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  1. In a round-a-bout way he's not wrong: he has zero shot in the NBA as a big. However, it's sad when a player can't realize that just because they're ball screening or posting - doesn't mean they can pop, get the ball on the perimeter, drive, etc... basketball is positionless these days. When we got motion with ball screens and mover/blocker principles, we're basically a 4-out 1-in offense anyways - zero reason why he couldn't shot fake, blow buy, and look like a guard. If he wasn't allowed to shoot 3's - that's on him. TM has never blown me away with much, but even I don't think he's dumb enough to stop a guy who's proved he can hit the 3. So obviously he hasn't shown the ability to knock them down in practice or workouts. Morrow's best-case-scenario of ever playing in the NBA is being a Draymond Green. As much as I shake my head when we have the ball, there was nothing holding EM back from doing DG types of things but skill and health.
  2. I'm out
  3. Dear Mr. Eichorst, Whoops.
  4. Wasn't she a huge reason behind Yori getting fired?
  5. Correct, which is my exact point and main concession I'm making.
  6. I got my info from his rivals page - are you sure he offers at those other places? He also started out as a preferred walk-on - - so he definitely turned down some major offers if true.
  7. So - Luke Maye just won that game for UNC. Game winner, 17pts, million rebounds, 3/3 from FT (huge FTs too), and dove on a ball to get a huge jump ball late in the game. Luke Maye was a 3-star with just mid to low major offers, and only ended up at UNC because his dad played QB there years back. I bet if you were a fly on a wall in UNC's recruiting office there were many arguments against offering him a scholarship. Probably almost felt like they had to. I've been championing for years that we need to recruit more "Luke Maye"s - guys who don't fit this perfect mold that everyone think you have to have to be successful - but they shoot it well, rebound, are strong, super fundamental, and just play a solid role. I've gotten a ton of pushback on that - and rightfully so. Especially when I've brought up certain in-state guys, the typical argument against this is, "if they were so good why did everyone else miss them and why aren't they just blowing up at the midmajor/NAIA/D2 school they ended up at?" Totally fair argument. So here's my half-assed observation why I'm probably never going to see what I want and why everyone arguing against me is probably right: What does Luke Maye HAVE TO do for UNC? The answer? Nothing. Everything they get from him is an additional bonus. Because he's paired up next to 5-star freakish bigs, electric guards, and athleticism all over the place. In other words, Luke Maye can just be his role and do it well for UNC. NU would NEED him to do something entirely different because we don't have the talent surrounding him to make him a threat. And that's the biggest problem and difficulty in recruiting - what role does ________ have to play? And can they play that role without giving something up? Because there's already a Luke Maye in Nebraska HS right now - his name is Logan Strom of Norfolk. Strom might even be a better outside shooter and more skilled with the ball. But they are super similar guys. Strom is going to UC Davis and I wish him the best - he's about as good of a dude as they come - but man I wish we could have him on our squad as a role player. Hopefully NU can get into a position soon where we have a roster we love, and instead of taking stabs at other guys - we can afford to go take a chance with a local kid we might think can really provide a role someday. Btw... now that we have schollies available - can we re offer Arop or is that bridge officially burnt?
  8. The Baidens we've used for the past two years have been perfectly fine. Little slick out of the box, but worn in they're just fine. Definitely not the reason my guys can't shoot or dribble I'm a fan of the old school Spaldings myself but who knows....
  9. I'd prefer to see you in uniform going through all the shell positions
  10. This summer. Terrible basketball - but to each his own.
  11. Pretty crazy... I feel there's gotta be more to this than just basketball/coaching
  12. Have you ever shot with those adidas rocks?
  13. Nope. Well, maybe, but I agree with you. I think that's my point though - I'd still trade Iowa State's bball success over the past 20 years with ours. And there's nothing anyone can tell me that would make me believe we couldn't emulate their success. Obviously, the problem is Adidas and we should have Nike like they do 😎😉
  14. Maybe my favorite Husker conspiracy
  15. Sure. It can be just about results. But if you want to be like Wisconsin you've gotta play and recruit like Wisconsin - and my other point was that you can't tell me an excuse for why Iowa State is better. Wisconsin has a lot more talent in their recruiting radius.