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  1. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    That's probably what cost him his eyesight.
  2. HHCC Game #31 - vs. Penn State (Feb. 25, 4:15 PM CST)

    72-63, Huskers beat Nittally Lions
  3. Penn St at Michigan game

    Give Beilein Penn State's roster and he'd have a Final Four team. Give Chambers Michigan's roster and he'd finish below .500.
  4. Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread

    Well, at least the refs suck just as bad as the game action. That way they blend in. just kidding, refs are atrocious as usual. Doesn't excuse the fact we are just plain playing like dog crap.
  5. Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread

    In Spanish, that half would be called el Garbago
  6. HHCC Game #30 - vs. Indiana (Feb. 20, 8:00 PM CST)

    70-65, Nebraska gets revenge for IU poaching Jumbo Stiehm. 4.
  7. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    So we have about a 1 in 8 chance of being close but not making it. Couldn't lose that one - all this discussion is a moot point now.
  8. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    The last thing you'd want would be for Penn State to come in to Lincoln with an 11-6 conference record. Not only would they have the 5 seed locked down so we'd have to play them twice in a row, but they'd be plenty motivated with the chance of an at large bid. And if they get in...we don't.
  9. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    I come to a basketball forum and I'm reading about Markov Chains? What will we be discussing next, Fourier Transforms? The Calculus of Variations? Numerical methods to solve systems of nonlinear partial differential equations? For the love of God, it's like being back in Oldfather...
  10. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    As I read it that 72% chance isn't then independent on how they do in the conference tournament. If you assume a 50% chance of victory in a 4-5 game, and, say, a 98% chance of making it if they win the 4-5 game, then there would be a 46% chance of making it if they lose.
  11. HHCC Game #29 - at Illinois (Feb. 18, 2:30 PM CST)

    Hopefully, Illinois finds a way to honor Dick Butkus during the game. It did wonders for their football team against NU in 1986 and 2017. Nebraska 77, Illinois 71
  12. Road to 20

    They hit the 20 win mark (20-4) in 1991, also on February 13, on the road against 300 lb. Victor Alexander and Iowa State. And...that game was the first time ever for the black uniforms.
  13. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    If PSU wins out until then and Michigan loses to either Ohio State or at Maryland, then PSU is the 5 seed. I don't think you'd want them back-to-back. But also if that happens there's a non-zero chance that Penn State would lose to Minnesota in the 5 vs 12-13 game. And another game vs. Minnesota would not do much for us.
  14. Favorite Nebrasketball Moments

    Gottlieb is still ticked about the guy who was heckling him in Lincoln when he was a senior. And I'm still ticked about getting booted from that game for heckling Gottlieb.
  15. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Lunardi's just some East Coast self-promoter with a bad hairpiece.