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  1. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Yeah I know. I guess I'm just frustrated that the NCAA uses a system where wins against Buffalo, Loyola-Chicago, and Louisiana- Lafayette, are much more valuable than wins against Penn State, Indiana and Boston College.
  2. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    How is Buffalo still in the top 40 RPI. 19-8 (12-3). They have 0 "tier one" wins, 1 "tier two" wins, and 3 "tier three" losses. For comparison we are........................21-9 (12-5)....................1 "tier one" wins, 3 "tier two" wins, and 1 "tier three" losses
  3. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Delasketball State HornHuskers
  4. 2018 Husker Baseball

    Not too worried about those guys. Not really Mojo either. Need to find 3-4 guys that can hit .250-.300 range to fill out the lineup. I figure DE will play with the lineup quite a bit until those guys announce themselves.
  5. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    Agreed, this loss wouldn’t have been a huge deal if we had big wins. But not having big wins required us to not have bad losses.
  6. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    If they win out they project as 23rd RPI, Im probably going to continue to root for that. I think it will be a lot easier for the committee to point to 0 tier one wins as the reason we didn't make the dance.
  7. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I know there are differing opinions on this, but that Michigan over OSU win was huge for us. Michigan RPI should be top 30 now, and us not having a goose egg next to Tier 1 will help us tremendously.
  8. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    I just wanted a shout-out like Cookie.
  9. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Fever isn't a Jay fan.
  10. 2018 Husker Baseball

    They have easily the best baseball coverage as well. I understand paying for content, but freaking scores?! Not to mention the official NCAA website hasn't updated any scores from today. Warren Nolan scorebaord for the win (link below). #18 Oklahoma beats #17 Indiana 6-3. http://warrennolan.com/baseball/2018/scores-live?type=Top 25&date=2018-2-16
  11. 2018 Husker Baseball

    Gameday! Luis on the bump. In other college baseball news, D1 baseball is now charging $9.99 for the season, just to freaking look at the scores from around the country. That pissed me off.
  12. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    I agree. I know they have some good wins, but man....it is freaking hard to justify a team with a .384 conf winning percentage and a worse RPI over us. Even if you are in a tough league, at the very least a .500 win pct should be cutoff.
  13. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    15-11 (5-8) and a worse RPI than us. Only reason Texas would be above us is Tier 1 wins. (10 loss Butler, 9 loss Oklahoma, 9 loss TCU, 9 loss Alabama - all Tier 1)
  14. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Jerry Palm's bracketology ranks 82nd over the last 3 years....so the good news is, it is proven he has no idea what he is talking about.