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  1. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Now, let's steal one of the last two in this stretch.
  2. Bobby Jackson

    That was the team that walked out, if I remember correctly....I think Tom Best was part of that team as well. NIT champs, though....that was a fun run.
  3. Creighton 81 nebraska 78
  4. I could not find it anywhere, so i will ask here. Is Nate Mason of Minnesota the son of former QB at Nebraska Nate Mason (I see on his bio that his father is a Nate Mason), but in my limited search time, i could not figure out if it was the same Nate Mason that played in the early 80s for the Huskers.
  5. Nebraska 71 Minnesota 81 3pm 8
  6. Conference wins 10 Nebraska 71 Michigan St 78
  7. It is not the T that I am talking about. It is how a team reacts when adversity hits.....The T was the adversity...and to me the team just lost all of its intensity and did not react well after the technical. in my opinion, teams that have chemistry from playing together, seem to be better at overcoming obstacles in their game.
  8. Not the actual T's they got....how a team reacts an plays together is more a reflection of them playing together and trusting each other. young teams can do this, old teams can do this....but In my opinion players that have played together longer have a better ability to trust their teammates.
  9. When I say young teams, it isn't just about Age of players....it is more about time playing together... You can be a young team with 4 juniors and a senior....if they have never played together.
  10. This. After the technical, I counted at least 4 times that St John's taunted as much or more than Palmer... Did that tech lose us the game, no....but I would have liked to see the how the team would have played if they could have kept that intensity up they had in the moments right before the technical.....it killed the the moment. Good teams overcome that....young teams have to learn how to do that......