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  1. Yori had to be let go, no ifs ands or buts. I'm actually surprised they kept KW on staff, shows what runs this state.
  2. Also stated we never had a lead in game until 11 seconds is also wrong.
  3. Actually a pretty good article from the owh.
  4. Glynn was just reported as having a sore groin.. so there was legs
  5. You mean coaches call one from sideline? Because they can't do that anymore.. At a deadball or after a made basket they can.
  6. This.. it he didn't want to lose another possession. Glynn was trying to come in for Tai and needed that dead ball.
  7. Was thinking this as well. Nana will play as a freshman.
  8. As many people who dogged on Gill, we are missing that depth right now.
  9. Woah if ward is a no go, that limits there post even more. Bridges will get big mins down low if that's the case.
  10. "Next Eleven" 1-1 L @ Northwestern W vs. Purdue Next Nine: vs. Michigan State W @ Iowa W vs. Wisconsin W vs. Penn State W @ Ohio State L @ Michigan State L vs. Illinois W @ Minnesota L vs. Michigan W Really like this, but think we can beat osu on the road. Wisconsin at home will be the toughest game left. Minny on the road isn't as scary as I thought at the beginning of the conference season. All this depends on a healthy Morrow as well..
  11. I agree. I believe Miles stated on radio that Tai wanted to be in to inbound the ball and then wanted Evan to sub in for defense because he was gassed and ankle was throbbing.
  12. Correct, last year Erstad and Mike Riley were with him.. Oh and Boehm
  13. CwG always bringing us back to reality! Love it and thanks!
  14. Eichorst was for sure in student section, so I assume others were with them. Love this!
  15. Don't see all 3 bigs starting.. maybe 2