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  1. basketballjones


    That’s specifically what this board is for. But I’m on record saying that if we have a great year (NCAA tourney win), I’d give up like the next 3 as “who cares.” I want a tourney win so bad.......
  2. basketballjones


    My god.... sounds like a bitter man who’s preparing to be let go. Dude - the fans pack your arena every single night to support you and your team. And you’ve gone .500 and haven’t won a tourney game or anything of note. Chill with the chicken little crap. edit: I was just reading the comments from the article. Very misleading article, sort of sensationalized the tone of the actual interview. My apologies. I will leave my OP up to confirm my lack of intelligence.
  3. basketballjones

    Copeland is back

    Can anyone explain to me how to handle this level of good summer news?
  4. basketballjones

    Amir Harris is N

    As Bilas would say, "LENGTH LENGTH LENGTH LENGTH"
  5. basketballjones

    Amir Harris is N

    Big time raw enough that he needs to hang around and develop, but long, athletic, and coordinated enough that it’s all there.
  6. basketballjones

    Teddy Owens is moving on

    Well that was short
  7. basketballjones

    OT: Biographies

    So, as a teacher in an inner-city area, might I recommend that your friend looks for fiction books that have protagonists that are people of color? In other words, not just sports books. It can be very beneficial to read books where they are able to more closely associate with the main character, on things that touch issues they are going through or can relate to. There's a lot of research on this and it's pretty interesting, but sad (because of lack of options) topic. Most books that African American students are given to fulfill some kind of "see, we're giving you books about other African Americans," quota, are all biographies about athletes, civil rights leaders, or time pieces on slavery. There's more and better options out there for reading. And before anyone gets upset - I very much respect and love what your friends have done, and are looking to do. Good on them. I am only offering an alternative suggestion, with zero judgement. I just have a lot of experience and knowledge of this area and its issues.
  8. basketballjones

    Collier, Sadler or Miles

    I think you guys are forgetting how $$$ Sadler was on some BOBs in late-game situations. He also had some great sets for lay-ups - specifically one for Diaz - in late-game situations.
  9. basketballjones

    My perception

    What kind of stinks is asking “what if we just got lucky on selection Sunday?” And maybe we’re in the NCAA tournament, win or lose a game, I bet everyone’s pretty content right now.
  10. basketballjones

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    Headline: Xavier is NOT N
  11. basketballjones

    Ty Lue - Rested?

    What it's like coaching Lebron's manipulative, childish, drama-queen ass in one picture.
  12. basketballjones

    Next Assistant Coach

  13. basketballjones

    Kenya Hunter

    This would suck. But it's college basketball and it happens. It's the key players we can't afford to lose year after year that is the concern.
  14. basketballjones

    Semi OT: Runza's Student Union Location Closing

    The Cheesecake Factory is fine dining for Lincolnites.
  15. basketballjones

    Semi OT: Runza's Student Union Location Closing

    Agreed. But, strictly as far as head to head goes restaurants wise.........