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  1. It would seem the off-season summit has come and gone
  2. He has his moments
  3. We were a poor shooting team that couldn't regularly get to the FT line. In that regards, shooting more 3s makes a lot of sense. Who did you want shooting them this year....besides Andrew White? Miles is a guy trying to run drive everything towards the rim. On his teams that shoot a lot of 3s (for him) or make a high percentage of shots his A% and 3PA% are going to be middle of the pack at best. The biggest problem I'm noticing is that most of Miles' good teams made it to the FT line because the last two years we haven't and I'm not sure which guys are going to create that contact this year. Given we're bringing in more shooting it would seem that we should change our mindset of driving to the lane from 1-shoot 2-get fouled 3-pass to the corner 3 to 1-shoot 2-pass to the corner 3 3-get fouled It would also help if Isaiah Roby could turn into Petteway-lite in terms of driving to the hoop because he certainly has the size and vision to not only finish but to find those 3pt shooters.
  4. He was comparing outgoing to incoming and Copeland was a bit of a stretch comparison to slot in since we have yet to fill our other two scholarships. I'll note the irony of speculating about the lack of mention of a player in an article lambasting player rumors.
  5. Did he clear that with Steve Taylor?
  6. Barkley mentioned once during a podcast that the difference between good and great players is that the great players make everyone else around them better.
  7. I'll say I'm inclined to like his stuff enough though I know he's going to root for CU over NU when they play
  8. To me the thing I'm missing is the alpha dog. I know that was sort of Shavon and Tai but really those guys were more lead-by-example-complementary players than the take-charge-guy you were looking to for the last 2 minutes. I don't know that TP made anyone better or anything like that has much as he exerted his hating to lose persona on the team. The next most talented veteran is now Glynn and this hasn't really been his personality either. Side Note: I think him taking the last shot will be an improvement because I know he can take and make tough shots. Who is going to step up on the leadership role on this team? Taylor and Gill seem like they have the personality, especially off the court, but at this point I don't think they're the best options on the court in crunch time. This sort of stuff matters when we're talking about toss up games.
  9. How did he look on an outlet after rebound?
  10. The problem is that the comparison holds up as well as the Shim-Shams if they have to dance longer because Jordy is in foul trouble.
  11. Absolutely. Other than shot blocking, both MJ and Morrow are more skilled and other than Ed's feet they were reliable. It's really about how much time Jordy can play. Who are we going to plug in when Jordy and Okeke have 2 fouls a piece with 7 minutes to go in the first half?
  12. His best shooting team was his NCAA tourney CSU team 40.0% from 3 (8th) 50.1% from 2 (88th) 53.0% eFG% (34th) 50.9% assist rate (241st) With the way he runs his offense his best shooting teams will still be at best middling assist teams. I listed Duke and Kentucky in the other thread as teams that also don't generate a high assist % while constantly being among the most efficient offenses in Div 1. I'd say the problem isn't lack of identity. At its core Miles wants his team to drive to the basket for easy buckets/fouls while setting up open 3 point shots. On defense he wants to play a pack line defense to prevent driving lanes. More specifically, I think he wants 2 post players (1 who can shoot 3s, one who is a true post) and 3 combo guards/wings on the court. I'd say that a lot of the muddled results is that he chosen star rankings over most everything else when putting together this roster. Considering how hard it's been to get talented guys to come here, can you blame him?
  13. It's official
  14. We have discussed, actually