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  1. Well, I seem to sense some doubts about Jacob Padilla's insights so I thought it was interesting that Eichorst said the same thing. I'm never going to post a dozen times a day and go back three years to see what somebody said, so you win the day, I guess.
  2. The A.D. apparently agrees with this.
  3. Well, I'm willing to poke the bear here, but I find a lot more objectivity from Jacob and the World-Herald people than I find at LJS. There's a reason Sipple is know as Steve Suckup. I don't always agree with Sam, Lee and the rest, but they're experienced journalists and I respect their (sometimes negative) opinions. Pleasing HHC isn't the sign of good journalism.
  4. I hadn't seen this posted elsewhere, interesting look at the state of the program:
  5. Man, don't rain on the parade today! Enjoy!
  6. Yeah, I think what is he's saying is that he (1) doesn't want to play center at 6-7 and (2) wants to expand his game by working on his ball handling and outside shooting. The simplified version is that he wants to be a wing, which makes it easier to ridicule. It doesn't seem like NCAA caliber teams would be looking at him if he marched into the coach's office and said "I'm going to play wing."
  7. Not sure how they're measuring crime, but Omaha isn't exactly Chicago. Lincoln gets a D for crime on that site. Maybe they're being compared to Ceresco.
  8. Maybe the more relevant Kenpom numbers are the team's. These are the Miles years, are offensive rankings out of 350+ teams: 2012-13: 181 2013-14: 112 2014-15: 264 2015-16: 87 2016-17: 157 We can play the "he'll score more this year" game or look at the facts: We're losing 3 or our top 5 scorers, so it's not realistic to think this offense his going to make a jump to a quality level when it's coming off such a low base to begin with. Can it be better than 157? Sure, but it's not going to be a strength. I'm basing my hope on the defense. Maybe Copeland's length and Jordy's improvement tighten up the inside, and our youngsters figure out how to defend ball screens and close out on shooters. That is realistic.
  9. I don't disagree with that. But at some point, he needed to take a look at the big picture: A lot of guys playing the same position, with no shooters, no backup guard and one guy who wants to play center.
  10. The fact that all four played essentially played the same position at 4 (too slow to play 3, not wanting to play 5) raised these questions. The bigger question is why Miles kept recruiting guys to play the same spot when he had holes at point and (earlier) at 5. I mean it was season 5 before we had a center and I'd argue Glynn is a terrific combo guard but we still don't have a true point guard as we head into season 6 of the Miles era. That to me is the problem here. As much as people like to speculate about personality issues, I think it was, and has been, a problem of Miles not building a functional roster in 5 years. And that, to me, is the reason we didn't jell at the end of the season as we all expected. So now that 4 guys have left, I guess we're not overstocked at the 4 any more.
  11. Doc and Alecs was an exception. Most new coaches are fine with guys leaving, they get a free pass while they redo the roster. I don't think Eichorst is going to do anything anyway. He'd look like an idiot if he fired Miles now, since it would make it obvious that he failed to check the pulse of the team at the end of the season. Although he could fire Boehm too and blame him for not knowing what was going on with the players.
  12. We have to hope we get lucky. With just 9 scholarship players, and 2 coming off surgery, the picture isn't bright. But hoping against hope is what we do.
  13. Worst offseason ever? I've lost track.
  14. Postmodernism is the pseudointellectual term to describe the perception that relativism is overtaking society. You could say Socrates engaged in postmodernism. So next time you're shaking your fist at a cloud, just tell your neighbor you're a postmodernist. Or an anti-relativist.
  15. There's a poll for when this is all over.
  16. Patton is going to the NBA. Might be the best news in a while.
  17. You haven't explained it, you just presented your opinion. Others may disagree, including Bookie Killer, a suspected troll.
  18. Now that April Fool's Day is over, can we get back to reality?
  19. I thought it was interesting, but am not suggesting that's going on here. Neal had a record of semi-abusive behavior, looked like it finally reached the boiling point. TM has no such record.
  21. I'm sorry, but I will be surprised.
  22. This angered me when I read it, so I decided not to post then. But I'm still mad. Tim's trying to make the narrative about "competing for a cause bigger than yourself." Yeah, the kids are selfish, blah, blah, blah. What about his responsibility in this matter? He recruited Ed, he put together the roster that forces a 6-7 kid to play center, he failed to develop him into more than a one-dimensional offensive player, and he's responsible for him playing on a crappy team for two years. Who's Tim competing for if not himself? He's paid big $$$$ and we're supposed to believe he's just in it for DONU? Tim's good at promoting himself, I wish he were better at coaching.
  23. Well, we seem to be handling this well.
  24. I couldn't believe this was on a second page, but it was worth it for this. ^^^^