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  1. Next Assistant Coach

    Dimes, we're working you hard these days! Thanks for all you do.
  2. Let me get this straight...

    This. I understand the arguments for and against the one-year extension, but I'm really surprised by the bitterness toward Moos. I don't think he's a hero for hiring Frost (who wouldn't have done that?), but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on what he's trying to do with basketball instead of deciding he (1) is an idiot or (2) doesn't care about basketball. Easier to have a strong opinion if you only understand your own side.
  3. Hank Bounds interview

    I don't think he believes a non-tourney season qualifies as a launching pad, regardless of how it stacks up in NU history. How do you leverage a non-tourney season? Everybody has their own perception of what this season was. We didn't make the tourney, and it wasn't that close, OR it was the best regular season in history, we got jobbed. I don't think either view is unreasonable.
  4. Hank Bounds interview

    I think he would have taken the UConn job regardless of the extension. It just made sense for him. Trying to somehow twist Moos' slow play into costing us Kenya and Xavier is just turning frustration into bitterness for no reason.
  5. Security is big, but it's not solely based on the extension issue. He's going to a much better program in a staff that's just starting off. And while optimism runs high here, it's a real possibility that NU doesn't make the tournament again next year and Miles gets fired, regardless of the length of the extension. I'd argue he goes to UConn based on it being a better job with a brighter future. The extension is just a small piece of a bigger picture. If he thought we were going to make a deep run next year, wouldn't he have stayed because everyone would get a new deal from Moos? That's a more relevant question than if he had stayed with a 2-year extension.
  6. He's now working on a 3-year contract. Would it have made that much difference for him to get 4 years? And I don't know why you'd give him an unqualified endorsement with 5 or more years, because he just hasn't earned that.
  7. Yet Another Contest Thread

    Don't know if describes it or not, but I just had to give a like to that. Love that song.
  8. My perception

    My perception at first was surprise that so many people jumped on Moos. I had figured contracts are complicated and things were dragging and the Kenya Hunter move just agitated everybody. But then I re-read Barfknect's story that said Miles was "still waiting to hear" details of his extension. That makes me think Miles was using the reporter to make it clear that he is indeed in limbo. I'd like to give Moos the benefit of the doubt on this, but if nothing else, he's not too sensitive to Miles' position. So I do understand why some are angry, even though I'm not. Beyond that, I'll still support Miles next year because that's what fans do, but I remain skeptical that he's the answer for the program. One thing I struggle with: Do fans really think Miles is going to get it done? I see some of the same people sticking up for him on one thread, and then on another thread commenting about how poorly he develops post players or how he needs an assistant who can coach offense or how his roster is always unsettled. I understand that he's upgraded our talent level, but that's coming off a very low base (Doc). But is the talent level good enough to overcome his shortcomings as a coach? I wonder if our low expectations aren't a big part of why the program underachieves. Look at any successful program that we would want to emulate and ask yourself whether they would accept these results.
  9. Miles extension poll

    Maybe we should redo the poll in light of this week. A retractable extension poll?
  10. NBA Playoffs

    Bacon was one of Bernie Madoff's victims, as was Sandy Koufax. Koufax played pro ball in Los Angeles, as did former Husker Stu Lantz. Lantz was pro teammates with Pat Riley, president of the Miami Heat. Heat are the 6th seed in the NBA East. Four degrees of separation?
  11. The Official Media Thread

    Ahhhh. That one works for something called "The Stepien," an NBA draft site. Grib's resume: "Mike Gribanov is a Southern California resident who loves his daughter and youth basketball. Mike’s “expertise” seems to be his talent for obsessively scouring hours of footage from various AAU circuits. He tries to apply analytics driven perspectives to scouting high school prospects and hopes to continuously acquire knowledge of creative approaches in team building and on court game planning." Their lead guy is Cole Zwicker, a Marquette law grad whose background includes "basketball intern" at Dominican University and intern at a local ESPN radio station in Seattle. Also listed experience as a volunteer basketball coach where he "Assisted in the player development and scouting of an 8th grade select basketball team." Their first-round picks don't include Roby or Khyri Thomas. Maybe they know what they're talking about, who knows? I just found it an interesting trip into the world of internet experts.
  12. The Official Media Thread

    The Roby NBA draft stuff is an interesting lesson in today's "media." Jordan Delp runs a basketball camp in Moline, Illinois, would know of Roby from high school. He points out Roby being touted by "NBA Draft WIre" as a first-round pick. NBA Draft Wire, as far as I can tell, is a Twitter-only account with no name attached to it. And its owner/writer/analyst/whatever thanks @MikeGrib for pointing out Roby to him. First off, shouldn't he have known who Roby was to begin with? So I checked out Mike Grib's Twitter account, still in search of something resembling credibility, and here it is: https://twitter.com/MikeGrib His "also likes" are Russians and Mean Streets Omaha, which follows the Omaha crime scene.
  13. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Funny, but for all the times they talk about somebody who "fits their system," I never thought Harrell did. Really liked his jack of all trades approach, but he seemed like a shoot-last power forward on a team that's supposed to jack up 3s. So if he's at Denver, he'll play against UNO, huh?
  14. Kenya Hunter

    I think the athletes would say the free market only exists for coaches.
  15. Kenya Hunter

    I'll say this: Xavier isn't a transformational recruit for UConn, so not sure if he's worth the hassle of getting a release. That being said, UConn still appears to have 3 roster spots open.