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  1. Also my first time participating, add my thanks for doing this!
  2. I think this article may mean Miles is done. Sipple is always the last columnist to write this type of article, and I think that when he questions the wisdom of bringing a coach back it almost always end up with the coach being fired that year...and I think I could have left out the almost. I think it's because he knows the decision has already been made and he knows what it is. Two weeks ago, I firmly believed Miles should get a chance to coach this group next year. I still think that but I won't be upset if he's not.
  3. Penn St 74 Huskers 59 Zero
  4. Michigan 85 Nebraska 70 3 turnover free dudes
  5. Minnesota 80 Nebraska 53
  6. Huskers 75 Chief Illiniwek 64
  7. Nebrasketball 74 PSU 69 4 Huskers 5+ rebounds
  8. Wisconsin 72 Nebraska 58
  9. Iowa 83 Nebrasketball 70
  10. He'd be a shoo-in if they allowed 10 fouls
  11. Nw 75 Nebrasketball 64 8 assists