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  1. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    last year miles said Gill would have a petteway like impact on the team... so i'm going to take a wait and see approach.
  2. in: allen, copeland, duby, palmer, thorir, nana out: ed, horne, jacobson, webster, fuller. i think the talent we brought in will at the very least be equal to what we lost. then if you factor in that watson, jordy, roby, and mcveigh will all be improved, we should expect to see more wins this year. miles needs to get to the NIT to keep his job in my opinion.
  3. Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    i never thought it made sense to leave 2 spots open when this is a make or break year for miles. then you factor in gill's health and copeland's status, we definitely needed another player.
  4. The Isaac Copeland watch

    it's official barring a very unlikely chance of winning an appeal is what i meant.
  5. Offseason Potpourri

    a lot of people were saying gill would be as good as petteway, and that didn't pan out. i'm going to take a wait and see approach here.
  6. The Isaac Copeland watch

    there's still a chance of getting the appeal, but does not seem likely.
  7. The Isaac Copeland watch

    it's official now. not eligible for the start of the season. hope roby and jack are ready to play power forward.
  8. The Isaac Copeland watch

    yes, but he did transfer and a whole new set of rules apply once you transfer from a school. obviously the transfer rules are ridiculous, but that's how it is.
  9. The Isaac Copeland watch

    basically hearing the ncaa doesn't think an injury should allow him to play at a new school earlier than a healthy player that transfers.
  10. The Isaac Copeland watch

    from what i heard, it's not likely he'll be eligible to start the season.
  11. My Head Hurts...

    i'll be surprised if the football team wins more than 7 regular season games. i actually think basketball has higher hopes this year. (assuming copeland is cleared)
  12. i'm pretty sure most people were expecting him to score more than 3 points though. he was a 4 star recruit that was joining a roster that just lost 35 points in scoring from white/shields.
  13. i'm curious to see how big of a leap he can make. he left a lot to be desired last year, but clearly has a ton of potential.
  14. Annual red-white scrimmage, pick-a-winner thread

    it's pretty dead even, but i'll give the edge to the red because of watson.
  15. Breakout player

    gibbs was granted his 6th year of eligibility on july 2nd... if gibbs can play 6 seasons, i hope copeland can be allowed to play 4.25.