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  1. I was encouraged by the second half, particularly Jordy, but I'm afraid if history is any indication this staff will choose to ignore how well the zone worked. We actually have a pretty talented roster for zone defense, and it creates a lot of transition points, not to mention being difficult to prepare for. AND we have a deep enough roster to practice with it. But we won't.
  2. I hope we play zone the rest of the season. Night and day.
  3. I think this team should switch to zone as their primary defense. ... But we probably shouldn't switch to zone when we're down by 18 points in the first half. That might be an indication that we should ramp up the pressure rather than slow the game down even more.
  4. That's a half worthy of the hot seat.
  5. Their 7'6" center goes out for the half and we sub in Tanner... mindblowing. Watson Allen Palmer Roby Copeland Win.
  6. Great to see Copeland getting shots inside. He's way too good of an athlete to not get bunnies for himself down low. Same with Roby--good to see him getting to the line a few times tonight. I'm still not nearly worried about Jordy as some. We are going to need every bit of his size to matchup to the Purdues of the B1G. Gotta cut him a bit of slack considering he has yet to match up against a true center. I think as long as other teams are rolling out a front court of 6'7"-6'8" players, it's fine if we start Roby and and Copeland as an interchangeable 4-5. But when we have to go against true skilled centers in the punishing B1G, I think Jordy will have a much bigger impact. It's a great sign that Palmer had an off night and still managed to contribute a good all around game. UCF's bigs are two forwards who go 6'9, 210 and 6'9, 240. They also have the tallest player (Tacko Fall, 7'6" 270 and a decent player) in CBB who might be available for the game and a 6'11 F off the bench--you probably have to roll out Jordy for those matchups. I wouldn't have a problem rolling out Watson, Taylor, Palmer, Copeland, and Roby as the starters on Thursday. There's a whole bunch of skill in that lineup.
  7. Thanks for showing this. Bad pass and spacing here, but it was painfully obvious to me the entire game that Jordy could've had great post position on the low block every single play. We could've put Jack or Roby at the 4 to space it out a bit more, but that was the matchup we should've been exploiting all night.
  8. Is it time to start Roby?

    Yeah I don't know how any one can comment on Jordy's post moves when I don't recall him receiving the ball on the low block a single time. He can absolutely seal people down there and we have completely gone away from that. Literally the only place he belongs on the offensive end is near the basket where he can be disruptive. I blame this way more on coaching than Jordy.
  9. Things: 1. When Jordy is in, let him work the LOW post. Good god, recognize the mismatch. 2. Start Roby. He's our best player. He needs to get huge minutes. 3. Give Allen Gill's minutes. Let the kid get acclimated and take his lumps. 4. Play zone against tiny teams who do nothing but isolate guards. Awful coaching tonight. I hate cowtowing to other teams and what they do. We should've rolled out a lanky lineup, played zone, and beat them up inside. Instead, we tried to be St. John's. Stupid.
  10. Husker Signing Day

    I watched the same video and agree completely. His HS coach spoke glowingly of his work ethic and said he basically manufactured his way into a D1 prospect with great work ethic. Creighton offered him too. As for Wingett, I'm in agreement if it's a possibility (I think there's more at play here). The kid is a fearless competitor and absolutely lit up the PBA.