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  1. Marcus Foster returning. I was counting on a win in Omaha this year with him and Patton gone.
  2. Little kids are great! (Not in that way.) Thanks for the compliment!
  3. That's the sign of a good fanbase. Thanks for the compliment!
  4. For those who might have wondered: No, he was not at WI while Molinari was.
  5. The top ones have been eligible, except for maybe Hollins. Akoy's at Georgetown now, so he handled business. As for the rest of his stuff, pfffft, he's rewriting history.
  6. While I disagree vehemently with general criticism of the crowd, I do despise the people who leave early. Are fans are no worse than others in that regard, they're just more apparent because of the arena setup.
  7. And one more factor: Fans love 3s and dunks. We don't do either very much. So a losing teams with not very many exciting plays. And yet we're 11th in attendance.
  8. OK, you're prepared: And yet still the fans come. I agree that NU does not do a good job of getting the crowd engaged. And the lower level probably has an average age of 70. But the main problem is the team has done nothing to be excited about. Losses to crappy opponents. Blowouts. Last-second losses. And still we show up. So nobody thought the crowd was good for the Iowa game? I beg to differ.
  9. Today? 1-0.
  10. I wouldn't dump on this generation. It's an age of empowerment, choices and instant gratification. There used to be 3 TV channels, now there are hundreds. Do you sit there waiting for The View to be over or do you switch channels? Thirty years ago, you stayed with your Chevy even though it dropped a quarter of oil on the highway ever mile. Today, there are dozens of brands. Kids react to what's in front of them, as they always have. And oldtimers rail about the younger generation, as they always have.
  11. That's the problem with using "young talent" as a reason for this season. PSU's talent is in its freshmen, while ours are sophs. Minnesota has talented sophomores, and they're in the NCAA. We should have been trending up at the end of this season. One year to fix it.
  12. I'm with you. I'm amazed how much time people are spending on trying to come up with ways to get better next season. After this crappy year, it would make sense to just take a few months away from analyzing NU hoops. Pretty impressive, although it raises the question of whether any of us have lives.
  13. He wouldn't leave for Illinois. CU doesn't have to disclose his contract details as a private school, but rest assured he has enough security to not have to go chasing jobs like Illinois. I wouldn't be surprised if his agent floats his name in order to get his boss to pass the hat for a raise.
  14. I don't want to see anybody leave but somebody has to. We need a point guard. With Copeland playing, there won't be enough playing time at the 4. Do we want to go to the tourney next year or not? There's plenty of talent, but this roster doesn't make a good team.