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  1. You must have missed the 35 pairs of customized kicks Miles has rolled out over the last 5 years.
  2. Joking about the layout of the post. G'Town would be a great opponent on several levels
  3. The lifting trophy weighs 325 lbs
  4. Not sure if he'll nab him but considering Jacobson is from the Des Moines area I'm sure Ali will try.
  5. We saw it here a couple of hours ago and now it's starting to bubble up on the internet
  6. Mostly basketball talk; Basnett and Sipple were at the lunch/EOS interview session with SE
  7. You don't think we can beat DePaul?
  8. Ha....makes this tweet about motion offense a bit funnier
  9. As far as I know no one from IMG has come to Nebraska
  10. UNO

    Just think of how nice it would be to have a local Valley team to poo-poo again!
  11. If Jordy can take on that mantle this will be a better team.
  12. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/mens-basketball/barfknecht-on-heels-of-huskers-worst-home-loss-in-program/article_1debfa70-0219-11e7-a166-c3f297b45b13.html
  13. I'd expect him to be all in verbally though I have a hunch we won't see a contract extension. There are some very compelling reasons to keep Miles but if Tom Crean would have expressed interest in coming here does anyone think that Miles would still be the coach?
  14. It would seem the off-season summit has come and gone
  15. He has his moments