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  1. Jugular


    Dude is a beast. I think he’s one of the best players in the conference
  2. Jugular

    Morrow leaving

    They have to wear adidas. But we had molds of his feet made and sent to adidas for them to make special custom shoes. The shoes should not have been an issue
  3. Jugular

    Morrow leaving

    If Jacobsen has learned not to power dribble EVERY SINGLE TIME he gets the ball in the paint he will increase his PPG by 5 or 6 easily
  4. Jugular

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Im thinking a commitment from the PG that visited last week
  5. Jugular

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    This whole thing is just bizarre. I’m not complaining though
  6. Jugular

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    You sure on that?
  7. Jugular

    Collier, Sadler or Miles

    The only category that Miles wouldn’t win is if we needed an in-bounds play
  8. I feel very confident that he’d be just fine with 2 years.
  9. Correct. That’s the rumor on another board where people are trying to throw shit against the wall and/or to make Tim look like the bad guy.
  10. I’ve heard it’s not 2.
  11. Jugular

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    I would argue he was our most important recruit of the last 10 years
  12. And the third option is by far the worst one the administration could’ve done
  13. The problem is that it doesn’t have to be a “support one over the other”. I can be a fan of Moos and still believe that he’s handled this poorly. Part of the job as an AD is to do what it takes to support your team, help them win games and achieve success. On the surface, I don’t know how anyone can say that what’s going on right now is doing those things.
  14. Jugular

    Next Assistant Coach

    I’d love to see us bring Cookie in for the position that Ali held. They want to fill it again and Cookie would be great there