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  1. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Dry RED and lots of it.
  2. Given Dimes is a college bball fan, you'd think he'd call him Halves. Unless he is anticipating the future, in which case he would call him Quarters.
  3. It looks like the schedule has one Friday and 4 Saturdays.
  4. OT: Eclipse Plans

    You are going to be open on Monday afternoon? I am taking my granddaughter from Omaha to St Louis U over the weekend and driving back Monday with my wife. Are you in totality and how far (minutes) are you off the interstate? You just might have to give away 2 glasses of wine!
  5. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    For all those in Aurora: See the above post and apology. Sue me twice. .
  6. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    Apparently, 9s and 0s look a lot a like when you copy and paste...or I fucked up, which is more likely. So, sue me. Thanks for the catch. i fixed it.
  7. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    This article says at the NebHSRecruiting Top 50 showcase on Aug. 1 they measured the participants. It says they measured Heiman's standing reach of 105.5 inches, no step vertical of 31.5, height 6' 10.5", weight 197 pounds, wingspan 81.25 inches and hand-size of 9 inches. http://www.omaha.com/neprepzone/recruiting/boys-basketball/platteview-big-man-brady-heiman-moves-quickly-commits-to-nebraska/article_40a373d2-7cb6-11e7-82eb-0bea119a29d6.html They list the stats for the top 50 from Nebraska under the above article including height/weight, wingspan, standing reach, no-step vertical jump and hand-size for each player.
  8. Offseason Potpourri

    Xerxes must have said this about his army commanders.
  9. Conference realignment for football

    So you think there are 15 universities that would volunteer to jump into a texas cesspool! Count me as doubtful.
  10. Who's going to MSG & the B1G Tourney

    So, you are saying you are out there for a price. Norman, you slut!
  11. Season Tickets

    I never received a notice to renew. The only reason I knew to check was this thread. Were the notices sent by email or snail? When I did go to renew on line, I had no idea what this card thing was. Is it like the CWS tickets you can get on your credit card or what? I think I signed up for regular tickets as a result. I would have hated to miss this. Thanks, guys.
  12. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Fixed it for you. On twitter, click on the amount of time since post and it will take you to a single page tweet. Copy and paste the url.
  13. Jess Shepard

    Maybe she just wanted to go to a school I HATE.
  14. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Right after I posted above I found this 5/4/17 column from the OWH. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/baseball/husker-bullpen-thriving-despite-being-hit-hard-with-injuries/article_a49e6fa4-cabf-5d02-9301-342bbacb9985.html The heart of the remainder of what you are looking for is contained below: "The unit of stoppers is different from what anyone expected in February. Freshman lefty Connor Curry (broken toe after he dropped a weight on his foot), freshman righty Paul Tillotson (shoulder surgery) and junior right-handers Reece Eddins (arm) and Zack Engelken (shoulder) have all been shut down with injuries. Eddins, who made 26 appearances last season with a 1.85 ERA in 48 2⁄3 innings, and the highly touted Tillotson were likely to have especially prominent jobs. All four continue to rehab and practice with the team, though they don’t travel for road games."
  15. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Well, I can't tell you all of the injuries. However, the 3 I recall are: 1) Ethan Frazier, who'd had a 1.72 ERA in 15 2/3 innings. He left needing surgery to reattach a torn muscle to the bone. 2) Connor Curry, a freshman left-hander that was injured and out early in the year. 3) Reece Eddins was out from the end of March with an arm injury. He got Tommy John's surgery. In 2016, Eddins pitched about 40 innings from the bullpen with a 1.85 ERA. I think there is at least 1 or 2 more that I can't recall this late at night. While I am sure we all hope that Meyer's injury is no more than a distant memory.