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  1. attendance will be fine if we can put a .500+ team on the court.
  2. akoy is trolling hard and is clearly bitter things haven't worked out for him at louisville or georgetown. he should get in the gym instead of tweeting.
  3. would we have tried to get him if miles had been fired?
  4. not too upset about fuller/horne leaving. if miles can find a couple petteway/white type transfers to fill their spot then we'll have a chance to be real good next year.
  5. i can't blame horne. he should have gotten more minutes imo. i know that fuller and horne were the most likely to transfer, but still not a good sign that we've lost 2 players before the ncaa tourney has even started.
  6. going to play with coach smith?
  7. groce was coaching a team in a recruiting hot bed that made the finals 10 years ago. miles was coaching a team that's never won an ncaa game. that's the difference.
  8. obviously anybody could leave, but watson is one of the last players i'd expect to leave.
  9. no excuse for them to be this bad. so much talent to recruit from.
  10. his issues are more than just a slump. not a good defender and a bad rebounder. jack's going to have to get a lot better or will lose a lot of playing time to roby/copeland/nana/palmer
  11. why would he leave? he started every game but 1 and is essentially the only point guard on the team.
  12. if we lose palmer, miles is going to have some serious work to do in finding some guards. glynn, anton, and taylor are not going to be enough to get it done.
  13. that would be enough improvement to bring miles back IMO.
  14. i agree it's similar to solich. you're better off keeping the old coach a year too long than firing him a year too early.
  15. completely agree. syracuse had a terrible non-con and most people think they are going to make the tourney with only 18 wins.