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  1. Make Nebraska Run Hard in Transition Lanes and Teach a Point Guard How To Manipulate Transition.... Again
  2. It's still a valuable skill - as the markets plummet with 24/7 Trump News and the natural correction is was probably going to make anyways - you might need other job outlets.
  3. A buddy of mine sends me about everything that Hoop Dirt posts. Any job he see he sends it to me... Ive had to be quite frank with him - in the coaching world - you don't apply for anything. If you are filling out the app before you've been contacted, you are wasting your time. You get contacted because of who you know, etc... and then you fill out the app because they have already decided they are going to hire you or a couple others.
  4. Gosh DANGIT I quit
  5. I've never participated in the video sharing... go easy on me please.
  6. Dang, Dean - you alright?
  7. If anyone is interested in my opinion on an area that needs to be fixed and you will see results..... anyone.... anyone...? Ok you pulled my leg, it's offensive transition. And I'm on year 6 now of complaining about this. In general, I've noticed that good teams - regardless of tempo - either get a great look in the first 6 seconds of a possession or they then look to work the ball around a bit and spend some time distorting the defense to get a paint touch for lay ups or to create kick out potential. And it's not even about scoring early or fast. A great, purposeful, aggressively ran offensive transition game can put the defense on their heels from the start of the possession. I've seen very little purpose, defined structure, or sense of urgency in the way we attack in transition. Getting three guys to run hard, 1 right at the rim look to get over the top passes, or seal off of kick aheads, and 2 guys sprinting wing lanes to the corner - you can really flatten the defense early and put them in reactive mode. Can't walk the ball up and run a set every possession. Allows the defense to get in a rhythm. Good point guards know how to push the ball, see if they're going to score or get a good look early, then pull it out and get their team set. Which is a lot easier to do now because you've already made them guard "something."
  8. @hhcdimes So, basically, Miles's teams to be successful require very good individual talent (rocket science statement, I know). But what I mean by that is that he needs great finishers and guys who can shoot of the dribble. Assists aren't the end all, be all of good basketball. Something that concerns me more than assists is the fact that we were tied for 304th spot in 3pt attempts this season. Not a lot of great teams on page 7 of 3pt attempts. Of course, that does not imply that all the good teams are on page 1 either. Obviously, it's the teams that are multi-faceted and have multiple ways to score, that landed on page 2-4 who had success this year. To me, low 3pt attempts says to me that we have average players attempting to make wild plays at the rim/in the paint and jump shots. That works when you're Duke (the team you're using for assist numbers example), and you have 5-star athletes who can make elite plays at the rim and 1on1 style jump shots. But Duke was also on that first page of 3pt attempts - telling me that they either really got the rim - or they really kicked it out and shoot it. We're just dribbling, driving, and apparently not making tough shots. We have to find a way to shoot more kick outs 3's. We keep saying we don't have guys who can hit 3's - how do we know that? When we're in the 300's in 3pt attempts - I feel like we're selling ourselves short.
  9. Teddy is a fantastic human being! Sad to see him go, wish him nothing but the best.
  10. Don't disagree with anything you said. And I'm currently wasting far too much time defending someone who doesn't need defenders and I honestly don't care either way, but - can't what you said basically he said about all Omaha sports writers, lol? Also, I take everything with a grain of salt. Tastes better that way and everytime I go to the doctor they never seem to say my sodium intake needs to go down.
  11. Ah, didn't make it that far in that thread. But to clarify, I said, "nothing we haven't discussed here on HHC," implying we've discussed many of the things presented in his article already. To your post in that thread (this is getting so meta we're so cool), I don't think being a dribble drive offense necessarily implies you're going to be a low assist team. Our low assist numbers are more indicative of our low FG% more than anything else, I'd imagine (without actually seeing the stats, and knowing you're pulling up some fantastic Kenpom stat to disprove/shove down my throats like a Duby dunk). But, again, Jacob's a good dude and I've really enjoyed watching his career develop and begin to take-off. I think he has a bright future and is certainly willing to put in the time, make the mistakes, learn, and work hard. Something I can't say about a lot of younger writers.
  12. Article from Jacob Padilla on Hail Varsity. Jacob is a really good dude who is an absolute hoops nerd/junkie (meant as a compliment). Nothing we haven't discussed here on HHC but it's a nice article, nonetheless.
  13. I just don't know what to say about our defense. We're doing things most everyone is doing. Not a ton of X's and O's issues I have. Wish we didn't have to full help all the time on posts and whatnot, that really creates problems. The more I research what @Dean Smith said about WVU's defense and Huggy Bear's style, the more I like it.
  14. At this point I think it's best I don't clarify the bet... Also, I should admit my response was a bit short-sided. In my head, we have two returning junior 4/5 men that will start and play the majority of the minutes. I think Nebrasketball PTSD kicked in momentarily and pushed away that MJ and EM are gone.
  15. I'll give you $50 if Jordy averages 12ppg next year.