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  1. Just found out on of my relatives is reffing this game. Very cool
  2. Nebraska (2-0) Vs. St. Johns (2-0) Game Thread

    For those wondering we are running a lot of Gonzaga ball screen continuity on offense (you can look it up). Can’t believe we aren’t attacking the post at all
  3. Elbow shots are starting to be de-emphasized. It’s all about 3’s or shots in the paint
  4. Yikes, a little scary. I wish i coulda watched and could watch more throughout the season, but that one was much too close for comfort
  5. Only up 1 at the half? What’s going on? Stagnant offense again?
  6. NEB-88 EIU- 67 non con: 10 total: 19
  7. Ranking of our current roster

    Common theme out of the newcomers: the ability to shoot from the 3pt line. Let's hope that allows us to space out the floor all season long and let Jordy to patrol the paint and attack 1 on 1s
  8. B1G Protected Rivalries

    That's funny, the Metro Detroit sports talk show was taking about this yesterday since it looks like Notre Dame is going to the ACC. The host and producer were pretty much in agreement that they want Oklahoma and Texas to join the Big 10 to balance out the west in football and be decently competitive in football. When the idea of bringing in Kansas instead of Texas was brought up, well...let's just say it was met with an emphatic no. I'm in favor of Oklahoma and Kansas btw
  9. Jacobson Gone?

    You'd think of all people, Miles (education degree) would have a pretty solid idea of how to teach without being a dick, and praise without creating complacency
  10. Jacobson Gone?

    The best coaches I've ever had were the ones who would tear you up when you needed/deserved it and would be the first to praise you when you do something right. As you said Hooper, it has to be a balance
  11. Most coaches I talked too got there late Wednesday or Thursday and head out Sunday. Very few stay or even attend the game