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  1. HHCC Game #05 - neut. UCF (Nov. 23, 5:00 PM CST)

    Nebraska 73 UCF 70 3 players
  2. Nebraska 71 St. John’s 67
  3. Nebraska 84 North Texas 63
  4. NU - 84 EIU - 63 Non-con wins - 9 Total Wins - 19
  5. Tim Miles Presser 10/2/2017

    I think ET is going to get quite a few minutes this year. How much is being a team leader and rugged defender worth in points? Because I think he will be an 8 points, 3 boards, 2 assist kind of player this year. Point being is that whomever wants to take those minutes may have to do quite a bit better than that type of stat line to justify the change. Just trying to wear TM’s hat and how he may look at it. The great thing about ET is that he’s unselfish. Say someone does take his spot after the first 8 or so games. I don’t think it will hurt team chemistry as he will positively carve out whatever role the team needs.
  6. Next Years Starting 5

    I think Palmer will start, but those completely counting Taylor out are wrong. Perimeter defense will be a premium this year. If your Miles and looking at Watson, Roby, Copeland, and Jordy as your other 4 starters, perhaps you start Taylor if his defense and toughness are significantly better than Palmer's. I think all 4 of those starters could average double-digits next year plus the combination of Allen/Jack/Palmer off the bench. I'm not predicting anything, I guess I'm just saying that having an offensive liability as a starter may not matter with this deep of team. Palmer may get you 11 and Even may get you 6 in a starting roll, but the perimeter defense may be more valuable. I think it's a moot point though as I think Palmer will start.
  7. Serious question ...

    Agree. That will help us in my opinion. 19 wins and .500 or better in conference will lock us in the dance. If we make it, we will be well prepared to finally win a game.
  8. Breakout player

    I have a feeling that Nana will be really, really good.
  9. NU's All Big Ten Team (so far)

    Diaz was extremely skilled with a Jay Cutler demeanor.
  10. Statistical predictions

    I think Nana is a sleeper. He could be really, really good. I don't think he's going to see a lot of time though, at least this year anyway.
  11. 2017-18 Team Goals

    1. Improve 3 point defense 2. Improve 3 point shooting 3. Build early season momentum. If this team does all three things, they will be right there on selection Sunday. They do 2 of 3, they are an NIT team. They do 0 of 3, we'll have a 20 page thread about who our next hire should be....by middle of conference play.
  12. Next Years Starting 5

    With Roby, I think 75% of his 'problem' is lack of confidence. If he has that his sophomore year, he will look like a totally different player.
  13. Thomas Allen is N

  14. My guess is Miles will be fired this weekend

    None of this is good for our program.