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  1. ESPN teasing that the Palmer dunk will he one of the SC top plays tonight. As it should be...
  2. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Have a feeling if we knock off marylsnd we will shoot up in # of brackets in on bracket matrix, and maybe even last 4 in with Lunardi. For some reason Maryland still holds a lot of clout.
  3. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Another metric that plays to our favor that the committee will see in their packets for the 1st time this year: strength of record we rank 36th in the nation. Ahead of teams like Villanova, Purdue, and Ohio State. It’s not the perfect metric by any stretch, but nice to see we are looked at favorably
  4. Time to eat a little crow

    At the coaches convention down at the final four last year i was told by a certain coach in the state of Nebraska that every coach in college basketball cheats in some way or another
  5. Anyone hear Palmers post game interview? It was awesome
  6. Okeke literally doesn’t do anything good on the court
  7. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    I find the next 5 to be rather winnable. It’s always tough to win on the road and OSU is by far our toughest of the next 5, but those other road games are extremely winnable. Rutgers, Minnesota, and Wisconsin will most likely finish the season in the bottom third of the conference. Road games we MUST win. Iowa is very winnable at home too. For me, 3-2 is the bare minimum and I expect 4-1 with a loss to OSU. WE GO 4-1 we are sitting nice at either 8-5 or 9-4 in conference play depending on the result of the Michigan game
  8. NEB-75 ill-66 14 assists
  9. Letting this game slip away with poor offense
  10. Come on Watson...maybe your in a little bit of a rut because of the quality of the shots you’re taking.
  11. Shot selection no better than a C right now