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  1. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    By default you can root for Iowa to lose all of their games
  2. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    https://www.app.com/story/sports/college/2018/02/21/seton-hall-basketball-pirates-leading-slippery-floor-forces-postponement/361640002/ The ice rink underneath overheated and players started slipping
  3. It's Time to Subscribe

    I find it peculiar that people wouldn't subscribe to a newspaper because they disagree with the opinion part; the news part of it is the point.
  4. It's Time to Subscribe

    I have a subscription to the Journal Star delivered to my doorstep every day. I know it's an organization that has journalistic standards and applies them. I'd subscribe to the OWH if I lived in Omaha or elsewhere
  5. It's Time to Subscribe

    Where do you think these terrible spins of news rip off their content from?
  6. B1G Tournament Bracketology

    If you're Ohio St you're rooting for whatever it takes to not face Penn St again
  7. You don't always need the corkscrew in your Swiss Army knife but when you have a bottle of wine it sure does help.
  8. If one can get the official ruling, might as well!
  9. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Yes. The computer rewards you for killing cupcakes, not screwing around with your lineups.
  10. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    The rankings are by adjusted efficiency margin....taking an adjusted offensive number and subtracting an adjusted defensive margin. https://kenpom.com/blog/ratings-methodology-update/ The ratings get "stickier" as the season goes along so it's harder to move up or down as the season progresses unless something dramatic happens. I think you could probably argue, and I know we have, that the Big East is slightly overrated. Thus being beat down by Villanova on the road or losing a close game at Xavier doesn't move the needle much. Losing at home to Marquette and getting killed on the road at Butler did. Since losing Krumple they've gone from 18th to 35th and I expect them to trend downward as losses vs Villanova and at Marquette look likely. They probably make the tourney but like last year they're backing in and probably get bounced in the first round.
  11. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Kenpom is a predictive system, not a rankings system. It's main function is to tell you if you match up two teams, who will win. It doesn't care if you win or lose so much as how much you win or lose by. For the RPI whether or not you beat Marist by 1 or 100 doesn't matter. It does for KenPom.
  12. Penn St at Michigan game

    The thing about Penn St is that with their traditional lineup they have to defend Mo Wagner's pick and pop with Mike Watkins.

    It doesn't matter if this is as good as some other year. We need to win a game against a white hot Penn St team where I think you can argue that a not as good Indiana team gets people more pumped. I'll stand or I'll watch the bench put on Macbeth if I think it will help get us to 22 wins.