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  1. 2017 Gavitt Games Schedule

    Nah, we'll be fine. I'll be at the UTSA game.
  2. 2017 Advocare Tournament Schedule

    Meaning we could schedule a game between the conference tournament and the NCAA Tournament to stay fresh?
  3. Is it time to start Roby?

    Close. Glynn edges him by a nose. He's 2nd, though.
  4. HHCC Standings - End of Week 02

    Ah, there it is. Thx
  5. 2017 Advocare Tournament Schedule

    I think I remember something about it not counting if we meet in Orlando. It should count, IMO. We play teams in conference twice, both of those games count. Both of these should if we play St. John's a second time. It's also why NU, and presumably St. John's requested to not play each other in the Gavitt Games.
  6. HHCC Standings - End of Week 02

    Do you get to drop the worst score? Wasn't that a thing in the past? I haven't really played this thing the past few years...
  7. From a scoring perspective, if we get half of what we got from him and Gill most nights, we'll be really happy at the end of the season.
  8. Scott Frost says...........NO?

    Not if UCF is playing in the conference title game. We'll have to wait another week at least.
  9. North Dakota is a must win

    Yeah, and my attempt at humor was fairly poorly executed.
  10. One thing I would add is that we are at our best when we get out and run. We did the opposite of that vs. St. John's and let them dictate the entire game. I'd like to see them embrace the running game. Hopefully the defense will come around.
  11. North Dakota is a must win

    It's on the east shore of the State of Maryland.
  12. I only got to see the first half, but here are my impressions: - This was the crispest basketball we've played in games that count this season. Hopefully they can carry that over. They'll need to be even better over the next few weeks. - It was great to see Gill and Copeland play well. If we get half as much from them on most nights as we got from them today, the slow start will be a mere afterthought and we'll be very happy with how this season turns out. - Jordy seems like everything is taking him by surprise right now. Not sure what's going on. Maybe things are moving really fast for him. He was a legit contributor by the end of the season last year. Need to get him back to that level pronto. - In the pregame, Miles said they needed to contain Crandall or North Dakota could join the List of Ignominy. They did a great job of containing him. - I don't know if North Dakota was bad or NU played well (probably some of both) but NU got just about whatever they wanted today. There finishing better at the rim, yet there's still room for improvement there. - Got an update late in the 2nd half and thought we might have been able to crack the century mark for the first time under Miles. Maybe next time. - I have no idea how much of their games I'll get to watch this weekend. I'd love to see them get a shot at WVU.
  13. Is it time to start Roby?

    Gill's not on my "best team" list after one good game. String a couple together and get back to me. If Allen gets healthy soon he goes ahead of Gill.