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  1. Statistical predictions

    Like Tai at the end of last year... Think he ran out of gas!!
  2. Big 10 Talent

    not sure y you would want to take the time to do it again if everyone is going to nit pick at it..... calm down people its 1 damn point..
  3. Anton Gill

    Roster keeps getting Deeper....
  4. Serious question ...

    I think the Big 10 is going to be better this year also. A lot deeper from Michigan st all the way to Rutgers.
  5. Serious question ...

    Agree, we better be better than last year or its gonna be a long year again.....
  6. Copeland

  7. OK, Let's Talk Basketball

    https://nebraska.rivals.com/commitments/basketball/2003 Is this the class you are referring too Norm??
  8. Conference Schedule Announcement Later Today

    Im thinking we will be lucky to win any of those first 4 big 10 games. That's okay though we started 3-0 last year and look where that got us.... Really liking the end of our schedule..
  9. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Well that's a lot better than Jan. 1st
  10. The Isaac Copeland watch

    so lets say he isn't eligible right away does he have to wait until 2nd semester to start or will it be in December sometime that he is eligible..????
  11. The Isaac Copeland watch

    With our December Schedule it sure would be nice to have him...... I could see him adding an additional win or 2 to our record by being immediately eligible.
  12. Offseason Potpourri

    wasn't Marc Boehm Retiring(getting fired) awhile ago. that sure got quiet in a hurry..... Looks like he survives another year.
  13. The Isaac Copeland watch

    ???? Not sure if you are being sarcastic or what. Not blaming Miles just thought we would have a ruling by now from NCAA
  14. The Isaac Copeland watch

    month and a half later and still nothing on this...............
  15. NU's All Big Ten Team (so far)

    ya I went with Talley. I thought backcourt was definitely a tougher decision than the frontcourt.