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  1. I agree. However, Miles has kept one scholarship open most, if not all, the time he has coached here. When available, one of the walk ons gets it. It works to incentivize the walk ons, Miles gets some good press with the locals, and has the ability to pull the scholarship next year if/when a more talented kid comes along.
  2. Its not priorities thing. From what I understand its more of a desire to play basketball. Its not uncommon for some kids to burnout on playing competitive sports. Further, I would never knock a kid who prioritizes school over sports.
  3. I have heard good things about Borchardt's athleticism. However, I wonder about his drive. I am under the impression could have, but chose not to, play college sports and basically tried out for the basketball team on a whim. It could be possible Miles kept a scholarship open as motivation for Borchardt. I hope he is practicing/keeping himself in shape this summer. I get the feeling the staff may try to use him as a backup PF/C. It would be interesting to say the least.
  4. Palmer starting at the 2 is not a reach. Taylor really should be our backup PG. There is no guarantee Gill will be 100% next year. Akenten and Allen will play, but few freshmen come in ready to start day 1. I would assume Palmer will play unless we hear otherwise. I am more curious who starts the 3.
  5. I know of a number of positions where the employer requires employees to have a CDL to operating small equipment such as forklifts. It may not be legally required; however, it keeps insurance rates down and ensures employees have sufficient training to operate the machinery.
  6. CDL is probably needed to operate small machinery such as forklifts. I don't know for sure but this position is responsible for ensuring the equipment gets transported to away games.
  7. A little over a week ago, I heard about a "silent commit" from some unknown JUCO out of San Francisco. The only other information I could get out of my guy was that this kid was white and a shooter. Maybe our unsubstantiated rumors morphed from the same place.
  8. No win situation for Miles. Agau doesn't come, the fan base, or even Agau, will claim Miles turned Agau away (even if Agau does not give Miles the time of day). Agau goes to Nebraska, Miles must coach a player who spurned him in the past(twice), has publicly questioned him, and has left two previous blue blood programs without any significant playing time. Agau would be a solid addition from an ability stand point, but would you be willing to take that baggage as well?
  9. I agree; however, the possible candidate I was told about today is not yet available.
  10. No confirmation at this time but I am now also hearing a successor has been targeted. My source is usually pretty on point, but I will admit things are really fluid. In the event Miles were to leave voluntarily, there may be a bit of a wait before the successor could accept the job.
  11. Coach. I have heard rumors about Watson transferring (just like everyone else), but all my info there is 30 days old.
  12. If I am wrong, down it.
  13. Something I was told this morning. Waiting for confirmation.
  14. Something may be happening.
  15. Earlier in March, Robin Washut tweeted that no more players were transferring after Fuller and Horne made their announcements. Washut's source was Miles. Morrow then announces his intent to transfer and Washut's credibility takes a hit. Now, its rumored that Miles may be leaving (whether voluntarily or otherwise), and Miles issues another denial. I can see why people are reluctant to believe it. I have also heard not to buy into the reports Miles is staying. Things seems fluid. FWIW, I heard the players requested the meeting with Eichorst. Do not know when or if the meeting will happen; however, the time line given to me makes sense. Miles meets with players to address rumors of his departure. Players then want to talk to Eichorst.