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  1. I'm in this camp based on the PSU-Purdue result. PSU would be pretty deflated coming off of two losses to ranked opponents and tourney hopes all but doused. Having said that, I think PSU beats Michigan for their 20th win and sets the table for a Sunday with two hair-on-fire teams playing for a potential bid. Pretty epic scenario.
  2. Kenpom today: We're #56 Michigan #23 Penn St. #25 Completely insane how different Kenpom, RPI, and Sagarin are for Penn St. Michigan is going to have a hell of a time winning that game. I think if we get two wins (Indiana #72, Penn St #25) and stay in the 50s in all three metrics with a buy in the B1G, we're in regardless of the B1G tourney.
  3. With exception to the horrifyingly obvious, yes. Thank you for the clarification!
  4. Meh. We got our Quad 1 win today with Michigan. We didn't get a road win against a pesky B1G team--that's hard to do. Looks like our fanbase has become awfully spoiled as late. Two more home wins and we're in the NCAA tournament regardless, IMO. Cheer on Penn State and Michigan the rest of the way.
  5. I lol'd when I heard that line last night. ha.
  6. I think we cheer on Michigan and Penn St. the rest of the regular season. It'll be interesting to see how PSU performs over the next three games. After Illinois, they have OSU at home and Purdue on the road. I think PSU at full health is better than Michigan. I think Michigan is the 6th best team in the conference. The insistence that they belong in the tournament with a 20pt loss to us is annoying.
  7. Good team win. Should get some more top 25 votes with 5 straight and 10-4 in conference.
  8. Jordy + Duby = 10pts, 6rbs, 4blks... there's your x-factor.
  9. Jordy is playing super physical again. Great to see.
  10. Roby/Glynn on the bench = Rutgers' run.. otherwise pretty solid first half with a 9pt lead. Rutgers is gameplanning to stop Palmer.
  11. Great minutes from Duby.. that's exactly what we needed. Looks like Glynn is ok.
  12. Yeah CU got jobbed. lol.
  13. Deep run in the dance?

    Yes, and, again, the Baylor 6-seed was a total anomaly.
  14. I've Seen That Game Before

    Miles and staff have done a fantastic job this season. This was the year TM had to prove he could step up his in-game coaching with rotation and defensive philosophy, and he's done that. The switch to closing out on 3pt shooting done wonders not only for preventing the three, but increasing our shotblocking and opportunity for steals. Offensively, I think the motion offense just needs the athletes/shooters. It works when you have people who can score (like most offenses). Recruiting-wise, the staff hasn't dropped off either. Xavier is going to be a monster here, and I think Heiman will eventually fit right in with his skillset. It'll be interesting to see if we make any noise on the senior transfer front... who wouldn't want to play with these guys?
  15. Deep run in the dance?

    Agree. Purdue was sort of the awakening for Roby as the completion of the death squad. We didn't win, but our best 5 were sending a message to their best 5 til the end of the game. Also agree on MSU--I think we have as good of a top 5 as anyone in the league except them. I'd much rather play Purdue in the tournament. I'd probably pick playing OSU over both of them though.
  16. Deep run in the dance?

    Our road performances against Purdue and OSU told me all I need to know about our team--we can beat anyone on a neutral court. Those were close games when we brought our B-level team. The draw of Baylor in 13-14 was brutal. They were infinitely more talented than a 6-seed, and it showed when they beat the piss out of CU by 30.
  17. Receiving Votes

    Over/under on 10 votes?
  18. If Michigan was 20th this week, we should be in now. We are officially better than Michigan, and we already kicked their ass to prove it. They should start cheering US on.
  19. Great win. Good coaching and execution in a tough environment. These young fellas have great leadership, effort, and confidence. Most importantly, they're having a blast. It's fun to watch.
  20. How do you feel about Penn State? I'm not sure what to think.
  21. Fuddy Duddy Post of the Day

    It was KU. Strickland, Boone, Badgett, and Woolridge were true freshmen and let KU have it. 19pts, 14rbs from Derrick Chandler.
  22. Good win against a decent opponent on their home court. Great clutch plays by Watson when we needed him. Glad to see that. Copeland was nuts. Palmer is all conference. Roby was friggin everywhere. We need Anton to get his X factor buckets back. He's a difference maker. Jordy played hard on the offensive glass but got owned in the post. ET made some great defensive plays and horrible offensive plays. Overall very good team defense on what looked like pretty strong physical and mental fatigue. This team is ready for the home stretch. Good win tonight.
  23. Palmer gets better as the game wears on. That's the sign of a true competitor and leader. We have several guys on the roster that need to watch Palmer's demeanor on offense. He has already decided before the game starts that he's going to dominate the guy guarding him. Several of our players--Watson, Roby, Copeland, and even Jordy--can dominate if they just decide to play with a chip on their shoulder. Palmer plays angry. I love it.
  24. Good game. Good effort. We had a lot of good looks and rattled a ton of shots out. Meh. We're a good team, and we looked like it tonight. We played with great intensity. Ohio State is a very, very tough team on both ends of the court, and they're barely better than we are.
  25. Michigan

    I'm definitely in the Beilein and Izzo second-tier cheering section. Both of those guys are class acts and outstanding coaches. I think Izzo is the best coach in the country--he proves it damned near every March.