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  1. Hoping they keep making me look stupid!
  2. LIstening....that's why I said 3 might be enough. Kid is good.
  3. 1 hit through 4 for the big red. Looking like 3 is gonna be enough for the gophers.
  4. Me Watching this Game:
  5. Basically. 3-2 CU now. These are the games you have to win to end up on the right side of the bubble come June.
  6. We're also making this dude with a 7+ era look like Chris Sale
  7. Not a lot of focus or fire tonight. Would be an RPI destroyer.
  8. This team has so much more swag after Mojo's triple. There is a lot of fire now.
  9. Iowa reliever plunked Meyers on purpose. Bush league. Hopefully fires up this group.
  10. Erstad has the tendency to choke every time he gets any type of good pub
  11. 5-9 vs Iowa
  12. Our section is cleared out. Ballpark is silent except for Hawkeye fans.
  13. Guy was struggling to throw strikes. Can't have our best hitter bail him out with the bases juiced.
  14. FYI I would totally love to come back and eat crow about that post.
  15. At the game tonight and man, Iowa is just a better team. They square up the ball a lot better than we do. Let's go hawks chant at Haymarket now. Reminds me a lot of last year when they took over ameritrade.