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  1. Would Miles even show interest after being burned twice?
  2. Did SE not talk to players individually to get a better feel for what is going on in the program before making a decision on Miles? Sounds like a big mistake to me if he didn't.
  3. It feels like a never ending nightmare. Someone please wake me up! That's my P.C. version.
  4. Poop!!! I really like Horne. We're losing a good perimeter shooter.
  6. Unfortunately I am in the same boat. These last 4 games really changed my perspective.
  7. Is there a list of the former players that will be there tomorrow for Legends Weekend?
  8. Probably why the traitor left. I looked at his stats the other day. PPG are up, but overall his stats are down from his Jr. year at Nebraska. Made me smile...and laugh.
  9. CBI

    I believe Oregon played against The Team That Shall Not Be Named for the CBI Championship. Purdue was the 1st Big Ten team to play in the CBI. I'd like to be where any one those teams currently are. I'd vote yes for the CBI if that was our only option. More basketball is a good thing!