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  1. Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread

    I am nervous and my heart is already racing for this one. Take the fight to them and punch them in the mouth early. Protect the vault! GBR
  2. Agreed that the empty possessions when we were up by 5 were huge. Defensive lapses gave them too many points as well. That being said, I think our lack of patience on offense really hurt us. We didn't make Illinois pay for their aggressiveness. If we had moved the ball from side to side and made them play defense for 15-20 seconds, I am convinced we would have gotten dunks and easy shots (we missed enough easy ones anyway). It might not have happened on the first back cut or even the second back cut, but we didn't move them off their spots or get them scrambling like I felt we could have. Not blaming this on Miles. You could tell he was frustrated, but I bet when they watch the tape and see all of the opportunities we missed, it will be quite painful. Not giving up on this team. Regroup and win the next two and see what happens in the tournament.
  3. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Exciting ending to the Purdue/OSU game. I will say this - the Haarms kid from Purdue is a major tool. It is very easy to despise him. When you are 7'3" and block a shot by a kid a foot shorter than you, is there really a need to do 50 fist pumps and repeatedly scream "get that weak s... out of here?" Perhaps the most hate-able player in college basketball.
  4. They did hit some tough shots, but we need to come out with an attitude of locking them down on D. If we get after it on that end, we should be fine, as Minnesota plays porous defense. Swing the ball from side to side and make them defend and I'm pretty sure we will get some easy buckets.
  5. Eeyore says...

    Obviously I would hate to see James leave. But honestly, I think he would benefit from another year to work on his mid-range and outside shooting skills. Against college competition, James is able to get to the rim with relative ease. That won't be the case in the NBA. He will need to have the ability to knock down shots in order to utilize his skills attacking the basket. Another year to improve that part of his game may be helpful. That said, if his draft prospects look good, you can't blame the guy for taking the paycheck.
  6. During the last minute of the Wisconsin game, after the outcome was already decided, the camera showed Miles having a discussion with one of the refs - it occurred when James or Glynn was shooting free throws. Anyway, despite the fact that the game was in the bag, Miles appeared to be giving him a piece of his mind. Miles was non-demonstrative and he had a dead-pan look (especially for a guy whose team was about to close-out a nice road win). However, it appeared to me he was adamant that he wanted to drive some point home to this official. I would have loved to had a microphone on that discussion.
  7. Scouting Wisconsin

    I noticed this is only Wisconsin's 4th home conference game this year. They beat Illinois and Indiana, lost big to Ohio State. Their Web site notes UW is 16-5 at home in their last 21 B1G games. This will likely be an ugly grind-it-out type of game. While we are at our best when we are attacking the rim, I have a feeling Anton, JP, Glynn and co. will need to knock down some jumpers for us to be successful. Find a way to win and rest up for a week. GBR!
  8. Fuddy Duddy Post of the Day

    Ah, Derrick Chandler. It would be nice to have a player of his caliber who could get some buckets in the post on the current team.
  9. Fuddy Duddy Post of the Day

    I remember that game. I think Badgett ended the game with a resounding dunk. Unfortunately, I forget who the opponent was (Kansas, Iowa St. ?). We played zone that day with Badgett at the top. I remember those as the "glory days."
  10. Appears to me that Glynn's shooting woes are in his head, and I think it's affecting his mechanics. The "good" shooting Glynn got his feet set and was on balance. The "struggling" Glynn seems to be very off-balance and falling back or twisting to the side. Haven't seen him be aggressive with his 12-15 foot pull-ups, which is where he was so dangerous. Perhaps Tim needs to do something to try to get him going early in games. If he sees the ball go through the hoop a few times, that may go a long way to cure his ills.
  11. Roby was 0-4 on dunks against Illinois

    This picture, for some reason, reminds me of Scottie Pippen. Pippen was an all-pro, and Roby has much to work on, so he's nowhere near that caliber now. I do see, however, similarities in the way they play.
  12. Michigan

    Great point. A big factor in being able to have success defending the 3 will be whether we can stop dribble penetration into the lane. At home last year, we couldn't stop that. Michigan got either lay ups or, when we were able to keep them from getting to the rim, kick-outs for wide open 3's. It all started with dribble penetration. Thankfully, they don't have Walton (he killed us) and we have a bit more length on the floor with Isaac and James.
  13. We had three air balls (all long) from the same corner in the second half. Perhaps there was some sort of jet stream in that area of PBA (: We did miss way too many shots at the rim, and some of those threes were open looks. My frustration is that we could have exploited their aggressiveness even more. Seemed like when we made an effort to swing the ball from one side of the floor to the other, we usually got a good shot. Against the zone, do we ever utilize ball fakes? The way the Illini overplayed, we could have created some more gaps by simply doing something as fundamental as that. That being said, thank goodness for Palmer's ice water veins. Win on Thursday, and we have some needed momentum.
  14. Scouting Wisconsin

    This exactly. I am past the point of caring about style points. Get the W and prepare for the next game.
  15. A theory on Jordy's development

    This is a great point. His footwork and balance struggles manifest themselves in a number of different ways. For example, there are times when Jordy has been in good position to grab a rebound, but because of deficiencies in his footwork and balance, he isn't able to get the place he needs to be to actually secure the ball. Instead, he'll be off balance, mistime his jump and lunge at the ball, and it will go off of his hands (his ability to catch the ball is another issue), or somebody else who was initially in worse position will get there before him. Same thing on defense. He will get in good defensive position in the post, but when his man moves laterally, he's unable to move his feet to fully contest the shot. I think balance, lateral movement and agility can be improved with work, but it's hard to do that sort of thing in the heat of a conference schedule. Maybe the best thing the staff could do for him right now is to tell him to hit the offensive and defensive boards with reckless abandon, set good screens and expend his energy on defending the post. For the time being, rarely use him as an option in the post and maybe he will get some confidence getting put backs and cleaning the glass. I think he's a great kid, and I know we'd be better as a team with him doing even these small little things.