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  1. Let me get this straight...

    my guess is that his 22 wins earned one more year... NCAA tournament might have earned two more years (thus allowing a bad year) My guess is Moos isn't ready to committ to more than that..
  2. Let me get this straight...

    If Miles would not be safe if he put up 10-19 or even 20-10, you have no business extending his contract...it would not be in the interest of the university to do so.
  3. Contract Extensions

    I don't doubt that happens...but as an AD, do you think it is worth tying up an extra Million or 2 dollars just so some 18 year old kid won't be told that Coach Miles is only under contract through 2021? I don't think it is...and I would expect my coaches to be able to overcome those type of objections.
  4. Contract Extensions

    Contract Extensions Why do you extend a contract of coach of your program. My opinions follow. I think that Athletic Directors have allowed Agents to push them around and too many programs extend coaches because they feel they have to give the perception that their coach is in for the long haul. I think that is the big lie that coaches and Agents have told their fans, recruits and Universities and just about everyone has bought it. I believe you should only extend a coach when you want to keep a coach that is being pursued by other institutions. I would give an example of Matt Campbell at Iowa State...Iowa state extended him contract but also raised the buyout to protect the University financially if Campbell is hired away from Iowa State. Giving a coach an extension and not receiving any more consideration (raising the coaches buyout or slashing the University's buyout) is not the prudent thing to do. If it is true that recruiting is tougher when you have a shorter contract (i don't believe it is as big a deal as others do since most top players don't expect to spend 4 years in school anyway), I believe the ADs should tell coaches to suck it up and try harder...some places are harder to recruit because they are in Manhattan, Kansas...every school and coaches have pluses and Minuses. I believe that Universities and Athletic departments have tremendous leverage in contract negotiations with coaches, but have been Bullied by agents over the last 20 years and have ceded much of the power in contract negotiations to the coaches side of the ledger.....there are only 80 great jobs in college basketball and coaches often only get 1 shot at those jobs, yet they seem to continue to get contract extensions when no other University is going to hire them away. The biggest example I see is the university of Iowa...They have tied up 10 years of University dollars in football and 6 years in basketball for 2 coaches that I doubt have other options anywhere near what the University is paying them....Does it help them in Recruiting, I don't think so.... One last thing...in basketball, if you fire your coach, most likely the new coach will blow up the roster anyway, so the I don't buy the defense that not extending the contract will affect the next coach.
  5. Let me get this straight...

    This is why an extension is meaningless and all the "goodwill"....unless the answer to that question is NO....Miles would be safe even with a 10-19 season, everything else doesn't matter.
  6. Let me get this straight...

    If a recruit or potential assistant coach does't realize that Miles needs to win next year...then they probably aren't the type to be concerned about contract extensions and if they said extensions mean anything.
  7. Let me get this straight...

    Here is where I disagree with your premise... If as we all know that Miles has another do or die year in 2018-2019...an extension does nothing for him in recruiting or building the program....An extension that is given just to help with perception (and that is what it would be) is meaningless.... What can happen next year, if Miles and the Huskers make it to the sweet 16...is long term extension can be given and people might actually believe that Miles has gotten off the hot seat. But until your coach actually gets off the hot seat, a contract extension to 4 or 5 years will not change the dynamics in recruiting and assistant coach hiring. The key to this whole thing, for the program to have stability is the program has to show consistency first, then people will believe the stability. I think Moos did the absolute right thing...he committed publicly to the coach for next year and is giving Miles a chance to continue to coach at Nebraska if he performs.... Miles still has one of the top 80 jobs in college basketball (being in a power conference)....This is probably is only chance to ever have one of those jobs(which to me is another reason to not commit $ for too many years, if nobody is going to poach your coach, you don't need commit public university dollars to him)....so Moos gave him another year to figure it out....Overcome any recruiting obstacles and coach up the guys you got.
  8. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    Here's your brand: one of the best seasons in school history resulted in a first round loss in the NIT.
  9. Let me get this straight...

    I live in Iowa currently...They extended Fran McCaffrey through like 2024 give or take a year....and Apathy is starting to simmer with the fanbase. An Extension to a coach that has mediocre results does not sit well with the average fan who looks at a an extension until 2024 and thinks, we are stuck with Fran for the next 6 years even if they continue to suck...believe me they sure were pissing an moaning about Ferrentz's extensions too. Is recruiting a little harder, maybe...but I think it is way over stated how contract length affects a recruits attitude about a school...Now a coach on the hot seat that will affect a recruit...but as many have stated on this board, the extension to 5 years doesn't mean anything because Miles would be fired after next year if the season is not up to expectations....so players and potential recruits see that as well. I think an announcement my Moos that Miles was extended to 2024 would not have sat well with the average fan...who looks at his record and says 97-97...gets you 6 more years...I guess we are happy to just field a team.
  10. Let me get this straight...

    I do think the 1 year extension was the right course...a longer extension might have sent the fans to the door.
  11. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    I assume by netting out the contract, you mean lowering the university buyout so the cost for firing him next year is the same whether he gets 1 or 2 more years....Miles would have to agree to that too...and he might have said, No, I would rather have just 1 year and we can talk next year. Miles might be in line to get a better extension and money next year if he wins...but if he changes the structure of the buyout, that would have to be negotiated again next year...so Miles very well could have said no dice....He did agree to the 1 year extension, so that is what he thought was the best offer on the table (although, it may have been the only offer).
  12. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    I don't think the AD in terms of giving an extension, not giving an extension, etc....does anything positive for the Nebraska basketball brand...although giving a long term extension 2 years or more might have done more damage to the long term PR than good....it would show that not making the NCAA tourney and losing an NIT first round game is good enough and we will reward that with monetary promised into the future. I see Fran McCaffrey has a contract that is about 3 years longer at Iowa than Miles has at Nebraska...does that do anything for their brand...I actually think it does the opposite...living in Des Moines, when the extension was signed, the casual fan questioned what the AD was thinking...why reward a guy who hasn't done much, etc.....a long term extension can often cause fans to have a little apathy...and try recruiting to fan base that is apathetic....doesn't matter how long your deal is.
  13. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    Ideally, you want your Brand to be bigger than your CEO or Coach... A great Brand like Coke....I doubt anyone knows who the CEO is. Now in Sports, Coaches are often the face of a program for better or worse...but as an athletic department, you want to build your brand so that it is bigger than the coach. I would think there are schools that have this (Indiana basketball, Notre Dame football, Nebraska football's brand has probably survived the last 4 coaches)
  14. Let me get this straight...

    Then, Moos shouldn't have extended him at all....if he is going to hire someone else, let him coach on a 2 year deal....
  15. Also, assistant coaches don't stay too long anywhere...why the more coaches and places you work, the more opportunities is gets you later by your network.