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  1. Scott is as good as gone, last projection i saw was 10th RD or 9th RD. I think fingers crossed we can hold on too Meyers. Maybe Scott will want to have a better bounce back year and garner higher draft consideration, idk how much higher he can go, as a 1st Basemen, he could platoon in the OF he has a cannon, but his instincts need work.
  2. Roskam is going to be a good player for us, hopefully we can hold on to Meyers and Schreiber for next year but im doubtful
  3. Hagge not being on the all freshmen team is a joke, and i was initially upset that myers didnt get player of the year, but than i saw they gave it to Adams, who absolutely crushed the ball this a northern baseball conference, so suffice to say he is more than deserving.
  4. The Brogdon archtype player in the second round is going to make a lot of sense to teams that have been in the lotto for the last 6 years (Kings, TWolves, Sixers, Lakers, Magic) you cant keep stocking up on developmental players and sell your fan base that your going to start competing, nor can you keep going the draft and stash. I know this year will still have some draft and stash type players, but i think more teams will be looking for that role player type that can actually contribute in the next three years.
  5. They could afford, the Owner just dosnt want to pony up, to be great. Who knows, Bell seems good, Cole hasn't been dominate so maybe he won't command has much as I think.
  6. It's sad really, I mean for goodness sakes 2013 he's MVP,'14 he's in the running and than just bam drops off. Polanco hasn't really progressed as well and Marte is well...he may be 30 million headache, Cole probly gone in 2 yrs...god this is depressing
  7. ugh...we should of traded cutch in the offesason, his value is gone, and if im being real honest we should of went all in in one of those playoff years, and traded away one of these pitching prospects thats still suck in Triple AAA, and maybe polanco.
  8. Oh the joy of spell check and me not checking it
  9. Tai career is the DVD you play to every incoming freshman, not to tuck n turn tail, not to quit when times are hard but to work like crazy on your craft, and build a legacy at a university not just a nice career. When I think of Husker Basketball (I'm 28) i think of Belcher, Lue, Maric, Anderson, Shields, Uber, and now Webster. Hopefully the players we have now we'll strive to be among them
  10. externally, i think the combination of success and strive for more as a program that our fan base desires and wants vs the reality that as a program our history indicates we should expect otherwise. Now i dont think for a second that we as fans should alter our expectations, we should hold all major sports programs to a higher standard, because for all intense and purposes we our the only major show in town. We have no pro teams to distract us when were having a bad season. In addition, the nature of casual fans of Husker Bball vs the hardcore ones can be disheartening, the hardcore understand the struggles, know the players, cheer what we view as great success in recruiting and development and while can be harsh critics, are patient as we know what the uphill climb the program faces vs the casual fans who appear after the football season ends, but have some of the loudest voices, crazy expectations and booster backing. Internally, we are a football school that wants to develop into a basketball/football school, we have all the nice toys, and things to show to recruits, but just pure speculation i wonder if Miles wants more public commitment from SE, i dont think he'll ever get it, but i wonder if he feels slightly slighted that SE shows his face and offers more public support for Riley and leaves Tim in the wind on some things, and than will make a comment after its mostly too late to help things.
  11. I like this and i think with some continued skill development, and strength, their may not be a better crunch time option than Jordy next year, he has size over almost every center in the big ten, we could come up with worse plays, than to clear the post and let Jordy ISO next season
  12. Is this the Haymarket Hardwood, or the Bobcat Den? I kid i kid, Peru non committal to recruiting, i always felt when i went there and even when i was in high school, was mostly a lack of trying, I played at Papio and i never heard from a coach from Peru nor did most of my teammates until like 3 months after the football season ended and they had made up their minds with what they were going to do, and in talking to other teammates from the metro (there were 7 of us i think) it was the same, they just dont recruit Metro football very hard.
  13. Either they took away the football coach AD spot or they're going too, I can't remember but the guys ik (townies) that donate and do a lot are tired of the craziness
  14. Can I give you a thousand up arrows for this?
  15. I don't like the idea of wait before the other coach accepted, not only to try n re recruit morrow, mj, but to keep other on campus if they make a change it needs to be bang bang