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  1. Next Assistant Coach

    I haven’t put my application in yet so no need to worry
  2. Next Assistant Coach

    Let’s go get David Grace, who was just fired from UCLA https://hoopdirt.com/worst-coaching-move-this-off-season-uclas-steve-alford-fires-assistant-coach-david-grace/
  3. Next Assistant Coach

    Maybe not now, but down the road give Cookie Belcher a look? Has to have some good connections coaching for IMG
  4. Really OT

    Top 5 (4 and 5 could be switched) 1. Breaking Benjamin 2. Starset 3. RED 4. Chevelle 5. Skillet honorary pre 90s bands... 1. CCR 2. Kansas
  5. Lunardi Hate Week

    Lunardi released his first bracket for next season. Has us as a 9 seed playing Xavier in Des Moines. We win we play Kansas
  6. Way too early 2018-19 BTN Standings

    I think these preconceived notions about teams and conferences matter a little more than we think when talking about preseason brackets or top 25 polls. The thought early this year was that the B1G was weak and the SEC was strong and we all saw how that played out throughout the season.
  7. Lunardi Hate Week

    Don’t think we will be short on respect to start next season, as long as everyone returns and stays healthy of course
  8. Obviously a lot of things can happen between now and next season, but according to Tom Dienhart at BTN we will finish 3rd in the conference next season http://btn.com/2018/04/02/dienhart-way-too-early-look-at-2018-19-big-ten-standings/
  9. What to do with Miles contract?

    If we ever wanted to open up a pipeline in Michigan, this would probably be the guy
  10. What to do with Miles contract?

    If people want a new coach take a look at Nate Oats from Buffalo
  11. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    As soon as I turn the Stetson game on we get a made 3 and force a TO...Too bad they are down 15
  12. Now what?

    Well luckily Michigan has to spend all week prepping for Illinois or Iowa. If they worry too much about us they will be in for a dogfight
  13. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Looks like some good results so far with TCU gonna best Baylor, Marquette losing, and hopefully St. John’s taking down seton hall in overtime here
  14. ESPN teasing that the Palmer dunk will he one of the SC top plays tonight. As it should be...
  15. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Have a feeling if we knock off marylsnd we will shoot up in # of brackets in on bracket matrix, and maybe even last 4 in with Lunardi. For some reason Maryland still holds a lot of clout.