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  1. How is that something that can even be measured? What was his level of competitive instinct? What is LeBron's level? What was Bird's level? What was Bill Russell's level?
  2. He had a free year to work on his shot if he wanted it. Guys can redshirt at any time.
  3. I'd say he performed about as well as expected of a kid who had only one power-5 conference basketball offer out of high school. We were his only one, right? I may be way off here. It's happened before.
  4. The sheer number of games makes the regular season meaningless.
  5. Well, there is that. Maybe he took the joke to heart and then started staying on the offensive side of the floor. Thanks for the correction, Dean!
  6. Kareem spent so little time playing defense in the latter part of his career that it even became a joke in the movie Airplane.
  7. Could you point out the "huge portions of multiple seasons" where LeBron "coasted," please? I wouldn't mind some numbers to prove his coasting, because, honestly, I don't believe you. I do believe you are talking out of your ass.
  8. Which is an argument that can be made with any athlete in the history of ever.
  9. But you have at least explained the argument in a way that makes sense. So, thank you.
  10. Now I see where you're coming from! Thank you!
  11. I'm not sure I understand what your stance is. You want to get rid of charging, but when an offensive player lowers his shoulder, you want them to call an offensive foul that amounts to charging?
  12. Yup. Eliminating the charge is not a good idea.
  13. I remember hearing in college that per capita, Omaha has more restaurants than any city in the country. I have no idea if this is (or was) true.
  14. That place is outstanding!