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  1. Ranking of our current roster

    Common theme out of the newcomers: the ability to shoot from the 3pt line. Let's hope that allows us to space out the floor all season long and let Jordy to patrol the paint and attack 1 on 1s
  2. B1G Protected Rivalries

    That's funny, the Metro Detroit sports talk show was taking about this yesterday since it looks like Notre Dame is going to the ACC. The host and producer were pretty much in agreement that they want Oklahoma and Texas to join the Big 10 to balance out the west in football and be decently competitive in football. When the idea of bringing in Kansas instead of Texas was brought up, well...let's just say it was met with an emphatic no. I'm in favor of Oklahoma and Kansas btw
  3. Jacobson Gone?

    You'd think of all people, Miles (education degree) would have a pretty solid idea of how to teach without being a dick, and praise without creating complacency
  4. Jacobson Gone?

    The best coaches I've ever had were the ones who would tear you up when you needed/deserved it and would be the first to praise you when you do something right. As you said Hooper, it has to be a balance
  5. Most coaches I talked too got there late Wednesday or Thursday and head out Sunday. Very few stay or even attend the game
  6. New Mexico a landing spot for Miles?

    Wouldn't necessarily hate this.
  7. 2017-18 Nebraska Juniors ?

    Saw Coach Miles, unfortunately wasn't able to ask him
  8. 2017-18 Nebraska Juniors ?

    If I see him down there, I'll ask
  9. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Illinois State's (27-6, MVC regular season champ) head coach is pleading on twitter for any power 5 team to schedule a home and home with them. I think that would be a great game to get on the schedule next year. Quality non conference game that would be a a fun challenge for next years squad
  10. NCAA Tournament

    I like that SDSU team, but I think they are playing the worst matchup as far as 16v1 goes for them. Gonzaga is loaded and I'm assuming Daum is gonna have to guard the man-mountain that is Przemek Karnowski. Not a good matchup
  11. Sipple checks in

    Ed was a black hole inside all year. If I was a guard and Ed got the ball anywhere near the block, I'm just getting back on D cuz that ball is not coming back out ever
  12. Okay I'll start it Who is coming back?

    No, but abot a third of the Portland and Bradley teams are on their already. Would hate to have that issue here
  13. Okay I'll start it Who is coming back?

    Another guy I'd like to keep my eye on pending on departures from our team... Dante Williams- 7'0" 255lb redshirt freshman center from Kansas State. Former 4 star recruit in high school, he has offers from schools such as Purdue, Vanderbilt, TCU, and La Salle, among others
  14. Okay I'll start it Who is coming back?

    Rashad Muhammad- SG from Miami, previously at San Jose State. Averaged 13.5 ppg over 2 seasons at SJSU while shooting 37.9% (134 for 354) from the 3pt line. Transferred to Miami, sat out, and is now transferring again it looks like. 6'6", 185 lbs that is really it so far in terms of Grad transfers
  15. Okay I'll start it Who is coming back?

    I'll get a current list together. Definitely something to keep track of as the off-season progresses