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  1. Bill Moos named next NU athletic director

    Been waiting all week for a Moose and Squirrel reference...
  2. Bellwether games

    A win against UCF might mean what the win against Dayton meant last year: that you're more likely to go 1-2 than 2-1 in that tournament if you win. Win and you play West Virginia and then probably Missouri or St. John's, lose and you play Marist and then either Long Beach State or Oregon State. (I'd give us a 35% chance against Missouri and a 60% chance against St. John's.) Win it and your strength of schedule goes up considerably, lose and it gets a bit weaker. What makes the UCF game a lot tougher is that it's in Orlando, and if UCF wins it sets up the marquee matchup the tournament organizers are hoping for, with the home town team playing West Virginia. Unbiased officiating in that game would surprise me.
  3. B1G moves to 20-game conference schedule in 2018-19

    I'm not going to state this as a certainty, but I think the limit of regular season games is 29, but if you play in a tournament those games only count as one game. (I see that right before I posted this, Throwback explained the scheduling rules perfectly and in detail.)
  4. Bill Moos named next NU athletic director

    There's two factors that are most prominent in whether or not Miles is retained; wins (obviously) and any player defections. If they're a bubble team and for whatever reason Copeland, Watson, and Palmer are all somewhere else the following year, then Miles' status would still be uncertain. If they manage to finish around .500, but everyone in the core rotation (Copeland, Watson, Palmer, Tshimanga, Roby, Allen, McVeigh) is coming back, he's got a good chance to be retained. If everyone is coming back then next year's senior class would be Nebraska's best senior class in a long time (and potentially, ever) and probably the best in the Big Ten. That should factor into any decision made after this season.
  5. Bill Moos named next NU athletic director

    He made two BCS basketball hires from what I can tell, both times he hired Ernie Kent.
  6. Next Years Starting 5

    I'm not trying to talk him down, just trying to be realistic. I don't know what he would have done last year without the injury problems - obviously he'd have been much better, but would he have averaged 8 or more? Maybe, maybe not, obviously he had to adjust to the speed and physicality of the game just like any other freshman. Also, sometimes it's a temperament thing - some guys don't have it in them to take charge when they're the new guy. For some people that takes a while. You look at his skills, and you look at a guy like Amir Coffey from Minnesota, and you think, he should be just as good or better than that guy. His potential is obviously extremely high, if he maxes out then he really could be an NBA guy, but it's not a 100% certainty that it will happen.
  7. Next Years Starting 5

    To strengthen your argument, Isaiah Roby was the 28th leading scorer in the Big Ten Conference last year, among freshmen. So it might be a bit premature to anoint him as a future NBA player. A lot of the skills are there, but greatness hasn't happened just yet.
  8. Next Years Starting 5

  9. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    7-5 would require 4 miracle wins. 3-9 is way more likely than 7-5.
  10. This should get you a little excited...

    Last year's 1-3-1 was more similar to the Syracuse 2-3 than to a traditional 1-3-1. The baseline guy was the best interior defender, who did not run the baseline but defended the paint. The wings had basically the same responsibility as the forwards in the 2-3, their primary responsibility was the baseline and then the elbow. The guy in the middle had some of the same responsibilities as a guard in the 2-3, he had to come out and cover the elbow in whichever direction the ball went, but he was also usually the second best rebounder and covered the high post. So it was more of a 1-1-3 in reality than a 1-3-1.
  11. OT: What would you guys name this band?

    The How The Hell Did This Country Survive These Guys Quintet.
  12. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    Corruption within the athletic department at the University of Miami? Say it isn't so!
  13. By the way ...

    Copeland's offensive game is a lot more diverse than Pitchford's was.
  14. Offseason Potpourri

    It's probably a bit early to start a Zaire Wade class of 2021 thread, but a person can dream.
  15. Eichorst Out

    The first Schlesinger TD was off an option look to the right where they trapped Sapp, Aaron Graham cut blocked Ray Lewis, Wilks pulled from the RG and took out the SLB, and Schlesinger hit the hole between the RT and TE. The second TD was a classic trap play off an isolation look, not an option play, where Sapp was trapped again. (I still remember a UCLA defensive tackle that year saying that he wasn't that impressed with Nebraska's offensive line since they didn't seem physically dominating to him - what he didn't realize was that he wasn't blocked on a lot of plays, because he wasn't worth blocking.) When Nebraska under Osborne ran an option play, the fake to the fullback was just that, a fake. They did that so as to eliminate exchange problems (so you wouldn't have to decide instantly whether to give the ball or pull it back), to let the QB get to the edge faster, to allow the FB to concentrate on his blocking assignment on the play, and for the offensive line to block it differently since it was most often a trap. All three TDs against Miami were absolute things of beauty. My favorite personal memory is the first one, I was sitting in the south end zone with a friend. On third and short we went with 2 tight ends and a power I formation, Miami responded by taking out a safety and bringing in an extra tackle. My friend said that we'd run this formation twice now and not gotten anything. I said we were going to run play action to the tight end. At the snap of the ball, I am yelling "he's open, touchdown" before the pass was even thrown. The great part was the Miami fan sitting by us gave us a look with his mouth open like he was thinking, how the hell did these guys know what was coming. My friend just said, "we've seen them play a lot."