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  1. Yup, that'll probably do it.
  2. That turnover and miss by Watson may have done it.
  3. They made up for it with that foul on Nichols.
  4. I we can block shots as an undersized team, we can rebound as one as well.
  5. True, but this color guy's voice is almost as bad as Davison's. He's hard to listen to.
  6. This is starting to feel like last year.
  7. Roby doing some things now.
  8. This is less than pleasant.
  9. But what Lunardi says changes so often that unless they're watching ESPN specifically for Lunardi's information, I'm not sure anything would sink in. I've seen Lunardi's projections on ESPN (and all over this thread), but other than the team I care about, I have no idea who he has in and out.
  10. Lunardi's opinion affects the selection committee?
  11. The line from your girlfriend made me laugh! I think my wife thinks the same way sometimes. The fun I get is from the games Nebraska plays. The rest of it isn't fun for me; it's noise. Noise I try to block out. I don't usually pay attention to it, that's for sure. Just thought I'd say my bit.
  12. But if the people putting us on the bubble aren't any closer to making the final decision than the normal fans are, then why should we pay attention to them when they put us on the bubble? We're on the bubble merely because they say we are. Either we make it in the tournament or we don't. Where the bracketologists put us right now doesn't matter in that aspect in any way. And I would suspect that the majority of our fanbase probably doesn't know who these guys are at all.
  13. I don't click on any of the projections...because they don't matter. Unless a guy can accurately peg every spot a month out, what's the point? Where Lunardi (or any of them) has us in his standings right now doesn't matter in any way in terms of us getting in the tourney or not. He doesn't know anything. If he did, he'd be more accurate in his projections at a far earlier date.
  14. All of these updates (Lunardi et al) are there for the same reason mock drafts are: to get you talking. I bet Lunardi had no reason at all for putting St Bonaventure ahead of us other than to get fans of the two teams yapping. He needs to stay important in order to stay employed. Paying attention to him merely fans the flame. I hate mock drafts, bracket projections, and preseason rankings all for the same reason: they're a sham. Is Lunardi in the room making decisions on Sunday? Nope. His opinion matters as much as mine does in this matter.
  15. Did he cross the line before it hit the rim?
  16. Lucky there! Make the throws!
  17. Palmer won't sit very long.