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  1. that's what she said
  2. the team just got better
  3. 1900 students would be higher than any High School in Nebraska
  4. we lost that segment
  5. excellent at rolling the ball down the floor tho
  6. wow. The shorts in the picture are only half as long as the shorts Roby is wearing.
  7. nope! Cascio, not Casio.
  8. He caught the ball just inside the half court, took two dribbles combined with ten steps before the dunk. He should fit right in.
  9. that would be on the coaches, wouldn't it? Do they still practice against boys? I doubt it.
  10. he needs to work on those 3 footers
  11. that make's them even more impressive.
  12. Where were you when Andre Almeida played here? Lotsa jokes and comments about his weight and physique and nobody on this forum came to his defense or seemed to be offended. He was somebodies' Son, Grandson,etc.too. IMO,when it comes to sports talk in college athletics, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.