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  1. 1. watson 28 2.allen 23 3. roby 24 4. copeland 25 5 jordy 24 6th man- palmer 17 7jack 13 8 taylor 13 9 nana 13 10 duby 12 11 gill 8 this should be the best roster miles has had. It would have been nice to have morrow, but i don't see his absence being as big of a loss as white was last year.
  2. he shot 55% from the ft line as a freshman. if he can get to that 55% and keep his fouls down, he will be a big asset.
  3. i'd be concerned with hack a shaq, but i don't think duby will be on the floor in crunch time.
  4. this was a necessary pickup, but 26% from the FT line is pretty scary. hopefully he can at least get to 50%
  5. is it too late for morrow or jacobson to come back? half joking.
  6. pretty shocked. just didn't seem like he was showing much interest towards us. huge get for this year.
  7. i was just sorting them by position. shields and pitchford would probably start at the 4 and 5
  8. 15-16 had pitchford and petteway stayed: pg. glynn/benny sg petteway/ tai sf white/shields pf pitchford/morrow c jacobson/hammond
  9. my biggest concern is that it's going to be tough for miles to replace these transfers with quality players when his job security is getting worse by the day. not to mention he only has a few months to find these replacements.
  10. i heard morrow told miles in player meetings he wanted to take a redshirt year to fully heal up his foot injury and work on his shooting, and miles wasn't real excited about that.
  11. I heard jacobson wants to be a stretch 4 and was upset when miles basically told him to stop shooting 3s the second half of the season. he took 20 3 pointers in the non con and 3 during conference play.
  12. no way riley would survive another 6 win or worse season. 7 wins should be the absolute minimum to even consider keeping him.
  13. he'll be a first rounder but probably could have worked himself into a top 5-10 pick if he came back next year.
  14. 1 thing to consider is that miles has lived in the midwest his entire life. i'm not sure he'd want to move to new mexico