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    Roby (is Good)

    Maybe the 2 biggest challenges this year (1) developing depth at wings (2) maximizing efficiency on offense by figuring out who gets shots. As Dean said above, it's not as simple as saying Watson should shoot less and Roby more, since a lot of shot selection is taking what the defense gives you. Teams let Glynn take 3s because he doesn't hit them and they can play back to cut off his drives. If everyone else is locked down, Glynn often has to take the shot. Also, is Roby our best player based on NBA potential? Maybe, but does he become the priority over a potential BIG first teamer in Palmer? And Cope was our most efficient player on offense, does he have less priority than Roby? I don't have the answer to any of that, and neither does the coaching staff at this point. They'll figure it out this fall and in early games. Actually, defense is always the biggest challenge, but who wants to talk about that?
  2. Chuck Taylor

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Tra'deon Hollins of UNO had some good minutes for the Pacers. Looks like they've told him not to shoot, but he still makes a lot of plays while he's out there.
  3. Chuck Taylor

    Successful Season

    Lantz played for the Lakers, Simmons in the ABA and Branch and Campbell for the Globetrotters (laugh it you want, but in those days it meant something because there were so few opportunities to get paid to play). Tom Baack was the only one of the starters who didn't play professionally, and he was damn good. That's all from memory, so take it as fact until somebody Googles it and proves me wrong.
  4. Chuck Taylor

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I'm impressed that he got 20 minutes. Shooting will come.
  5. Chuck Taylor

    the Decision Mark III

    NBA free agency is a strange, strange thing. The Lakers let Julius Randle go, pick up Rondo for $9 million. NO signs Randle and lets Cousins go. The big money went quickly and Cousins is left looking for a team, ends up with the champs. A former All-Star, he gets a one-year deal for $5 million, while Randle gets $18 million for 2 years. No comparison between the two players. It all makes sense its own way, but it's a complete head scratcher if you don't know all the ins and outs of contracts, salary caps, etc. The Lakers' team chemistry should be interesting with Rondo and Lonzo Ball competing for time, and LBJ and Lavar chiming in with their opinions. Luke Walton may need some of his dad's hallucinogens.
  6. Chuck Taylor

    18-19 depth

    I've spent several hours on the shoe styles and colors but haven't cracked the code. Are they playing 3 on 3 based on shoes?
  7. Pretty sure there were no players taken who were 5-year guys like Palmer or Cope will be next year. It probably was this year or nothing in terms of them getting drafted.
  8. Chuck Taylor

    OT: Going to the Hospital

    Some wiseacre said to call it the CHICO. Freddie Prinze would be pleased.
  9. Chuck Taylor

    18-19 depth

    IIRC, Doc stopped them going because of risk of injury, although it was right after a competitive game featuring a number of NU players against a bunch of Creighton players that Creighton won. The timing seemed more like he didn't want bragging rights to extend to summertime. Don't know that, just speculation. The thing is, though, they no longer allow more than 2 players per team from one school so seems like it would be good to have our guys show up. NU and CU players could even be on the same team. I try to catch some games every year, and they're fun to watch. Dourisseau, Wilkinson and some other former Huskers play.
  10. Chuck Taylor

    18-19 depth

    Interesting. Usually just former players there. His team includes Isaiah Chandler, Roman Behrens and Shereef Mitchell.
  11. Chuck Taylor

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    I'm not sure we've been in that sort of era in a century. Knute Rockne was notorious for pulling kids out of steel mills to play football, and there was no policing organization to make sure that schools followed rules. Boosters "employed" athletes during Devaney's time and slipped money under the table, as they did at any other top football school. Basketball has had documented point shaving since at least 1950 and other scandals. While it may have gotten worse, the main thing is that all of this is reported so much today. So maybe we grew up not hearing about it so much, but bigtime college sports have never really had anything to do with education. It's a minor league sports system, and the schools leverage the success of their program to get donations from alums and sell themselves to prospective students. It is what it is, and while it's a questionable system, I probably donate more to DONU when the teams do well.
  12. Chuck Taylor

    NBA Playoffs

    I know comparing guys of different eras always involves a lot of "what ifs", but the defensive scheming is big for me as well. Zone was outlawed, so MJ was able to do a lot more damage one on one than LB. The counter-argument is that the 3 pt shooters are better now, so helping comes at a price. As for the best ever, I'm probably in the camp with the big guys: Russell (the biggest winner in the history of basketball) and the unstoppable Wilt and Kareem. The defensive domination of the bigs trumps the offense from the wings. LB over MJ and the Big O if we're talking about playmaking wings. If we're talking greatest collegian ever, I'll take Lew Alcindor by a mile. Most dominant player ever, and I hated UCLA.
  13. Wait, you're not using your real name here?
  14. Chuck Taylor

    NBA Playoffs

    I agree. Wilt and Kareem both have at least an equal claim to GOAT.
  15. Chuck Taylor

    Morrow leaving

    Or this version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rinz9Avvq6A
  16. Chuck Taylor

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Heh, heh, he said dill ....
  17. He's the one who fired Turner after 2 seasons to hire Charlie Weis. Would have been interesting to see if Turner could have made it work if he'd been given more time. He's done pretty well at Liberty, which is moving up to D-1 FBS this year.
  18. Chuck Taylor

    Amir Harris is N

    Has a 4.0, maybe he was transferring for better academics?
  19. Chuck Taylor

    Morrow leaving

    Right, it's like he transferred into exactly the same situation he wanted to get away from. Marquette plays soft, so he'll bring toughness to the table, but both Hausers are really good and he won't start ahead of either. A head scratcher.
  20. Chuck Taylor

    Nebraska will host Seton Hall in the 2018 Gavitt Games

    That's higher than they finished this year in Kenpom, so I'm skeptical. Mostly, though, they're going to really miss Angel Delgado, who won the Jabbar Award as the nation's best center and who gave Kansas fits. They also lose two senior guards who led the team in scoring and one of whom played point. So they lost their best player, their point guard and top two scorers. Maybe they'll be better this year, but on paper it seems like they'll drop off. Games aren't won on paper, but they're not won on Bart Torvik's algorithms either.
  21. Chuck Taylor

    Nebraska will host Seton Hall in the 2018 Gavitt Games

    Could be Quadrant 3, they lost a lot off their tourney team. Would have been better to go on the road against them.
  22. Chuck Taylor

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    I didn't see this posted elsewhere, sorry if it's duplicated. It's from a Chicago paper, so pretty well sourced on Gates' end. Gives you a pretty good idea of the perilous life of a basketball assistant. https://www.suntimeshighschoolsports.com/2018/05/03/armon-gates-circuitous-journey-college-assistant-coaches/
  23. Chuck Taylor

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    So getting through the weekend with no news is good news, right?
  24. Chuck Taylor

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    I was thinking about how there had been an unusual amount of drama this offseason. Upon further reflection, it's probably below the last couple of years.
  25. Chuck Taylor

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    He must have read where I posted it earlier on this thread from the Chicago Tribune.