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  1. Penn St at Michigan game

    Michigan still has to play at Maryland on senior night. They are far from a 5th seed lock if they lose to PSU. This game has huge implications for several teams. Cool.
  2. Great team win against a solid foe. Once again, we have a lot of talent, and it tends to separate itself in the last 7-8 minutes against decent competition. Another testament of TM's recruiting. Interesting: this season has had several B-level grade games where we win because of our talent. That hasn't happened since the 90s. Until this season, it has typically taken an A-A+ game to beat anyone in conference, and a B grade was either a tossup against bottom feeders or a blowout against good teams. We brought our B game to Purdue and OSU and were close to winning both. It's a great sign. If we manage hit our A game on Sunday, watch the hell out in post season.
  3. Penn St at Michigan game

    So picking a Mich/PSU favorite really comes down to which is more important: a guaranteed 4 seed B1G tourney bye, or a guaranteed Tier 1 win. It's kind of a wash, but to play devil's advocate with the Michigan enthusiasts, some of the intangibles that might come with a PSU win: 1. We'll be relieved to get the bye and likely play more loose. 2. Michigan could still end up being a Tier 1 team, and definitely will be in the B1G tourney if we play them again. 3. The PSU win will look more impressive. It would mean, when healthy, the only B1G teams that beat them down the stretch were us, MSU, and PU. 4. I wouldn't mind Michigan being a couple of games back, a 20-pt loss to us, and still a Tier 1 opportunity in the tournament. If they lose to PSU and we beat PSU in the final week of the season, I'm not sure how they could be a "lock" and we wouldn't. 5. Rest is important in weekend tournaments. Bye teams have a huge advantage. It's fun that this all matters.
  4. I'm in this camp based on the PSU-Purdue result. PSU would be pretty deflated coming off of two losses to ranked opponents and tourney hopes all but doused. Having said that, I think PSU beats Michigan for their 20th win and sets the table for a Sunday with two hair-on-fire teams playing for a potential bid. Pretty epic scenario.
  5. Kenpom today: We're #56 Michigan #23 Penn St. #25 Completely insane how different Kenpom, RPI, and Sagarin are for Penn St. Michigan is going to have a hell of a time winning that game. I think if we get two wins (Indiana #72, Penn St #25) and stay in the 50s in all three metrics with a buy in the B1G, we're in regardless of the B1G tourney.
  6. With exception to the horrifyingly obvious, yes. Thank you for the clarification!
  7. Meh. We got our Quad 1 win today with Michigan. We didn't get a road win against a pesky B1G team--that's hard to do. Looks like our fanbase has become awfully spoiled as late. Two more home wins and we're in the NCAA tournament regardless, IMO. Cheer on Penn State and Michigan the rest of the way.
  8. I lol'd when I heard that line last night. ha.
  9. I think we cheer on Michigan and Penn St. the rest of the regular season. It'll be interesting to see how PSU performs over the next three games. After Illinois, they have OSU at home and Purdue on the road. I think PSU at full health is better than Michigan. I think Michigan is the 6th best team in the conference. The insistence that they belong in the tournament with a 20pt loss to us is annoying.
  10. Good team win. Should get some more top 25 votes with 5 straight and 10-4 in conference.
  11. Jordy + Duby = 10pts, 6rbs, 4blks... there's your x-factor.
  12. Jordy is playing super physical again. Great to see.
  13. Roby/Glynn on the bench = Rutgers' run.. otherwise pretty solid first half with a 9pt lead. Rutgers is gameplanning to stop Palmer.
  14. Great minutes from Duby.. that's exactly what we needed. Looks like Glynn is ok.
  15. Yeah CU got jobbed. lol.