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  1. LK1

    Morrow leaving

    While Copeland's stats aren't mindblowing, he has quietly doubled MJ's offensive production while shooting almost 50% from the floor and managing the same rebounds. He's also a WAY better on-ball defender and moves laterally extremely well, stretches the floor from 3, etc. MJ shot 38%. The difference between those two guys is the difference between several wins and losses. No way MJ plays significant minutes here his junior or senior years with an upgrade as excellent as Copeland has been and a future draft pick in Roby. I think your assessment is spot on with Ed, as well, though I think he would've been a really fun piece to have with this level of athleticism on the roster. Both kids made the right decision to leave. I'm not sure if Ed picked the right school, but I wish both of them the best. They played hard for us and hit the weights in the offseason. I thought they both represented Nebraska basketball well.
  2. LK1

    Morrow leaving

    I'll gladly compare the two. They weren't even close to being equal players. Morrow was clearly better and often the best player on the court for us when healthy. I always liked MJ, too, but it's pretty crazy how much more he seems to be missed than Morrow around here. MJ had below average numbers for his age and position in the B1G when he played for us. I think he'll be a decent upperclassman if his shots ever go in, though. But as a Husker, Morrow was better on both ends of the court, and a way better rebounder. MJ will definitely play a key role for ISU. They went 4-14 in conference last year, 13-18 overall. Marquette went 21-14 and will have a better squad returning. I wish them both the best because knowing how good Roby was becoming and Copeland was going to be, the writing was on the wall for both guys. They both made the right decision.
  3. LK1

    Morrow leaving

    So much this.
  4. LK1

    Morrow leaving

    He should've been a 4 the entire time he was here, and he would've been a great one. I thought he was justified in leaving and I still wish we had him. MJ? Meh.
  5. I don't think they will dominate at the beginning of the season in this manner, but yeah... yikes at the end of the season.
  6. LK1

    Amir Harris is N

    I agree with the notion that this kid gets on the court because of his defense. At 6'5" and great leaping ability and speed, he's one who can truly help us switch on everything on the perimeter and continue to guard the 3 well. Though not necessarily orthodox, he's a true pass first PG. He's a really, really good pickup.
  7. LK1

    Amir Harris is N

    Good questions raised here. With Amir on board, I think this allows us to permanently put Allen at the 2, where my guess is he will end up becoming an absolute assassin. I want him to have Cary Cochran junior year numbers (9+ ppg). With him in the lineup with GWIII, Palmer, Copeland, and Roby, literally every player can stretch the floor. We'll get a ton of high percentage shots near the rim and wide open threes. I think Jordy will provide a really nice changeup and, again, can help us match up with true 5s if need be. Jordy is a beast against tired players, which is why his numbers improved so much off the bench last season. I don't think the other team's fatigue changes Allen's game much if at all. So, maybe next season's two deep looks something like this: GWIII/Amir Allen/KD Palmer/Thor/Nana Copeland/Grad Transfer/Heiman Roby/Jordy
  8. LK1


    Yeah, if I'm picking over redshirt freshmen or transfers using their redshirts, I'm picking transfers every day of the week. If you count the transfer sit-out years of TP, WP, JP, IC, AW as having "redshirted" during their transfer season, it's pretty damned obvious how beneficial a development year is. So I wouldn't say redshirting is dead by any means, but it's certainly happening in a different way now.
  9. LK1

    Dachon Burke is N

    His highlights and non-scoring defensive stats (2+ steals and ~6 rbs a game) scream high energy playmaker to me. Offensively, he plays similarly to James in terms of scoring. I almost wonder if he'll be groomed to play point. Looks like he's got handles, and I'm hoping Allen gets to do nothing but run around the perimeter and sink daggers for the next three years. TA is not a PG.
  10. LK1

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Fantastic if true. Perfect fit.
  11. LK1

    Dachon Burke is N

    The trend of great transfer guards continues. This kid is bringing some stats with him.
  12. LK1

    Collier, Sadler or Miles

    Noted. I should clarify: the highest level we've reached in the past 20 years as a program has happened under Miles' tenure (twice), and it happened because he had talented players that could get their own shot (and were more skilled in general). And for the record, I always liked Doc as an in-game coach and his player development was pretty solid. Great defensive mind and the best transition defense coaching I've seen at UNL. I believe Doc's limited ability to recruit meant that his coaching ability maxed out at about 20 wins in an easier conference. Last season, I felt TM put recruiting and coaching together for the first time in his tenure, and the results (beyond getting screwed) were better than I've seen since Nee was bringing in pros every year. If he can put together another good season next year, I think it'll prove that he can consistently match wits and sell with the top half of the B1G. Here's to hoping. It's been an EKG roller coaster to this point (which definitely makes your points valid), but that's better than the flatline it used to be, in my opinion.
  13. LK1

    Collier, Sadler or Miles

    I agree, but here's the thing: a lot more of those game-ending/clutch shots have gone in under Miles' tenure. Why? Because his players are better.
  14. LK1

    Collier, Sadler or Miles

    1. Sadler 2. Collier 3. MILES INFINITELY AND THAT'S WHY HE'S TWICE AS GOOD AS EITHER OF THE OTHERS. THIS IS 90% OF A COACH'S VALUE. 4. MILES FOREVER. 5. Sadler 6. Miles or Collier I don't want it to seem like these are even scores. The weight of 3 and 4 are 90+% of what makes a coach good in a power conference. Miles is a great recruiter, and he's coming around as an in-game coach. He was better than either Sadler or Collier in-game last season, and I expect it to remain that way.
  15. Misread it, thanks for correcting.