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  1. Thor

    He was too embarrassed to dance the Macarena?
  2. Rutgers

    I hope we wear the black unis. It really seems to pump up the players and the fans.
  3. How did we lose

    No Scott Frost yet.
  4. One of the things I liked about the story was that there was no mention of "you know who".
  5. Marist (0-4) vs. Nebraska (3-2) Game Thread

    that reminds me, I think I'll have pancakes for breakfast.
  6. Nana to Redshirt?

    They don't have to announce now if they will redshirt. If a few, or many, games go by with out them playing, they can still decide later.
  7. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    cancer would be cured if it wasn't so profitable to keep fighting it.
  8. OT: What would you guys name this band?

    The Red Hot Chili Schleppers
  9. OT: What would you guys name this band?

    Spinal Crap
  10. OT: What would you guys name this band?

    4 Hacks and a Pill
  11. If you receive money as a gift, you do not have to pay taxes on it. If you give money as a gift, you do not have to report it unless it is totals more than $14,000 per year. If it totals more than $14,000 in a year, you need to report it but there is no tax until you accumulate $5 million in gifts. After $5 million lifetime total, you must start paying taxes on the money you gift.
  12. Anton Gill

    if he can twist, he will be star
  13. Bureau of Weights and Measures

    They should be releasing this information about the woman's team any day now. Right?
  14. Copeland