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  1. Late to the thread here. Was there a reason given as to why Palmer was on the bench for an extended time during crunch time in the second half? Also, I continue to have nightmares about the sequence where we fought back to a one-point deficit and Copeland missed a point blank shot at the rim. Creighton goes down and Foster gets an "and-one". That was a 5 point swing. Gotta move on....Good news is this team is way better than in previous years, and we have lots of room to grow. We haven't played anywhere near our best basketball. I think we need to get over some mental barriers and learn how to win games against good teams on the road.
  2. That was the most fun I've had at a home game since no-sit Sunday. Great effort and everybody contributed something to the W. The most encouraging thing for me was the toughness and will to compete for 40 minutes tonight. I hope this kind of effort can be duplicated for the rest of the year. Showing up like that will give us a legit shot to at least win the rest of our home conference games. It was also fun to look at the Gopherhole board and laugh at their meltdowns. For a basketball school, their commentary was far less substantive and basketball savvy than what I read on this board.
  3. Another great draw up after a TO was the play to isolate Roby on a mismatch down low. Nice delivery pass from Jordy.
  4. Nebraska (6-2) vs Mich St. (6-1) Game Thread

    To keep it out of embarrassment levels guys have to step up and make some shots.
  5. Nebraska (6-2) vs Mich St. (6-1) Game Thread

    Lack of movement when the ball goes in the post. Perimeter guys don't give post passer angles. Our cuts lack purpose. We don't play loose offensively against good teams.
  6. No movement away from the ball when it goes into the post. Not giving the post guy any passing angles. Also a lack of purpose on alot of our cuts. Looks like we're playing scared on offense.
  7. I posted on this earlier. Looks to me like it is our plan to slow play the screen and roll instead of aggressively hedge. At least that's the way we played it until the last 5 minutes or so of the BC game.
  8. 3 point shooting

    We have to do a better job of keeping people out of the lane off of the dribble. Shoring up our pick and roll defense would go a long way in solving that problem.
  9. Pick and roll defense was awful, for the most part. But when BC made their run, we also couldn't defend that play where the guy from the baseline curled off of a high wing screen. Our bigs did nothing to step out and alter the route of the cutter. With the on-ball screens, we seldom aggressively hedge and the dribbler is able to turn the corner and most often get deep into the lane. Either the dribbler gets to the basket or our big man can't recover to the screener and they get a layup. This drives me crazy. We did seem to play it a bit different the last five minutes of the game, with some success. Seems like teams play our screen and rolls just the opposite of how we play it. Watson, Taylor or whoever is the dribbler is most often facing an aggressive hedge and forcing our dribbler away from the basket. I'd be happy to get the perspective of some of the X's and O's guys on this, but this is how it looks to me. On a positive note, we are different this year in the sense that we have multiple guys who are threats to score the ball and can get their own shots. To be a real threat for postseason play, I believe you have to have at least 3 legit scoring threats. This was a fun game to watch and a pleasant departure from watching our major revenue sports teams get blasted on national tv.
  10. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    It appeared to me that the release point and arc on Isaac's jump shot was much better than I had seen in the previous games. I hope this gives him confidence and gets him going for the important stretch of games coming up.
  11. Roby played one of the most complete halves I have seen from a Nebraska bball player in a long time. That was encouraging. The stat sheet says 6 blocked shots but he disrupted several more. Glynn came through when we needed him, which is what you count on team leaders to do. My biggest concern from last night is that we get stagnate in our offensive sets. Too often, it appears that neither the ball nor the players move and we count on somebody making a great one-on-one play to score.
  12. Northwood VS. Nebraska (Exhibition) Game Thread

    IMO this is Miles' most complete roster, and I am hopeful about what this team could accomplish. My "negative" comment is that Copeland's jump shot is too flat. His release point needs some adjustment.
  13. uneblinstu's post scrimmage chatter

    I guess the guys who told me Palmer was the best player in practice last year were right. Said he had a swagger to his game, but not in a selfish, detrimental way to the team. That seems to be the case. A big key for this year will be Roby. I think he's one of those rare guys who could likely guard every position on the floor. His defensive versatility alone is worth having him on the floor for heavy minutes. Offensively, he has the skills to be very good. It seems to me, however, that he still plays tentative - thinks too much, which leads to some awkward shots and turnovers. Just go hard, young man, and if you make a mistake, do it with authority. While it would be nice if he hit some jump shots, I think his real contribution to the team would be as a slasher who could take advantage of mismatches and create for himself and others. If and when he clears those mental barriers, we will be better.
  14. Guard play

    My gut tells me Glynn will be more consistent and have a great year. Last season, I think he really suffered from not having a big guy who was a serious pick-and-pop prospect. Without that option, every team hedged the crap out of our on-ball screen-and-rolls. They didn't respect Jacobsen or Morrow as a threat to step out and shoot. Glynn was often left with little or no room to operate and I think it took a toll on him as teams schemed to stop him. Hopefully, that won't be the case when Copeland is on the floor. From the hype, being able to knock down mid-range shots seems to be one of Copeland's biggest assets. One of my biggest frustrations last year was that we didn't seem to adjust to the on-ball hedge strategy. It probably would have been more effective to clear a side and let Glynn operate than to bring another defender into the mix and gum up the works. Hopefully Palmer, Allen, Jack and others will step it up and be spot up threats to keep people honest so Glynn can get some space.
  15. Next Years Starting 5

    i get it. He made some freshman mistakes and his injury kept him from fully developing. It was obvious, however, that his ceiling is very high. You don't see many 6'9" kids as fluid or handle the ball as well as he does. Many of his mistakes weren't attributable to lack of talent - I felt it had more to do with confidence and learning how to play at the Big 10 level. When you overthink things, you play much slower and are prone to making mistakes. If and when he gets beyond that, he has the potential to be a nightmare match-up (offensively and defensively). He will be able to take people off the dribble and get to the rack with his size. Very excited tee see if that develops