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  1. Copeland

  2. Seat Yourself Process

    I wanted to move closer in my section from row 20, but nothing available with 4 seats together. Maybe next year.
  3. Seat Yourself Process

    I called the ticket office and they said email should be sent out later this week. Seat yourself process starts next week.
  4. Seat Yourself Process

    When does it start? I never received an email notifying me of my time.
  5. Breakout player

    I keep checking here multiple times each day hoping to see an update on Copeland. I'm starting to think somehow they're going to screw this up, similar to the Sallie situation.
  6. A comparison of teams

    My recollection is that later in the season, Jordy started talking to the refs before the game in order to get an idea on how they would call the game, which appeared to help with his foul issue that he had early on in the season.
  7. A comparison of teams

    This x 1000
  8. Agau's Salty

    Would Miles even show interest after being burned twice?
  9. Morrow leaving

    Did SE not talk to players individually to get a better feel for what is going on in the program before making a decision on Miles? Sounds like a big mistake to me if he didn't.
  10. Morrow leaving

    It feels like a never ending nightmare. Someone please wake me up! That's my P.C. version.
  11. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    Poop!!! I really like Horne. We're losing a good perimeter shooter.
  12. NCAA Tournament

  13. Sipple checks in

    Unfortunately I am in the same boat. These last 4 games really changed my perspective.