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  1. The Cyclones have more history, and there is more in-state talent... but I generally agree. Also, for those in the crowd atmosphere thread, I've been to Hilton about ten times over the years, and they've always had a pretty outstanding atmosphere.
  2. I think I've said this before on here, but I think HuskerVision could do a much better job... but I think part of the problem is that we're trying to squeeze sponsor gimmicks in first and foremost. I used to go to UNO hockey games more often, but I thought their video/sound crew did a great job of creating an atmosphere. Not to be nostalgiac for The Bob, but we had some videos there (Chees, Tommy Boy, etc.) that would beat most of what we do now.
  3. This is another concern I have (with the program, not with Miles). We've got a short window where the new facilities are enough to bring fans and recruits even with subpar results. The glitz will where off and other teams will build new facilities. This is kind of Nebraska basketball's best chance at propelling itself into something more than it's been, and that window won't stay open forever. That said, it's obviously not impossible to build something outside of that "window" it just seems like the best chance we have to do so. Now more specific to Miles, one of the biggest arguments for him is the talent we've brought in. It's a great argument - the talent is markedly better than that under previous regimes... but isn't that expected when you can pitch top-5 facilities and top-ten attendance?? We didn't have that to sell before. A part of me wonders if we're blowing our window of opportunity. Here again, I'm coming off negative, but I'll continue to support the team and Miles unapologetically throughout his tenure (as I did with Nee, Collier and Doc).
  4. I'm not a fan of the "bad luck" argument... most all teams have injuries (sure, some more than others), and some overcome them while others do not. Those who are able to are obviously deeper teams, and we have been somewhat hamstrung by our inability to fill all our scholarships. Another knock on Miles for me is the lack of an effective offense. He obviously understands the game (just listen to the guy talk about it), but it doesn't translate to X's and O's (see inbounds play). Not every head coach needs to be an X's and O's guru per se, but those who aren't tend to compensate with their staff. Those who watched the Northwestern game in Lincoln this year saw two extremes on offensive coaching abilities. That said, I love his energy and personality. I love his embrace of what history we have. I like some of the young talent we have and would love to see everyone stick together (with a couple of new additions) and see what they can do. I look forward to supporting the team next year and hoping for the best! Edit - Jimmy, this was by no means directed at you... I just finally felt like throwing in my two cents.
  5. I suggest students make the signs and lead the cheers. That'd be more effective, anyways.
  6. It will draw viewership/clicks. $$$$
  7. Looks like it was Rancik. I forgot how important that A&M game was.
  8. Remind me...
  9. Was it Martin Rancik??
  10. Worse than the loss with 0.7 seconds left to Iowa State?? What was his name... I'm going to kick myself when someone says it. And worse than when a freshman Keith Langford hit his first three of the season (or maybe it was conference season) from well beyond NBA range to beat us? What was that ISU forward's name... he slipped the pick and Kimani Ffriend bit hook, line and sinker.
  11. I heard and agreed with what Matt and Kent said. It's probably a mixture of apathy and expectations. Until we win consistently, the majority of the 15k will cheer when there's something to cheer about and sit quietly when there's not. I DO think the HuskerVision team could do a better job. The timeouts focus more on advertising than getting the crowd into the games. It might be a case of nostalgia, but I thoughy some of the video clips we used to play did a decent job (the Cheers clip, the Tommy Boy clip, etc.). I haven't been to a UNO hockey game in a couple of years, but I think their video crew has historically done a good job with video clips that pump up the crowd.
  12. So on The Drive yesterday, Washut said that White wants to go to a team where he will serve MORE as a three-point specialist like he would in the NBA... A better team where he'd have a specific role, versus here where'd he'd be asked to do a lot more. I ran into Gandolfo's in the middle of the segment, so I missed some of it, but that's the gist of what I heard.
  13. This is why I have been frustrated with leaving a ship open every year. Yes there are only so many spots in the rotation for playing time. However, if your 13th guy is good enough, he pushes the guys ahead and is ready to step in when it's his turn. That said, while his shooting has been a major disappointment, I don't dislike Fuller. Agreed. You obviously don't hit home runs on 13/13 recruits. But you need guys like Hammonds, Evelyn, Fuller, etc. to develop into solid role players that can push the primary players and contribute as upperclassmen. Leaving a scholarship open prevents this. Having potential role players continue to transfer out before we can develop them prevents this. Some turnover is inevitable... But it should be a balance.
  14. It was unreal. Nate Johnson's shot to win at Creighton in the NIT was a higher feeling MOMENT for me, but the energy for that entire Wisconsin game will go unrivaled.
  15. What????What does that even mean? Better than what? If you're excited about a CBI invite your expectations for this program are WAY lower than mine. I don't want us in some rinky dink tournament with a bunch of no-names, and frankly I don't care how "beneficial" the extra practice time would be. I see, so it's better to deny extra practices and game experience for our underclassmen because they should instead be made to sit at home and reflect on the damage they've done. They should be ashamed of themselves! That'll really teach them to not suck so much next time, won't it!!! We've turned down the CBI before...