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  1. I never received a notice to renew. The only reason I knew to check was this thread. Were the notices sent by email or snail? When I did go to renew on line, I had no idea what this card thing was. Is it like the CWS tickets you can get on your credit card or what? I think I signed up for regular tickets as a result. I would have hated to miss this. Thanks, guys.
  2. Fixed it for you. On twitter, click on the amount of time since post and it will take you to a single page tweet. Copy and paste the url.
  3. Maybe she just wanted to go to a school I HATE.
  4. Right after I posted above I found this 5/4/17 column from the OWH. The heart of the remainder of what you are looking for is contained below: "The unit of stoppers is different from what anyone expected in February. Freshman lefty Connor Curry (broken toe after he dropped a weight on his foot), freshman righty Paul Tillotson (shoulder surgery) and junior right-handers Reece Eddins (arm) and Zack Engelken (shoulder) have all been shut down with injuries. Eddins, who made 26 appearances last season with a 1.85 ERA in 48 2⁄3 innings, and the highly touted Tillotson were likely to have especially prominent jobs. All four continue to rehab and practice with the team, though they don’t travel for road games."
  5. Well, I can't tell you all of the injuries. However, the 3 I recall are: 1) Ethan Frazier, who'd had a 1.72 ERA in 15 2/3 innings. He left needing surgery to reattach a torn muscle to the bone. 2) Connor Curry, a freshman left-hander that was injured and out early in the year. 3) Reece Eddins was out from the end of March with an arm injury. He got Tommy John's surgery. In 2016, Eddins pitched about 40 innings from the bullpen with a 1.85 ERA. I think there is at least 1 or 2 more that I can't recall this late at night. While I am sure we all hope that Meyer's injury is no more than a distant memory.
  6. It sounds like our team may have a great selection of middle seats!
  8. I have a picture with Erstad and he never asked me to play ball; however, he did mention if I was hitting he would have to have Ben Miller pinch run for me to get more speed on the base-path.
  9. If they use this rotation they will be in a spot at the start of the B1G tournament where they will face whether they will start their Friday starter after back-to-back 3 days of rest. Any way they work it they will start the tournament at a disadvantage pitching-wise.
  10. HuskerFever, The B1G includes the tie as a half win and a half loss, so all the math changes. Here is the standings from the Big Ten site; Standings Conf. Pct. Overall Pct. Home Away Neutral Last 10 Streak Nebraska 14-6-1 .690 32-17-1 .650 17-6-0 12-5-1 3-6-0 8-2-0 W2 Michigan 14-7-0 .667 39-12-0 .765 21-5-0 12-5-0 6-2-0 8-2-0 W3 Minnesota 12-6-0 .667 30-17-0 .638 14-12-0 16-5-0 0-0-0 5-5-0 L1 Maryland 15-9-0 .625 33-17-0 .660 20-3-0 8-12-0 5-2-0 5-5-0 L2 Iowa 13-8-0 .619 31-18-0 .633 18-4-0 7-11-0 6-3-0 7-3-0 W1 Indiana 12-8-1 .595 29-19-2 .600 14-8-1 12-9-1 3-2-0 7-3-0 W2 Purdue 10-11-0 .476 26-24-0 .520 10-10-0 16-14-0 0-0-0 4-6-0 L5 Northwestern 10-11-0 .476 21-28-0 .429 9-12-0 12-16-0 0-0-0 5-5-0 W2 Michigan State 9-12-0 .429 27-21-0 .563 9-7-0 13-12-0 5-2-0 5-5-0 L2 Rutgers 7-11-0 .389 19-29-0 .396 8-10-0 11-19-0 0-0-0 4-6-0 W1 Illinois 8-13-0 .381 22-26-0 .458 11-9-0 10-15-0 1-2-0 6-4-0 L1 Ohio State 7-14-0 .333 20-32-0 .385 7-15-0 8-12-0 5-5-0 3-7-0 L1 Penn State 3-18-0 .143 16-35-0 .314 8-11-0 6-21-0 2-3-0 2-8-0 L2 If Minn. and the Huskers win out MU would be 17-6 (.739) and we would be 17-6-1 (.729). We need Minnie to fall under the starting pitching strain. We all become big Rutgers fans on Wednesday and Purdue fans for a weekend of baseball. In the meantime, take care of business in Happy Valley.
  11. As cold and windy as it was at the park this evening, I wish I was hammered.
  12. Silver, your mom must have been a great lady to have raised you. When you have more time, I would love to hear your version why Cip refuses to play golf with you at Pioneers Park.
  13. You mean like dad gives Ed a good talking to like Mrs. Lue did to TL back in the day?
  14. Well, we shared our LAST conference championship in 1950. I was born shortly after this title. Maybe I am the reason! Perhaps I should give up my tickets and go root for a blue might set things right.
  15. I agree he is not ready; but these teams will pay millions to let you mature on their bench if they believe you eventually will make it. Gosh, Kwame Brown made millions holding down the bench for years after being drafted #1 out of high school. If he would have spent time in college, I'm guessing his bank account today would be significantly smaller. If they are willing to gamble on you, let them.