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  1. My perception

    What kind of stinks is asking “what if we just got lucky on selection Sunday?” And maybe we’re in the NCAA tournament, win or lose a game, I bet everyone’s pretty content right now.
  2. Xavier Johnson is N

    Headline: Xavier is NOT N
  3. Ed Chang

    This guy has some (some good) bad influences in his ear, fwiw.
  4. Ty Lue - Rested?

    What it's like coaching Lebron's manipulative, childish, drama-queen ass in one picture.
  5. Next Assistant Coach

  6. Kenya Hunter

    This would suck. But it's college basketball and it happens. It's the key players we can't afford to lose year after year that is the concern.
  7. Semi OT: Runza's Student Union Location Closing

    The Cheesecake Factory is fine dining for Lincolnites.
  8. Semi OT: Runza's Student Union Location Closing

    Agreed. But, strictly as far as head to head goes restaurants wise.........
  9. Semi OT: Runza's Student Union Location Closing

    Steak n Shake and Chick-fil-A? Win, win.
  10. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

  11. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Man, I got emotional listening to that. Feel for the kid. Kinda sounds like he got a raw deal... obviously only getting his side of the story, but it sure seems to me he was getting the signals that he was gonna be a main rotation guy, the bang - bench.
  12. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    One of the darkest days of the program.
  13. Coach Smith

    Will Nick Fuller re-graduate transfer back? That’s the real question.
  14. OT (kinda?): Sitting on a Take - Coach Craig Doty

    What's his thing? A friend of mine says he's masterful at making kids play/think they're a lot better than they actually may be. Said he also runs some pretty creative/tricky sets (but that's just a bonus and I imagine his success is much more foundational than cool sets).
  15. Coach Miles

    But, IMO, we kinda did do something special this year. It was a good year, I had a ton of fun and enjoyed watching our team. I have put a caveat on all of this, of course, and that is a mass exodus of players.