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  1. Just like last month, canning Miles without someone lined up seems like a bad short term move and one that you can make just as easily next year. Next year you also won't have Indiana and Illinois (and hopefully not Ohio St) filling a job. IMO if we need to make a change, 2018 just seems like a better year to do so in both the short and long term.
  2. What is the assistant. Who is the coach.
  3. K-State just game him another year so this seems like a bad guess.
  4. To put some more explanation into this post. I don't think anyone here thinks we're better off without Ed. Any sort of knock on his game is basically coming from a place of disagreement on where he should play. Padilla's thoughts were echoed in LeeBo's story and you could hear the same sentiment in various Morrow interviews over the last year. Ed doesn't want to play center; he wants to play forward. With our roster, this isn't necessarily optimal (it's fine to disagree with that). Putting Morrow and Jordy on the court at the same time basically clogs up the lane, which we are trying to drive into. In some regards we have failed Ed because we didn't put the right players around him that complemented his strengths and weaknesses. In some regards he's failed us because he doesn't want to play in the spot that is beneficial to the rest of the team. At the end of the day this seems like a business decision by him.. It's especially hard to hear this sort of modern day phenomenon coming from the one guy you'd expect to care about wearing the N.
  5. He already talked to Miles about leaving on Monday in addition to how long he's been thinking about it.
  6. This along with having a year to not injury his feet seem about right?
  7. Does anyone have Mark Donnal's number? I think he doesn't mind playing the 5.
  8. This endless Osborne talk is almost like smashing your fingers with a hammer to stop a gunshot wound for hurting so much.
  9. So I guess he is transferring
  10. A misuse of "3PA is a style, not a solution" for me. That being said, how much more "talented" is South Carolina than us though?
  11. Final 4 teams 3pa/fga Team / % / NCAA rank Oregon: 38.7% / 115th South Carolina: 33.6% / 245th Gonzaga: 32.9% / 256th North Carolina: 30.1% / 311th Our 3pt shooting problem is more of a recruiting problem than a on court strategy issue, IMO. I don't know that we should be shooing more 3s because we haven't recruited/built many superior 3pt shooters. Heck, even Collins dialed it back this year because his team simply wasn't shooting the 3 well. NW: 35.7% / 195th (made 34.2% of them)
  12. https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/did-northwestern-basketball-run-off-johnnie-vassar/ An ugly story about transfers
  13. A lot of mouths to feed next year. One way to do that is playing a lot of guys fast. We have the roster to do that. Conference play Tempo 2013 - 60.9 (10th) 2014 - 63.9 (6th) 2015 - 61.6 (10th) 2016 - 65.0 (12th) *shot clock changed from 35 to 30...everyone got faster 8 2017 - 69.0 (6th) FWIW last season even with Gill out and Ed out half of conference it felt like this was our deepest roster since Miles started here. We'll have to see who we fill with our last two spots, when Copeland can play, and how Nana looks but currently it looks like we have 9 guys that should play minutes.
  14. Until we win, we're the team that's listed above Rutgers in power polls. Embrace the power of nobody believes in us. F' it. GIVE US LAST SON.