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  1. No need to be crusty; He's usually pretty trusty.
  2. Jacobson was a master of the jump hook; except for the part where the ball goes into the basket.
  3. It looks like his arms are the same size as his legs, in both length and girth.
  4. I used to do that, except, I'd take the ball behind my back, right to left and then under my knee back to my right hand to jam.
  5. It's season 3 now Chuck...
  6. how's this?
  7. We may have just dodged a bullet....just sayin'
  8. Probably one of the best coaching decisions Mile made last season.
  9. I found that he has moved to California and is now attending a Jr. College there this semester. After being immersed in the culture there for only two months, "he" is now a "she", has changed her name to Gloria, and now identifies as a woman. Bad news for Miles but good news for Williams as she now plans to be a "lady" Husker.
  10. that's what she said
  11. the team just got better