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  1. I'm going more with people that want Tim to fail more than they want the team to win.
  2. Wish someone would ask him how many times he came down and used the hot tub in the locker room.
  3. Sam loves a chance to show others they are wrong....
  4. You can teach defense to a certain degree but like rebounding, it's a mindset. You have to want to be a good defender. I don't know how much Jeriah wanted to be a good defender at this time. I'm sure his ego was pumped so much the last few years about his offensive talent that that became his identity. Coach Lewis tells a good story about when he went to Indiana and how his identity changed. He scores over 2000 points in his high school career and is one of the top scorers in the history of Indiana HS hoops. And Knight told him he had guys that could score. He needed him to do other things.
  5. If Horne does transfer, he will be forced to do the best thing for him--and that's redshirt. Coaches wanted him to redshirt this summer. The thing that will suck is having to listen to people bitch in 2 years if he comes out as a redshirt sophomore and averages 12/game somewhere. He will basically be forced to be patient now.
  6. Actually that's pretty close to what his numbers would be based on his shooting percentages
  7. I think Horne has great upside since he showed glimpses in a few games. But if you take way the Southern and Purdue games, he shot 34.7% from the field and 29.1% on 3's. Not exactly great numbers. Again, if he works hard in the offseason I really think he could develop into a consistent scorer off the bench next season. I'd prefer he not transfer. But if he doesn't want to be here, let's get someone in who does.
  8. Then she better work very hard on strength, shooting, quickness and attitude. Fortunately she has 18 months to do that.
  9. Markowski made 103 out of 221 career FT's. Shouldn't be any trouble getting those shots off.
  10. Thats what we were hoping with on Fuller. And going back a few years, Markowski. Both regressed as shooters unfortunately.
  11. Pretty nice player. I'd say small/smaller college--I thought she ran the court pretty well. Probably not a natural basketball player like Verbeek or the PG for Treynor. Which by the way, she's a stud. Good handles, can shoot it, only a sophomore I think. Will be fun to watch her the next couple years.
  12. Went to the game. Personally thought the coach didn't utilize her real well. We (Treynor) have some nice athletes and it seemed to frustrate her. I thought she was kind of lazy. They tried to force it to her. With her size and basketball knowledge she could've just worked the post area and got rebounds/put backs and been a bigger factor. A redshirt year will do her wonders.
  13. Craig has used the same plan that Tim used when he first came to NU--relying heavily on transfers.