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  1. Rock Chalk Tock

    How about if we start up a cheer at the end: Rock, Chalk, Loss!
  2. You have to understand that many of those fans are at the game; yet they would rather stand in the spot above the north basket that sells beer. I think it was cheap beer night! Many jayshers have to get f***ed up to be a jays bball fan.
  3. 2017 Husker volleyball

    You gotta play the best to beat the best! Well, 2nd best.
  4. Kansas has always been a special game. My best Husker memories are when we have beaten them. Are there any special plans to spice up the atmosphere? Dimes? I think we have more than a puncher's chance at home. P.S. Next year, bluejays expire in PBA.
  5. I can't post and watch our games at the same time. I thought we played well and got the homered end of this one. If this was in PBA we would have won comfortably. I need to get off and continue to feel better by watching the volleyball on ESPNU where NU is up 2 sets to none.
  6. BC just upset Duke

    The BC game was very fun to watch. It was no fluke. I hope the next game I watch is as fun. \ So far it is, except for the color commentator and the refs.
  7. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Something tells me that he may care no more than Bo did what the listed salary is. The school can use the "sale price" salary remainder for something they would not get otherwise.
  8. NU 77 c 84 May I please be way wrong. It can be hard living in Omaha this time of year. Until we show up and play good ball away, it is hard to pick us.
  9. Bobby Jackson

    I am sure the same thing happened with T Lue, except the conversation was with his mother. She got a really good reception last year!
  10. NU 63 ms 83 8 conference wins
  11. They don't tell you anymore (as they did at the Bob) to come on down. Yet, you should judge the crowd and come down to make some noise when the opportunity presents itself. So far this year, every game presented that opportunity. Most of the "students on vacation" games will give you the same opportunity. During the KU game, act fast and look like a student.