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  1. Yeah, that's Tyronn Lue's job
  2. Nebraska 73 Sweater John's 77
  3. Looks like Palmer will score more, but Taylor was our best player in the first half IMHO. Of course Watson isn't playing
  4. Three banked 3s and almost a fourth and we aren't finishing. I expect neither of those trends will continue in the 2nd half
  5. Walter Pitchford is on board

    Walt is in the house tonight. He's sitting about a dozen rows in front of me.
  6. 2016-2017 HHCC Final Standings

    Also my first time participating, add my thanks for doing this!
  7. Sipple checks in

    I think this article may mean Miles is done. Sipple is always the last columnist to write this type of article, and I think that when he questions the wisdom of bringing a coach back it almost always end up with the coach being fired that year...and I think I could have left out the almost. I think it's because he knows the decision has already been made and he knows what it is. Two weeks ago, I firmly believed Miles should get a chance to coach this group next year. I still think that but I won't be upset if he's not.
  8. Penn St 74 Huskers 59 Zero
  9. Michigan 85 Nebraska 70 3 turnover free dudes
  10. Minnesota 80 Nebraska 53
  11. Huskers 75 Chief Illiniwek 64