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  1. bobcat402

    Let me get this straight...

    I have a huge problem with putting the majority of his attention on football as Norm, and Ladyhusker have said moos had an opportunity to either fire Miles this year and say hey 22 wins is great but not good enough pony up some cash and grab his coach ,if he keeps a list like he says he does and as any AD should, there were names out there. Or he could of extended 2-3 yrs and if stunk next year you could still fire him. We did neither and playing kick the can will have ramifications on this program. I don’t know what he’s going to do with baseball but he definitly can’t kick the can with that program it’s atrocious what we’re doing this season
  2. bobcat402

    What to do with Miles contract?

    I don’t think enough is being said about this with so many schools being investigated, and we are getting good classes of high character guys who handle their business on the court/off the court/ in the classroom and they’re not scrubs either. This coaching market if we go looking is going to be so suspect and interesting
  3. bobcat402

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Extend him, give him the keys and time to continue running a stable clean program, attrition happens, and with all the crazy crap going on today in College Basketball, be very thankful of what we have here. We just had a great clean season, and we have a solid roster, most likely returning next year. Stability isnt a bad thing
  4. bobcat402

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I mean there’s always attrition, the only ones I see would be Copeland leaving for Europe or the d league, Palmer turning pro, and Mcveigh making some money in Australia. I can’t think of good reason for anyone else to leave, Allen/Nana/Thor will all be getting those gil/Taylor/ maybe Palmer min. Jordy and roby will be our 4/5. But than again I don’t get why Horne/Morrow/Jacobsen left they all had the chance at big min and either didn’t want to work to have them or couldn’t accept a role. College basketball is fickle these days. I hope no one leaves and we can run it back but these days who knows
  5. I would agree, I just hope it continues next year, a backslide worries me though. My biggest fear is somehow a DePaul/Pitt matchup, Ik it’s likely irrational and we will get a good schedule, I just can’t shake the feeling we’re going to have a lame matchup. The KC tourney sounds intriguing
  6. Hopefully next year the conference is more proactive in magnifying it’s brand. I know for sure I’d like a more favorable matchup for Nebraska next year in the gavitt games, and the ACC challenge, that’s something we could use. Cuz apparently the committee made it very clear conference season dosnt matter. We will need all the big time games we can get
  7. This could very well be, but this is were Moos needs to continue being bullish and make a power move. I’m not sure how but their needs to be a flex on the big ten brass.
  8. No matter how this shakes out, Moos and Miles have a big gripe with the Big Ten, no support for Nebraska from the BTN team and really poor support from the conference in terms publicity. It’s insane to me that the 4th place, 13 win BIG TEN team is even sweating a bid, it’s amazing.
  9. bobcat402

    Next year

    It’d be nice...but we will wind up with DePaul and gtech, or pitt because for some reason we can’t draw a decent matchup in either of those matchup tourneys which is frustrating
  10. I’m really goin to miss Evan Taylor
  11. bobcat402

    Roby (is Good)

    Roby gives me some Kawhi Leonard vibes, a great potential in college, but could truly unlock it at the next level.
  12. bobcat402

    Minnesota Game

    oh god...that is the thing of nightmares...
  13. bobcat402

    Minnesota Game

    God i love that version of herbie, i really wish the university would bring this version of herbie back to pair with little red...new herbie creeps me out, he looks like your divorced older dad that shows up at your favorite bar and tries to hit on your female friends. Old herbie just looks like a solid human being
  14. I don’t understand our defensive philosophy this game, I know different players, but we’re perfectly comfortable letting cook get his pts, w/o doubling down and we didn’t give up 3s and easy buckets due to our being out of position but this game were completely selling out on the double and it’s killed us all night, I’ve been on board all season with Miles and Co game plan but not tonight
  15. I think with Tanner sick and Duby DNP they made the decision real early to let cook get his 20+ but to clamp down and really limit 3s. Which we did, even tho we gave up 81, I liked our defensive strategy, I also liked that asides from that brief stretch to open the second half, I never feared we’d lose.. side note, I wish we had Cook on our team, to pair with Roby/Copeland that would be amazing