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  1. I like this and i think with some continued skill development, and strength, their may not be a better crunch time option than Jordy next year, he has size over almost every center in the big ten, we could come up with worse plays, than to clear the post and let Jordy ISO next season
  2. Is this the Haymarket Hardwood, or the Bobcat Den? I kid i kid, Peru non committal to recruiting, i always felt when i went there and even when i was in high school, was mostly a lack of trying, I played at Papio and i never heard from a coach from Peru nor did most of my teammates until like 3 months after the football season ended and they had made up their minds with what they were going to do, and in talking to other teammates from the metro (there were 7 of us i think) it was the same, they just dont recruit Metro football very hard.
  3. Either they took away the football coach AD spot or they're going too, I can't remember but the guys ik (townies) that donate and do a lot are tired of the craziness
  4. Can I give you a thousand up arrows for this?
  5. I don't like the idea of wait before the other coach accepted, not only to try n re recruit morrow, mj, but to keep other on campus if they make a change it needs to be bang bang
  6. Yea people are a little upset down there both coaches brought in kids with a lot of character issues from FL, CA, Tx with talent level that didn't match and wins didn't follow, @Silverbacked1 knows as well as I some of the issues
  7. I don't miss the bob, but I do miss the big 12, I wish we could've taken Kansas/Kstate Iowa st with us to the big ten to merge that marriage. I don't miss Texas at all however
  8. Ik boosters were not happy with both the football and basketball coach, at Peru a lot of off the field/court drama that went on between football and basketball players, there was a stabbing or two, might be trying to get out while he can, ik the football coach is a bad season away from gettting canned
  9. If we were to do the wrong thing and fire Miles(imo)...wouldn't making a run at JT3 make sense...he is the same age as creen, has a higher winning percentage, plus his system would work better with our personal at this time...clearly if we're considering crean, SE dosnt really mind grabbing a coach that was just let go... plus we could most likely hold on to Kenya , while also keeping Jordy and other recruits that Kenya had a hand in...just my thoughts during this crazy week
  10. McVeigh isnt leaving, he said so on his twitter...but take that for what's its worth.
  11. We don't need arop, arop needs a year of prep school to find and hone some sort of jump shot, right now he's a poor mans ade daguduro (good hustle player, but an undersized 4) we need shooters, and dead eye shooters at that with zero confidence issues from the moment they step on campus. We have hustle players who just so happen to be above average in athletic ability (morrow, Jacobsen, Taylor) we need dead eye shooters. the players they offered fit that role and be on the look out for 5th yr transfers.
  12. I wouldn't mind miles in the offseason going to Houston and seeing dantoni offense and taking look at grinnell, I think MJ can be. 35% shooter from 3pt, he's a slight tweak away,I think we could possibly have enough 3 pt shooters in addition to Taylor or ROBY going downhill and slashing or kicking out. I stated it earlier I'm dead serious about Roby at the point
  13. Fuller- love the kid, but if goes we could sure use a combo guard Horne - id be very disappointed if he left, if he's willing to compete I could see him force the issue and start he has that kind of skill set id like to add a center somehow as wel
  14. John Wooden...sack up climb out that grave and be the zombie coach we need to get us 10 championships in 10 years! I'm sure we can make some human sacrifices n such to keep you fresh
  15. I'm nervous, and i don't want Tim to be fired, because basically all of our top underclassmen have their redshirt year so the threat of talen exodus is real in my eyes. And I really like miles and I think he is on the verge, and to be honest I'm tired of change, I'm more on the boat on erstad being let go than miles but that's a whole mother conversation... that being said I wouldn't be surprised at all if we let him go and we start the merry go round again, and I have zero confidence that SE would open up the books and pay for a big time coach, mid major for the 4th time here we come