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  1. It's a typo from the scorekeeper. Laws didn't play.
  2. That was a tongue in cheek tribute to LeeBo's article.
  3. I sure hope so because last year he averaged a foul every 5 minutes.
  4. It's not the same but I'll have the entire periscope video in youtube form here shortly.
  5. Some thoughts Anton Gill subbed in for Taylor to start; Roby subbed in for Copeland. When you see the offensive impact of Palmer and Copeland, it makes a lot of sense to pair Taylor with 4 guys who are more than comfortable shooting. If we want to get Roby going offensively, having him as Copeland's backup means he won't be the 5th offensive option to start the game. Miles is fairly consistent with his lineups to start the season, especially if we're winning. That lineup can also change if someone is going to roll out two big forwards and a center. Copeland shooting 6 3s shows me were ready for him to play a Pitchford type role in this offense. Jordy and Dube will have room to operate in the paint. Dube did some nice things on the court; he also did some Dube things that have kept him off the court his entire career. He comes in with 15:56 to go in the second half and in the next 30 seconds turns the ball over and get's call for a foul in the process. One minute later and it's another foul (his 4th). To the bench. I'm not sure what level of practice Nana brings but not getting any PT probably indicates he's not practicing at a high level at this point in addition to being buried on the depth chart Palmer scored those 17 points on 6 attempts. mini-TP was quite efficient in this one. Ben "I hate zone" Howland flummoxed us with some zone in this one. Guys seeing action in the last 5 minutes Jack, Glynn, Copeland, Taylor, Roby, Palmer, Dube
  6. Go on record now.

    I get the intention of this thread. Bulldozing me doesn't really change my opinion though.
  7. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    In between the Dirk and SIp articles this last week the guys at the OWH and LJS are prepping the masses for a new coach. 8-4 would definitely mean another year. Not so sure about 7-5, 6-6, or worse.
  8. Yes. We are currently winning against what should be a solid team.
  9. Huskers picked 13th? Again?

    Leebo picked us 9th in the media poll
  10. Go on record now.

    Seems like this was phrased better under 'will this team be better than last year's' because this trade as structured is intellectually dishonest. Here was our roster for this year when the season ended last year. Palmer and Copeland were already part of the team before the other 4 guys left. Really we have traded: MJ, Ed, JH, and Fuller for Dube, Thomas Allen, Thor, and an empty scholarship. If one wants to go a step further in knowing that Fuller was going to grad transfer we're talking about MJ, Ed, and JH for Dube, Thor, and an empty scholarship. With all due respect to Dube, Thor, and no one, the other 3 guys would have provided a lot more depth. On the other hand, you can look at D. Biggs for the value of addition by subtraction. Now...is our team chemistry going to be better with 3 guys gone who would probably be griping about lack of playing time/starting off the roster? Will the big discussion point be that we're just one rebounder away from winning some games? Are we going to get another 5 star mid season?
  11. Huskers picked 13th? Again?

    Last year his min% (percentage of minutes played) was 60.1. SI is projecting that to go down. They are projecting him to shoot more, but not significantly. If you assume he plays the same # of minutes as last year, then they'd have him scoring about 6.4