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  1. Jess Shepard

    And the rich get richer👿
  2. Artcle on Kalynn Meyer

    I'm thinking track and field will be part of her future with her family history.
  3. SE GONE

    Every coach better perform from here on out.
  4. Non Conference record

    I also was one of the core group going back to Angela Beck days. Kids were involved in Lil Breakers, etc. Painful was the first year of Coach Yori as was last year. I am optimistic about the future, and will continue to support WBB!
  5. Jacobson Gone?

    Time to pull the trigger?
  6. Rutgers

    Good point
  7. Rutgers

    Anybody we can use?
  8. Shepard Transferring

    Didn't realize colleges can 'entertain ' interest from players during a season.
  9. Wonder how she pulled that off? Maybe we can find the same!
  10. Anybody tell me why Chatrice White was playing for FSU? Did she sit out a year?
  11. Coach Williams will now be building a program from scratch. Opportunity for players with skills to play early and often. Let's see where this goes.
  12. Coach Williams notes

    Kastanek girls were never going to play for Coach Yori. They wanted to get out of town.
  13. It appears that no transfers are expected after meetings this week. Good news. Jessica had minor knee surgery that will keep her out 4-6 weeks.
  14. Good to know. Definitely fiesty.
  15. They are both very good. Not sure why I didn't mention them. Will be interesting to see how they continue to develop.