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  1. It's Time to Subscribe

    To each, their own. I believe in a couple of different theories: The first is the TINSTAAFL theory: There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. I subscribe to both the OWH and the LJS - both outlets provide content (not just sports) that I want to read and I believe they should be compensated for it. The second theory is: In most situations, you get what you pay for. Quality matters to me.
  2. NU - 73 The school that shall not be named - 66
  3. Hate to say it but ol' Archie had a legit complaint on that one.
  4. I love Roby but man, he has to start understanding that sometimes he needs to be THE guy! Why kick out for the 3 when he could elevate from 8 feet and drain it?
  5. I have reached a level of significant concern - the offense is stalling out because it is relying too much on Palmer. He's been scouted pretty well at this point - quickness/athleticism will slow him down. Gotta find a better way to attack the rim.
  6. Too...many...3s... Will we ever learn?
  7. Won't argue that - but at this point in the year, you kind of are what your record says...
  8. I didn't hear it but is kind of understandable, I guess. Losing to the worst team in the conference can do that to you.
  9. Very, very well played, sir! Thank you!
  10. I was going to post a gif of Ross from Friends repeatedly saying, "We were on a Break!" but I have no idea how to embed it into the message rather than post the link so - I guess I'll move on.
  11. While true, the damage from this one could be severe. If you are going to talk quality wins, you also have to take bad losses into consideration and Nebraska just got beat by the worst team in the conference. I was already pretty concerned about the resume. Now, I don’t think we get an invite unless we win out and make the semis of the B1G tournament.
  12. Once again, Nebraska gives the opposing big man the honor of a career night. Hate to be critical of players but man, that shot by GW sums up his entire season. He’s just has been bad so much more often than good this year.
  13. Make it 4 - which is also the difference in the score.
  14. We are going to be in need of whatever MSU got at half yesterday. Fingers-crossed.