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  1. Bud

    I was working event security, one of buds main promoters told me crawfords dream is to fight in memorial stadium...I'd like to see that become a reality
  2. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    I think in terms of performance apperal and shoes Nike still wins. But where Adidas is taking over is in that luxury athletic wear which works for Nebraska because a lot of kids will see NU in their off the field gear, hopefully the on the field gear catches up, because I still think Adidas shoes look awful at times, I will buy plenty of adiddas appearal but I haven't bought adidas shoes in at least 10 years
  3. Offseason Potpourri

    It's the area in the back of the arena, next to the players Locker room
  4. How Good Is Tai Webster??

    I think he could make himself into a version of Shaun Livingston, that block shows he is more than athletic enough. My only hope is that he wasn't given a whole bunch of min because they already had a decent idea of what he is and whether or not they would bring him on too their G-League team
  5. How Good Is Tai Webster??

    It'd be nice to see if Gstate keeps him on their G-League team, he may have better offers back home, but I think he could play himself into something on that roster
  6. Offseason Potpourri

    Shavon Shields on the Heat summer league roster!
  7. Offseason Potpourri

    i think its possible, he's getting a lot of workouts, and teams like that he plays a role, and isnt a project to develop, he can contribute real NBA minutes, and he has vast experience playing at the highest levels against pro competition.
  8. Offseason Potpourri

    I think it would be a lot similar to college baseball, the best of the crop will take their chances and likely succeed. The rest of with appropriate counsel will go to college and build their skills. They're may still be some that go overseas but I think results of shown it's a mixed bag, and the competition isn't as great, none of the players going overseas arnt going to the top euro leagues. If the NBA really wants to capatalize they would finish their goal and get every team to lock up their own minor league team. That way when some of the high school kids go pro and arnt ready they have a chance to hone their skills. i think the college game would take a jump if this was to happen, we could get back to building programs
  9. Offseason Potpourri

    I've always wanted this scenario
  10. Next Years Starting 5

    I think Taylor and McVeigh are the right guys to be just outside of the rotation pieces, both are veteran leaders who will do what's best for the team and both have skill sets designed to be applied at anytime.
  11. OT Good haul for Husker baseball team

    Scott is as good as gone, last projection i saw was 10th RD or 9th RD. I think fingers crossed we can hold on too Meyers. Maybe Scott will want to have a better bounce back year and garner higher draft consideration, idk how much higher he can go, as a 1st Basemen, he could platoon in the OF he has a cannon, but his instincts need work.
  12. OT Good haul for Husker baseball team

    Roskam is going to be a good player for us, hopefully we can hold on to Meyers and Schreiber for next year but im doubtful
  13. OT Good haul for Husker baseball team

    Hagge not being on the all freshmen team is a joke, and i was initially upset that myers didnt get player of the year, but than i saw they gave it to Adams, who absolutely crushed the ball this season...in a northern baseball conference, so suffice to say he is more than deserving.
  14. How Good Is Tai Webster??

    The Brogdon archtype player in the second round is going to make a lot of sense to teams that have been in the lotto for the last 6 years (Kings, TWolves, Sixers, Lakers, Magic) you cant keep stocking up on developmental players and sell your fan base that your going to start competing, nor can you keep going the draft and stash. I know this year will still have some draft and stash type players, but i think more teams will be looking for that role player type that can actually contribute in the next three years.
  15. Hello? It's too quiet in here

    They could afford, the Owner just dosnt want to pony up, to be great. Who knows, Bell seems good, Cole hasn't been dominate so maybe he won't command has much as I think.