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  1. I wish there was not a drop off between the students and the crowd behind.
  2. I wish Doc had not confused baselines with sidelines
  3. Was there an OWH article calling for this that I missed.
  4. Wow report's yesterday were that he turned them down.
  5. Not being argumentative just curious what have the media made up.
  6. Steve Alford seems likely
  7. You can't say the same thing about upperclassmen none of them are as bad of defender's. If you come back with McVeigh I will no longer value your opinion. His ability to double team out of the post was significantly underated.
  8. There are 997 members of this board if you're offering free beer that could be one hell of a bar tab.
  9. Hey Eric I in Cozad your take is wrong bitch
  10. This is the first time I realized Shawn was Augustus Gloop
  11. I almost down arrowed you just for the though
  12. I'm going to chalk that up to a lot of Busch lights.
  13. Michigan beats Nebraska so bad Nebraska license plates change to blue and maize