he is a part of the hiring process, that might change my tone a bit.
  5. Eichorst Out

    Dude's made of teflon.
  6. Eichorst Out

    Would make sense.
  7. Eichorst Out

    Buuuuuuut, with all the smoke surrounding SE wanting to fire Miles last year and the sudden announcement after the PSU game, I really wonder if there were peeps above him that said, eh, let's hold off on that for just a sec.
  8. Eichorst Out

    $4.5 mil puts you in the top 10 of CFB salaries. You can go really big if you're willing to spend that much.
  9. Eichorst Out

    I don't think it does that at all. Turns up the heat, sure, but he's got a chance to win his way off the hot seat. I don't think any AD will have a mandate to fire a coach. And depending on when it happens, it may not be a wise decision for an AD to come in and fire the football coach his first month on the job.
  10. Eichorst Out

    Can't make decisions like this based on recruiting. A good coach will be able to get the players here.
  11. Eichorst Out

    Severe on his show said behind the scenes, people were expecting it to come within the week.
  12. Eichorst Out

    Tension between the hoops and AD office were a poorly kept secret. Hoping it frees Miles up a bit. I personally think it buys Miles a year. Whether that's good or bad probably depends on your perspective.
  13. Eichorst Out

  14. Big 10 Talent

    That was kinda my point. Perhaps I made it poorly. Essentially, I'm saying that Miles has, or should have, the talent to win. It's time for it to happen.
  15. Big 10 Talent

    Star rankings never tell the whole story, nor are they an accurate predictor. What it does is highlight that the talent level at NU has, in fact, improved dramatically since Miles came on. If you'd made that list at the end of the Doc Sadler era, it wouldn't have been pretty. It also raises the expectation for Miles. He's theoretically got the groceries, now he needs to put a good meal on the table. Or something like that.