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  1. We are going to miss Jacobsen...every team needs guys like him....He did his job when he was in the game, he boxed out...which often led to other guys getting the rebound, but without guys like Jacobsen doing their job, guards like Tai Webster aren't grabbing those rebounds, the offensvie player that is being boxed out is grabbing the ball. Is Jacobsen replaceable, yes.....but we need guys on the team to complement the more talented players.
  2. I do think Malcom Brogdon of the Milwaukee Bucks is going to changes some teams outlook on 4 and 5 year College players.... Why pay a guy for 3 years why they develop and then when they are finally good enough to contribute, you have to pay them a bunch of money as their rookie contract ends or let them leave via free agency. Why not draft a guy that has shown development in college and fits a role on the control their rookie contract until they are 26 or 27 instead of 22 or 23. Now each play is different and the top players will usually be Freshman, but the marginal guys that are leaving early....I think teams will reconsider them as the team that drafts them doesn't always reap the benefits.
  3. I Like seeing guys get to a spot and hold their ground...if you are in a spot that the offense wants, they either need to go around you or they risk a charge. Standing in and taking a charge is better defense in my opinion than a guy being out of position and going for a blocked shot. The defensive player is already at a such a disadvantage, what would happen if you did not allow them to take a charge by establshing position....Offensive players would put a knee in their chest and go right through them.....In my younger days, i would do that even if it meant getting called for a charge, but I knew next time down the lane, they would probably get out of the way. I don't mind flopping either....who cares if they fall down, they are taking a risk by falling down as they give up position for a foul that may not be called...risk/reward....also, there are many times a guy does not get the call without going to the ground, so if you don't have your heels on hinges, you will probably get called for a blocking foul....(that goes back to the officiating, they have trained players to fall to get the call, and are not always calling the contact based on the contact but on the result of what happens to the defender)
  4. Blocking/Charge calls are difficult to officiate...but in my opinion, they officials already call it a block too often....if you eliminate the charge call, I think you will see even more free throws as players will continually drive through the lane as their will be no consequences (offensive foul called) except missing a shot.
  5. Boy, it would be a shame if this program received a post season ban for academics.....rather than a postseason ban due to Athletics.
  6. I know it is different talent levels...but when you play pickup ball it is obvious which guys can hit the last bucket and which guys can't. when the score is 6-4, everybody shoots and there isn't much pressure, but when it is game many guys tighten up and can't make the final shot...while other guys, even if they aren't the best shooters in the gym invevitably score the final bucket in game after game. I think at every level of basketball, you see this....the first 35 minutes of a game should be judged totally different than the last 5....because some players disappear in the last 5 minutes.
  7. When i have talked to some friends about Nebrasketball (friends that follow it, but not very passionately) and they ask me why hasn't Miles been able to replicate his tourney team in his second season, what I have told them is that he really has. When I watch his teams today and his team in the tourney year, they aren't that much different....the only difference is they rode a wave and a player (petteway) into the tourney....and the shots Petteway made in some of those wins, if you ask me were horrible shots, but they went in...and wins resulted. I really don't think that team was that much better than what we saw this just found ways to win.
  8. I don't watch a lot of these videos...but man that is some very poor defense being played against his team....worse than pickup games at the YMCA.
  9. I agree, in my opinion, Jacobsen might have been the bigger loss...for a couple of reasons, yes he was a role player that did the dirty work, he boxed out...which often led to rebounds for others.....and he seemed to be a leader on the team (now this is seen from afar and could be me misreading the situation). Morrow was a beast and has much more talent than Jacobsen, but I think filling Morrow's role will be easier to replace than Jacobsen's role.
  10. My opinion on Jacobsen and that they will be darn good for the teams where they transfer...If Nebraska was to get two transfers of that quality with 2 years to play, we would be damn near Giddy.
  11. How can you ruin a program that has never won an NCAA tourney game and has only been to the tournament one time in this century....
  12. The officiating was bad...but part of the problem of why it is that they allow so many things that force them into bad calls. Call travelling when a guy mis-executes the jump stop, then you don't have to call the silly touch blocking foul after the travel. Guys were planted in the lane for 5, 6 or 7 seconds...and then they get rewarded with a foul on their terrible shot attempt. There are reasons why you have to dribble and why you can't camp in the lane...and when you ignore those parts of basketball, you see bad calls that never should have happened.... Calling travels will force kids to learn how to do a proper jump stop...they will learn to quit shuffling their feet.... Call 3 seconds and guys will get out of the lane.... Palming the basketball...make guys actually dribble it...and you will see less chippy fouls because the offense has such an advantage when they can palm the basketball and then travel at the end of their is a guy supposed to defend? Freedom of movement....blah...they could clean up the game by callilng some of the most basic rules that have been around forever.
  13. The thing about Miles or any coach taking another job (if he were to take it) resets the clock for he gets another 4 years of being a head coach.... If he stays at Nebraska...he is only guaranteed next year (he might get paid, but that doesn't mean he will be coaching. Resetting the clock allows coach time to continue as a head coach as long as possible.
  14. Drake university says Hi.
  15. At Nebraska, you have to close your eyes to the win loss record...until year my opinion.... two full recruiting cycles to build a program...