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  1. Eichorst Out

    You'd have to think Paul Myers will be on the list after he was in the running last time, right?
  2. Eichorst Out

  3. Anton Gill

    Yeah though I'll also accept LumberJack Splash
  4. Anton Gill

    I am kicking myself for not thinking of this!!!!
  5. Big 10 Talent

    Maybe I'm using the wrong word here. I don't care how you're ranking nor do I even care what the rankings mean. Can any of us be absolutely right or wrong in arguments in interpretation of this data anyway? No. I'm saying that their is a slight inaccuracy. The point of bringing it up is that in the only thing here you can have right or wrong you have something wrong. I often do the same thing. It's not meant to be personal.
  6. Big 10 Talent

    I'm pulling the W-L records for the last 10 seasons to break something down. I tell everyone we went 13-19 last year instead of 12-19 because I missed that the Chadron St game was an exhibition when pulling the numbers from Huskers.com. I didn't didn't come to 13-19 because I wanted us to appear to be better but because the script I used pulled the wrong info. It doesn't change our finish in the conference, whether we made the tournament, what sort of year, we had, etc. Someone points it out. I should stick with 13-19 because of my intent? Given the feedback I would personally wonder if I got the other 9 season right, not the motivation of whomever pointed out the flaw in my methodology.
  7. Big 10 Talent

    If your main objective is to lay out data in a consistent way for the purpose of comparison I was pointing out that it should be consistent. It's not like I'm pointing this out because I want the results to be different. I'm pointing it out because I believe in methodology.
  8. Big 10 Talent

    It's relevant if you don't want to make it seem like you're holding different schools to different standards.
  9. Anton Gill

  10. Next Years Starting 5

    Gill At some point I think Nana gets there but I think he's going to be one of those guys who has to figure out defense. Just my feeling.
  11. Next Years Starting 5

    Probably bigger to start the year and then smaller as we either figure things out or have injuries. I think we have 10 to start the season with Nana and Thor on the outside.
  12. Next Years Starting 5

    Quick and dirty from verbal commits Middle of the pack seems about right especially when you're able to lay out the other teams. BTW, Wisconsin is generally low and proof that team chemistry, roster composition, and coaching can take you further than what the numbers might project.
  13. Anton Gill

    Everyone here wants an Anton Gill that would be good enough to merit starting at the 2 because think of that depth. We've also seen enough results where guys were never the same after such surgeries. This is especially true in Gill's case because I don't think we've seen much/any play from him with no health issues.
  14. Anton Gill

    Anton has a new twitter account as well
  15. Next Years Starting 5

    This is in reference to JP's depth chart. @Jacob Padilla has Nebraska granted you any access to practice this summer/season? Gotta say for as open as Miles is with a lot of things that the limited access at times to that is frustrating.