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  1. Being that, all time, Nebraska head coaches are 1-12 in the NCAA tournament, that just wouldn't fit in with our tradition.
  2. 40 years? It's more like 71. Harry Good was the wartime coach at Indiana.
  3. It would be a lot easier for somebody like him to show perimeter skills if he's guarded by a center than if he was guarded by a wing.
  4. If that were to happen, Miles would almost immediately have to have a quality replacement in place in order to keep the heat down. You couldn't have a situation similar to replacing Tyronn Lue with Joe Holmes without having a coaching search in the near future.
  5. Miles did pull a rabbit out of the hat with the quick fix in year two, so it's actually not impossible. Copeland is the most talented player they've had in at least 20 years, so there's that.
  6. He was by far going to be one of our two best returning players. But, it's not going very far out on a limb to say that his offensive skills are very limited at this point. It didn't help that a lot of our offensive possessions were hot garbage, but if he's going to go somewhere good and play the four he's going to have to put in a lot of work.
  7. Well, he did draw iron on an 8 footer one time. And he did have one assist for every time he had eight turnovers. Hell, I think he could have played on the wing.
  8. He should have never felt sorry enough for Frank Solich to tell him that he could be the next head coach. It's all been downhill since.
  9. $5 million a year with a $50 million lifetime bonus if he sticks around long enough to bring his family's coaching record at Nebraska up to .500
  10. It's not too late
  11. This program had four sub-.500 records from 1966-1999. We've also had four sub-.500 records out of the last five.
  12. 14th might be realistic.
  13. Is the reason they are recruiting JC point guards so heavily that another shoe is going to drop? Cut bait.
  14. One difference about the views of officiating between the have nots and the haves: we bitch about the officiating when we think we are getting screwed, they bitch about the officiating when they think the other team isn't getting screwed (or screwed enough).
  15. No, it's not very far-fetched. But improvements do need to be made (Roby, Jordy, Ed, Jacobson for sure) and they need some luck regarding injuries.