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  1. Eichorst Out

    Tim Miles isn't going anywhere if he even remotely has a decent year. This is about football and football only. SE ran a good, efficient, well ran athletic department. He wasn't present, friendly, was often aloof, and didn't play to the right people. All fine if your football team is playing for conference championships and not losing to Northern Illinois.
  2. Big 10 Talent

    That's fine and all - but when you do it every school, I doubt it changes much. We're not the only one who has benefited from/been hurt by transfers. And after you do that I imagine that the rankings wouldn't change much more than a couple spots.
  3. Anton Gill

    Something I've never understood - and I know it makes me sound and look stupid when I say it - but if you've been hurt for quite some time (as Gill has) - how much different are you physically when trainers and stuff say "oh he's single digit days away" from full participation, then if you just said, he's good to go. I know I'm an idiot. Just something I've always found funny. Like making a senior write a paper on his last day.
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    I can project with 100% certainty that Copeland will start. You don't get 5-star transfers to come to your school in Nebraska without at least lightly suggesting their "role".
  5. Copeland

    Man... from what I've seen, Kaleb Joseph is pretty dang good. Surprised me to read that.
  6. Copeland

  7. So, last season ...

    I believe we've respectfully and lovingly debated this before. I disagree to an extent. You have to shoot them to make them. I've been critical of some X's and O's aspects of Miles's offense in the past, specifically with his lack of dribble drive reaction spots. I don't think our guys get to the spots, angles, and visionary windows on the drive that we need to do to get great kick-out 3pt shots. HOWEVER, early in the season last year it looked like some of those things were emphasized in the off-season and fall practices. Unfortunately, they seemed to disappear as B1G play began. I've always personally believed that there are shots that you HAVE TO shoot. When you don't shoot them it seems as if the ball knows its opportunity was wasted, and it becomes a jerk and doesn't work for the next guy. It's a catch-22 and circular though. If you never see guys make them in practices or they seem to statistically be failing as the season is in play, it's hard to justify chucking up 3's. But I believe your guys have to have your confidence as a coach to shoot the shots that have to be shot when the ball is in rhythm. Of course, as Dimes said earlier in this thread - the guys who have left shot 62 for 215 (28.8%). Hopefully we got some addition by subtraction by removing some poor shooters. And then hopefully we gained some... addition... by... addition... (?) with some new guys who can put the ball in the hoop.
  8. OK, Let's Talk Basketball

    You just can't put freshman as Probable, in my humble opinion. But if we are, Nana would flip/flop with Allen for me, personally. I'd come up with a different heading than, "Doubtful." "Legit" is only as useful as the role the coach has defined for them. If Duby can come in and guard opposing bigs and block shots (maybe clean up a few offensive boards and finish) - I'd say he's awfully legit.
  9. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    Better athlete, but not the strength/mass of Elliot.
  10. OT: Omaha Metro Youth Basketball

    Man, I have so many thoughts on this issue.... I feel your pain man. Tough spot to be in as a parent who wants the best for their kid. Unfortunately, with the way youth sports are developing, you almost have to make the decision as a parent for your elementary kid whether or not they have potential to be a college basketball player or (at minimum) at least a varsity high school player. Because why would ever pay thousands of dollars over the span of 10-15 years on a sport if you don't think it will have major career/college impact on them. I would suggest playing a ton with your son, showing him how to organize pick-up games, and getting him into as many low-cost/free YMCA leagues as you can. If he seems to have a lot of potential, skill, and athletic ability... maybe you get him into a select system for late middle school.
  11. OT: Eclipse Plans

    No idea. But can someone please photoshop a picture of a Mitsubishi Eclipse driving in front of the sun?
  12. Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Maybe. Who knows. I think if I was a good team with a good, core philosophy - he'd be a fantastic player to mold. If I was a bad team - I'd take a chance on him because he has all the tools and intangibles to try to be the man - and it'd at least be entertaining to watch lol.
  13. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Regardless - I still don't get it. It's not like the information is subjective or hidden. It's all factual, available stuff. Make the decision. Call the schools compliance offices. Get the info.
  14. Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I really thought TP was quite the dichotomy. Felt he was the reason we were so good Miles's 2nd year - and conversely - a large reason we had such a bad year the next (not the only by any means). But, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why he can't get a true NBA shot. I really think he's a perfect NBA guy, and that there's been many more less talented guys who get shots than TP. Over an 82 game season - with a 48min long game - I think TP would be an incredible second wave line-up guy.
  15. Offseason Potpourri

    I don't know if this fits in this post - but I have to highly recommend that people start following the fake Greg Eaton twitter profile. I'm dying with every tweet... and I think I'm the only person following him.