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  1. I wish Morrow were returning because I think we're a better team with him, but from what I saw over two years, can't agree he was an elite level program, high level starter. Objectively, he just has too many holes in his game. Once the ball went into the post, it was NEVER coming back out. He struggled to score against taller 4's and 5's, and his ball handling skills were simply poor. Not a mid-range level jump shooter either. He was a very good role player - gave us a rim protector, a tenacious rebounder, and a badass on the floor. That said, he may thrive at another school if the personnel around him so allows. Fact remains is that he's an undersized 4 who needs the correct mix of players around him for him to thrive and cover for his weaknesses. Jacobsen was a bit more versatile player, yet he failed to consistently produce. For some reason, from an offensive standpoint, it appeared to me that instead of reacting to the game situation in front of him, he overthought things and he played way slower than his abilities. He was at his best when he was at the 4 and did the dirty work on the offensive glass. As with Morrow, I wish Jacobsen was still here, as he provided depth and intangibles. I have resolved that being a life-long Nebrasketball fan will be a painful, heart-wrenching journey. On a positive note, have a great Easter!
  2. Hoping that Watson, Palmer, Roby, Copeland, Jordy comes to fruition. Sans Watson, it's a very long lineup (6'10, 6'9, 6'8, 6,6).
  3. All points right on. As to #2, after the first Northwestern game, about every team we played sold out to stopping Glynn and Tai from turning the corner on high screen and rolls. This hurt Glynn more than Tai, as Tai was physically able to fight through some of the traffic. It didn't appear to me that we ever really adjusted to this. Seems that Glynn would have benefited from clear-out isolations, which would have alleviated him having to deal with the hedger on every ball screen. It hurt that we didn't have a post guy who could pick and pop, which would have required the hedger to have to play honest on the screener. Perhaps Copeland helps with this. More ball movement and harder cuts would have been nice to see as well. As to #3, I have been concerned for several years that we rely too much on having guys make individual plays with the ball, rather than getting opportunities via running sets. We often take too long to get set up and burn too much of the shot clock before running the sets we have.
  4. True. It also helps that Walton makes really good decisions off of screen and rolls.
  5. That's true. I was just wishing for great shooters who could consistently knock down shots game after game.
  6. Calling Cary Cochran, Marcus Perry and Brian Conklin. We need some surrogate shooters.
  7. Horne's offensive potential is very good. In that respect, his ceiling is high. However, he's a major question mark on defense. Exhibit A was his defense on Sunday evening (although outside of Roby, it appeared to me everybody's D was lacking). The question is whether he will get quick enough (or defensively savvy enough) to guard 3's. I don't think he's big enough to guard true 4's. That being said, I hope the young man sticks around.
  8. CBI

    The only thing that bothers me EVERY game from a coaching standpoint is the complete and utter lack of ingenuity on in-bounds plays. Getting tired of the old "throw it in to half-court" thing we have going on right now. Illinois actually ran several sets and scored a few times out of in-bounds plays.
  9. We saw a glimpse of what could be Roby's future greatness on that steal and layup. The Pritzl kid had a great angle to cut him off and stop his progress, but Roby (with the left hand by the way), got around him in stride and made a great finish. Great, great play.
  10. Roby changed the complexion of the game last night with his disruptive defense and hustle. IMHO that was really just a small glimpse of how good he could be. Once he gets a bit stronger and more confident offensively, he will be a match-up nightmare. Teams will have to guard him with a smaller player because of his mobility, and because he passes the ball so well, he will create a ton of opportunities for teammates.
  11. Art V. is is spot on. On many occasions, Wiscy got their calls on plays which led to free throws or which were momentum changing plays. What bugged me last night (and really I have noticed this all year) is that so many times, the ref standing right in front of the play made no call, only to have another ref standing 30 feet away blow the whistle. Just so gut wrenching....
  12. I am hopeful that Roby plays a much bigger role as the year progresses, and especially next year. He can do so many things, and it's just a matter of building confidence and getting physically stronger. You can plug him in anywhere from the 2 through 4 positions, and he could even be a point forward depending on the lineup. If that happens, I doubt we'll see him leave the floor very often.
  13. A Copeland-type player would have been very valuable against the way Northwestern was playing our screen and roll. When you have a pick and pop guy, it is difficult for the guy defending the post screener to help out on the dribbler, as he needs to be aware of the possibility of the screener popping out and hoisting up a 3 (i.e. something Walter P. did very well on our run three years ago). Wragge did that, and now Huff, for Creighton. We don't really have that threat right now. It would be a great asset to have that in our arsenal.
  14. LK - I think you're forgetting Palmer, the transfer from Miami. Some guys who watch practice regularly tell me he's one of the best players on the team right now. I temper that comment because people told me the same thing about Gill, but they say Palmer plays with a confidence and swagger unlike any of the other guys on the team. He's a guy who can play at either the 2 or 3 position.
  15. This addition will make next year's the most complete team we've had since Miles' has been here - in fact, maybe since Nee's era. Hopefully, they will be able to produce some great results.