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  1. He was comparing outgoing to incoming and Copeland was a bit of a stretch comparison to slot in since we have yet to fill our other two scholarships. I'll note the irony of speculating about the lack of mention of a player in an article lambasting player rumors.
  2. Did he clear that with Steve Taylor?
  3. Barkley mentioned once during a podcast that the difference between good and great players is that the great players make everyone else around them better.
  4. I'll say I'm inclined to like his stuff enough though I know he's going to root for CU over NU when they play
  5. To me the thing I'm missing is the alpha dog. I know that was sort of Shavon and Tai but really those guys were more lead-by-example-complementary players than the take-charge-guy you were looking to for the last 2 minutes. I don't know that TP made anyone better or anything like that has much as he exerted his hating to lose persona on the team. The next most talented veteran is now Glynn and this hasn't really been his personality either. Side Note: I think him taking the last shot will be an improvement because I know he can take and make tough shots. Who is going to step up on the leadership role on this team? Taylor and Gill seem like they have the personality, especially off the court, but at this point I don't think they're the best options on the court in crunch time. This sort of stuff matters when we're talking about toss up games.
  6. How did he look on an outlet after rebound?
  7. The problem is that the comparison holds up as well as the Shim-Shams if they have to dance longer because Jordy is in foul trouble.
  8. Absolutely. Other than shot blocking, both MJ and Morrow are more skilled and other than Ed's feet they were reliable. It's really about how much time Jordy can play. Who are we going to plug in when Jordy and Okeke have 2 fouls a piece with 7 minutes to go in the first half?
  9. His best shooting team was his NCAA tourney CSU team 40.0% from 3 (8th) 50.1% from 2 (88th) 53.0% eFG% (34th) 50.9% assist rate (241st) With the way he runs his offense his best shooting teams will still be at best middling assist teams. I listed Duke and Kentucky in the other thread as teams that also don't generate a high assist % while constantly being among the most efficient offenses in Div 1. I'd say the problem isn't lack of identity. At its core Miles wants his team to drive to the basket for easy buckets/fouls while setting up open 3 point shots. On defense he wants to play a pack line defense to prevent driving lanes. More specifically, I think he wants 2 post players (1 who can shoot 3s, one who is a true post) and 3 combo guards/wings on the court. I'd say that a lot of the muddled results is that he chosen star rankings over most everything else when putting together this roster. Considering how hard it's been to get talented guys to come here, can you blame him?
  10. It's official
  11. We have discussed, actually
  12. BTW, his full name is Chukwudubem Okeke
  13. A response http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/barfknecht-transfers-are-the-way-of-the-world-including-nebraska/article_d29e0d92-a3af-5099-8c66-354ebae32b58.html
  14. Is Moses Abraham our only other graduate transfer? If so all Duby would need to do in order to become our greatest graduate transfer is not get injured and/or be able to throw an outlet pass to a guard in less than 3 Mississippis.
  15. If i'm crunching the numbers correctly, Palmer on an off year would put up offensively what Taylor did last year. I don't think he has Taylor's handles though and no clue what he's like defensively.
  16. Freshman year numbers Glynn Watson: 24.6 mpg - 8.6 ppg Tarin Smith: 17.6 mpg - 4.3 ppg Smith was a nice enough player and I'm expecting that his numbers represent what we would expect from a somewhat disappointing year with Allen (obviously he could have worse due to injury or whatnot). Watson's number seem like a good year for Allen and exceeding those numbers, especially the scoring, would be phenomenal. Anyone expecting Allen to perform better or worse than these two guys and why
  17. Waiting to catch the fax when the machine spits it out
  18. We're going to need a lot of contribution from guys who have never played a minute here plus better years from most of the returning guys. Also, we're going to need to figure out how to make all those pieces fit together. I hope so but the odds aren't really in our favor.
  19. Let me just beat my drum about assists numbers: Assists are a style statistic. It's an indication of how you score the basketball, not how well you score the basketball. Here are, for instance, Duke's offensive efficiency numbers vs their assist percentage. They consistently have one of the best offensives in Div 1 despite their relative lack of passing. Side note about assists: it's a subjective stat dictated by the home team. I agree that Padilla knows his basketball but his combination of youth and Creighton-ness led him to write the following Once again, assists are a style. It's a style that Creighton runs and they win. It's not Nebraska's style, they don't win. It's that simple, right? It's that thinking that basically had him pen a article about Nebraska having no identity when it really does have an identity: We run a dribble drive motion offense that could use more players suited to run it. Here are the numbers: Miles has consistently been in the lower end of assist% his entire Div 1 career. Sometimes that offense works; sometimes it's terrible. I think his point about not being able to find a style because we aren't specifically trying to generate offense through passing the ball is a flawed point. I also think it's the selling point we used for landing combo guard Thomas Allen. There is more than one way to win at basketball.
  20. and since I'm already on the Monday silly train, let's follow it up
  21. Truly excited that I am the first one to post a 90s Bud Ice commercial
  22. I could start up 12chan with just that one tweet
  23. I was pretty sure that SE was going to come out next week and tell us that Miles was going to be back year but TBH I wasn't 100% sure until about two hours ago. Huge signing that sort of stabilizes the part of the fan base that needs stabilizing + more importantly lands us our guard of the future.
  24. Tim Miles current employment status: