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  1. Duke had as many players drafted as the B1G
  2. If Louisville is stripped of the title, Michigan doesn't get it. No one does.
  3. Occurs to me we might have had an overbearing assistant during their freshman year.
  4. Sure once someone beats it.
  5. It's a measure of his jumping ability plus his wingspan. A shorter player who could jump just as high wouldn't hit the same height. It's relevant for his shot blocking ability...which he has. Michael Jacobson had 33 inches on his vertical jump. Okeke might break that.
  6. Did he interview the last time the Butler job opened up?
  7. He hadn't mentioned Rashon in a few Burnos
  8. Nailed it
  9. On my screen I'm seeing big ups
  10. They could have hired lewis the last time the job was open
  11. Boy they sure changed a ton since we found out they were part of the invitational
  12. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/nba/ct-bulls-fred-hoiberg-ohio-state-spt-0608-20170607-story.html Hoiberg isn't going to Ohio St