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  1. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    I thought it looked pretty good when it happened.
  2. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Ohio State on Monday will be ranked higher in Kenpom than MSU was when we beat them in 2014.
  3. I'd put KU in the conversation, but yeah, it was great last night.
  4. Road to 20

    We'll see. They've been on the road a ton. They host Illinois tonight. They've played three straight road games and have two after tonight. We're fortunate our next four include Rutgers, Iowa and Wisconsin, even if 3 of them are on the road, and not Purdue, @MSU, Maryland and @NU. It won't be easy, but it is a big opportunity for the Huskers.
  5. The Official Media Thread

    What was he like on the morning show back in Lincoln? I didn't listen to it much, but I don't recall it being that difficult to listen to.
  6. Road to 20

    This upcoming 4 game stretch isn't all that dissimilar to what Michigan just finished. They had 4 games in 9 days, but their competition was a lot higher than NU's will be. I'll be curious to see what NU looks like when they get to Wisconsin.
  7. Road to 20

    I saw that after I scrolled down a little further...
  8. Road to 20

    and at Wisconsin on the 29th... That makes 4 in 8.
  9. The Official Media Thread

    That's my point. It's like a when a tv show replaces it's stars and just hopes the audience doesn't notice. They tried to make the same show with different people. It didn't work. Sports talk in Nebraska has suffered since the 1620 shakeup of however long ago that was.
  10. The Official Media Thread

    I wish they would have scrapped USC and built their own show rather than just try and pick up where Kevin and Mike'l left off. I think they'd have a better product.
  11. Michigan

    Feels like the funk has basically been since Khyri Thomas. GW got to double digit points (and that's not everything) in 14-19 conference games last year. So far, he's only hit that mark in 3 of 7. Getting Glynn going consistently is probably the key to the whole deal.
  12. The Official Media Thread

    I mean, he's their PBP guy, kinda goes with the territory.
  13. Maybe, but he's also the 4th player in a 4 player guard rotation with an borderline all-conference PG (well, probably not now, but he was thought of at that level coming into the season) and two seniors. I've heard Miles say more than once he'd like to find more minutes for Allen.
  14. Maybe. Or we run a tighter rotation. Of course he does. Miles is really high on those guys.
  15. Thomas Allen will assume a bunch of those minutes, too.