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  1. Does Missouri get that matchup 4/5 months ago? Seems like Advocare is trying to set up a West Virginia/Mizzou final
  2. Usage is everything from rebounds to turnovers to made or missed baskets. Deflections? I don't know of any readily available list of stats that has something like that. Here is just straight usage rate Tai Webster 28 Jordy Tshimanga 26.5 Ed Morrow 22.8 Glynn Watson Jr. 20.8 Jeriah Horne 19.8 Isaiah Roby 16.1 Michael Jacobson 16 Anton Gill 15.5 Jack McVeigh 15.2 Evan Taylor 13.5
  3. It's about the same/as bad as Jordy's
  4. I'll define IMPACT as (ORTG/2) + USAGE from http://barttorvik.com/team.php?team=Nebraska&year=2017 ORTG = (points produced per 100 possessions) USAGE = (estimate of teams plays used while on the court) Last year's IMPACT rankings Tai Webster 78.35 Glynn Watson Jr. 75 Ed Morrow 72.8 Jordy Tshimanga 70.2 Jack McVeigh 69 Jeriah Horne 67.2 Michael Jacobson 66.3 Evan Taylor 58.85 Isaiah Roby 57.7 Anton Gill 56.4 In this ranking that doesn't consider minutes played, Jordy is ranked higher and Evan is ranked lower than if you would consider being on the court more to be impactful. Someone remember to bump this at the end of the year and I'll post the results
  5. How do you define balanced?
  6. If i'm crunching the numbers correctly we're looking at Away - Purdue, Michigan, NW, Ohio St Home - Maryland, Mich St, Iowa, Indiana
  7. It links to a video. It shows him making 6 of 8 shots
  8. You don't have to look back much further than Ed Morrow's physicality between year one coming off that leg injury where he would finish shooting layups and year two where he was dunking everything to be able to imagine how much more aggressive Roby will be this year vs last year.
  9. I've heard some buzz that Borchardt could be that guy. If he's gotten himself into a playable shape I think that makes a lot of sense for those times we're matched up against a 250-300# traditional center. Otherwise, I think Roby makes sense for the small ball center vs Jack or Copeland because Roby is probably more physical and the superior rim defender
  10. Surge and Kye didn't play Moses took 30 shots in his Nebraska career and struggled to shoot from 3 feet away Andre had enough trouble getting up and down the court....we weren't going to ask him to pop up from 3. I don't think Jordy will start hoisting up 50 3s a year or something like that. I do think it's realistic to expect about 10 from him and to surpass the during his career the 38 total that MJ put up.
  11. A tweet about Wisconsin's Ethan Happ, a career FT shooting 57.3% center who hasn't taken a shot outside of the paint in his entire career as a Badger
  12. If this was 5 years ago, I'd agree we wouldn't see Jordy shooting 3s. The evolution of the game and hopefully ability is a reason I think he could see it.
  13. Mention of Roby, McVeigh, and Copeland on the court at the same time. With Roby and Jack practicing with the guards and with the posts this could mean we're potentially looking at - small ball lineup with two guards, putting 5 guys on the court that can shoot - lineup with a traditional post/PG where you have four guys 6'8" and taller you need to handle
  14. Jordy drops that that he's been working on his 3 point shot.
  15. I think we're both trying to say the same thing here