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  1. Rutgers: Saturday

    Devaney had that special popcorn smell.
  2. Hate Will Never Win

    So one douchbag got some on the campus in a fervor? Funny. I'm guessing this is the reaction he wanted. Maybe we can get an antifa vs. white nationalist vs. jihadi rumble? They can weed each other out.
  3. Break from Bubble Worries

    Another road win would probably buy us 1 game. But may as well win them all.
  4. Need to get to the rim and draw some fouls.
  5. Starting To Get Anxiety...

    Guessing if we finish 4th in conference we are in.
  6. Big Ten Coach of the Year?

    Right now, Holtmann or Painter. Depends how end of the season goes. We all know it is how you finish.
  7. Have to at least split the next two road games.
  8. Iowa

    Another must win.
  9. Rutgers

    Basically have to win tonight if we expect to make the tournament.
  10. Must have. It was just getting fun.