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  1. Not until he knows the defense.
  2. Well, this doesn't suck.
  3. Doubling Jordy should help some of the perimeter players increase their shooting percentages. Should.
  4. That'd work.
  5. Do we have a position open for him?
  6. It might if Almeida were a local kid.
  7. Yup. The only 230 I want to see from Jack is hoisting 230 more threes every day until the season starts.
  8. Marysville, KS.
  9. There's plenty of them down here in Marysville.
  10. I didn't expect to ever see postmodernism referenced on this board. I guess that opens up chatter about Monty Python, Douglas Adams, the Reduced Shakespeare Company, and a buncha others who deconstruct the standard. Takes me back to my undergrad days, that's for sure.
  11. This is hilarious!
  12. Well, this blows.
  13. Except we've never really been all that good. What's our 1908, or whatever year it was?
  14. I wonder if Morrow is eating wings.
  15. His argument in these (see: recruiting misses) types of things is usually something along these lines: If you didn't think we should have recruited a kid out of high school (and you didn't point it out on the board that we should have recruited the kid), then you shouldn't dump on the coach for not offering a kid who turns out to be a good player. I like the way you put it better.