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  1. Copeland

    Really coming on. Can't wait to see how he does against KU.
  2. Shooting % under Coach Miles

    Took a look at Hoop Math web site to look at our offensive picture thus far. http://www.hoop-math.com/leader_o2018.php We're 290th in effective FG percentage, although these are straight stats and not adjusted to the competition. So our adjusted offense in KenPom is actually 129. Anyway, I thought these were interesting:. Shots at the rim: 26% of possessions, which is 334th in the country. Shooting 60%, 189th in the country. 2 pt Jump shots: 39% of possessions, 17th in the country. Shooting just 34% on those, 244th in the country 3 pt shots: 34% of possessions, 254th in the country. Shooting 36% on those, 143rd in the country. Just a quick observation. We take an extraordinarily high number of 2 pt jump shots, and that's what we're statistically the worst at. It would be easy to point at coaching or our "system," but it's also worth noting that our bigs are not requiring double teams because of poor play. So opponents' guards can stay out on our perimeter shooters, who are decent this year. Inside defenders can also leave their man to help cut off drives by the wings, since they're not afraid to leave our bigs. That leaves openings inside the arc for jumpers, which we're apparently taking and not making at a high rate.
  3. BC just upset Duke

    Even more amazing, they did it without Deontae Hawkins, who got hurt against us and is out for the season. (Or maybe that was addition by subtraction?_
  4. HHCC Game #12 - vs. Kansas (Dec. 16, 7:00 PM CST)

    NU 71 KU 69 Time for a breakthrough.
  5. Just a request: Could we cut the bad language? Doesn't reflect well on all of us. Thank you.
  6. Just curious, why would the amount of people cheering for Creighton make you sick? It was their home game.
  7. Creighton Gameday

    Creighton didn't sell a lot of season tickets this year because of its weak home noncon. I'd expect a LOT of red this year, though it's hard to tell on TV since most of it will be in the upper deck.
  8. HHCC Game #11 - at Creighton (Dec. 9, 1:30 PM CST)

    Can't pick the school that can not be named. NU 81 See you 77
  9. That's the problem I see with the Roby/Cope front line too. There are some teams in the league it might work, but against most we'd see a huge physical mismatch. (as opposed to a basketball playing mismatch).
  10. Scouting Boston College

    Bowman is 6-1 and averages 5.7 rebounds a game. I've gotta see how he does that. Teddy Hawkins was supposedly one of the top 10 transfers on the market in the offseason. That's all I've got.
  11. 2017 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    Rutgers down 1 against Fla State at the half. Pikiell can coach.
  12. 2017 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    We have yet to beat anyone with a KenPom rating under 200. BC is currently 92. It's hard to see this season going anywhere if we don't beat BC at home.
  13. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Beat BC and win 1 of the next 4. That would show we're continuing to improve.
  14. Amazing how good it feels to shoot well. I checked our overall stats on TeamRankings and our effective FG% is 47.8%, 242nd in the country. Our 3pt% is 33.1% (215), while we're giving up 35.1% on 3s (183). Baby steps!
  15. After taking a few hours to get over that debacle, I think (1) The season is still early, too soon to write it off (2) Hopes of 2014 repeating is fool's gold, not a legitimate expectation. If this season is going to be different, then we need to see something in the next few weeks to build upon. This just doesn't look like a team right now, we're sub-100 in the analytics ratings. (3) I won't be ready to jump on board the analysis of what's wrong and who the next coach will be until it's obvious this season is a bust. (4) Burp.
  16. NU 71 Marist 55 Ignore the WVa score, Marist is not a good team.
  17. I'm with you. I think we're better than everyone thinks, and they're not as good.
  18. We got this. Eat hearty, boys.
  19. UCF is a must win

    It's not like we're the favorite or anything, but UCF's big man has missed games (he did play Friday, though) and their point guard is out. West Virginia is another matter.
  20. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    How about making board members run till they puke after a bad post?