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  1. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    How have I gone this long on this board without recognizing one of the better screen-names around. Great choice.
  2. #1 Seed in the NIT

    The NIT does absolutely nothing for me... and I'd be thoroughly disappointed if NU doesn't make it to the tourney this year with our talent.
  3. No. It's our own fault. Didn't take care of business in the non-conference. One win between UCF or St John's and we might not even be having this discussion. A win over Kansas and I guarantee you we are in. Also, if we want to more consistently be in control of our own destiny we have to find a way to beat Creighton. That being said - I'm not that worried. This reminds of me 13/14 when we got in. It was all up in the air for a while, but when push came to shove, there was no way a top 5 team (or whatever we were) in the Big 10 was not getting in. If we go 3-1, potentially even 2-2 if the wins are PSU and Maryland, I think we're completely in.
  4. Hate Will Never Win

    Didn't know he was that tall
  5. I've Seen That Game Before

    This is a great post.
  6. HHCC Game #26 - at Minnesota (Feb. 06, 8:00 PM CST)

    Huskers 71 Gophers 59
  7. HHCC Game #25 - at Wisconsin (Jan. 29, 8:00 PM CST)

    68 NU 61 UW ”3”
  8. HHCC Game #24 - vs. Iowa (Jan. 27, 7:00 PM CST)

    NU - 71 IO - 70
  9. How many future pros are on our roster?

    0 in my opinion (if you mean NBA). Palmer has the best chance, I actually enjoy him 10x more than Petteway (take away a 9 game stretch and TP is just a selfish jack on losing Basketball teams... don’t @ me, as the kids say). Copeland could do it, ya know never know, he might fit a mold someone wants... guy is 6’9”, athletic, Long, a leader, and can shoot. I’m very worried with the hype you guys have laid upon Roby. He’s only a superstar right now in most of your heads. He’s got a long way to go before he’s consistently a go-to guy who can be relied upon in all areas, night in night out. As of right now, he’s got just as much of a shot of being an nba guy as he does being a “man he just never reached his full potential!” Sorry if any of my post comes across as negative. I had a late night and wanted some good food, nothing was open, and I had to settle for Burger King. And I hate Burger King.
  10. Rutgers

    Man I hate being this guy... but this is certainly a *gasp* must win.