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  1. New rules being discussed

    Yes, please! There is a reason teams practice flopping and it isn't for good defense. Make the defender defend and not just jump in a position hoping for a call. If an offensive player lowers a shoulder/plows a defender call an offensive. Otherwise let the game flow. Force teams to make plays, not refs to make calls.
  2. Agau's Salty

    Nebraska boy. Get him.
  3. Jacobson Gone?

    Because an education degree means a lot. Haha!
  4. Jacobson Gone?

    So did he want to shoot more threes or what?
  5. Morrow leaving

    Baylor probably isn't a good example...
  6. Morrow leaving

    This bugs me more about the current Husker basketball culture. Not being able to keep guys around (assistants or players) to build for more than a year. Relying on transfers that don't necessarily have a long term connection to the school.
  7. Bizarro Fire Miles Talk (Not BS)

    Keep him. Don't renew the contract. Save some money. Then you'll either look for a new coach next year or give an extension because of results.
  8. Minnesota vs Nebraska Game Thread

    Have to be able to coach it.
  9. CBI

    If they have the opportunity to play more basketball then they need to take it.
  10. Lee B brings the hammer!

    A dumb Lee B. article with four games left and some momentum. Seems par for the course I guess.
  11. Most Big 10 teams are relatively young so it isn't like more experience automatically gets more wins. I'll just say NIT next year.
  12. So get rid of a thing they do right? Easy enough for fans to do it anyway and better.
  13. Culture

    They'd probably be the hottest team in the country if they pulled that off. I would be ok with any postseason play.
  14. It is kind of a 3 point contest.
  15. So getting McVeigh and Horne in the game helps the offense. Who woulda thunk?