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  1. We don't need arop, arop needs a year of prep school to find and hone some sort of jump shot, right now he's a poor mans ade daguduro (good hustle player, but an undersized 4) we need shooters, and dead eye shooters at that with zero confidence issues from the moment they step on campus. We have hustle players who just so happen to be above average in athletic ability (morrow, Jacobsen, Taylor) we need dead eye shooters. the players they offered fit that role and be on the look out for 5th yr transfers.
  2. I wouldn't mind miles in the offseason going to Houston and seeing dantoni offense and taking look at grinnell, I think MJ can be. 35% shooter from 3pt, he's a slight tweak away,I think we could possibly have enough 3 pt shooters in addition to Taylor or ROBY going downhill and slashing or kicking out. I stated it earlier I'm dead serious about Roby at the point
  3. Fuller- love the kid, but if goes we could sure use a combo guard Horne - id be very disappointed if he left, if he's willing to compete I could see him force the issue and start he has that kind of skill set id like to add a center somehow as wel
  4. John Wooden...sack up climb out that grave and be the zombie coach we need to get us 10 championships in 10 years! I'm sure we can make some human sacrifices n such to keep you fresh
  5. I'm nervous, and i don't want Tim to be fired, because basically all of our top underclassmen have their redshirt year so the threat of talen exodus is real in my eyes. And I really like miles and I think he is on the verge, and to be honest I'm tired of change, I'm more on the boat on erstad being let go than miles but that's a whole mother conversation... that being said I wouldn't be surprised at all if we let him go and we start the merry go round again, and I have zero confidence that SE would open up the books and pay for a big time coach, mid major for the 4th time here we come
  6. Wow, I completely forgot about yea...but the rest of my post good stuff
  7. Unless we can go out and get a Archie Miller, or poach and convince a guy like Jamie Dixon (give him the boat load of money and a change of scenery speech) , I'd rather stick with Miles, over rinse and repeat mid major coach. Pro coaches coming to the college always makes me nervous, but a splash could be a up coming assistant like Jarron Collins, it's risky but it would be splashy , or a guy like Chris Finch whose with the nuggets right now, even thought we'd need a massive dose of outside shooting to run his system. Long story short, I like Miles and what he represents and I feel like the program is going somewhere, something I haven't been able to say in short time I've been on this earth
  8. So I was at the arena early yesterday ( I work event security part time) and I caught some of warmups, thought I'd share my musings: -Palmer is a big guard, and will be a great slasher for us, good luck stepping in front of him, think he shall not be named if he could dribble -roby like MJ has pretty form, I'd almost wish they'd shorten his jump though ala what Tai has done. -I love mcveigh pregame routine it's no nonsense, and very repeatable, and his shots are all things he'd do in game - finally a walk on caught my eye, Mohammed Elradi has Ray Allen type quickness in his shot release, one of the quickest I've ever seen and he is a bit of. Dead eye shooter, one too keep your eye on if you looking for the next Velander
  9. you have to look at it from a relative standpoint this is the most talent we've amassed since the early 90's. Now as evidenced by our loss to the Kansas, Michigan St, and UCLA of the world clearly we have some work to do, but clearly were not in the lower tier of talent in the Big Ten we once were. The 3 teams i mentioned above were the only teams this year that simply had more talent than us and it showed in their victories. Every other game has come down to mental error or fatigue. We are good enough to make the tournament, and it will show next year. Sweet 16 type talent i think.
  10. Did tai just try a header on that last defensive transition ?
  11. I guess I just don't know what he brings, ik what Taylor brings , and I'm hoping and assuming that while Gill loses explosion maybe his shot gets a letter better to compensate
  12. Wow can't believe I forgot him, jeeze my apologies, Yes 6th man for sure
  13. 1. Roby 2. Glynn 3. Horne/Copeland (switch if Copeland is close 90%) 4. Ed ( some coach get him in the gym and starting shooting 15 footers) 5. Jordy (big ten watch out) 6. McTrey 7. Nana 8. Gill 9. Taylor 10. Palmer 11. Fuller 12-15 walk ons who could possibly contribute which is nice. holy crap we're deep lord that's a treat. I like ROBY at Point Foward, and Glynn as the primary scoring threat, take the distributor mentality off his plate and I think he's even a better player
  14. I did a double take, I was like is that Tanner? Happiest I've been in awhile to see a walk on
  15. that last foul was trash, that missed bunny hop travel was egregious and something we always seem to get called for.