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  1. Basketball recruiting is a completely different animal than football recruiting. There are numerous prep schools from New Jersey down to North Carolina that rival Class D Nebraska schools in size and would not exist but for their basketball program. These teams travel all over the country with tutors in tow playing in tournaments. For most of these kids, location means little to them. Coaching, program prestige, NCAA tournament history, and NBA selections are far more important to these kids. If you have the time, watch "Prayer for a Perfect Season" on HBO. You see a lot of those issues discussed by those kids.
  2. Unfortunate situation here. Thompson is a good coach but player development was uneven. Projects like Hibbert did well while higher rated guys transferred. There is a lot of talent in the area. It will be interesting to see who gets the job.
  3. Roby leaving is a real possibility.
  4. Don't eat what the trolls try to feed you. It will only turn you into their lunch. See movie "Troll 2". I love at the "cannon law" reference.
  5. There is/was a logjam for Horne. He really is a 3/stretch 4 fighting for minutes with Jacobson, Roby, McVeigh, Taylor, and Gill (until his injury). When Morrow went out, Horne's minutes did not jump up until the Purdue-MSU-Iowa games where he averaged ~20 minutes each game. After Morrow came back, Horne's minutes dropped. When help was needed at the 4, Fuller got the nod over Horne it seemed. None of the above leave this next season (although Gill will be slow coming back). Miles seems to have a preference for guards at the 3 which means Anteken and the unknown guard who takes Fuller's scholarship will further cut into Horne's minutes. Even if Horne was not disgruntled, all of the above would give anyone pause for coming back next year.
  6. This should not come as a surprise. Horne has wanted to leave for some time. I really wish he was not leaving, but respect his decision.
  7. 1. Put some combination of Roby/McVeigh/Horne at the 3. Before White transferred, I had concerns about the depth at Guard. When White left and Taylor arrived, my reservations heightened. We were left with 4 players to cover the 1, 2, and oftentimes 3. While Miles did start the season with McVeigh at the 3, things did not work out as intended with McVeigh and Gill was lost due to injury. Instead of putting McVeigh back at the 3 or starting Roby/Horne, Miles responded by further depleting the unit by starting Taylor. Watson and Webster play probaly 80%+ of the minutes over the entire season. By the end, both of them did not have the energy needed for the big games. Watson was hurt during the season and was forced to play. I still remember seeing Webster all beat up at the end of the Iowa double OT game. A solid 4-5 player rotation at the 1 and 2 would really help. 2. Empower Roby, Morrow, Watson, and Jacobson. These guys need to take over this team and lead. 3. Establish a firm role for McVeigh and Horne as our designated 3pt guys. Yes Horne, and at times McVeigh, can offer more, but we need a couple of snipers to open up the floor. Those two would be best in that role. Also, both could play the 2, 3, and 4 depending upon match ups. That would allow Miles to use different personnel but Horne and McVeigh would still have the same primary roles offensively. 4. For the first time in a very long time, there may be almost too much depth at the 4 and 5. Jordy, Morrow, Jacobson, and Copeland should all play equal minutes as Morrow and Copeland both have had injury issues and Jordy is still developing. Jacobson is my favorite player but has his limitations. If Miles spreads the floor and moves Roby/Horne/McVeigh to the 4, Jacobson should be the last guy playing the 5.
  8. Fuller likely. Horne maybe likely. There have been surprises the last two years. Hopefully nothing arises this year.
  9. The NCAA met with Sargin, KPI, Kenpom, etc. to discuss using something other than RPI when selecting teams.
  10. I admit I was very wrong here last month. Congrats Akenten!
  11. UNL 70 Iowa 65 my first game at the Vault! Nice to be back! Hopefully I will bring my good luck with me from the Maryland game.
  12. I am not saying Jack will start at guard. Rather he will play the 2 in a backup role. Inevitably, there will be foul trouble, the need for a breather, or injuries which necessitates having four guards ready to play on any given day. Taylor, Webster, and Watson can all play the 1. Jack will play when two of them will be on the bench. I just don't see Roby or Horne at the 2, but I can see them holding down the 3 from here on out. Jack has played guard on occasion in the past too.
  13. Huge blow. We were already shallow at G. Fortunately Taylor came in this summer or the team would be in really bad shape. Medical redshirts are harder to obtain in basketball than they are in football. Even if he is cleared to play next season, Taylor will not be 100% for a while. Miles is now stuck with Jack moving up to G. Could see more PT for Roby and Horne at the 3.
  14. I have a lot of respect for Randy Bennett, but I am not sure his recruiting connections are comparable to Riley or Larranga. Larranga had a lot of east coast connections which allowed him to bring good talent to Miami. Otherwise, I could see Bennett fitting the Eichorst profile. I still could see Tommy Amaker. Jeff Capel is a maybe (I am not sure the Tiny Gallon controversy may disqualify Capel). Not being realistic, but I would love Mark Few.
  15. I would say Miles' seat is warm, but I do not foresee Miles' removal after this season unless internal happens. I don't think W/L record will decide whether Miles stays If Miles had another class like 2015 or 2016 coming in for 201), the seat would be a lot cooler. I remember reading articles about Roby, Morrow, and Watson as sophomores. We knew about Horne before his senior year (summer 2015) and had been following Jordy back in the summer of 2014. Akenten, I really don't know much about (which is a bad sign). From what little I know, Akenten strikes me as a spring signee who is a project and can help with depth. There does not seem to be any real targets to round out the 2017 class, and I have no clue who are the realistic key targets for the 2018 and 2019 classes. Heck, the 2013 and 2014 classes had more buzz than the 2017 class. In non sports fields, whenever I see a trend similar to the current direction of recruiting, it's usually a sign the market has figured out something is no longer viable (even though those involved haven't come to terms yet). Note, if Nebraska loses someone other than Tai and Fuller at the end of the season, it would make Miles position untenable. Probably the second biggest reason to keep Miles is whether a suitable replacement is available. I strongly doubt Eichorst will hire a flashy guy whose team suddenly had a deep run (ala Groce for Ohio in 2012). I could see another CEO type hire (like Riley). However, Nebraska's tradition is very limited and the new coach would have to be up for the challenge (no easy feat). I could see Eichorst going after a Tommy Amaker type. Otherwise, I don't see Miles leaving.