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  1. Day and Time Contest

    April 8, 11 am CDT
  2. 2017-2018 HHCC Final Standings

    I blame myself for allowing KenPom back into the top 10. I completely forgot to pick the MSU game and slipped 6 spots.
  3. NIT bracket announcement

    This is interesting. I'll have to listen to the interview later to hear exactly what Rasmussen said.
  4. NIT bracket announcement

    Did they let Lunardi seed the NIT all by himself. WTF
  5. Nice little 8-0 run the Rams there to go up by 1 with 4:15 left.
  6. Trier was out when Oregon beat Arizona in OT here a couple weeks ago. I just don't see Oregon be able to keep up with Trier and Ayton on a neutral court.
  7. Coach Miles

    Haha, yeah, it's going to be interesting with a new coach and new system. Our CBs are too old and slow to be playing the high line Gio likes and Adi and Valeri are a slow attacking pair. Hopefully Polo and Armentaros will get settled soon.
  8. Coach Miles

    It's a bunch of the usual suspects on another message board that won't let it go. There's nothing to it.
  9. Coach Miles

    Moos's last basketball hire was Ernie Kent after Ernie was fired by Moos's successor at Oregon. Ernie's gotta be done at Wazzu after the Pac-12 tournament. I'll take my chances on a Miles extension.
  10. This announcer is acting like we haven't played 1-3-1 all year.
  11. That Arizona game...their good guard had a layup to go up 4 with like 20 seconds left and he kicked it out for a 3 which clanged off and Arizona tied it up seconds later. So disappointing. Tinkle has more talent than they've shown for sure.
  12. Was silently rooting against the Ducks tonight while watching the game with my wife. Nice for Ernie Kent to beat his former team in his second to last game coaching Wazzu.