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  1. Copeland

    Can we assume now that our compliance staff taking so long was a blessing? Think those guys need a hat tip, because sounds like they did quite a lot of leg work.
  2. Copeland

  3. Next Years Starting 5

    I guess a better way of putting it - it would be a hell of a coaching job, roster building to x's and o's.
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    With the Copeland situation looking bleak, ill take a stab at the starting lineup come the middle of non-con. 1- Watson 2- Palmer 3- Nana (Sleeper, 46% 3 point shooter in HS) 4- Roby 5- Jordy So many question marks its crazy. Can Nana and Allen be big time contributors as freshman? Will Palmer be a the stud scorer we need? Can Roby and Jordy develop into the players we have seen flashes of? Can Copeland join the team midseason and still fit in and be productive? If Miles gets this group to the NCAA tournament, I'd be cool with giving him a lifetime contract.
  5. How Good Is Tai Webster??

    Idk if this has been discussed on here, but the NBA has new, two way G-League/NBA contacts, each team gets two extra roster spots for these players. Players will make 75,000 - 250,000 a year on these contracts. It will help legitimize the G-League and keep US players at home - maybe a possible landing spot for Tai.
  6. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Chris Bassnet tweeted on end of May, that we were still finalizing our request and I don't think anything has been said since. A quick online search from years past showed that NCAA was making decisions on medical redshirts between April and Late July - I would think Cope's decision would fall into that timeline.
  7. Who Starts?

    Confused me too. I'm guessing Evan Taylor.
  8. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Yep, having Cope for game 1 would be big for us. This is a huge season for Nebrasketball as it will probably determine who will be coaching this team in 2018. It sucks that (probably) one of our top 3 contributors is still a question mark to play for half the season, when we are 40 days from fall semester starting.
  9. Offseason Potpourri

    Jordy is MC Slammer
  10. Just a thought I had.

    White and Petteway? Both those guys ceilings were an NBA summer league team regardless if they stayed or went. Guys that are 23/24 years old just don't get drafted unless they are a 1st team All-American type talent. White would have been in the same boat regardless and Petteway got an extra year of salary overseas. Don't think either of them are kicking themselves over their decisions, as neither would have been drafted had they stayed.
  11. Offseason Potpourri

    More of that please. I'd like to see the reins off Glynn and allow him to freestyle.
  12. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    I can't shake the feeling that we're gonna watch Coach Bolt taking teams to the regional and beyond in the near future, and we will be kicking ourselves once again.
  13. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Okay, I was just gonna come on here and discuss this article. I was 12 when this went down, while I remember the team and players vividly - the coaching change I don't recall. So we replace DVH with Anderson in summer of '02 and AD Byrne leaves for TAMU in winter of '02. Chlidress is hired by Bryne in summer of '05. Is it some off the wall conspiracy theory that Byrne thought Childress was the better coach and wanted him available down the road?
  14. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    OWH baseball beat writer weighs in.
  15. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Will be interesting how this shakes out. Obviously a lot of room for all three to move up next season.