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  1. As cold and windy as it was at the park this evening, I wish I was hammered.
  2. Silver, your mom must have been a great lady to have raised you. When you have more time, I would love to hear your version why Cip refuses to play golf with you at Pioneers Park.
  3. You mean like dad gives Ed a good talking to like Mrs. Lue did to TL back in the day?
  4. Well, we shared our LAST conference championship in 1950. I was born shortly after this title. Maybe I am the reason! Perhaps I should give up my tickets and go root for a blue might set things right.
  5. I agree he is not ready; but these teams will pay millions to let you mature on their bench if they believe you eventually will make it. Gosh, Kwame Brown made millions holding down the bench for years after being drafted #1 out of high school. If he would have spent time in college, I'm guessing his bank account today would be significantly smaller. If they are willing to gamble on you, let them.
  6. If he was my kid/client, I would advise since he is projected as a first rounder he has to go get his $. He should not risk a severe injury as the potential rewards for returning are minimal; while the risks are substantial. Under a week.
  7. Not to mention shutting the exit would require closing the concessions stand by the escalators/stairs since nobody could conveniently reach it .
  8. I have a reasonable expectation that we will be the last power 5 school to win a March Madness game. How soon that is may be harder to predict.
  9. Is one named Tim?
  10. Damn...I didi not get home until the first media time out I am last but for the record I would have put up NU 73 pu 71 1 win
  11. Well, I am back in the states. Things did not go well for the Huskers while I was gone. My new prediction is: NU 67 mu 71 4 players with no turnovers
  12. Well ESPN did me the favor of not letting me watch the game tonight. According to them: "This is support for ESPN Player only : Watch ESPN is only available in the United States." Why I don't know. Maybe they want me to go to sleep. Kent is making it easier on me anyway; so, all is good...night.
  13. Unfortunately, I can now!
  14. Damn. He is not even 50! ( Born: July 11, 1967) I've got 16 years on him; yet, if yesterday I had unknowingly bumped into him on the street I would have said "Excuse me, sir." I always treat my elders with respect.
  15. In Nebraska there are may different versions of sexual assualt. They go anywhere from mandatory minimums of 25 years to a misdemeanor. I would bet the most likely provision in this type of college scenario is a situation where the alleged victim is incapacitated and unable to resist. Here is the statute: § 28-320. Sexual assault; second or third degree; penalty (1) Any person who subjects another person to sexual contact (a) without consent of the victim, or (b) who knew or should have known that the victim was physically or mentally incapable of resisting or appraising the nature of his or her conduct is guilty of sexual assault in either the second degree or third degree. (2) Sexual assault shall be in the second degree and is a Class IIA felony if the actor shall have caused serious personal injury to the victim. (3) Sexual assault shall be in the third degree and is a Class I misdemeanor if the actor shall not have caused serious personal injury to the victim. Cite as Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-320 Just my wild uninformed guess, but this is the most likely scenario in the college experience.