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  1. bad fit for him. will be stuck behind towns and dieng.
  2. his athleticism excites me until i remember he shot 26% from the line and averaged 3 ppg. hope he's working on his game.
  3. watson, petteway, white, shields, pitchford would have been our version of the warriors. unfortunately we didn't get to to see it happen.
  4. which means he has to win 16 games minimum. any less than 16, and i don't think you can make any argument for keeping him.
  5. well he for sure can't have another losing season.
  6. Tim's only goal should be to win 17 games because any less than that and i think he's gone.
  7. I feel like erstad has done a decent job given how bad of a baseball conference the B1G is. We just need to keep making regionals, and eventually things will click at the right time.
  8. any chance of us hosting a regional if we win out?
  9. even at dec 16, he's basically missing the whole non-con. it'd be very wise for miles to schedule an easy non-con.
  10. a lot hinges on whether or not copeland is eligible. if copeland can't play until january, we are going to need another power forward.
  11. well i guess agau might end up playing in PBA one way or another.
  12. I'm not a fan of some of the stuff agau has said on twitter, but would definitely respect him if he came here to try and help us win.
  13. we're recruiting akoy agau?
  14. 1. watson 28 2.allen 23 3. roby 24 4. copeland 25 5 jordy 24 6th man- palmer 17 7jack 13 8 taylor 13 9 nana 13 10 duby 12 11 gill 8 this should be the best roster miles has had. It would have been nice to have morrow, but i don't see his absence being as big of a loss as white was last year.
  15. he shot 55% from the ft line as a freshman. if he can get to that 55% and keep his fouls down, he will be a big asset.