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  1. Husker Athletics Priority

    I would watch football on TV and follow basketball online. Because who are we kidding, the BBall game won't be televised in this scenario.
  2. Let me get this straight...

    First post and he drops a perfectly executed semicolon. I like this dude.
  3. Let me get this straight...

    He got a one-year extension today.
  4. Kenya Hunter

    Yup. Security in the coaching world boils down to this: Coaches who have been fired, and coaches who will be fired.
  5. Kenya Hunter

    Dammit!!! Why didn't I think of that???
  6. Kenya Hunter

    I don't resent him leaving. I'm just pointing out the irony in his statement that no one should leave the program...when he's leaving the program.
  7. Kenya Hunter

    "Nobody but me should leave this program"
  8. Kenya Hunter

    Well turds.
  9. Kenya Hunter

    An upstart, looking for a first job in D-I, I would imagine.
  10. Really OT

    I just had a request for some Public Enemy at the junior high dance I'm DJing. I was impressed with that request (though I couldn't play it). I grew up on PE.
  11. Really OT

    Jimmy Buffett is always a great show. "Weird Al" Yankovic is outstanding live (I've seen him three times, and a fourth will be at the end of the month). Here Come the Mummies Billy Joel/Elton John in the early 90's was great!
  12. Really OT

    Beatles Beach Boys Jimmy Buffett Barenaked Ladies Moxy Fruvous Here Come the Mummies Keb' Mo' Frank Sinatra King's Singers Southern Culture on the Skids
  13. What to do with Miles contract?

    As a high school teacher for the past 19 years, I've come to the conclusion high school kids don't really know much at all.