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  1. HHCC Game #12 - vs. Kansas (Dec. 16, 7:00 PM CST)

    79 - 76... home team wins
  2. Rock Chalk Tock

    So far this year his play has somewhat resembled the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.
  3. Rock Chalk Tock

    Cunliffe was only at ASU for a semester, so he only played and practiced with them for what, a Burno and a half maybe? It might not have been enough time to pick up all his tendencies.
  4. No official is that bad without being crooked. It was either shameful or criminal. In any event those guys should not be doing college games.
  5. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Kansas has been playing with seven scholarship players. They have gotten 11 points off its bench in the last 3 games. (That's not an average of 11, that's 11 total.) Not having the Preston kid who magically procured a mystery automobile is killing them, but they do get the Arizona State transfer Cuncliffe eligible for Nebraska. The 7'0" kid Azubuike has only been going 23 minutes a game, which leaves Mitch Lightfoot at center for the rest of the time, who hasn't exactly set the world on fire, or else they really go small with Mykailiuk. They do have a few weaknesses this year.
  6. That would be akin to calling World War 1 a minor misunderstanding.
  7. If that game didn't merit having some superfluous profanity in the reaction to it, then nothing does.
  8. No, obviously they don't, and no one any time soon is going to confuse Miles with a hall of fame coach. But, with even moderate success this year (around .500), if the core of the roster returns for next year - Watson, Copeland, Palmer, Roby - he'll get another season. It would be our best roster in a long time, and not the best time to make a move. If there's no success by then, there would be no excuses.
  9. Nebraska (7-3) vs. Creighton (6-2) Game Thread

    The only thing really worth discussing about this game is, how long of a prison sentence do the referees deserve.
  10. What's the FG% differential if Watson, Roby, Palmer are not in foul trouble?
  11. With extremely slight improvement Jordy could get ten a game. But he hasn't come close to making it. Right now he's PETA's favorite player, because he misses all the bunnies.
  12. Nebraska (7-3) vs. Creighton (6-2) Game Thread

    Well, Greg Gard's going to be available. Once in a lifetime chance! I think Miles gets year seven no matter what.
  13. Nebraska (7-3) vs. Creighton (6-2) Game Thread

    If you're sincere, then, ok.
  14. It's a good thing there are no Creighton fans within 50 miles of me or something bad might happen.
  15. Nebraska (7-3) vs. Creighton (6-2) Game Thread

    Billy goat, meaning, a male.