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  1. Charles Barkley? The guy who puts his TV on a clapper?
  2. Personally, I think the most natural born leader on the team is Jordy, at least from the guys that played last year. Taylor has some of that in him, too. And perhaps, Gill. But none of them will be the focal point of anything we do. Can your "alpha dog" be a guy that isn't an upperclassman, your star or even a main contributor? If Glynn can find that, he'll take his game to the next level.
  3. Basketball beat writer for Hail Varsity.
  4. Team Red has a bench. They have the edge.
  5. That's probably true. Looking back through the numbers, other than Creighton, whenever we played a high major school in the non-con, they shot 39% or better. We were just bad at 3-point defense. Maybe they should extend that pack line a bit instead of contracting it again.
  6. Gill and Taylor's minutes will be determined by how healthy Gill can get. If he's pre-injury, he'll play and play a lot. He'll take Taylor's minutes, I think. We haven't seen a healthy Gill yet. But our defense seemed to take a dive once he went down. I have no idea what to make of Palmer. I think he could be a starter, I think he could find himself as the 7th or 8th man in the rotation.
  7. Be careful projecting incoming freshmen to be difference makers. We all expected Roby to be that and he didn't quite get there. I know he had the injuries that slowed him down in the summer. I'd just caution against putting too much on Allen and Nana. Hopefully they light the world on fire. That would be fun.
  8. #CallRickBarry
  9. Padilla's a good dude. Knows his basketball. Decent writer.
  10. Ah, Silver, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad this place can be a bit of a harbor for you. Peace to you and your family.
  11. Or given the "Old Yeller'" treatment.
  12. Winning always matters and with the lack of it, if what Hooper says is true, that environment becomes far less palatable if the wins don't accompany it. To imply winning wasn't a factor, I think its probably a little naive. Nick was the only one who I think would have left regardless. The other three, I think if the season had gone better, the conversation whether they would have left or not is a valid one.
  13. From the World Herald: http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/ed-morrow-s-decision-to-transfer-leaves-husker-coach-tim/article_7449afcc-14dc-11e7-94d1-df0c482dda4a.html
  14. No you're not. That thought might be more prevalent here than in other places, but you're far from alone.
  15. That's the one that hurts the most, IMO.