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  1. really surprised by how good the SEC teams have looked!!
  2. This tells me he just made his decision without talking to coaches. Either there is not a very good relationship with the coaches or he had his mind made up a long time ago. Not likely they change his mind
  3. Goes to show that you should never give up on guys.... just wish we could of had a better year team wise but happy with his improvement and him not giving up!! Good luck to him in his future and he will always be a HUSKER!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Sharp and Benning this morning hinted at Miles possibly leaving for a different job this morning.... anyone else hear it??? Seemed weird like they knew something. It's like the last 2 minutes of segment 2 if anyone wants to give me their opinion on it
  5. I just don't see us having much of a chance winning it the way they are playing right now.... Every time I count us out though they find a way to win.. Going to be tough on Senior day and at Minnesota, im not sure if they even have any seniors, maybe Mason but regardless it will be tough to come out of there with a win...
  6. THANKS Boy DOC, Barry, and Timmy have pretty much identical conference records... Crazy
  7. How does Tim compare to Doc and Barry for example wins, winning %, league wins etc...?? anyone know just thought that would be interesting.
  8. "Morrow assist, he will be an all big ten player if realizes he can get five assists a game because of the opposing teams need to collapse on him" THIS is a very good point. I get frustrated that our big man think they need to shoot the ball everytime someone throws the ball into them!!! Good things happen when they kick the ball out! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Well as have the previous few teams we have played your shooting should turnaround against us!!!!!
  10. Welcome!! Appreciate your Input!! From an outsider, what is your view of our roster?? Just curious
  11. Will be interesting to see how much Wisconsin falls off after this year when they lose Koenig, Brown, and Hayes.... Will still have Happ unless he goes pro but they might fall off some next year
  12. Wow this doesn't say very much for John Groce does it....?????? Hopefully Illinois keeps him around so Timmy can keep pulling Top 150 recruits from up there!!!
  13. Great Post!! I have thought a little about this also. As far as how we will stack up against other Big 10 teams next year talent wise I think its hard to say at this point. But if you look at past Nebraska basketball teams talent compared to what we will have on next years roster it is a big difference in top talent and ESPECIALLY Depth!!! We should be able to overcome some injuries next year if they do happen. Gotta wonder how our chemistry will be with the new players and added depth. Will guys be upset that they are not getting more minutes.... etc.. Guess we will know in about a year from now how we stack up for sure but at least we can look forward to it for now!!
  14. Wisconsin Iowa games are tough but that's how I see it
  15. Wow. That's surprising. In 1st half he was getting some real good looks close to basket but didn't see him much in 2nd