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  1. Agau's Salty

    Katina Powell is a very persuasive recruiter.
  2. B1G officiating: mission to screw Nebraska?

    139 D1 games are being played today, employing 417 referees. I wouldn't go so far as to say there were 414 better referees, but then again, somebody had to be #415, #416 and #417. These guys deserve a nomination.
  3. New Assistant -> Michael Lewis

    Looks like this Lawson guy would come with two, possibly three, really good credentials! http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/eye-on-college-basketball/25563443/inside-college-hoops-tubby-smith-is-facing-his-first-dilemma-at-memphis
  4. Shavon Shields update

    Shoulder might have been dislocated by Buckeyes tugging and pulling on him whenever he tried to move without the ball.
  5. There has been lots of optimism about the long term future of the program due to the perceived upgrade in recruiting. Perhaps we would be better served to scale back the recruiting! Derek Pardon was ranked as a 3-star, #43 PF. Ed Morrow was ranked as a 4-star, #10 PF. Something about those numbers doesn't make sense.
  6. Some thoughts on why we lost

    Groselle was recruited to play in the Missouri Valley Conference against MVC talent. He kicked the Huskers ass. And the Huskers acted lilke they didn't know the pick-and-roll was a thing. Inexcusable.
  7. Poor Rick. Seems like women just like to cause trouble for him. http://fabwags.com/karen-cunagin-sypher-rick-pitinos-affair/
  8. The Kansas City errr..... fighters??

    Sometimes when a team hasn't done anything for 30 years, like the Royals, they don't know how to win with class when they finally have some success. They are rapidly gaining a reputation that, in the long run, I don't think they will want to have.
  9. Sam Dekker Declares for the NBA Draft

    I guess it was a 3-year rental.
  10. NCAA 2015: The Thread

    As much as I would like to take a cheap shot at Gasser, I'm not sure how much of that is his fault. The NCAA scheduling of events, especially championship events, doesn't make it very easy sometimes for college athletes to also be students.
  11. Terran Petteway's Mother has passed away.

    Agree 100% with Norm about cancer. Not that I want this to become some sort of self-help grief session, but there is just a unique feeling one gets at the loss of a parent. And it does take awhile before you "get over it," but never completely. I remember waking up every day and thinking about it. I have described it as similar to background music. You might not be directly focusing on it, but you are aware it's there. Or like a web page that opens every morning, and even as you perform other functions, that page is always open, like an app running in the background. It took a long time before I wasn't noticing this on a daily basis. I can remember the first time I realized that I had gone a whole day without thinking about my dad. It was a weird sensation of both guilt and relief. Good luck to Terran.
  12. NCAA 2015: The Thread

    I wonder if Bo would rent a player that had a Russell Wilson type impact on his team.
  13. Terran Petteway's Mother has passed away.

    Words can't adequately express how much something like this sucks. Therefore, I have nothing to add that hasn't already been said. Just wanted to try and make this thread as long as any involving wins, losses, coach's decisions, bad calls by referees, etc. Because those things are all so trivial compared to this.
  14. The refs suck - NCAA tournament edition

    I must have missed Izzo complaining about the crooked refs after the B1G Championship Game. Gasser stepping on top of the sideline as he ran out of bounds to save the ball, to save the game for Wisconsin, was way more blatant than the call last night. One coach has class. The other doesn't.
  15. The refs suck - NCAA tournament edition

    Kaminsky, 39 minutes, only one foul. Okafor, only 22 minutes because of 4 fouls. Referees were obviously doing their best to help Duke win? Bo Ryan doesn't dig one-and-done players? Soooo.....he didn't really want Diamond Stone?