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  1. hhcdimes

    Akoy Agau

    That's one way to do it
  2. hhcdimes

    OT: Going to the Hospital

    The Jay-Hole
  3. hhcdimes

    18-19 depth

    Looks like we have some character depth
  4. hhcdimes

    OT: Going to the Hospital

    Very CHIC naming
  5. hhcdimes

    18-19 depth

    Saw that Brady will be playing in the Omaha metro league with a group of guys his age... Probably his former AAU team
  6. hhcdimes

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Not really. There are a ton of levels on the European pyramid of basketball. While the top level of Italian basketball is pretty high up there his good showing means that even if he doesn't land with a nba or eurocup squad he will be plenty in demand for any high end country specific league. Eurocup is made up of the top teams of the various European leagues.
  7. hhcdimes

    NBA Playoffs

    This makes for a good example about loyalty in professional sports as the owners of the franchise didn't stay loyal to Seattle
  8. The two problems you would hit is that I think this will be the Friday before Christmas and the tickets need to be secured because this will easily sell out. If someone is a bus owner, either short or long, hit me up.
  9. hhcdimes

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Ubel tore his ACL btw.
  10. hhcdimes

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

  11. hhcdimes


    I believe most everything was out at Harry's place but I could be wrong. I think they find host farms in different parts of the state so it's not only just in the east, or just in the north, or whatever. The event was held on an acreage outside of Hebron. If the host couple had owned land a couple of miles north the event town would have been Bruning.
  12. hhcdimes


    The Cattleman's Ball isn't hosted in a town...it's on a farm place.
  13. hhcdimes


    This is the purpose of tempo free stats Fran typically has the offense and the team goes as the defense goes with last year being his worst at Iowa. Teams got easy looks and Iowa didn't force a ton of turnovers. It was way to easy for people to score.
  14. hhcdimes

    Way too early Top 25

    Never too early to start looking into Sweet 16 venues
  15. hhcdimes


    That's because @basketballjones hasn't actually listened to it yet The quote was a part of a response to Gaskin's question on whether he was coaching for his job. He stated that he wanted to be the long term coach at Nebraska and the comment about other opportunities seemed like proof that he was in this for the long run. If he's putting his money where his mouth is in this regard we won't need to worry about that buyout if he does put it together this year.