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  1. Please tell me you don't think this should be a flagrant on Brooks.
  2. Well they made it interesting - got to get the win tonight as well.
  3. It's not going well. Bullpen has already blown 2 this week.
  4. Was just gonna come post the same thing. He'll have them back on track in no time.
  5. Almost gotta pull the plug on leaving Chad in for 1+ innings. Had a chance in the 8th to score as well.
  6. Mizzou going for the quick fix - Hired Counzo away from Cal, then hired the dad of the #2 recruit in the country.
  7. Yeah I noticed that too. They definitely benefited from the field. Good win tonight, got Poly's ace out of the way. Win 2 of the next 3 and it'll be a successful spring break.
  8. I watched it on the WACsports stream I mentioned 2 posts prior. Just didn't take good enough notes while keeping scorebook I guess.
  9. Sharp has connections, so I'm sure he's been in the know this whole time. Sounds like USD got the money together to counter and keep him. Either way good for Coach Smith - seems like a good dude. Can't wait until 2025 when we make a run at a final 4 under Coach Smith and Asst. Coach Miles.
  10. They literally did it and failed last year with Colton Howell. We just can't get out of our own way it seems. Just learned all 8 runs for CSBU were scored with 2 outs as well.
  11. 3 walks, 4 hits and a balk for Lunesman in 1.1 innings of work sunk us. 4 run 8th for the road runners as they win 8-6. Needed to edit this - fault shouldn't be to Lunesman as the coaches should have pulled him long before they did.
  12. Been watching on this steam from It was obvious he couldn't find the zone from his 1st batter. Silve/Erstad needed a way quicker hook. Really sucks because if an at-large bid is gonna be in play, these are games you can't lose.
  13. 6-4 lead going in the the 8th and Lunesman just falls apart - walked the bases loaded a couple times and balked a run in. Not what you wanna see with your closer, guy just struggles to get it over the plate.
  14. Was awesome weather for the game today. They kicked ass, and have some swag going. Hopefully get those brooms out tomorrow.