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  1. Lead the team in scoring with 20! And was only 1-7 on 3's. But killed it on the 2's. Wonder if those were all just layups?
  2. Basketball Parking

    Same thing happened to me...got in right away with a red spot and it wouldn't let me pay. I knew it wasn't something I did because I bought football parking at 8:45am. Eventually the number of red spots disappeared even though I had one in the cart. To be safe, I grabbed a green spot when there was only 5 of those left. But then went back in about an hour later and got a red spot. So, if anyone needs a green parking spot I have one for sale!
  3. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    1. Mason 2. McIntosh 3. Bohannon 4. Winston 5. Watson
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    We are in a world of hurt if Nana has to play the 4.
  5. A comparison of teams

    Is that pre-diet change Tai?
  6. Sam Haiby is N

    Plus, her high school team has a great nickname....the Spuds!
  7. Filling Out the Roster

    There is another I'd guess Akoy is still in play too.
  8. Filling Out the Roster

  9. Who is Tim Miles

    Tai is responsible for other things he had control over
  10. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Didnt we just sign a kid over KU?
  11. Hello? It's too quiet in here

  12. Thomas Allen is N

    You do know the national leader in 3's per game last year averaged 3.91? And only 30 players nationally averaged 3.0 or more. AW3 averaged 3.19.
  13. Teddy Owens is moving on

    I think Dungy's kids go there
  14. Next Years Starting 5

    If Brase commits then we have 12 guys that can play.