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  1. It's time to shorten up the bench...when we did in the 2nd half I think it really helped us.
  2. Y'know, I'm tryna keep calm.

    Just got mine!! I think they were delivered horseback. Some are a little beat up!
  3. Lead the team in scoring with 20! And was only 1-7 on 3's. But killed it on the 2's. Wonder if those were all just layups?
  4. Basketball Parking

    Same thing happened to me...got in right away with a red spot and it wouldn't let me pay. I knew it wasn't something I did because I bought football parking at 8:45am. Eventually the number of red spots disappeared even though I had one in the cart. To be safe, I grabbed a green spot when there was only 5 of those left. But then went back in about an hour later and got a red spot. So, if anyone needs a green parking spot I have one for sale!
  5. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    1. Mason 2. McIntosh 3. Bohannon 4. Winston 5. Watson
  6. Next Years Starting 5

    We are in a world of hurt if Nana has to play the 4.
  7. A comparison of teams

    Is that pre-diet change Tai?
  8. Sam Haiby is N

    Plus, her high school team has a great nickname....the Spuds!
  9. Filling Out the Roster

    There is another I'd guess Akoy is still in play too.