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  1. BmoreRed

    Jordy Gone

    Nba centers are looking more like Roby than Jordy nowadays. I really don't think this affects his role or his nba prospects at all because he will still be used in the same ways offensively. Also, this has been said, I don't think Miles is going to be recruiting typical bigs. Better to have someone who can space the floor for guys like Palmer Jr. to attack.
  2. I didn’t realize my number of posts said something about my judgement of Moos. We agree on this “Let’s stipulate that we don’t want Kent at Nebraska—for good reasons”
  3. Despite having one scholarship left, young in-state talent to keep up with during the summer circuit, and the best returning team since Bill Clinton’s presidency, offseason is boring; therefore, let’s worry about problems that may or may not come to fruition here at gonu. While doing research (Google) on Jordan Lathon (a guy who we are not going to get) I came across an interesting article about Washington State Basketball. The coach of WSU, Ernie Kent, is doing a bad job. He was hired by Bill Moos at WSU after being relatively successful at Oregon when Moos was AD. I say relatively because Kent won just 16 games in his final two seasons at Oregon. Kent gets bagged, and in comes Dana Altman. Just how bad has Kent been at WSU: they have won 18 out of 76 Pac12 games, 12 of Kent’s 21 recruits have transferred, and 0 of those who played 4 years under Kent graduated. WOW. Attached is a graphic from that article I could write a lot more about this, about how Moos rolled Kents contract over for nothing but hey, Bill Moos hired Scott Frost. Great. Should we be worried about his judgment when it comes to MBB. I say a resounding, “Hell Yes!”
  4. BmoreRed


    The best high school player you have seen in person could be a great topic for a thread....
  5. BmoreRed

    NBA Playoffs

    I don’t know how ratings work, but that would be a good matchup
  6. BmoreRed

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Copeland could still pull an Andrew White and grad transfer.
  7. BmoreRed

    ACC Coaches Make Recommendations to NCAA...

    No, just no. Duke is good, but a team of the best 18-21 year olds coached by the greatest coach in college basketball would still lose to the Phoenix Suns 10 out of 10 times. Plus Duke is losing their top 4 scorers i think notice how i said “best coach in college basketball” ... brad stevens is the best coach in all basketball now. Sorry coach kryshewski