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  1. that's the way I remember it too.
  2. High school and junior high school kids jump too. There are a lot of choices today for EVERYTHING. I can't even figure out what kind of Coke to drink. It's not some giant character flaw with kids today any more than the giant character flaws by previous generations. It's human nature to react to the conditions around them. It's also human nature to decry the decline of civilization. Now I'm going to have a Coke Zero with "Chuck" on the can. That is what I choose to do today, but I may get Diet Coke with "Charles" on it tomorrow.
  3. Didn't see it, sorry.
  4. Lewis enters speculation for Butler job:
  5. #go,bigred
  6. I'd put the minimum at 18 with a strong finish. SE would at least be able to say there was progress. For me, it's NCAA or bust.
  7. He averaged 6 pts and 6 rebs in 24 minutes as a sophomore. For all the holes in his game, those are productive numbers. And let's be honest, he's going to a better program.
  8. Good draw. Winnable road game. Probably will play at their on-campus facility, though, instead of the Garden. Not sure where the October quote came from. Must have been something I was going to agree with. Or disagree.
  9. Eppley's less than 10 minutes from downtown with little traffic. Might be the best airport setup in the country for a big city, and is one of the cards they play in bidding for NCAA events. They'd have no reason to want a regional airport.
  10. Made my night.
  11. Well, I'll take this one. That sounds great and it's what we all want, but then why are we 31-55 over the last three seasons? Kent, I'm not addressing you with this question. I greatly appreciate your taking time to post and don't expect you to get into a debate with message board idiots.
  12. I'm not just basing this on those photos, because I've wondered for a couple of years. Does Pitino have health problems? He just doesn't look good to me. (and not in that way, not that there's anything wrong with that.)
  13. Well, I seem to sense some doubts about Jacob Padilla's insights so I thought it was interesting that Eichorst said the same thing. I'm never going to post a dozen times a day and go back three years to see what somebody said, so you win the day, I guess.
  14. The A.D. apparently agrees with this.
  15. Well, I'm willing to poke the bear here, but I find a lot more objectivity from Jacob and the World-Herald people than I find at LJS. There's a reason Sipple is know as Steve Suckup. I don't always agree with Sam, Lee and the rest, but they're experienced journalists and I respect their (sometimes negative) opinions. Pleasing HHC isn't the sign of good journalism.