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  1. Agau isn't coming here Part 3 starting to come to a head
  2. Husker Sports Nightly Tim Miles on the first segment + talking about who went pro from the conference in the second segment Writeup from Robin on the Miles segment
  3. Depends on who wins
  4. Summer barstool conversation
  5. Wasn't that going to be his fate here with less odds on making the tournament and without a free year to work on his shot? If the team flames out this year he's spending his senior year with whomever we would hire for a new coach.
  6. Assuming we don't win the B1G tournament we will have an open week before Selection Sunday with one of 4 possibilities Lock for the NCAA tournament On the bubble for NCAA tournament/Lock for the NIT On the bubble for the NIT No chance of playing in post season During which of these scenarios would we want another game to occur, where would we want it played, and what type of opponent would we want (Can't play any Power 5 schools except for in-conference).
  7. Our guy was noted for playing zone at Syracuse https://theringer.com/2017-nba-draft-3-and-d-prospects-41d14ea486b5
  8. Also, we're free to schedule a game between the B1G tourney and the NCAA tourney if we want. I don't even think we need to schedule it now. Theoretically we could schedule....let's say a Summit Team or MVC team if we were on the bubble.
  9. To add on to this, we're supposed to play a home and away conference game in Early December. Teams will play either Friday and Sunday (Dec. 1-3) or Saturday and Monday (Dec. 2-4).
  10. THE HELL HE DIDN'T!!! Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes!
  11. The flaw in this thinking is that giving forth the most amount of effort at all times is the same thing as drive for greatness. It would seem to me that LeBron's approach is to try and play at an MVP type level for as long as he can and try to win as many championships as he can during that time. I don't watch much NBA so I don't know how much he might coast nor how much other NBA players might coast during the regular season. Given the number of minutes he plays at his age...he should coast. The aforementioned Popovich is fairly notorious for limiting his guys during the regular season to keep them fresh for the playoffs. Jordan retired at 34 as one of the best in the NBA and then came back for an encore at the age of 38. At this rate LeBron will still probably be one of the best between the ages of 34 and 38.
  12. All defensive teams for Jimmy's top 5. Kareem - 11x Jordan - 9x (1 Def POY) Bird - 3x Magic - 0x Bill Russell (Award wasn't established until his last year in the league) LeBron - 6x It would seem that LeBron has been a good enough defender in the league to be named to the team 6 times. He probably has the capacity to be the best defensive player in the NBA if he wanted to...would winning that title in the regular season be beneficial for the team's goal to win the championship? Doubtful. Would you say that Magic Johnson also didn't possess drive and killer instinct because he didn't care enough to be a top level defensive player?
  13. LeBron is conservatively one of the top 5 NBA players of all-time
  14. MJ has been a decent mid-range shooter who took these soft hook shots at the rim and couldn't hit a 3. Overall this made him a inefficient scorer. His freshman year he was pretty serviceable and his ability to get to the FT line augmented that. Last year all of his other rebounding/ball handling/etc numbers propped up the fact his shooting numbers looked like Junior year Benny Parker in terms of efficiency...just a real slog of a year for Jacobson. It's a good get for Iowa St. and a good fit for MJ besides it being even closer to home for him. At this point for MJ he'll be a Junior PF/C and ISU doesn't have any Jr/Sr big men on the roster. He'll be in the mix to start. For ISU his floor is good rebounder/solid defender who backs up at 4/5 (That was what he was looking at for his role at Nebraska) If he can develop either a post game or that outside shot, he has a good chance at starting.
  15. Would we offer a kid if the football team already did? We were his highest level offer though.