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  1. Next Years Starting 5

    Misread your original question, sorry.
  2. Next Years Starting 5

    Defense can be coached, but one has to be athletic enough to do so. I'm guessing a top 150 recruit with elite athleticism can guard. It has everything to do with his defense because being a poor defender could keep him off the court regardless of his offensive prowess.
  3. Next Years Starting 5

    Nebraska hasn't fielded a full lineup the last few years precisely for that reason. The most forgotten impact player Nebraska has had is Rey Gallegos. He was third on the 13-14 tournament team in minutes. He was a good defender and a serviceable three point threat. His presence on the court on offense meant open lanes and less double teams. I see Allen having the ability to play a very similar role if he can guard the perimeter.
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    He's a very good shooter who shoots a true jump shot from 3. He shot 45% from 3 in high school, if I'm not mistaken. I think his athleticism transfers to D1 immediately.
  5. I think Taylor is a very serviceable point guard if Miles makes up his mind that's what Taylor is. He takes care of the ball, has great size, can get to the lane, and is a very good defender. Otherwise, it's going to have to be Allen, which I think would be a waste of a skilled scorer. Taylor's offense is ineffective on the wing for the most part because he's not a consistent shooter, but his defense has always been very good. I think he could do some damage as an aggressive PG off the bench and a utility sub for 2 and 3. He doesn't need to be a starter to log starter minutes. I think Allen gets the nod at the 2 with a short leash for Palmer. It'll depend on matchups though. Very different athletic types.
  6. Next Years Starting 5

    I think Nana is a major sleeper here. He is an elite 3pt shooter and athlete. I think there will be games where he will come in and stay in because he spreads the floor and can defend/rebound/run the court from the 3. The number one question I had before the summer is still the question I have now--has Roby developed into a serviceable three point shooter? If so, no one has a prayer of taking his spot. If not, I can see some situations where we roll out a lineup of: Watson (40%) Allen (50%?) Nana (45%?) McVeigh (35%) Copeland (35%) The defense would probably be awful with this lineup, but it could probably destroy a zone. One thing I LOVE about Copeland's film is his ability to find openings in the middle of zone defense, catch the ball, and score. He's definitely going to be our zone buster on the interior. But if Roby can get to a 35% clip from 3, he would probably play the 4 in that same lineup. I think Roby's 3pt shooting and Nana's ability to guard the 3 will be the biggest factors in McVeigh's playing time.
  7. Copeland

    This. Creighton has proved me completely wrong. I thought they'd fall apart in the Little East, but Coach Mac has been phenomenal there. Respect is due, and they are not our benchmark this season. They have a better program than we do, but I think the young talent is in our favor. Mac has an absolutely awful philosophy on both ends for what TM wants to do, regardless of the talent on the floor. That's why TM is 0-for against him. It's like Washington State playing Navy in football or something.
  8. Copeland

    You got Gill in the two-deep? I don't. I'm basing that on injury though. I saw enough from him to believe he'd become more consistent.
  9. Copeland

    Agree, and I think it gets better big picture. Glynn/Taylor Allen/Palmer (slight correction, IMO, but I can't see a shooter that good not starting) Roby/Nana Copeland/McVeigh Jordy/Okeke/Borchardt Wow. Copeland makes it all make sense. That is a terrifying starting 5, and a super deep bench (I think there'd be practices where that bench beats the starters). We're at least 10ppg better than last season, and that's a conservative estimate. Let em loose, TM and co. This is tournament talent.
  10. Copeland

    HUGE. That's the kind of talent that keeps us from losing dumbass games (please God let this be the year of no dumbass losses) and gives us a shot to pull off an upset or two in non-con.
  11. Offseason Potpourri

    Wow. TB has really chiseled up. I think he'll definitely play. I had no idea he was in that good of shape. I don't really think of him as a walkon because he was already a D1 athlete. Usually, with time (years), that athleticism can transfer between sports. He always had good footwork and very good hands. He'll bring offensive tools to the table that Okeke won't. I wonder what TB weighs right now. I'd guess he's in the 250-260 range. He'll definitely be able to bang. I really like this development. Does anyone know if TB has any range on his jumper? I've never heard anything either way.
  12. Jack's a true 3-4 tweener. Hopefully this summer he either 1.) gained weight so he can guard the 4 in the post or 2.) gained some quickness so he can get open on/guard the perimeter. I really hope he finds a good role. He's too skilled to not be useful. Ugh.
  13. For the regular season, I definitely agree with you. As a veteran role player in the playoffs, I think he could still be very disruptive. I hear you though.
  14. They have something better--Lebron James, so they're almost guaranteed to have a wide open shot for a professional basketball player to make as long as the play goes through him. When he does shoot at the end of games, he has a higher percentage than Kobe or MJ though... #clutchmyth
  15. Once Chicago buys out DWade they'll add him as well. Lebron, DWade, Crowder, and Rose (if he's motivated) can all be elite perimeter defenders. Crowder is the biggest steal of the offseason, IMO. There are plenty of games where he's a better player than Kyrie. I cannot stand Kyrie's game.
  16. OK, Let's Talk Basketball

    Almost every player on the left is a better/more consistent player than the right. The leg up on the right is that you have several players who can take over games by heating up--particularly Petteway, Shields, and Pitchford. Watson is definitely a guy on the left that can do this. I think the team on the right is more prone to causing upsets, but also losing to bad teams. I think the team on the left will have less bad losses and less surprising wins. In a head to head matchup though? I think the left wins 6/10.
  17. The Isaac Copeland watch

    There's not a huge downside to Roby getting big minutes at the 4 to start the season. He needs those minutes for his development pretty badly, IMO. I was hoping he'd get those minutes last year, but alas.
  18. Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    It might be an obvious comparison, but I see a poor man's Ginobili all over the place with this guy. He's gonna make plays. I'm not sure he'll play this year, but he might be the purest 2-guard on the roster. I really like his motor from the film I see, and he has plenty of skill. I'd call him a 3* and easily a D1 prospect from what I've seen.
  19. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    At the very least, he was a big help with perimeter defense because of his quickness. But, yeah, he was a total roller coaster on the offensive end.
  20. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    They can have him. Morrow, on the other hand, was an actual impact player that we will miss no matter who we have on our roster. It's important not to lump the two together. If you actually read what I wrote, I said that I loved how hard Jacobson played--he's a high character kid with great work ethic. I wasn't bagging on him. I was saying thank you to Norm who posted statistical data that showed exactly how ineffective he was compared to others at his position across the league. 6pts and 6rebs isn't very good for a PF getting 25minutes a game. It doesn't matter what year they are. Keep in mind that only three B1G starters on Norm's list were upperclassmen, so I'm largely comparing MJ's production to other sophomores and freshmen. Facts > feelings. Sorry. He's a below average PF in the B1G. Morrow would've averaged a double double at the PF spot.
  21. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    THANK YOU. I don't know what more needs to be said about Jacobson leaving having, if any effect at all, a positive one on the team. He just isn't that good. I loved how hard he played, but he wasn't very good. Still pissed it wasn't Morrow/Roby at the 4, Jordy/Jacobson at the 5 all season. Oh well. Excited to have some talent at that 4 spot this year. It's an incredibly important position in the college and pro game these days.
  22. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    I hadn't seen his film until now. I'm beyond pleasantly surprised. Just watching his sophomore film, this kid has a ton of mobility and great footwork fundamentals. He also loves blocking shots, which is a great thing. Excellent in transition. I was expecting something totally different. He looks like the type of kid Wisconsin would offer and then turn into a nightmare as a senior. Cool.
  23. Most Undervalued, Biggest Impact

    I think Taylor will set the tone for toughness this year. It's not a stat that will show up, but it'll make a difference. If he can shoot threes, bonus.
  24. Just by watching the skill set--especially the passing ability--you can see Roby is a great kid with an attention to detail and work ethic. I'm not surprised at all that he's worked this hard in the weight room. That only matches his character. My number 1 with Roby is whether or not he has developed a decent three point stroke. If he has, he's going to be completely dominant at the 4. I think he'll have a good year regardless, but I think he could end up being a terror filling up the stat sheet if he can stretch the floor on offense. Just the threat of him out there could add 5-10 points based on his ability to drive and pass. I do NOT want to see him or Copeland at the 5 unless we are playing a tiny opposing team. Watson/Taylor Allen/Palmer McVeigh/Akenten Roby/Copeland Jordy/Duby However you decide to make rotations or combine positions, that's Miles' most complete team ever. There's a lot more skill in that lineup than last year despite the offseason loss of Morrow and the offseason "loss" of Jacobson. They'll score the ball. If Roby can shoot it from outside, I love the idea of making him a pest in the rotation--just put him in wherever he's going to be the biggest matchup problem, 1-5.