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  1. An article breaking down Lonzo Ball's funky shot takes notice that his % might be helped by UCLA using Wilson brand balls. https://theringer.com/lonzo-ball-ucla-shooting-mechanics-6eeda2ef3e41#.el9k8pq9q I'm pretty sure we use Adidas balls. Do we also have a different groups of practice balls based on what different teams are using?
  2. This really isn't the thread for any sort of meaningful discussion.
  3. Sure. Like if you used to post on here but then you couldn't because you couldn't figure out that all you had to do was reset your password to your email that may or may not exist so you used your mom's email to make an account.
  4. Funny...I personally felt like keeping Miles was the resolute path for refusing mediocrity. That's what you think is going on in this thread? You think this person just stumbled onto this board last week?
  5. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211518968#.WMdN6Ltxa5Y.twitter Salud Nick
  6. This I did not know so he is the NC level of Baer
  7. Different starting lineups 2016-17 Xavier: 9 Wichita St 8 Nebraska 6 Creighton 4 Iowa St. 3 Michigan 2 Wisconsin 2 St. Mary's 1
  8. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/luke-maye
  9. He was a ESPN 4 star with offers from Iowa St, Virigina, Va Tech, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Gonzaga so while I get that he's a local kid who really wanted to go to NC and wasn't a 5 star it's not like he's Nicholas Baer here.
  10. Did they close the free section on rivals or something?
  11. We were Dustin Ristic's backup school
  12. Something to keep in mind should we need to go shopping next year. Would love to have Beilein-esque or Beilein himself. However, if we're hitting reboot I'd rather see us go uptempo if possible.
  13. We didn't finish strong at all. However when you look back at our last few blowout losses you also see those were to teams going somewhere.
  14. I knew they hired him from Michigan; I didn't know how. From Wikipedia: Orr joined the Iowa State Cyclones in 1980. The move came about when the Iowa State athletic director called him to inquire about Orr's assistant, Bill Frieder. When Orr learned how much Iowa State was willing to pay Frieder, Orr negotiated the job for himself. Frieder then succeeded Orr at Michigan.
  15. Did anyone read this and initially wonder how many stars this Center that Penn St is recruiting has on Rivals?
  16. If you thought that you were getting Fred Hoiberg/Tony Bennett level known coach you probably feel this way. Matters a lot more about what he does than what people think. Thus far he's kept the assistant that landed them a 5 star center + the 5 star.
  17. Very well might not work out. However, I don't necessarily think that he's a one-and-done mercenary type. He was an assistant at Western Ill for the same coach for 11 years and for KSU/SC for the Huggins/Frank Martin for 7 years. Would you stick at Okie St if someone offered to triple your salary? BTW, he's a former KSU player and assistant. How much do those guys hate themselves more than usual today?
  18. I'd feel bad if I didn't have Gonzaga winning it all and/or liked hearing about Northwestern any time i watched ESPN.
  19. oof
  20. They low-balled him for $1mil per year and then were going to re-negotiate if they won. Apparently they hadn't put that on their front burner and getting paid 3 times as much seemed pretty OK to Underwood.