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  1. No Sit Sunday x Duce

    Man if that happens... I don’t know where we’re at in the recruiting cycle, but I’d be bringing everyone in I could (basketball, football, whatever). That’s an atmosphere they won’t see many other places.
  2. Release the memo

    I thought it was Tom Best?? Collier’s halftime speeches were nap inducing.
  3. Time to eat a little crow

    What if the selection committee used blind resumes?? I’m kind of surprised that hasn’t been suggested... wouldn’t it be the best way to evaluate teams based on their body of work?? Though it would eliminate the eye test...
  4. Time to eat a little crow

    You don’t think the new arena, practice facility and player’s lounge make a difference in recruiting?
  5. Favorite Nebrasketball Moments

    NIT win at Creighton where Nate Johnson made the game winner was a top moment for me. The atmosphere was unreal.
  6. Time to eat a little crow

    Very polarizing. Recruiting has been great... but is that the coach or the amazing facilities?? (Probably both) I get frustrated with Miles when I see our lack of an inbounds play and lack of an offense that can create shots when we are otherwise stale. He he is definitely likeable and energetic. I generally like his roatayions. I think he needs a very sold X’s & O’s assistant to get to the next level.
  7. Go on record now.

    I wouldn't call it intellectually dishonest, but perhaps just incomplete, since the two options you posed weren't mutually exclusive. To me, it's like we're trying to say we're better off with Copeland, Palmer and Okeke... but we obviously could've had them plus some (or all) of the others.
  8. Go on record now.

    Never mind...Dimes' post answered my question.
  9. Go on record now.

    My memory is poor... wouldn't we have had Palmer regardless of those guys leaving? And wouldn't we have had a scholarship available for Copeland either way?
  10. A comparison of teams

    I see what you're saying, that on a ppm and rpm basis, Jordy was more productive at the end of the year. But I'm not sure the comparison is quite that simple. That is, I don't think you can necessarily say that, given more minutes, Jordy would/will provide equal or greater output. For starters, (and I don't have the numbers to back this up, so I could be wrong), Jordy seemed more foul proned (I would imagine his fouls-per-minute was also greater). So it's not safe to assume you could extrapolate his per-minute numbers accurately. That said, I expect him to improve markedly from year one to year two. Overall, I'm just not as confident our front court is better on paper this year than it was last year. To the OP, I don't know how we can say Copeland, coming off injury and with unclear eligibility, is going to be an automatic upgrade. I think we tend to look back to the stars coming out of high school, but GENERALLY speaking, performance at the "next level" supersedes rated potential at that level. This is NOT to say he won't be great... I just hesitate to assume a high school ranking was accurate and we're getting that caliber of player when we get a transfer who underperformed at a previous school.
  11. Something that should be brought up more

    I knew it wasn't the motivation, I was just trying to figure out if it was a part of the reason the figure has improved so drastically under Miles.
  12. Something that should be brought up more

    I know absolutely nothing about APR, but does our perpetual open scholarship that inevitably goes to a walk-on help? If so, how much?
  13. Crying time is over

    Can Xavier recruit him before we release him??
  14. Crying time is over

    I don't think we're continuously losing our best players... just high-value players. I agree some have overstated that we are continuously losing our best player(s). And I agree you can explain each one individually, but the aggregate isn't acceptable. Fair or not, the coach is ultimately responsible for it. Also, when explaining each one individually, there might be more to the story than MJ wanted to shoot 3's and we wouldn't let him... Morrow wanted to be a wing, and we couldn't give him the opportunity... etc. Again, if it was a single case and not a chronic problem, I wouldn't think anything of it.
  15. Crying time is over

    Your last paragraph is absolutely correct and trumps anything I'll say... But it doesn't seem like the "good teams" have starters or really high-value players leaving. It seems like the players they have leaving are easily replaced by players on their rosters. Obviously I have no facts to back this.