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  1. WNIT vs. The Dance

    Sam says it like it is. I’ll take his read any day of the week.
  2. I think other teams have figured is out on offense. Just need to play hard with confidence. Wisky does have 2-3 pretty nice players.
  3. Maryland plays tough defense and their length is bothering us quite a bit.
  4. Connie Yori

    Good for her. I could see her as a head coach again in the Midwest.
  5. It would have been nice to see Doyle and Whitish on the same team:)
  6. Iowa vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Iowa had no 3 point threat. They’ll be a lot tougher in Iowa City. We are playing hard but the schedule gets tougher with Rutgers up next.
  7. Leigha Brown is 'N'

    If she’s Ostarello with a jump shot, look out!
  8. Sometimes you get the feeling some folks can’t quite buy in😁
  9. Very nice win. We All need to get behind this team and coaches. Building to the future!
  10. Exactly. 5 of 7 players are seniors and transfers in from schools like NC, Duke and Kentucky. They better win it this year because next year looks thin.
  11. Anybody have any clue when Taylor might be back? Really need her in the rotation.
  12. Beginning to think this might be more serious than we thought.
  13. San Jose State

    Any one with any clue on Kissinger? We’re going to need her.
  14. I also didn’t understand her lack of playing time in that game. As physical as it was, she’s exactly what we needed in my opinion.
  15. 26 turnovers was the biggest problem. Officials didn’t help either.