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  1. Offseason Potpourri

    It would be interesting to poll fans of the other teams at the bottom and see what they think. I'd guess Rutgers fans would mostly think, "Yeah, last. That's about right." Illinois and Ohio State are probably more hopeful since they've been good in the past and have new coaches. Penn State fans would probably be happy to be ranked 10th, based on their history.
  2. Countdown to College Basketball

    SI projects Copeland as the No. 29 scorer among transfers at 11.1 ppg, Palmer No. 54 at 8.0. Neither of the freshmen make the top 50, which takes at least 7.5 ppg. I found this pretty interesting in regards to player projections for the year ahead: https://www.si.com/college-basketball/2016/10/12/team-rankings-projections-predictions-system
  3. Eichorst Out

    We still have to hire an AD, and he'll have the call on the coach, so maybe it's just talk. But it seems like Bounds' standards are very high for athletics, and he's stating them as more than just lofty goals. Struck me as more than just the usual, "We'd like to compete at the highest levels .... "
  4. Eichorst Out

    I'd interpret this as "Miles better make the NCAA this year." Anybody looking for "progress" or the NIT this year is setting the bar too low. http://www.omaha.com/huskers/football/shatel-football-president-hank-bounds-understands-importance-of-a-d/article_342d937e-aecc-11e7-8845-63d69a1aad7e.html On performance, Bounds said his goal is for every Husker sport, not just football, to chase national titles. “At the press conference (where Eichorst’s dismissal was announced), everybody focused on football. But basketball, every year we should be talking about the Big Ten championship and making deep runs in the (NCAA) tournament. Baseball, we should be seeing a red N across the street.” By that, he meant TD Ameritrade Park, just down the street from The World-Herald and home to the College World Series.
  5. Nebraska v Georgetown

    Roby's defensive potential: who was he guarding? Thanks for the update, we're starving for news.
  6. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    Some people need to get a frickin life beyond a message board.
  7. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    You don't have anything, so not sure why you're going there. Our Adidas connection also might make you go hmmmmmmm.
  8. Countdown to College Basketball

  9. Eichorst Out

    Dribble, dribble.
  10. Eichorst Out

    "Other Husker Sports"
  11. Y'know, Glynn Watson kinda reminds me of ...

    Might have been a case of Danny outthinking himself. That loss was considered a big upset because of the seedings, but Xavier had a couple of good guards. We had the advantage in size, but turned the ball over some and didn't hit our free throws. Although maybe I'm thinking of the Penn game.
  12. Big 10 Talent

    Careful, we're not looking for logic here.
  13. Serious question ...

    I can't wait either. Very excited by the roster potential, very concerned that so few of these guys have played together.
  14. Serious question ...

    It seems like Glynn is the only one who fits that description. I like Copeland a lot, but I doubt he can take over a game and make sure we don't have scoring droughts. I don't know that you could expect that out of anybody else on the roster.
  15. Copeland

    Sooooo, I guess I misread this. I thought the sarcasm was dripping from this post, but others seem to take it seriously. Or are they being sarcastic too? I am not being sarcastic, or ironic, or sardonic, just clueless.
  16. So, last season ...

    I'd like to think we can improve on offense, especially on 3s, but I think defense might be the more important area. Here are our KenPom numbers for the last four season: 2016-17: 147 offense, 77 defense 2015-16: 87 offense, 114 defense 2914-15: 264 offense, 28 defense 2013-14: 112 offense, 34 defense Considering that half of D-1 is low majors or just plain bad programs, those offensive numbers are pretty sad. I just don't see how you jump from 147 to around 75 on the backs of two freshmen shooters and one transfer. The defense, on the other hand, can make a jump with our increased length and athleticism. I'd think we could make top 50 on defense, and that's tournament caliber. We were 261 in unadjusted offensive efficiency last year, 210 in defensive efficiency, according to TeamRankings. Pretty awful, but adjusting to the tough schedule makes it look a little better.
  17. Countdown to College Basketball

    The top 144 countdown has Ohio State 10th in the league, 76 overall. Seems a little high. http://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/15064
  18. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    Sad to say, but that's where we stand right now. We have a faded brand in football and no brand in basketball. These are national marketing deals and right now there's more demand for Louisville and their slimebag coaches than DONU. I think Eichorst got the best deal he could.
  19. Bud

    Boxing would have a bigger following if everyone had his style and skill. Bud's an artist in the ring.
  20. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    TP left after freshman year with a coaching change. Palmer had 2 years at Miami and apparently didn't see any increased playing time or he wouldn't have left . We've had good luck with both TP and AWIII in similar situations, but I don't think it's a formula that allows you to project somebody in the top 6-8 players in the BIG at a position with a ton of talent on other rosters. I don't have Norm's wherewithal to chart out all of the other teams' guys at that spot, but you could see how it translated with Roby. The guys with the best chance of being in the top level this year are Glynn (obviously) and Copeland. I expect to see good improvement from others, but I'm just not as optimistic that any of them will be in the top half of the BIG this year.
  21. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    Sorry to dredge this up again, but I can't stand the bagging on guys who leave. One minute they're great, then they're awful. Yeah, MJ averaged 6 and 6. But he was a sophomore, so maybe his numbers improve too? Iowa State is a much better program than us and they took him, even though "he just isn't that good." THANK YOU.
  22. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    Just numerically speaking, if we're being picked to finish 12th, then it's not possible for so many of our players to be ranked so high in the BIG. I haven't seen anybody on the board pick us to finish as high as 6th, which (numerically speaking) would mean we have players that are as high as 6th in the league. I realize having a POY could change the equation, as would having a super-duper Xs and Os coach. But just as a numbers thing, the talent evaluation on this thread seems a little optimistic. Palmer had trouble getting on the floor at Miami, for example, but now he's in the top half of the BIG?
  23. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    The staff has made the decision that we're not going to get anybody better at his position. Hate to say it, but TM's status has to be a drag on recruiting. How can it not be? With 5 scholarships available (now 3?), it was worth taking a shot on a local big guy. He may not be a 5 star but he's not chopped liver (failed to find a chopped liver gif).
  24. Offseason Potpourri

    I think we'll all be ready to put on our raccoon coats and lift our pennants high when the season starts, but there's good reason for "realism" about this season. We finished over 100 in most metrics last year with an abysmal record, then lost Tai and four other guys in the offseason. Norm, I know you think the team just got beaten down, but that's just a postseason analysis. Good teams don't get beaten down. We couldn't shoot and our defense wasn't good enough to make up the difference. Take Copeland out of the mix for part of the season, add the chemistry issues of blending him in later to a team that's picked to finish 10+ in the BIG and you've got something to be legitimately concerned about. For those of us who are "on the ledge" about not having Copeland, it's just a basketball issue, not a matter of loyalty.
  25. Countdown to College Basketball

    No. 99 in the top 144 countdown, 12th in the BIG: http://www.collegesportsmadness.com/article/14987 They had us 103 preseason last year.