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  1. last night in a must win Lebron Scored or assisted on 18 of their last 20 points for the game. That's pretty clutch in my opinion. Plus you add in the amount of minutes he has played over the years and it is impressive. hard to believe he hasn't had more injuries.
  2. I know Matt Reynoldson said on RSS the other day that with Schreiber's down year as far as power numbers that he might not get drafted as high and might want to return and improve on those next year. He also thought Myers would be back and thought someone might take a chance on Hoensee but wasn't for sure.
  3. Lots of Bad coaching comments in that thread....
  4. makes no sense to me why the paperwork hasn't been filed............ very odd
  5. How about eliminating the charge call??? It gets called so often and half the time its a horrible call so how about we just eliminate it.
  6. I noticed that too but it was bottom half of 2nd round. Now it doesn't have him getting drafted. Also has Swanigan in the 2nd round which im kinda surprised by. I thought he would be a first rounder. With his improved range I figured his stock would of went up.
  7. "Andrew played great the whole year,” Boeheim said after an NIT loss to Ole Miss ended Syracuse’s season. “We [were] a little disadvantaged with him at forward because of his size. That hurt us on the boards; that hurt us defensively." Free agent or 2nd rounder??
  8. okay thanks
  9. I meant that he only played 2 seasons.... Did he Transfer or was he a JUCO....??
  10. whatever happened with Garner??? Forgot he was that good as a freshman!!
  11. Robin Washut posted it on RSS
  12. Ya saw that after I posted. Thanks
  13. Owens, has been at NU for 3 years, is taking a coaching job in Tampa, Fla. Any chance Boehm is next to go.......
  14. Agree with this lineup! Seems like we say every off season its going to be more up tempo and it never happens...
  15. Still Shocked by this and for Miles to pull it off on what a 1 or 2 year contract and all the questions surrounding him.. Major Props to him and Kenya!!