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  1. If they win, they'll start that game during roughly the middle of the 2nd quarter of the football game vs. Iowa. Might set up for one of the most anonymous games in a while. When was the last time NU football and basketball played at the same time?
  2. A little surprised Scott Frost would want to schedule this game.
  3. I'll go if someone else is paying.
  4. Which is why they don't determine those matchups in March.
  5. Roughly equal number of good games vs. good teams at home and on the road and vice versa for bad teams. I could be wrong on this, just my initial impression.
  6. On paper, before we know how they're stacked up, is this the most balanced schedule NU's had in the Big Ten?
  7. With Allen at the 2. Let's roll.
  8. 6 seed in 2016! We all remember how that went for them.
  9. If it was me, that's when you'd press the heck out of a team. But Tanner's the 3rd in line at the 5.
  10. Aleks Maric had 4 3's in his career.
  11. They said last year he had a decent jumper from outside, they just never let him do it.
  12. Well, for one, last season they moved the pack line in a bit closer to the rim. Maybe extending it back out a little more is a place to start? I've long been an advocate for upping the tempo and incorporating more pressure on the ball coming up the court. Shooting the ball better would help there, too. Not sure if that gets to your notion or not.
  13. Ah, sure enough. I thought Ali's role was more development than that. My bad.
  14. Ali's job was more in player development. This seems more to fall under the recruitment side of things.
  15. Says the CDL isn't required for the job.