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  1. The Official Media Thread

    In terms of teams we finished behind last season that we could potentially finish in front of this season.
  2. The Official Media Thread

    Gary Sharp says he sees us as a 17-win NIT type team this year, so does Damon. Mentioned teams we have to leapfrog (Rutgers), Ohio State, Penn State, Illinois and possibly Indiana.
  3. Glynn

    I can sleep tonight. Thanks!
  4. Glynn

    Per Washut he missed past couple days of practice along with game tonight due to knee injury. Anyone know anything else???
  5. Northwood VS. Nebraska (Exhibition) Game Thread

    Not too worried about this game, but Copeland has somewhat been on the milk carton for 2.5 exhibition games now. Gonna need him to be as advertised to be a bubble team.
  6. Northwood VS. Nebraska (Exhibition) Game Thread

    Copeland doesn't look like a 5 star going against a D2 school.
  7. Northwood VS. Nebraska (Exhibition) Game Thread

    We've looked bad. They're shooting well but we've been super sloppy.
  8. Y'know, I'm tryna keep calm.

    Browsing eBay. It was 10 bucks. Couldn't say no.
  9. Y'know, I'm tryna keep calm.

  10. Countdown to College Basketball

    As a die hard Cleveland Indians fan and husker football fan - I woke up this morning saying bring on Nebrasketball. Excited for college hoops to get going!
  11. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    The one thing that would scare me if I were a Creighton fan, is that Bowen is probably the main piece of this investigation. So they were following him pretty darn close, and CU had a lot of contact with him. If I were a fan I would just hope that the staff wasn't even blurring any lines, because the FBI will probably have those conversations.
  12. Rimington In

    You could do a lot worse than hiring Rimington as full-time AD, but all signs point to him not wanting the job. I see this as a favor to TO and Nebraska Athletics. He loves NYC, his family now lives in NYC, he loves to travel and he went on record today saying he wants to work at the foundation until he is 60 (I'm sure him and Boomer are very close and that has been discussed). This is going to be a full in-depth search that will probably stretch over the next month.
  13. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    This is too good. It's like when your parents ask you where you've been and you answer "I wasn't at Billy's drinking maddog 20/20 and listening to Drake, that's for sure."
  14. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    Louisville's athletic department needs to cleaned out. At the very least AD and basketball coaches gone. The mickey mouse bullshit that LVille basketball has pulled the past 10 years is unreal. Hell were gonna be watching a 30 for 30 about them in the next decade.
  15. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    Oh Nike for sure does the same thing, these coaches are gonna flip on other coaches and schools for reduced penalty by the law. Football with the explosion of 7 on 7 summer squads are pushing towards the same problem, but basketball still seems to be the perfect environment for this situation to go down.