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  1. The crowd must get better

    i would appreciate a student group, id also like more student involvement, like learning embarrassing factoids about the opponent and circulating that information among themselves and the arena, i appreciate their loudness but yelling curse-words and you suck is just not cutting it for me, i mean we live in a social media age pull up some embarrassing tweets, failed DM slides, old Facebook/my-space posts, tons of materiel to be had in the information age. There is a line between vulgar/too far that will be needed to be managed but i think we can find some middle ground to be psychological in our fandom
  2. The crowd must get better

    yea, ive heard complaints i hope they can get it working as it add a nice touch, and encouraged involvement.
  3. The crowd must get better

    One thing i would like is more promotion of the husker lights outside of the arena, Its getting better, but the one time we can get like 75% to 80% of the fans to get the app on their phone will be interesting. I think the in game presentation needs work, idk if its different crews or people who handle but the staff at Memorial Stadium has a good pulse for when to play certain songs and handle certain moments that the arena is working on. When the crowd and the production are on the same page...its am impressive environment.
  4. i should clarify, i dont think he should have it every game but i liked that last night he has the pulse of the team and knew the spark that Tanner can bring, i think the same spark can be applied when Jordy gets it going. We will most definitely need him, but i think on a game to game basis we cant risk stagnation with him in, Jordy has the most potential on the team i think if he can figure it out, but right now he's not, he isn't confident, he is slow in his movements and lack explosion, plus i wonder if he truly understands his role or if he has one. I feel that Duby/Tanner understand and our comfortable with their respective roles which makes it easier to give them mins. I want Jordy to figure it out, he's a great kid, talked to him and a few of the guys on NYE, he's one of my favs, i think this just might be a sophomore slump year for him, which is frustrating but we will need his mins against Purdue for sure.
  5. Great game to watch last night, after the fist half struggles, I like that miles was quick on the trigger with Jordy, and just went with Duby/Tanner/Roby down the stretch. I dont know if that will carry over to Purdue (as we will need his size) but i at least appreciate the nature of Miles recognizing it isnt working, and Duby/Tanner were playing a little bit harder. We have a good team this year, they battle through adversity, and when Copeland/Palmer get going and can match Glynns output where going to be hard to beat. Small thing i quite enjoyed was in the last 30 seconds or so, Roby was kinda of wandering around the arc, and Miles yelled at him, pointed at a spot on the arc and told him to stay there, like 2 seconds later Glynn or anton drove in kicked back out to Roby who drilled a 3pt from that spot, i thought it was a fun little moment.
  6. I will say now and til the end of time a version of this with some modernization in Black/White/Red needs to be our standard uniform its nice and classic, not to busy and fits in with the football uniform in terms of simplicity.
  7. Judging by his rotation I get the sense that if Okeke could provide any offense or Roby were had a other 15lbs. Jordy wouldn’t be playing much this season. We need him right now for depth and just a body. I was hoping he’d pick it up by now, I think he’s regressed. Allen stepped up nicely, Isaiah and Issac are finding their spacing and what they bring to the offense and Glynn is figuring when he needs to assert himself. We’re goin to make some noise in the BIG 10, this team is really really good
  8. Looks like we’re getting some make up call whistles...I like it!
  9. I’d rather Nana out there taking McVeighs min with Roby in foul trouble he looks like he’s his cement on his feet
  10. North Texas

    found some nice seats for 6 apiece in the corners, but co-worker called in sick so i have to cover late tonight at work...shame one of the few games i could go to this season.
  11. Closed Scrimmage

    this is the first year in a long time we can afford an injury to our frontcourt and not be totally screwed, i think we have enough depth with the development of Tanner to be ok if something happens, still wont be good, but i dont see us having to play a guy grossly out sized at the 4 or 5 this year
  12. Offseason Potpourri

    Clearly they're showing up to off-season work outs and putting that work in!
  13. Offseason Potpourri

    Tanner be flexing!!!!! Damn
  14. Bud

    I was working event security, one of buds main promoters told me crawfords dream is to fight in memorial stadium...I'd like to see that become a reality
  15. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    I think in terms of performance apperal and shoes Nike still wins. But where Adidas is taking over is in that luxury athletic wear which works for Nebraska because a lot of kids will see NU in their off the field gear, hopefully the on the field gear catches up, because I still think Adidas shoes look awful at times, I will buy plenty of adiddas appearal but I haven't bought adidas shoes in at least 10 years