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  1. Chuck Taylor

    Scouting Miss St

    So other than the price and the crowd count and a few other things, I was spot on.
  2. Chuck Taylor

    Scouting Miss St

    Many season ticket holders go out of habit and not wanting to waste something that's already paid for. It's another thing to go shell out $25 for a game with pretty limited appeal. I'd be shocked if the crowd is more than about 3,000. No doubt we'd sell more tickets, I'd guess it would be closer to 10,000 for a midweek first-round NIT game. We drew 9,000 for a first-round game against Charlotte in 2008, 10,000 for a second-round game against Niagara in 2004. I'd wager the biggest first-round NIT crowd this year is around 6-7,000.
  3. Chuck Taylor

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I disagree. Bilas thinks he's smarter than everyone, and he'd disagree with any selections that weren't his. Plus, he's paid to blather on TV and rile up people. Check the administrators' resumes. They know basketball. You have to have a system in place that establishes some sort of standard for selection. THAT is what is wrong: the current system tries to establish who can win in the tournament, and does that by showing you have beaten tournament-caliber teams. We didn't do that. The quadrant thing is overblown, it's just a way to get the process started. The RPI is flawed obviously, but it does present a starting point. Conference records are NOT a criterion, just who you beat in your conference. Your last 10-15 game record is NOT a criterion. That used to be considered, but for whatever reason, no longer is. The system is designed to promote good scheduling in nonconference and value road wins. That reduces the ability to schedule creampuffs at home and then sit back and knock off conference games at home. Syracuse was notorious for this, so it's ironic that they actually got in. This year's uproar is a reaction to a system devised to prevent past uproars. So maybe next year, they'll figure out a way to address this year's uproar. Maybe they'll call it "the Nebraska rule."
  4. Chuck Taylor

    NIT bracket announcement

    Great, great song. Heading to youtube now! (And it pretty much sums it up_
  5. Chuck Taylor


    Compare NU and MSU resumes: https://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/bracketology/team-comparison/NEB/MISSST We're 1-6 against sub-50 RPI, 3-3 against 50-100. MSU is 4-8 and 4-1. I suspect it would be similar if you compared KenPom. When you're judged by wins against good teams. we just don't stack up well.
  6. Chuck Taylor

    Scheduling is everything

    The BIG schedule screwed us, not the noncon. We had opportunities in noncon and didn't produce. Our conference schedule was crap, and again, we didn't take advantage of opportunities that were there. There's no need to nitpick the metrics, just look at the wins: ONE against a tournament team, FOUR against sub-100 RPIs. I don't get why everyone makes this so hard with conspirators around every corner.
  7. Chuck Taylor

    Big Games under Miles

    Man, and just 7-7 against teams with winning records. Every time I start getting my hopes up again, something like that comes up. Better mix up a new batch of Kool-Aid and not go online the rest of the day!
  8. Chuck Taylor

    The Longest Day(s)

    Every time somebody points out another team who shouldn't be in the NCAA, I go here and compare their resume to ours: https://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/bracketology/team-comparison/NEB/BAMA It's a short-hand version of what the committee is looking at. Alabama is 6-8 vs. top 50, while we're 1-6. They're 5-3 vs. 51-100, while we're 3-3. The committee doesn't look at conference standings, it looks at your record in tough games. I don't know if Alabama gets in or not, but this measure is what has them on the bubble. Our slim chances rest on having done the best we could against a mediocre schedule that we had no control over. Moos and Delany have nothing to do with it. Our best hopes are Rasmussen because he's seen us and Jim Phillips of Northwestern, who can explain how Delany screwed the conference with early games and a compressed schedule by forcing the BIG tourney into New York.
  9. Chuck Taylor

    The Longest Day(s)

    A 2 seed in the NIT in the only NIT bracket I know of: https://www.dratings.com/predictor/bracketology/
  10. Chuck Taylor

    Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Wasn't Northwood D2?
  11. Chuck Taylor

    The Longest Day(s)

    Tough decision on whether to have a Selection Sunday party. Do you have to plan one, if you're saying you deserve to be in? As for the next week+, I might torture myself watching midmajor tournaments and root for the favorites. The one way to be certain we don't make it is by having teams like Nevada, St. Mary's and MIddle Tennessee get at-large bids because some schmoe won their conference tournament.
  12. Chuck Taylor

    Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    It's not just the quads and RPI, we're not strong by any measure that the committee uses. We're 56 in KenPom, 55 in Sagarin, 63 in TeamRankings. These aren't RPI, they're analytics. So the only things that favor us are eye test and conference record. We needed to win today BAAAAAAAD.
  13. Chuck Taylor

    Big Ten Tournament

    Committee goes to a lot of games. Where better to go today than the BIG tournament. He's there for seeding purposes on other teams, not just to see us.
  14. Chuck Taylor

    Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    There's my chant next weekend: WTF! WTF!
  15. Chuck Taylor


    I'm pretty sure Jack Payne did basketball for KFAB in the '60s. I can't remember my address, but the important stuff, yeah.
  16. Chuck Taylor

    Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    I'm not going to follow the other bubble teams, just worn out. We finished with just 4 wins against under-100 RPI teams. We did all we could, but just needed the win today.
  17. NU 67 Mich 51 1
  18. Chuck Taylor

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Unfortunately, doesn't look like it will impact us. This closes the case on the strippers. Doesn't add new penalties, as near as I can tell.
  19. Chuck Taylor

    HHCC Standings - End of Week 15

    Similarly, how am I so mediocre when I'm obviously so brilliant?
  20. Chuck Taylor

    Offensive Efficiency

    The Eff FG% leader is Roby at 61.9%, Copeland at 54.5, JPJ and Evan are at 50.7.
  21. Chuck Taylor

    HHCC Game #30 - vs. Indiana (Feb. 20, 8:00 PM CST)

    NU 88 IU 69 4 Back on track!
  22. This board has its share of stale jokes, head-scratching takes and incompetent trolls, but god love it, it has an uplifting tone of optimism. A (pick a number)-game winning streak is always just around the corner here. HOL is another world.
  23. Chuck Taylor

    HHCC Game #29 - at Illinois (Feb. 18, 2:30 PM CST)

    NU 74 Ill 52 I meant to type 62, but I'm gonna leave it this way since it looks better.
  24. Chuck Taylor

    Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    There are really 4 kinds of bracketologists (not a joke): 1. The ones predicting who will get in. 2. The ones stating who's in based on where things stand now. 3. The ones providing click bait for media sites. 4. The ones who don't know what the #^%&$# they're doing. I think we're getting the most love from the prediction bracketologists and the least from the ones who say where things stand now. I don't care what 3 and 4 think.