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  1. I think Taylor will set the tone for toughness this year. It's not a stat that will show up, but it'll make a difference. If he can shoot threes, bonus.
  2. Just by watching the skill set--especially the passing ability--you can see Roby is a great kid with an attention to detail and work ethic. I'm not surprised at all that he's worked this hard in the weight room. That only matches his character. My number 1 with Roby is whether or not he has developed a decent three point stroke. If he has, he's going to be completely dominant at the 4. I think he'll have a good year regardless, but I think he could end up being a terror filling up the stat sheet if he can stretch the floor on offense. Just the threat of him out there could add 5-10 points based on his ability to drive and pass. I do NOT want to see him or Copeland at the 5 unless we are playing a tiny opposing team. Watson/Taylor Allen/Palmer McVeigh/Akenten Roby/Copeland Jordy/Duby However you decide to make rotations or combine positions, that's Miles' most complete team ever. There's a lot more skill in that lineup than last year despite the offseason loss of Morrow and the offseason "loss" of Jacobson. They'll score the ball. If Roby can shoot it from outside, I love the idea of making him a pest in the rotation--just put him in wherever he's going to be the biggest matchup problem, 1-5.
  3. Not sure about the start of the season, but I definitely have Watson and Allen as our established starting back court at some point. I think they're going to look a lot like Kansas' guards from last season.
  4. I was a kid--family season tickets since 91. The drought was long enough that it felt like new heights, and it was in a different conference. I hear you though.
  5. Anyway, let's get back to Petteway--a guy who left it all on the floor for Nebraska, put the program fearlessly on his back and took us to new heights, and who stayed loyal even when tragedy struck his family. And Tai--possibly the hardest working and most improved 4-year Husker ever. I think both have a shot to make a bench in the league because they are athletic and long enough to guard. Odds are against them, but that's nothing new to either of them, I presume. No other players on this thread should exist right now.
  6. Maaaaan.... I love Thad Matta. He was the only one on the carousel I would've taken over Miles. Matta is a great coach, and young. Damn. Creighton should just trade straight up for him.
  7. I definitely think Evan is going to be the epitome of a senior leader. He's a gritty, tough dude and excellent defender. I've really enjoyed watching him play. Is second the idea that he can be our 6'5" Benny Parker. If he can shoot over 35% from 3, there's no reason not to give him big minutes. That's a big if though. With the exception to the 5, I think solid long range shooting is going to be a requirement for spots 1-4 to get significant minutes, which is a luxury we haven't had during Miles' tenure.
  8. I'd also not be surprised to see Allen off the bench for Watson. Allen can definitely be a true point guard if we need him there. Those two will either be devastating on the court together or as a continuous offensive threat at point.
  9. Totally agree if possible. It all depends on whether or not we can field a player at the 4 behind Copeland. I saw McVeigh get beat up inside too much at that spot. At only 6'6" I'm not sure Nana or Palmer would be any different. That leaves Roby who can guard the 4. Having said this, because of Roby's developing skill set, he could potentially still get 25+ minutes a game being a spot guy at various positions--the opposite of a specialist.
  10. I'm not sure the starting five is even going to be that relevant, honestly. We'll have enough flexibility to mix and match how we want. The more I think about it, the more I see: Jordy-Duby-Borchardt Copeland-Roby McVeigh-Nana Allen-Palmer-Gill Watson-Taylor Roby is definitely the wildcard here. The other thing I'm interested in seeing is if Nana can play the 4. He's only 6'6" but if he came in at 210lbs, he'd be a very sturdy 210lbs with great leaping ability and a willingness to rebound. I think he'd be better there than McVeigh, which would free up Roby to play the 3. He might end up being our best option as a stretch 4 after Copeland because he's an elite 3pt shooter. I just see so many lineup options. For example, a small ball, deep threat lineup could be: Watson (40%) Allen (50%) Nana (40%) Roby (35% pleeeeease) Copeland (35%) There's no way to guard that lineup, and it wouldn't be some horribly outmatched group defensively either. We'd be a little light in the front court, but we'd have plenty of height and ridiculous speed.
  11. The more I think about what Miles needs for his system to be effective, the more I think one of the frontcourt players has to be serviceable from 3. We haven't had that since Pitchford. Because of this, if Copeland and Roby are both above 30% 3pt shooters, they'll both be better than Jacobson by default, because they'll create points in the paint just by roaming around the perimeter and forcing a big to chase them. Plus, they're both WAY more skilled than Jacobson offensively regardless, especially in transition. I'm telling yall.. we're not going to miss MJ after a couple of games of adjustments.
  12. A lot of great passers start off their careers somewhat turnover prone. This is because they are unselfishly trying to make great plays instead of smart plays for their teammates. Roby is an extremely talented passer. I love his vision. I see what he's trying to do. It's gonna work when he gets big minutes this year and gets acclimated to the speed of the game. What doesn't show up on the stat sheet for players like Roby is how crisp their passes are, how accurate their post entries and cross-court passes are, etc. I think Roby is the kind of player we can run the offense through whether he brings the ball up or not. He can get make opponents uncomfortable once he figures out how athletic he is.
  13. I still think this kid is a dark horse to get minutes, and no I don't think that means we have a crappy team. That 39pt game he had was ridiculous.
  14. Gill has great athleticism. He just needs to make open shots because he has plenty of elevation and quickness to get open. I think he comes off the bench for Allen.
  15. I think this is a somewhat flawed argument, though I get your good point. Human beings evolve. We have grown taller, stronger, and smarter across the board. We build upon the knowledge that comes before us. I don't make those comparisons to demean the players of the past because they were the best we could possibly have at the time. Human being evolution is a byproduct of technology. Also, popularity of the game has increased the pool of players to choose from. When I look at today's computers, I know they are better than the computers of the past, but they wouldn't exist without prior models. Regardless, they are still better overall. Magic's Lakers would've destroyed Cousy's Celtics for the same reason. Lebron James at age 32 is 6'8" and 250-260lbs. That's who he is. We've never seen a player that can do what he can do carrying that kind of weight. Having said this, that isn't entirely because it's 2017. We've had heavier players in the league since the early to mid-90s. Weight is leveling off, so there has literally been a critical mass, so to speak. In other words, your argument has proven it's flawed nature because current weights are about as heavy as NBA players are likely to get. We aren't going to see a specimen like Lebron again at that position. We aren't going to see a 2001 Shaq again who had freakshow athleticism at 330lbs. We aren't going to be able to make this argument 20 years from now because weights are going to be the same, just like height basically leveled off in the late 80s. I am absolutely making the claim that few players prior to, say, 1980 could play in today's NBA, but that doesn't discount the fact that there were GREAT players back then who would dominate today. I still have Jordan #1. I have Shaq, Duncan, Bird, Magic, Pippen, Kareem, etc. in my top 10. I think the top tier talent was at least as good, if not better, in the mid-80s and 90s. It's mainly ballhandling, speed, explosiveness, and shooting (at every position) that is so much better now overall.