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  1. LK1

    Watson article from Lee

    Whatever Glynn brings to the table to the help the team, he has been excellent at taking care of the ball and is a remarkably good ball handler. Those two things are easy to take for granted, but it's helped us tremendously.
  2. LK1

    Player Power Rankings

    Good questions/points. To be clear, I think Villanova has nailed the sweet spot between NBA talent and player development. They aren't loaded with one and done players like Kentucky or Duke, but they recruit well enough to get kids into the league a few years into their system. That's almost always going to end up being better for the program than a bunch of one and done prospects. Roby is the sort of talent that Nova recruits and develops, and having someone drafted every other season or so seems like the next step in TM's recruiting. If you look at Nee's best years--90-91 (three NBA players), 91-92 (one NBA player), 92-93 (two NBA players), 93-94 (three NBA players), 97-98 (two NBA draft picks)--they all have a common thread of talent. I think Nee was an awful Xs and Os coach, but he could out-recruit anyone else we've ever had here. TM has the same recruiting talent but a higher ceiling on the court, in my opinion. I've always said that a coach's worth in basketball is 90% recruiting and 10% Xs and Os. I really believe this. So that probably tells you what side of the fence I'm on. You have to be a horrible coach and manager of egos to fail with great talent in the NCAA. The questions were out on TM given players like Walt, AWIII, and Morrow leaving the program, but the fact that he brought the entire team back this year after a great season tells me something has greatly improved in that area. I think he's going to hit another home run on the recruiting trail this year.
  3. LK1

    Player Power Rankings

    1. Roby will be our poster child for the next tier of recruiting as he will likely log meaningful minutes in the NBA. He'll end a, what, 20 year drought? 2. I picked Tai because he can answer questions about 4-year player development under TM. Hopefully GWIII will finish with a great season--I will say his defense has definitely improved each season. 3. Terran provided the blueprint for unbelievable transfer success here. This has been amazingly important.
  4. LK1

    Successful Season

    The 95-96 team should've been a dark horse national championship roster. It started three NBA players in Lue, Strick, and Mikki. Their underachievement makes me physically ill. The 91 squad had Pike, King, and Farmer. Three NBA players. Farmer was a beast JUCO who actually played in the NBA for anyone who doesn't remember. I think this roster is comparable to those two rosters in terms of overall talent. Those teams had better offense and more top end talent. I think this squad plays better defense and has a more developed identity and philosophy. I also like the versatility (passing and shooting) of our bigs in today's game.
  5. LK1

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    He definitely belonged!
  6. Roby: "Dude. Score. No one can guard you." Cope: "Rebound more and dribble better." JPJ: "Continue with your Kobe impersonations, but do it harder."
  7. LK1

    18-19 depth

    Frank Kaminsky played 7.7min a game as a true freshman and averaged 1pt and 1rb. Started his career at 6'10" 220lbs and ended up weighing around 235lbs. I think Heiman is a very, very similar player at the same age. That 7-8min span can be a huge help at the 4 and doesn't fudge up the roles of other players. Again, I'm definitely not saying he should play for certain, but I've seen enough to get the rationale for rolling him out there "incomplete" so to speak.
  8. LK1

    Successful Season

    Win one game in the tourney. But, really, continue to play hard and put a bunch of talented, high character athletes on the court. Lay the foundation for the next decade of success with TM at the helm.
  9. LK1

    18-19 depth

    Agree. I think those were 10lb muscle gains after like 1-2 months. I think by November he'll weigh 215-220.
  10. LK1

    18-19 depth

    Brady is a good, smart young player, and will likely end up a very, very good upperclassman. I'd have zero problems with him skipping the redshirt. He is skilled enough to contribute. I assume his weight is enough to back up Cope at the 4.
  11. LK1

    the Decision Mark III

    Crazy, and apparently the Lakers never offered. Now based on all the one year contracts it looks like they'll clear about $80mil next year for Kawhi and one other killer without having to trade their young talent. 19-20 is also when GSW will likely break up as 4/5 of their stars will be FAs. Bron may have that one chance to create a final dynasty.
  12. LK1

    the Decision Mark III

    Wow... Lake show just picked up Rondo (Boogie bait) for a 1 year deal and renounced Randle. I think that means Boogie Cousins is next and will be allowed to fully heal before destroying in the playoffs. Crazy genius if that move works. The Rondo-Cousins P&R can give Bron a whole lot of breathers. No question 19-20 will be a super super team.
  13. LK1

    the Decision Mark III

    Oh I agree in sentiment.. I'm just not sure anyone else wants Lonzo. I would think he'd be gone by now if anyone did. You could basically trade him straight up for any starting PG in the league and lose nothing, in my opinion.
  14. LK1

    the Decision Mark III

    Magic just landed Lebron, so I would consider the job Magic has done, to this point, as A++++++++++ It'll be interesting to see how they fill out the roster. I think trading anyone this season would be quite dumb as Kawhi is coming to LA regardless. My guess is this upcoming season's roster looks like this: Tyreke Evans (in talks right now)/Lonzo Ball Caldwell-Pope/Josh Hart Ingram/Lance Stephenson Bron/Kuzma McGee/Wagner ^^^ This team can actually match up pretty well with GSW's death squad if you put Kuzma at the 4 and Bron at the 5. I think they're working with more than most people think. I think they should definitely let Randle go and pick up Evans with the loot. Also, watch out for Chris Bosh... rumor has it he's got new blood clot meds.
  15. LK1

    18-19 depth

    I still think Jordy is perfect to wear out opposing teams' tired starters and backups, but he also gives us the ability to field enormous lineups: Amir 6'6" James 6'6" Roby 6'8" Copeland 6'9" Jordy 6'11" Yikes.