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  1. BIG10 power rankings

    This guy is a huge Illinois homer. Wow
  2. Past/Future Opponents First Games

    Thanks for putting that together throwback
  3. The Official Media Thread

  4. Open Scrimmage

    New announcer is JP from 96.9 radio station. He’s done Women’s b-ball and soccer. Will be interesting to see how he does. Very nice guy.
  5. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    RIP Row6, thanks for all you contributed to this site. You'll be missed. God bless you and your family.
  6. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    Just the tip 😂 Had to do it
  7. Huskers Preseason Event - Oct. 6

    Wonder if they'll have the "fan day" deal. Would love my little man to meet some players.
  8. Yori had to be let go, no ifs ands or buts. I'm actually surprised they kept KW on staff, shows what runs this state.
  9. Also stated we never had a lead in game until 11 seconds is also wrong.
  10. Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    Actually a pretty good article from the owh.
  11. Injury Updates

    Glynn was just reported as having a sore groin.. so there was legs
  12. Running out of time outs?

    You mean coaches call one from sideline? Because they can't do that anymore.. At a deadball or after a made basket they can.
  13. Running out of time outs?

    This.. it he didn't want to lose another possession. Glynn was trying to come in for Tai and needed that dead ball.
  14. Next Years Starting 5

    Was thinking this as well. Nana will play as a freshman.
  15. As many people who dogged on Gill, we are missing that depth right now.