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  1. Yup, that'll probably do it.
  2. That turnover and miss by Watson may have done it.
  3. They made up for it with that foul on Nichols.
  4. I we can block shots as an undersized team, we can rebound as one as well.
  5. True, but this color guy's voice is almost as bad as Davison's. He's hard to listen to.
  6. This is starting to feel like last year.
  7. Roby doing some things now.
  8. This is less than pleasant.
  9. But what Lunardi says changes so often that unless they're watching ESPN specifically for Lunardi's information, I'm not sure anything would sink in. I've seen Lunardi's projections on ESPN (and all over this thread), but other than the team I care about, I have no idea who he has in and out.