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  1. jordy's struggle is the dark cloud on this season so far. i never imagined he'd be struggling this bad, and it's making the loss of morrow/jacobsen more crucial than i thought it would be.
  2. the refs made some bad calls, but that's not why we lost. creighton shot 50% vs nebraska's 38%. i know roby was in foul trouble, but he needs to be playing 30 minutes from now on. if miles doesn't make that adjustment than miles probably won't be here much longer. 38 combined minutes from jordy, duby, jack, and allen and no points. roby played 13 minutes and had 10 points.
  3. i mean wtf. that was bad.
  4. Creighton Match-Ups

    cu has no need to body up jordy/duby. they are scoring a combined 4ppg, and creighton has no intention of attacking them in the post. they will draw them out to the perimeter and either shoot right over them or drive right around them. this is the perfect game for roby to play IMO. i would love to see jordy have a 15 and 10 game and duby block 5 shots, but i just don't see it happening tomorrow.
  5. Creighton Match-Ups

    i would not try to outshoot creighton. their whole team is built around shooting. they have no shot blockers this year. i would try to attack them at the rim. this would be a good game to shorten up the lineup because i don't see duby and jordy having much of an impact in this game. i hope i'm wrong.
  6. Burn Creighton Burn

    Creighton's bigs have 3 point range. i worry about jordy/duby on the perimeter. this would be a good game to play roby 25+ minutes.
  7. are we really storming the court?
  8. this is a big win. minny was a 5 seed last year and basically returned their whole team.
  9. is it time for fans to hit the exits?
  10. we are getting some calls. jordy ran right into their guard before blocking that
  11. these refs are something else. they've probably helped us for the most part though.
  12. ok. roby copeland in. time to attack with this lineup.
  13. they've gone on a 7-2 run since we took him out.
  14. gotta extend the lead with murphy out
  15. copeland scores 6 straight points then miles takes him out.