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  1. “We want to be able to play both spots,” Roby said. “If we play me and Jack at the same time or us two with Isaac, somebody is going to get mismatched somewhere. We’ll be able to take advantage of that.” crazy
  2. When your PG and best ball handler can get into the paint it's a good thing.
  3. Just probably trying different lineups and different looks. If Allen/Nana can knock down shots and create space for Glynn that's a really good thing.
  4. If McVeigh does not hit his trey, Jack will not play. *end scene
  5. Really? Nuts? He got 5 and 4 in our 12-19 season. Had almost the same amount of turnovers in nearly a third amount of playing time as Glynn Watson and had 9 more than Evan Taylor in half the playing time. In an era of basketball that is moving away from the back to the basket, space eating hog post, and moving towards posts who can either pick and pop, stay out of the way and get dump offs for dunks, or pick and roll and be nimble with your finish --- then block shots on the other end (in which Roby had 10 more last year and Duby has 165 in his career) --- his skill set isn't always going to be the best option. Good chance he'll start? Absolutely. Do I have high hopes for Jordy and think he could be a stud? Absolutely. But could we go more nimble and spaced? Absolutely. Could Duby end up filling a need better? Absolutely. Nuts? Don't think so... crazy like a fox, maybe....
  6. If Copeland is cleared/healthy I don't think I'd be that confident that Jordy starts. He could potentially go: 1. Glynn/Taylor 2. Taylor/Gill 3. Palmer/McVeigh/Gill 4. Roby/McVeigh 5. Copeland
  7. Interesting......
  8. When I was coaching college ball post development was easy. College dudes crave reps and competitions, so it was easy to teach and get them to battle against each other. I haven't had the luxury of having too many effective post players in hs coaching. Had a lot of guys I had to throw down in there and hope they'd survive, but unless you get a kid who owns the post mentality it's really hard to get someone to work on the post skills. Have some young guys coming up I've really been working with, but I'll have to report back to you in a few years to let you know if I have any idea what I'm talking about.
  9. That took me an embarrassingly long time to get. Wow.
  10. Hmmm... Cooler than Costello? That's a pretty cool last name... I'd take it.
  11. Stronger, better athlete, and can fit into a specific position. Not a tweener like Trueblood.
  12. Make Nebraska Run Hard in Transition Lanes and Teach a Point Guard How To Manipulate Transition.... Again
  13. It's still a valuable skill - as the markets plummet with 24/7 Trump News and the natural correction is was probably going to make anyways - you might need other job outlets.
  14. A buddy of mine sends me about everything that Hoop Dirt posts. Any job he see he sends it to me... Ive had to be quite frank with him - in the coaching world - you don't apply for anything. If you are filling out the app before you've been contacted, you are wasting your time. You get contacted because of who you know, etc... and then you fill out the app because they have already decided they are going to hire you or a couple others.
  15. Gosh DANGIT I quit