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  1. Road to 20

    Since I am a member of this club too, can this be the club that drinks heavily? In celebration, no doubt.
  2. Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I wonder if George Washington considered Benedict Arnold an American; or was he to busy crossing the Delaware Turnpike to think about it?
  3. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Nevada beats Boise St 77-72
  4. Palmer listed in Mock Draft

    The Hawks just bought him up to the league per today's OWH!
  5. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    God, don't tell me you have to join a club to do this!
  6. Minnesota Game

    That Herbie may work for football; but in basketball, he reminds me of when the senior football players barnstormed the state after the season and had some 6'5" 320 lb guy playing for fun.
  7. Minnesota Game

    Well, not if you have been betting the Huskers all year.
  8. If you are saying you would take Happ over Palmer, I disagree. We have the best player and the best team. Love it more!