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  1. Just not sure how they would handle Jake's outfield duties after pitching. They seem pretty set on not letting him make those throws from centerfield after he has pitched. Maybe throw Jake game two, go with Hagge, Scott and Luis in the OF and let Jake DH after pitching?
  2. Anyone care to predict how they organize the rotation? Id venture to guess they don't change it. 1- Hohensee 2- Burkamper 3- Meyers 4- Waldron
  3. Interesting that Holy Cross and Yale are cross country plane trips away. Kind of weird considering the NCAA tries to seed based on region. Also Yale and Holy Cross have played each other 6 times already this season (Yale 5-1).
  4. Indiana getting a 2 seed with Kentucky as the 1 and NC ST as the 3 seed. Man I wouldn't have preferred that regional.
  5. Beavers have a 1.84 team era. I think we need to use Meyers Saturday and hope we can beat Yale with Hohensee or Burkamper. The higest era for a Beaver weekend starter is 1.31 so winning Saturday is crucial.
  6. Well shit
  7. Keep an eye on BYUs regional. BYU can't play on sundays so that regional will have to start a day early - potentially changing pitching matchups
  8. Thought we would condense our tourny discussion. 1:45 until we know where we're playing.
  9. Good news - last year selection of Minnesota as a 2 seed with a not great RPI and 0-2 in the conf tournament show the committee holds a regular season title in high regard. And we were not listed as last 3 in on D1 baseball, who has the best pulse on what the bracket will look like tomorrow. Going to be very interesting tomorrow to see how this thing shakes out.
  10. D1 baseball has us as the 3 seed headed to L'Ville. A&M, Maryland and St. Johns all out. Craziness.
  11. Baseball america has us as the 2 seed at LSU in their final projection. Maryland out.
  12. D1 baseball said they have 74 teams for 64 spots on their big board and good teams are gonna be left out. I also think were in for sure, but Indiana and Maryland are both in trouble. Too many stolen bids. Also the committee went straight RPI for the hosts - take that for whats its worth.
  13. Hosts announced - Closest ones to Lincoln are: Arkansas, TCU and Texas Tech. Think it will shake out - 1: Arkansas 2: Missouri State 3: Nebraska Another possibility - 1: TCU 2: Nebraska 3: Dallas Baptist
  14. Three stolen bids today alone with Okie State, Rice and Iowa winning their conf tournaments. A lot of teams vying for only a couple spots now.
  15. In: Iowa/NW, Nebraska, Maryland and Michigan Bubble Out: Indiana (Finished 6th in conf and 1-2 in tournament) Out: Minnesota (RPI 67) Just my 2 cents