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  1. Jacobson Gone?

    I saw this post and went to my Twitter feed - wondered how I missed it. After a little investigation, I discovered that I had been blocked by Lee. I have no idea why, as I don't engage him or many others for that matter. But I think I feel really good about it!
  2. Morrow leaving

    Might be the best thing for everyone involved. We all should take a nice, long break from it.
  3. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    I was truly on the fence about Miles at the end of the year but here's how I framed it in my mind. (Unfortunately, it is the same way I framed keeping Pelini for a year too long and while that doesn't really help my argument, in the interest of full disclosure...) When Miles was hired, he had no experience recruiting or coaching at this level. Consequently, he and the staff he put together were unprepared to identify and recruit the talent needed to compete. Like it or not, the first couple of years were "on the job training". Nebraska's administration made the decision to hire him and had to know on some level this would be the case. Catching lightning in a bottle in year 2 changed the perception of the experience gap that remained with Miles and his staff. However, it would appear over the past couple of years, he has adjusted, hired different staff and refined his approach to identifying and recruiting talent. Is he all the way there at this point? Not likely, but it would be hard to argue that Miles hasn't been improving in these areas over time. In a crude way, it is a philosophy of investment and successful investing comes with a long-term mindset. NU made the initial investment, the early years were lost due to "training" and now it appears the recruiting component is improving. While we may not have expected the "lost years" early on (although we should have), the long-term investment thesis remains intact.
  4. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    For those who love chaos...
  5. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    Not sure I would hold my breath - everything I've heard is pointing him toward JUCO. Likely Northeast up in Norfolk.
  6. Jeriah Horne will transfer

    Not going to rant about this because it was almost expected, but dammit, I hate that a talented kid from an area nearby that we should be recruiting heavily wants to leave after 1 year. Not a good look, short or long-term, in my opinion.
  7. I could not agree with this more - I will go to my grave believing that had Gdowski been given the same starts, he would go down as a top 3 quarterback in the history of the program.
  8. Just my opinion on the Steve Taylor thing - memory serves that if you go back and watch games of him at QB, he loved to keep the ball himself on options. To the point where my friends and I would refer to him as Steve "Hogball" Taylor. (Yes, it was hogball instead of ball hog - inside joke). Anyway, I remember him as a pretty selfish player and he should keep his thoughts to himself, like he did with the football way too often. The streak was nice and represented a good season, but means absolutely nothing in the big picture.
  9. Michigan vs Nebraska Game Thread

    I'm not in that camp and I'll never root against Nebraska - wish it didn't have to come to this. I like Tim and wanted him to succeed, but the way the season has completely come apart, it seems inevitable that his time has run out.
  10. Michigan vs Nebraska Game Thread

    That was fun.
  11. Tired. So very, very tired.
  12. We have one sitting on the bench...who's actually proven he can do it.
  13. If he's healthy, it is really hard to understand why Horne isn't playing. I mean, it's great that Jack has finally found his touch, but wasn't there a correlation between Horne getting more minutes and Nebraska actually winning games earlier in the year?
  14. Given the evidence thus far this season, I can see why they would have that opinion. But, I agree with you - we played well, but I consider it playing up to our capability. Having a stretch of 4+ scoreless minutes at the end of the 1st half and giving up a 20-4 run doesn't sound like "standing on our heads" to me. I think the tone was set in the 1st 15 minutes of the 1st half. Not sure I've seen a team play any harder.
  15. Incredible game - so thankful that the staff went with the young guys, took the reins off and let them play. If this is the formula going forward (and it should be), it will be a roller-coaster but the ups will definitely outweigh the downs. Great game Huskers - let's make it 2 in a row!